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The wheels of justice (and media focus) occasionally grind slowly. And sometimes not at all. Though in the case of Megalomaniacal Mini-Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s use of NYC taxpayers’ funds to run his Mayors Against All Illegal Guns civilian disarmament organization, better late than never, right? Will we claim credit for being on this more than a month ago? Perish the thought. We wouldn’t be that self-aggrandizing. No, we’re just happy that the story’s finally coming to (MSM) light. Of course, you have to wonder why someone who’s worth $25 billion needs to sponge off city resources to run his own personal anti-rights vanity project. Whatevs. In the mean time, the CCRKBA is calling for a full-on investigation of every every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in the tri-state area . . .

BELLEVUE, WA – The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today is calling on New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman to investigate whether any laws have been violated by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for apparently operating a website for Mayors Against Illegal Guns that is reportedly registered to a New York City government server, and apparently administered by city employees.

“On top of everything else that has been revealed in recent days about Bloomberg’s MAIG group padding lists of so-called ‘gun victims’ with the names of criminals and a terrorist bombing suspect, this new discovery is an outrage that demands a criminal investigation,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “He’s spending millions of his own dollars on anti-gun politicking around the country, but apparently to offset his expenses, he’s letting taxpayers – many of whom oppose his restrictive gun policies – help foot the bill.”

CBS News picked up the story from various other sources and began reporting about it over the weekend. Politico also has reported on the discovery.

“With each day there appears to be something else questionable about the mayor and his anti-gun organization,” Gottlieb observed. “It’s no wonder that Rockford, Illinois Mayor Larry Morrissey dropped out of the MAIG over the weekend.”

Gottlieb was referring to a story that Politico reported about Mayor Morrissey. The Illinois mayor quit Bloomberg’s group, telling an audience at a Saturday meeting that – according to Politico – the group “strayed from its original mission and became too focused” on pushing for ban on so-called “assault weapons.”

“While it was deceptive to include the names of criminals killed by police and law-abiding citizens on a list of alleged ‘gun victims’,” Gottlieb said, “that’s just being politically dishonest. But operating an anti-gun political website on the city server, apparently with city employees doing the work; if that’s true, that may be a crime and it should be investigated.”

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  1. Bout time!

    String him up and let him swim with his anti-liberties, civil rights bashing other gar-fish.

    He is an abomination to those holding public office.

    How about;

    “That is a crime and he should be removed from office and arrested for treason for his aggressive attack on citizens civil liberties and using civil funds to do so.”

  2. It’s about time this guy and his minions got exposed for their underhanded methods. To think the way they have been playing fast and loose with the truth that they aren’t doing the same in other areas of their activities is to be blind the obvious.

    That said, what does anyone really think is going to happen with Bloomberg and MAIG in the progressive liberal bastion of NYC?

    I think nothing.

  3. I hope Bloomberg ends up in prison for this. Most likely he’ll buy off a judge and get a low level crony to take a dive for it.

    • At most, this will probably end with some MAIG intern’s free lunch privileges being revoked. For about a week.

  4. Surprise? Yes.

    Holding my breath over it being pursued in court and him losing office? Well according to recent studies, air is good. So Im going to have to say no on that.

  5. It NYC, here is how it will go down. The Midget who is Mayor will apologize and repay whatever is due. All is forgiven because he said “Sorry” End of story. Welcome to NYC.

  6. Gottlieb thinks Schneiderman is going to investigate Bloomberg?


    • The wires for “investigate” and “play squash with” must be crossed in Gottlieb’s brain.

    • No, he doesn’t, but he needs to call for it because Bloomberg should be investigated and it’s Schneiderman’s job to do it.

  7. Ya left out Whorehouse? Then again, that would be where the NY laws are being dictated….I mean passed.

  8. He’s a billionaire because he’s played fast and loose with the rules. Why wouldn’t he cheat and use the taxpayers dime to push his own crooked agenda? I call this bug kapo bloomberg because in another time and place he would have been herding his own into the showers.

    • And he would say he was doing it for the good of the many when in fact he would have been doing it for the power it would give him.

  9. In America sometimes, unfortunately, you get all the justice you can afford. Bloomingjerk is a billionaire. Jail time or swept under the rug? Place your bets ladies and gentlemen!

    • Im ganna go with the third option, more blind and ignorant people rally behind MAIG in their defense

  10. Yea, nothing is going to happen.

    A) He’s a billionaire – little happens to billionaires except small monetary fines (small to them).

    B) He’s the mayor of NYC – the people there love him, they probably don’t know his name or even who the current president is… but hey – he is loved by the locals.

    C) If anyone important bother’s him… he’ll just make a campaign contribution (perhaps with NYC tax payer funds).

    D) He is Bloomberg – he eats Ricin letters for breakfast (they are vegan).

    E) He has a legion of attorney’s (or he can hire some) that he can throw into the cogs of the judicial system. If he stuffs money into the attorney’s before they are thrown it is more effective on the said cogs.

    F) By the end of the day, he’ll write a check and the employee’s running the servers will be employee’s in a different department and the servers themselves will be run legitimately by his own funding and all the records will match – “i”s dotted and “t”s crossed.

    G) All you and I can do about it … is watch the above happen.

  11. And when Schneiderman doesn’t investigate Bloomberg, Gottleib will ask someone else to investigate the level of corruption in New York City. Clearly in pro-statist cities it’s no longer about meritocracy or equal rule under law but rather who your connections are. Obviously for such a “progressive” city this is yet something else that shows the city is really not interested in looking out for the less than affluent and is only interested in serving the rich.

  12. All you have to see is most of the members of MAIG,have either gone to jail or are awaiting trial on numerous charges.Well would this explain why MAIG is using public monies to further it’s agenda,due to criminal influence?And that no one knows anything about it,wait that isn’t Doomberg,that’s the other gun grabber.Well are we really going to see Eric “I got off because my boss saved my law breaking ass” Holder,go storming into New York and start a widespread investigation? Doubt it,this one will be bought off with Doomberg money just like his Bus Ride to tyranny.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  13. Guy looks like a freaking shaved Orangutang, with just the barest twinkle of sapience in his eyes.

  14. Why must the CCRKBA indulge in the stupidity of leftism by calling the Boston bomber…….. “a terrorist bombing suspect”. Tsarnov(sp) was a piece of sheet terrorist bomber, there’s no suspecting about it.

    By this stupid PC MSM logic we should be saying “…John Wilkes Booth, suspected assassin of President Lincoln, ….”

  15. So John Ekdahl gets credit for taking something people here discovered and passing it off as his own? That needs fixed.

  16. Just remember Bloomberg is the best NY can offer. When he leaves office the Democrat who is elected will be a gun grabber and lifestyle dictator who will turn NYC into Detroit. At least the law abiding Detroter can protect himself.

  17. Just look at that face, again… if it goes “ARF, ARFF” I’m grabbing a stick.

    Billionaire, clever gypsy, same-same. “Soda ban”? Evidence of ‘beyond nuts’, my friends.

    Wears his pants the same way as you or I. Bet he can’t do 30 push-ups.

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