Diane Dimond guns victim blaming
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Diane Dimond makes her case for victims of property crime having responsibility for criminals’ actions in the Northern Virginia Daily:

Any cop on the beat will tell you there’s a class of crooks who break into homes specifically looking for guns to steal. Please, don’t make it easy for them. Guns need to be stored in sturdy locked safes or bolted-down lockboxes, preferably unloaded and with ammunition kept in a separate location. Keep these safeguards in your bedroom if you are worried about nighttime intruders.

What other crime victims does Diane Dimond blame? Does she do that to rape victims? Do pretty young women have some responsibility not to dress up in skirts that are too short or clothes that are too attractive?

Do child sex abuse victims, like Michael Jackson’s, somehow bear some of the blame? Diane might know about that as part of her claim to fame involved covering Michael Jackson.

I don’t look to washed up, has-been hosts of Entertainment Tonight or Hardcopy for tips on personal safety any more than I ask my mechanic for prostate surgery options. Diane Dimond should stay in her lane regarding topics about which she doesn’t know jack. And she needs to quit playing “blame the victim,” too.

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  1. I thought that I might agree with her — after all, I also believe guns should be stored safely, which is why I own several safes.

    Then I read the article.

    My response? You couldn’t print it.

  2. I might put some blame on the parents of Michael Jackson’s victims. How much brains does it take to figure out that sending your child to a sleepover with a pop star might be a bad idea? Oh, but he showered them with gifts, so that’s not creepy at all.

    • I thought that about Michael Jackson years ago. Who lets their little kid go ALONE to an overnight with an adult pop star? They called Brooke Shield’s mom a witch for always staying by her girl’s side. Now we know why….with all the Harvey Weinsteins around Hollywood.

      • I doubt it. Of course, as far as she is concerned, she is better than you and me. We are too stupid to keep our guns safe, after all. Never mind the fact that we unenlightened gun owners were able to prevent 99.95% of the privately owned firearms from being stolen last year.

  3. Want to stop drunk drivers from killing sober drivers?
    Ban sober drivers from driving.

    That’s how Lib gun control works!

    • No, that is how leftist gun control works. Liberals are right wing and support human rights. Leftists support the state, and as a result gun control.

      The left has stolen positive words to support their cause, much the same way they use negative words to attack our cause. They use liberal like they do common-sense, in other words they use it knowing full well they are being disingenuous.

      We argue over the definitions of things (think assault rifle) because how a word is used, particularly in popular opinion, the media, and especially legislation, as definitions do matter. It matters a lot.

      • Stop bullshitting and confusing “liberals” with classical liberalism. Liberals TODAY means LEFTISTS.

  4. Does storing guns unloaded with ammo in separate locked containers somehow make them less likely to be stolen? I’m pretty sure if someone goes to the trouble of breaking into my home and then breaking into the residential storage container, they aren’t going to be so frustrated by the lack of ammunition that they leave the guns behind.

    • Ditto (reminds me of the YouTube of the frustrated bad guy confronted by the ‘no guns allowed’ signs.)

    • Its just further evidence indicating how poorly they understand the things and the people they wish to control. This woman probably has little to no actual experience with guns in any fashion. It is inconceivable to her that the people who do own, use and understand these things might be better equipped to manage their property than she is. She clearly doesn’t comprehend that how gun owners choose to go about their lives is absolutely none of her business. Further, she decries the supposedly huge problem of stolen guns and then goes on to state that the number reported stolen is around 200,000 each year. That’s about 5 hundredths of a percent of the guns in the country. Seems to me that this is an indication that the vast majority of the gun owning population does a pretty good job securing their possessions – as most people do with most things they own, particularly expensive and potentially dangerous things. Most people just aren’t stupid enough to leave their stuff laying about in such a way as to get it stolen or to allow it to cause harm. She implies that gun-owners must be stupid and irresponsible because guns occasionally get stolen but fails to recognize that most, as in 99.9%+, don’t get stolen. She’s fantastically arrogant to presuppose that she knows better than the gun-owners how they should behave. So arrogant that she glibly recommends jailing those who don’t do what she wants them to.

      This tendency of authoritarianism and/or nanny statism in many people is becoming really tiresome to me. Many of these types seem to assume that everyone who doesn’t see the world through their particular lens is intellectually and morally inferior to themselves. Their response is to “educate” if they can, control if that fails and eliminate if necessary. It is a human tendency that has reared it’s ugly head in one form or another for millennia.
      All these self-appointed experts who think they are the arbiters of what is and is not acceptable for people to do, eat, drink, own, say and think are signaling to the rest of us that they believe they are superior and if we don’t accept that willingly they will seek to force us to – ironically, in this case, at the point of a gun.

        • Even taken as given, it is just not that big a number. A quick internet search indicates that there are approximately 500,000 of 270 million cars stolen each year. That means cars are stolen at roughly 3.7 times the rate guns are. How much carnage is caused by car thieves with their stolen cars? Where are the holier-than-thou nannies demanding that car owners be held responsible for the actions of the thieves who stole their cars?

      • “Its just further evidence indicating how poorly they understand the things and the people they wish to control. This woman probably has little to no actual experience with guns in any fashion. . .”

        This. I was just going to say the same thing but found that you already beat me to it. And well, said! Diane Dimond is a perfect example of someone suffering from the phenomenon of Secondary Ignorance—she doesn’t know that she doesen’t know. If you’ve ever dealt with someone like this you’ve seen that the will insist theat they are right even when it is painfully obvious that they are completely wrong.

        • Agreed. Secondary ignorance is rampant among the gun control crowd – they even cheer for it. They have often argued that they don’t need to actually understand a thing before they construct some program to control that thing. This is clear evidence that they view themselves as morally superior to those who would dare to disagree with them. “All I need to know is that guns are designed to KILL and if you own a gun and won’t agree to my ridiculous prescriptions then you are complicit in MURDER.” I’m pretty sure that sums up one of the core tenets of gun control dogma.

          The presumption that gun owners don’t appreciate the gravity of owning and using an instrument with deadly potential is arrogant in the extreme. Obama really tapped into this particular mindset when he characterized his opposition as bitterly clinging to their guns and religion. He was just somewhat eloquently claiming that everyone who opposes his political philosophies is ignorant, stupid and violent.

  5. As a former resident of Fauquier County, VA, I can tell you the stupid liberal logic being pushed hasn’t changed. Years back, I considered getting a concealed carry permit and even went so far as to get fingerprinted and submit paperwork to the local court. After learning the local liberal newspaper biddies were hell-bent on publishing the names and addresses of prospective permit holders in public, I literally took my paperwork out of the county clerk’s inbox when the judge made a public statement that he wouldn’t prevent the local journalists from their dirty work.
    I was also viewed suspiciously by the local police. Why would anyone REALLY want a permit? In 1993, Warrenton, VA was still country – almost.
    The same blimpish attitude was presented by the Fairfax County police when doing an NRA certified class a few years later … then again, it was Jim Moran’s district I lived in at the time.
    Then I had an epiphany where stupid liberal logic and true reason intersects.
    You can’t lose what you don’t have. Think about it.

    • Our state attorney Lisa Madigan was going to to that here. Some how it failed to happen. Didn’t a publisher in upstate NY do just that? Ex-cops and ex-wives were furious to know that the ex-con sand violent ex-husbands would know where they lived. Oh, and the female publisher had armed guards at her door after they complained. What ever happened to that newspaper and her?

  6. How do the crooks kno your house contains firearrmz? Refrain from advertising that you own firegums, don’t pack your “tools” out to your vehicle in a gum case, I wrap mine in a blanket. No NRA stickers, Keep honking, I’m reloading, or other tip offs on my house or car…. I’m poor and can’t afford a gum safe, what I do( if I’m going to be away for very long) is disassemble my firegums, they look broken to a thief and are usually left alone. How do I know this? Because I used to be a thief.

    • Tell me more based on your experience. I do not have kids so my guns are not locked up inside my home. However, my home itself has top notch security. I have ADT but more importantly I have security doors on top of my regular doors. In addition, my regular doors have a OnGard plank behind them, albeit I can’t put them on all doors when I’m gone from the home. Do criminals usually get deterred by the presence of an alarm and security door (I also have security windows on all the ground floor windows so no breaking of glass can occur) and thus move on to another house? I would like to get a safe, but money is tight right now and given I have zero kids and excellent house security I simply don’t feel inclined.

    • “what I do( if I’m going to be away for very long) is disassemble my firegums, they look broken to a thief and are usually left alone.”

      Excellent suggestion. I’ve done that as well.

  7. I’ll bet she enjoys security provided by armed men on a. Regular basis. She doesn’t want to be accosted or violated by anyone. Neither do we.

  8. Funny how it’s all about “reasonable restrictions” when it comes to an enumerated right like gun ownership, but it’s “hands off my vagina” when it comes to imaginary rights like abortion.

  9. I’m kinda eye for a eye kind of guy, no sympathy for crooks & thugs, if here in America, if they would actually punish said crooks & thugs , things would be much different… the way some countries used to treat crime works excellent, example, first time you get caught stealing, they cut off your finger, next time you get caught, by by hand , & so on. Keep your hands off other people’s stuff…

  10. Almost funny how the family rifle hung on the living room wall for 3 centuries with relatively little problem. In my youth, gun cabinets were ornate glass. Part of the home’s decor.

    Tell me again how “progressives” have made things better here?

  11. What’s the big deal?.

    Posters on TTAG and many commentors regularly deride folks that don’t have nuclear level security on the house or auto.

    Play right into the hoplophobic mentality.

    If someone breaks a law to get my gun…..that is on them not me.

  12. Pointless rant. As has been said; “Most of the evil in this world has been done by people with good intentions.” She fits that perfectly.

  13. “Don’t make it easy on criminals” is a good and pragmatic lesson, certainly moreso than the hopelessly naive and idiotic idea that we can “teach” criminals not to commit crimes.

    And had she stopped there, I might have gone on thinking that Ms. Dimond wasn’t a stupid asshole idiot head.

  14. No surprises here, they always take easiest most simplistic route in any discussion. Blame the gun owning victim, not a lot of people in the country anymore smart enough to look past the heqdline.

  15. Since when did crooks get so picky, the ones I have encountered would steal just about anything down to the gold in your teeth. just another anti, framing her bull-crap, in another container. Thieves look for accusable under secured homes, in areas that have poor lighting, no dogs or alarms, or lazy people who never bother to set them. Also overgrown hedges, and open garage doors, unlocked doors in the house and vehicles, and folks who just aren’t aware of their surroundings, “like seniors, kids, teens who come and go ,without locking doors, etc.
    A thief, “unless a cat burglar” will steal anything not tied down “and pawn it or sell it to locals, or even stores in busy areas.

    • In my experience thieves steal based on value. They’re not interested in any of that crap we all save. They only want the shiny stuff.

  16. She wants you to put your gun where it takes minutes to get at it and then go find your ammo. in a different place. Not a good plan where seconds count.

    • She goes a bit farther than “encouraging” when she advocates criminal penalties for gun owners whose weapons are stolen.


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