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TTAG reader Scottiac reminded us of Fort Hood’s police regarding concealed carry. Click here for the base’s policy. Pay attention to #11 on page 2:

11. The Texas Concealed Handgun Law does not apply on Fort Hood. Concealed handguns are prohibited on Fort Hood.

All official firearms are unloaded and locked away in vaults.

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  1. All gun free zones (universities, schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, etc.) are open targets for the demented mentally unsound and Muslim terrorists. Will we continue to be politically correct…and dead?

  2. So what you’re saying is that the softest targets in America are our schools and our military bases.

    Welcome to Obama’s Amerika.

    • I am no fan of the current Administration but this began a long time a go. One can blame scores of politicians of both parties for this state of affairs.

    • The deballing of the military started as soon as we were no longer needed to fight the USSR. This BS predates Obama by decades.

  3. I believe it is Rumsfeld who is actually the architect of this unarmed army base stupidity.

    • Not Rumsfeld – Bill Clinton. But, thanks scores of politicians & politically motivated Upper Echelon Military for keeping it that way.

      • Sorry, but versions of this idiocy go WAY BACK.
        During my 2 years in Germany (’88-’89), only twice on guard duty did I have a loaded weapon. Once following the USN’s accidental downing of that Iranian Airliner and once while guarding certain weapons (rumor had it they were chemicals / nukes). Normally, loaded mags were locked in a box (the senior NCO had the key). And we were specifically prohibited from inserting empty mags – we advertised that we were unarmed.

        Worse, the German (citizen) contract guards at a nearby small (non-combat arms) base in the town of Butzbach always had loaded handguns (and were rumored to have MP5’s for backup).

  4. “All official firearms are unloaded and locked away in vaults.”

    What the Hell good is that? Is the military storing them in case we need them for World War III?

    • “vaults” = “locked arms rooms”

      Commanders and armorers have access to the keys. But no ammo…

  5. Serious question: do military bases criminalize keeping personal firearms in service members’ homes on base?

    Next serious question: what stops a service member from discretely storing a handgun in their work area?

      • When I was in 20+ years ago, I knew some good soldiers who didn’t give a flip about official policy – but this was the infantry. (In both Germany and, yes, Fort Hood).
        There were rumors about violators getting non-judicial punishment (article 15) – resulting in loss of pay and rank (for usually doing something dumb gun-wise). That sounded about right. I have no idea how things are today…

        That said, a court martial seems unrealistically harsh. Quite frankly, command probably will have reservations about destroying a good soldier via court martial (effectively a federal felony record) over having a personal firearm. Deep down, many commanders know the policy is dumb. Furthermore, deep down, command will be deterred by potential blowback; a good soldier’s memory and patience will probably outlast his prison time.

    • Working next to and with the local army base and people who live on it, and co workers, the local policy is strict on any gun related things.

      No Guns not even for home defense. No air guns. no BB guns. no Air soft Guns. Some of the on base Peoples kids have been hassled about thier Nerf guns. Super soakers seem to be ok.
      No archery stuff, or those cool cold steel spears, or any “weapon”. If some contractor or employee looses his marbles and waltzs thru security with a shotgun under his seat (security is lax on searching) he can go door to door in housing or out on base and shoot plenty of innocents with no fear of any armed resistance until the fed cops show up.

    • If you read this policy, you will see that all personally owned firearms must be registered. Married soldiers living in base housing can keep them locked and unloaded at home. Soldiers in the barracks must keep them in the arms room. There are strict regulations about transporting them on post (none of which apply to those who choose to ignore them).

      An important point to remember is that if any of the millions of military personnel ever registered a firearm in the system it is STILL registered under their name. It is next to impossible to un-register them.

      • This ^^^^. Thanks, sounds like things haven’t changed much since the early 90’s. Troops can own personal weapons, just not (effectively) carry them.

  6. A luminary in my industry passed away this week – someone made a comment that his death shouldn’t be used to highlight the faults of our industry – the basic situation was he pioneered things and got none of the credit or fame his contemporaries did. However, my response is “Well, what better time is there? The topic is on everyone’s minds…”

    Much like here. My feelings go out to those lost in today’s incidents. They died serving our country, but not in the cause of battle, but they still deserve our respect nonetheless.

    It boggles the mind that an *army base* with trained soldiers, restricts the carry of firearms while on base. Before I became POTG, I (incorrectly) assumed soldiers carried on base. The popular depictions of soldiers always had them with a sidearm or a rifle slung over one shoulder after all.

    Soldiers have the basic training to carry and operate weapons. Why not reinforce that discipline and practice by letting them carry all the time on base? If it must be gradual, allow sidearms at first. Make it part of the inspection process. You have to carry a sidearm and it must be up to a certain standard, otherwise your superior kicks your butt. It’s good discipline, practice, and keeps your mind on being a soldier, which is what you are paid to do.

    The *armed forces* are not armed while on duty or on base? In what world does that even make sense? In most states, civilians like us can carry almost all the time, and also our law enforcement officers are actually expected to carry on and off duty. But yet the people with the most training in firearms are not allowed to while on base? Wow…

  7. This is unsurprising. As an ex-mech infantryman, I saw first hand how the military’s policies from CCW to Personnel Organization to Compensation are control-freakish and detrimentally paternalistic. Outside of certain elite special ops areas, it’s no place for a responsible, thinking individual.

    The book “Bleeding Talent” by Tim Kane nails the cancerous culture. And as noted above (by surlycmd), blame can go toward both parties.

  8. Well, I feel better now, knowing that Ivan broke the rules. If people would just follow rules, all would be good in the world.

  9. I made the decision a couple of weeks ago to put together a crash bag. Going along the lines Nick had in his posts on medical gear, I am following the rule – Know how to use what you have. know what you don’t know. Get help.

    So in a nutshell, these places may be gun free, but there isn’t any reason folks shouldn’t have some level of stuff to put pressure on a wound, plug it or tie it. Educate yourselves to be able to treat a gunshot wound at the range or in an instance as above for those first couple of minutes.

  10. Fort Hood is a Federal military base that just happens to be in central Texas, why even bring up Texas law? Stay off Federal property if you want the ability to protect yourself, which seems backward because you would think 2nd amendment would apply to the Feds the most.

  11. I didn’t read any of the other comments in any of the reports.
    As long as there are “Gun Free Zones” its asking for it to happen there.
    A gun free zone in a military base??
    That’s the height of Military Intelligence to quote the great late liberal but he made me laugh anyway.
    George Carlin.
    And yes I park in a driveway and drive on a parkway………….Military Intelligence umm yah.

  12. There are a bunch of old forts from the Indian and Buffalo soldier days scattered around down here in Texas. I can’t fathom a soldier from that era not having an SAA holstered at all times.

    I just watched the 3-star base commander drone on about their no weapons policy and their great law enforcement on base. They don’t get that high in the food chain without being utter lackeys. Obviously nothing will be learned this time either.

  13. how pathetic it is that the government boxes the sheep up in nice killing fields in our schools, in our churches, and on our military bases. then when this happens, they cry like they weren’t expecting it.

  14. @SouthernPatriot:

    Not just Muslim terrorists, the more prolific Christian terrorists as well (indeed all terrorists).

    Not sure why I can’t reply directly…..

  15. The anti’s will find blame with everything but the gun free zone premise , they will rant and rave and will recieve donations from misguided folks thinking that the anti’s really want to help , but what they are after is two fold money and a utopian fantasy agenda , where everyone follows the rules made by those who think they know what is best for humanity a one size fits all mentallity . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

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