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“We have monitored the gun groups’ blogs and are certain there will be some protesters present. The Sheriff’s Dept and Capitol Police will be keeping us safe, and at other stops where, the “wing nuts” were present, they were fairly passive and knew their place. Please do not engage them. The best course is to ignore them, and if they become disruptive to a speaker, the particular speaker will handle the issue. Don’t try to hush them up. We want the media to cover our strong message, not a confrontation with the other side.” – Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ No More Names bust tour email alert [at]  (h/t Jeff A.)

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  1. “fairly passive and knew their place.” wait, you mean the “wing nuts” were respectful of others differing opinions? wow! thunk. if only the gun grabbers could do the same. then we might actually be able to have a constructive dialog.

    • Already had one incident. The guy who got in the face of the speaker. Ended up tasered by police. Just what the gun grabbers were looking for.

  2. “…this email provided courtesy of the fine tax payers of New York City (but let’s keep that hush hush).”

  3. “When we want your position, we’ll give it to you.”

    Business as usual in mayoral circles. Ugh! Yuck! Bleah!

  4. That statement is one of the most disturbing peeves of socialistcana I have ever read.

    It is so deceiving how they give an air of supremacy to their position when the reality is it is cemented in all that is disdained by the Bill of Rights.

    #1 they have a right to be heard, but anyone else of a differing opinion is to be ignored and silenced. They should be the only ones to have their message be accepted as truth.

    #2 they, and they alone have a right to self-defense through the bearing of arms. They potray themselves as the vestiges of that which is good, holding themselves up to be worshipped by the feeble minded and easily swayed to irrational thought.

  5. “The Sheriff’s Dept and Capitol Police will be keeping us safe, ”

    People with guns will keep us safe from people who like guns.

  6. Yassa Massa; I know my place, Head bowed, on my knees obeying my betters dictates.

    Oh, wait a minute, I thought slavery was outlawed some odd years ago; it was the democrats that initially fought against freeing the slaves; the same mentality is alive and well among our progressive/ statists of today.

    They just don’t base it totally on skin color; now it’s everybody except our masters in government and their armed enforcers that need to be disarmed and enslaved; “It’s for the children”.

    The definition of a free person in all of history are those that can legally bear arms and those that can’t; that definition hasn’t changed.

      • I’ll bite. Because they’re loud, obnoxious, messy, irritating, needy, expensive, and they shit in the house.

        Wait, no. That last one is why I hate cats.

  7. Yes our place is to sit by passively while socialists petition for the violent, coercive power of government to deprive us of our rights.

    Always remember:
    “The thing with which Liberals are liberal,
    and with which Conservatives are conservative,
    is violence,
    perpetrated by the government,
    against the state’s own citizens.”


  8. Mayors against illegal guns BUST tour?

    No pun intended, right?

    And I found a post at a Georgia carry forum where they said the Georgia State Patrol enjoys having all the guns there. Odd.

  9. “The Sheriff’s Dept and Capitol Police will be keeping us safe.”
    Anyone who believes this statement is deluded. Your safety is up to you.

    • True, but if the cops are there, it tends towards bad PR if someone attacks and they choose to do nothing.

  10. The statement “No more names”. Then for all to see is “National Drive to reduce gun violence”.

    No more names is an insane fantasy but on the same platform REDUCE? Does this mean its ok to have a gun to protect….I’m confused.

    • *Sarcasm* Black people don’t use guns! Everyone knows that! Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson said so, and they speak for all black people everywhere! Duh! */s*

  11. Phrases like “fairly passive and knew their place.” let you know that these people have truly lost it. They definitely need a shorter bus.

  12. Yep, a bit of insight into how they think. There can be no compromise or cooperation with people that think this way.

  13. Allright all you wing nuts…you know your place! Don’t make Massa Bloomturd angry, you won’t like him when he’s angry…

  14. Plenty of evil black rifles were there in good support as an anti-protest. According to a friend it went well no major issues.

    He has pics but I’m on my phone at the moment and can’t link them.

  15. I like how being respectful (even of people not deserving of it) is described as “fairly passive and [knowing] their place.” The supreme arrogance of these jackholes amazes me.


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