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Lberte Austin

As you may have noticed, the Texas Firearms Festival and The Truth About Guns are closerthanthis. Nick’s the Come-And-Shoot-It event’s chief RSO and several TTAG team members are helping out. And they’ll all be there!

Click here and buy your tickets (if you haven’t already) for the third annual Texas Firearms Festival at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill on October 14, 15 and 16 and you’ll get a chance to meet the gang: RF, Nick, Dan, Tyler, Jeremy S, Liberte Austin (above), ShootingTheBull 410 and as many other contributors as we can wrangle.

The TTAG crew will be ambling around the Festival throughout the entire weekend. Click here to put a face to a name. To make it easier to play spot the TTAGer, they’ll be wearing bright blue TFF t-shirts and wide grins as they fire guns from 30+ manufacturers, scarf food truck cuisine and spend their editorial budget on Retail Village gear.

Click here and buy VIP tickets and you’ll have two chances to dine with TTAG staff: lunch on Saturday and/or Sunday in the VIP tent. We know that the other VIP-only benefits — Full-Auto Friday access, close-in parking, free lunch and WiFi, an extra hour of exclusive range time on Saturday and Sunday morning and free shuttle service — are the deal makers. But the TTAG sit-down is a nice bonus.

The third annual Texas Firearms Festival is literally bigger (four new shooting bays) and better (machine gun fun) than before. While the guns are the stars, don’t forget that it’s also a wonderful social event, with discounted tickets for non-shooters and free admission for non-shooters under 12’s. Come and schmooze it!

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  1. I wish I could do this but it’s a long way from Louisville, KY. And this year I’m going to be in Hilton Head for a week over my wonderful spouse’s birthday. Just call it bad planning on my part. Maybe I can trade off this year for next year!!!!!!

    • At least the NRA convention came to us this year! But I don’t think they’d call it the Texas Firearm Festival if they had it in Louisville…unless it were sponsored by Texas Roadhouse maybe. 🙂

  2. Mass Shooting reported in Connecticut…

    And another in reported mass shooting in alabama…

    Don’t let TTAG censor these…

    Yeah you guys are “right” guns do make us “safe”. *sarc*

    Until they’re not.

    So please humor again as to why europe, australia or japan doesnt see this on a daily basis.

    • So… supposing you were to be faced with a psychopathic killer on a shooting spree you’d prefer to dial 911 and wait 20 minutes for men with guns to show up?

      • Yea, I thought so. If you’re ever confronted by the wicked or the evil you’ll be under the table wetting your pants praying to your newfound God ( I can only assume you’re an atheist ) for the men with guns to show up.

      • So?, I’m punished for reporting the harsh truth of your debunked “gun rights” agenda?

        So?, I’m punished for proving your “more guns, less crime” boondoggle doesn’t work and based more on emotion
        than actual scientific fact which you or anyone else has failed to proved me on.

        You gunstapo fascists are so alike.

        • You are actively working to suppress the civil rights of an entire nation. You are committing crimes against humanity.

          Now, tell me what crime I’ve committed.

        • “Fascists” who oppose the restriction of rights and argue against stricter government control over the populace? Do you even read what you write? Do you comprehend the fact that words have meanings?

        • 1 or 2 or even 10 examples doesn’t make “proof.” Especially when the number of guns sold continues to climb while the murder rate MOSTLY continues a slow yet steady drop.

        • ohh, you have no idea concern troll, the german people will rearm themselves (legal changes or not), and then the jihadis will understand what a horrible idea it was to piss on then piss off the german volk

        • concernedamerican, I would like to invite you to a sit down, beer summit, if you are ever in Pittsburgh. like most reasonable people, I think we can find common ground. What say you?

    • If they really do happen on a daily basis, you need to provide evidence for NRA orchestrated mass shootings for all the other days this past week/month/year.

    • Actually, contrary to popular propaganda, gun availability does NOT drive homicide rates. According to FBI stats, 50% of murders in America are black-on-black, with blacks 13% of the population. And according to HuffPo, the murder rate for Hispanics is twice that of non-black/Hispanic, with Hispanics 17% of the population.

      The math is simple. With an overall homicide rate of 4.7 per 100K that works out to the following rates: Black 18; Hispanic 4.5; Non-black/Hispanic 2.2; Homicide rate in the UK? 1.2!

      So what we have is not a gun problem, but sociological issues.

    • Perhaps they do see it on a daily basis. You don’t live there so how would you know either way? Their press is different than ours and those countries certainly wouldn’t want to trumpet violent events and then have to admit that, perhaps, their gun restrictions don’t actually prevent gun violence. And you’ll have to explain to me how disarming me and leaving me defenseless makes me safer. Never gotten a satisfactory answer to that question.

    • I hate trolls like “concernedamerican”, they are pathetic losers with nothing else better to do then anonymously post sh*t up on the forums in hopes of getting attention. What a sad pathetic life you must have, living in your moms basement, eating cheetos and watching porn with an orange dick. Girls won’t touch you, your friend find you annoying, and the only attention you can get is posting stupid shit on forums in hopes of getting attention from strangers. Mostly because you know that you’re a moron and gun sales increase at an all time record. The only thing you can do in your mangina impotence is just troll on forums because you will never actually make a difference in the world or in your own life.

    • Europe, Australia, and Japan….if you like them so much why don’t you move there. No one here would miss you.

  3. Why are you guys even responding to concerneddouchebag?

    Let him go back to surfing pr0n in his mommy’s basement.

    • Oh, and one of the mass killings involved an axe.

      Ban all edged devices? I guess if we were all vegans that’d work.

    • Oh,she can cook, hint hint. And if that s.o.b keeps up his bs in the basement, I am going to turn off his WiFi , change his bed time to 8pm and make him start looking for a job. Enough of this. Haha what a loser

  4. Texas. A bunch of idiots who got open carry 90 years late and still blather about how awesome their state is about the 2A.

    Move one state West and things were better decades ago.

    Fuck Texas. Pass on anything there. Ya’ll can have the “disease free nude college girls who give it up on demand while handing you beers” festival and I’ll still pass.

    Texas has literally nothing to offer IMHO.

  5. Editorial note: Rule 5 is conventionally on Sundays.(*)

    One wonders what Concern Troll’s disruption has to do with the post’s topic, but the question answers itself: disrupting the topic. Can’t have the image of peaceful, responsible people having a good time with guns around. Can’t let guns be associated with any good feeling. Truth has nothing to do with it.

    Over time, people remember what they imagined, almost as if it really happened. So, Troll-y McPolicehack’s dire predictions before tbe R N C this year, *kinda feel like they actually happened.* Even though they didn’t. And that feeling is associated with everything he named in his breathless hand-wringing. So, they bury the stories of WrongFolk having a peaceful good time, because that any good feeling associated with WrongFolk ain’t allowed.

    “Nothing bad happened at the R N C”(***) argues from facts, which leaves the feeling out there. The feeling is only countered with other feels: calm, happy people having a good time, or whatever. Can’t let people feel.that about open carry, stats be damned.

    Which brings us to Concern Troll, yapping about ax murders that already happened somewhere else, in a conversation about a firearms event tbat hasn’t happened yet. Why? To over-write the happy feels of a clickbait pic and anticipated good time.(**)

    The anti’s hate it and never respond whan the “pro” folk have a story with emotional weight. The mother, shooting out of the upstairs closet to stop the guy coming for her kid. The stories here when simply showing a gun stopped something before it happened.

    They can’t let you feel that calm relief: “Well, that could have been way worse.” So, they grill the desperately relieved almost-victim about how horrible it must feel to shoot, and any regrets about the B G? Can’t let them feel, and especially say the relief. “I’m happy to be alive, happy I had a way out of that.”

    They especially can’t allow readers to feel the anticipated helplessness and horror of being attacked and there’s nothing you can do about it. To wait out the pain and the rest, wondering if you’re gonna live through it, knowing that isn’t up to you. I wonder how those ax victims felt, seeing it coming?

    Disarming victims is consigning them to that end, when there could be another. The anti’s never let you say that, because they can’t let you, or anyone else, feel it. So Troll-y McConcernface has to shut down cheerful talk about a firearms event, to stifle the WrongFeels building up. One WringFeel might lead to another, and then what?

    Troll-y McConcernface is just peeing on our parade, because nobody can be allowed a good time where people get together, share their hobby, flip the giggle switch for fun … and nobody gets hurt. Not if there are guns there. Guns are ony evil, and corrupt everything with their mere presence.

    It’s what they do, because it’s all they have.

    (*) Look it up.

    (**) Several varieties of clickbait in that pic.

    (***) “Nothing bad” in terms of violence: assaults n near-riots in the streets.

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