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In a recorded statement to the press that was just aired, President Obama addressed today’s Ft. Hood shooting, pledging to “get to the bottom of what happened.” He saluted the service members and their families and pledged to get the base and surrounding community what it needs to deal with the situation. Saying the shooting re-opens the wounds of the earlier Hassan massacre, he stated that he knows everyone around the country is keeping those involved in their prayers and that service members need to feel safe when they’re on their home base. Strangely, he didn’t address the fact that those stationed at Ft. Hood, like almost all other domestic military bases, are required to be disarmed. Still.

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  1. Progressives: dancing in joy on dead corpses before the corpses are cold.

    Kind of like the Great Goblin, but worse.

  2. “Heartbreaking” that his buddy Leland Yee got snatched up for violating the same laws he promulgated against his better judgement.

    “Heartbreaking” that his deliberately asinine and ass-backward laws, rules, and regulations failed yet again, as they always have and always will, to save lives.

    “Heartbreaking” that it won’t be the push his lackeys need to shove more counter-productive filth down the throats of Americans.

    It’s heartbreaking because we know these men and women could very well have protected themselves if they were ever fucking ALLOWED TO for a change.

    It’s heartbreaking because you made it that way, “Mr. President”.

    • Why? If they learned something it would be that “gun-free zone” is a synonym for “target of a madman.” If they did learn that, they’d never admit it.

  3. “He [Obama] … pledged to get the base and surrounding community what it needs to deal with the situation.”

    … as long as what they need to deal with the situation does NOT involve firearms. Not to worry though, harsh words and cell phones are allowed.

  4. Well just rest with the knowledge OBL is dead and General Motors is killing people alive. $100.00 says he will never call it terrorism or an attack.

    And this just in

    “On Wednesday evening, President Obama was being kept up to date on the developments from the mass shooting at Fort Hood while reportedly attending fundraisers for the 2014 election cycle. According to White House spokesman Josh Earnest, Obama is in the loop while at the fundraisers.”

    Thank God he’s doing something.

  5. You know what’s “heartbreaking”? That you were warned in advance of this man’s intention, yet you willingly let it happen to push your agenda. If the military didn’t have blind obedience to whomever sits upon the throne, they’d be dragging him out and putting him in front a firing squad for willingly aiding in the murder of these people.

  6. Another GFZ guarded by guys with guns; course, once you get past the armed guards; it’s a free fire zone and the ROE is that anyone unarmed is fair game and collateral damage is first priority.

  7. the only fluid situation that THING is worried about is whether he’s gonna fellate Michelles COMMENT MODERATED or let her take in in the COMMENT MODERATED tonight

  8. I’m sorry maybe it’s me, but I saw the order to “shelter in place” at one of the largest military installations in the world,
    And my head exploded. Local po-po are on site. FBI on the way,….

    Surely just another case of “workplace violence”.


    Sarc off.

  9. I find this heart breaking.

    As per NBC “news”

    “But military officials told NBC News the shooting appeared to have stemmed from a personal dispute at a motor pool and was unrelated to terrorism.”

  10. Service members need to ‘feel’ safe? Yep. Gee golly, the prez has it figured it out. That is the solution, right there. You don’t need to actually ‘be’ safe…just feel like it.

  11. Soldiers and sailors die, often enough from foolish choices in Washington. But those same policy makers often as not dissemble and speak a canned empathy, while silently they calculate the the best political damage control strategy and set it in motion. “Tell me, John, how many people know about this?”

  12. There is something simply wrong and bizarre when the military tells its troops to shelter in place and wait for the po-po to rescue them. Tomorrow, we will probably read in the media that the military has offered absolutely everyone on base, or affiliated with the base (ie local pizza guys, strippers, etc) , access to grief counselors.

    If/when Hillary becomes C-in-C she will probably assign a therapist to every company much like the Soviets had their political officers assigned to units.

  13. wait for the potis spin that more gun control is needed. sickening. And that military leaders do not allow the military to defend themselves or others on military bases. criminal.

  14. Oh, you could just see those wheels spinning, couldn’t you? Makes me nervous every time Obama – or anyone from the mainstream media, frankly – opens his mouth. You know it’s coming.

  15. Those of you in the .mil with privately owned weapons -you know who you are- better transfer or get them off paper ASAP.

    I don’t know what’s coming, but given Obama’s nature having a registered gun on a military base in the weeks to come is asking for career problems.

    • After the last Fort Hood shooting we were ordered to register all weapons whether you lived on or off post. I’m not sure how that would stop anything or prevent crime.

  16. POTUS: Get to the bottom of what happened by re-arming soldiers on military bases so they can defend themselves. Do not allow U.S. military bases to be “no gun” zones, which put all soldiers at risk of injury or death by the hands of a mentally unsound person or Muslim jihadist.

  17. How ironic. Overwhelming force of police locate, close with and apprehend or kill an individual. And one underwhelming crazy determine individual can kill more & faster than authorities can muster the overwhelming force to deal with the lone shooter.

    The solution is simple yet all the logic in the world is denied to keep existing policy.

    • I’ve covered why before, but it’s not gonna happen.The “Logical Solution” means overhauling DoD handgun training doctrine ,and making unit commanders take career risking decisions. Even if Obama weren’t at the top of the CoC, the hidebound Generals in charge of our risk-averse military would still wag their finger and say to the NCOs and Officers of our forces “no no there little children, you cant be trusted to carry a gun unless there’s an adult rulebook around!”

      To understand the scope of the problem, our military folks are banned from carrying sometimes even in a freaking WAR ZONE. No guns in the DFAC (cafeteria), Command Tent, or whatever event the Pentagon- seeking Wing Commander at the AOR decides.

      Obama’s a good part of the problem, but the DoDs lame , wimpy General Officer corps deserves a good chunk of blame.

  18. He also stated that he would look into how this can be prevented in the future. Hmmm, I think we all have an idea what policy changes would help.

  19. Shelter in place. No firearms in the hands of Service men and women. Absolutely ludicrous and criminal.

  20. This was NOT a random act of violence, or terrorism, or whatever they want to call it. This was purely intentional to advance the gun control agenda. And YES I am a conspiracy theorist!!

  21. Heard about this today, and the first thing I thought about was the fact that we’re still not allowed to carry on base.

  22. What happened to the days when two men had a disagreement with each other, they threw a few punches then wound up getting a beer together a few days later?

  23. Condolences for the dead and best wishes to the wounded.

    I can’t help but remember a phrase that someone here coined after Sandy Hook:

    “Climbing over the bodies of the dead to get to the microphone.”

    How very apt. And tragic.

  24. “Get to the bottom of it”?

    Why don’t you tell us the results of your no doubt deep and insightful Benghazi investigation? If there’s any bottom-getting here, you can bet one thing for sure, POTUS didn’t have shit to do with it.

  25. Heres a preview of the press releases from Obamas minions to the MSNBC gang: “Another reminder of the dangers of easy access to firearms by the mentally ill and the deadliness of high capacity magazines. A reinstatement of the Clinton AWB would have saved lives in this case. Peers Morgan was right.”

  26. “Heartbreaking” is not the correct word. “Inevitable” is more like it. The levels of stupidity and willful blindness currently exhibited by CIC and Command structure begs the question of their ability to lead any military endeavor. Morale in the military must be at an all time low.

    This adds to the increasing body of evidence that psychoactive drugs do more harm than good. I hope readers understand that psychology is not an actual science. It just pretends to be one.

    If I were Vladimir Putin, this incident would give me the confidence to push through to Kiev. The lame performance of US military Command is beneath contempt.


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