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We hate to ruin your weekend with news of fecklessness (and probably too many naps) at the White House, but America’s newspaper of record is deeply concerned about what’s happening there. Or, more accurately, what’s not happening.

From The New York Times . . .

“Six years ago, it was guns. Five years ago, it was guns. Four years ago, it was guns. Last night it was guns. This morning it was guns,” Mr. Biden told reporters in August 1994, during end-stage negotiations over the legislation. “And right now, it’s guns. It’s guns, guns, guns, guns.”

Much of Mr. Biden’s legislative career could be summarized in the same way. For decades, he played a crucial role in major legislative battles over gun control, championing proposals to tighten regulations on guns and their owners. On the campaign trail last year, Mr. Biden proposed the most expansive gun control platform of any presidential candidate in history, promising to reinstate the assault weapons ban, institute a voluntary gun buyback program and send a bill to Congress on his first day in office repealing liability protections for gun manufacturers and closing background-check loopholes.

Yet 73 days into his presidency, with five mass shootings and more than 10,000 gun violence deaths having already occurred this year, Mr. Biden is approaching the issue with far less urgency. Of the more than 50 executive orders and memorandums he has given so far, none have addressed gun control. That bill he promised to send to Congress never arrived. And his use of the bully pulpit to push for new measures has been uneven to nonexistent.

Oh noes! The Times frets that Grampy Joe is missing his golden opportunity. He hasn’t even commanded the ATF to regulate anything under the NFA yet!

Less than 24 hours after a shooting rampage last month in Boulder, Colo., that killed 10 people, Mr. Biden promised action, saying he didn’t need to “wait another minute, let alone an hour, to take common sense steps” on gun control. When pressed on those measures by reporters two days later, he seemed more comfortable waiting: He quickly dismissed the specifics of his proposals as “a matter of timing,” before making clear that his focus would be the infrastructure bill.

It’s almost as if Joe doesn’t really remember what he’s said from one day to the next.

But wait. Maybe it’s not just a case of advanced mental decline that’s to blame for gun control being pushed to the administration’s back burner. Maybe there’s more going on here.

A day after the Boulder shooting, Vice President Kamala Harris pressured the Senate to take action, deflecting more than six minutes of questions about what executive actions the president was prepared to take.

“This is going to be about your viewers and all of us pleading to the reason, pleading to the hearts and minds of the people in the U.S. Senate,” she said. “Let’s say, ‘We’re going to hold our elected people accountable if they’re not going to be with us.’”

A few days later, when asked about the issue during a visit to a school in Connecticut, she quickly pivoted from guns to promoting the administration’s relief package.

Gun control advocates are noticing. They’re even frustrated enough to comment in The Times op-ed — oh so gently — on their growing concern that the BidenHarris administration won’t get anything done to further limit Americans’ gun rights before Congress starts looking forward to the 2022 midterm campaigns and is far less inclined to rile up the rubes back home with talk of taking away their guns.

D’oh! Then there’s the frustrating, persistent reality of the Senate filibuster that stands in the way of Democrats achieving their most dearly-held gun-controlling dreams…steamrolling an “assault weapons” ban, a “high capacity” magazine ban, universal background checks, a national gun purchase waiting period, and a repeal of the PLCAA into law.

Passage of any kind of gun legislation would most likely involve Democrats agreeing to eliminate the filibuster, a procedural tactic that would allow the party to pass bills with their tight majority. And even then, some Democrats are skeptical that gun legislation would pass, given the divides within their own caucus. When asked whether he saw momentum for gun control this Congress, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont responded simply: “I wish I could tell you that was the case.”

Finally, as if to twist the knife a little, The Times’ Lisa Lerer ends her piece by quoting Biden’s own words back at him . . .

“Were it not for President Clinton, there is no possibility, zero possibility, that this significant piece of legislation would be law,” he said. “No president that I have served within the 22 years I’ve been here was willing to go out on the line, flat out, and say, ‘We’re not going to have a bill unless there is the gun ban in the bill for assault weapons.’”

See Joe…if you can pull up your big boy pants and be as brave (or naive) as Bill Clinton was back in the day, someone might say the same nice things about you!

If that was intended to embarrass Old Joe into action, good luck. That presupposes he’s actually lucid enough to understand what Lerer’s op-ed is intended to do. Then again, maybe The Times is betting that Joe’s also too far gone to remember what happened to Democrats in the midterms after Clinton signed the 1994 “assault weapons” ban bill into law.

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  1. Sounds like The NY Times fears exactly what our Founding Fathers envisioned for the people, peace through strength.

    A gun on every mantel, and a chicken in every pot.

    Too bad I don’t have enough mantels for every gun, but I’ll survive. 🙂
    The 2 full 50cal boxes per gun don’t hurt, either….

    So then, all I can say, with my cup of bubbly happiness running over, is screw U, NY Times. The bottom of the bird cage is a fitting end for the daily pages of your moronic insane ramblings. (I just feel bad for the birds…)

    • I don’t even have a mantel in my house…but I do have chicken in the pot (well, actually blueberry pancakes, because breakfast) and a gun on my hip right now. And I can arm every single person who lives here with a rifle and pistol at a moment’s notice. Murica for the win.

        • Browned up a mess of hamburger last night, then added mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and corn.

          Made enough for a few days. It was *gooood*….:)

        • I was chewing on a can in the garbage and broke part of the last of my front teeth off. Hurts like hell. I took a file and filed down the sharp jagged’s ,that helped some. I kept raking my tongue on them.
          So until I find a good samaritan to take me to a vet its soup and bread. And most of the bread you find in the garbage or dumpster is hard and it hurts chewing that too. Theres never enough dribbles in the soup cans you find to soak the bread in and when I put it in the ditch to soak, cars run over it trying to hit me.
          I voted for Trump and I think this is theBidens way of getting back at me. ? ?

  2. As if Joe’s handlers will even brief him on the Times piece. They’ll get around to gun control eventually. Right now the priority is to pay themselves and their supporters (Wall Street and Big Business) by printing as much money as possible while they still can. Gun control can wait. Besides, it gives them something to run on for the midterm elections. That and giving all of the new illegal immigrants citizenship.

    • Don’t forget the failing unions, States, and blue cities who are 100’s of billion$ in debt. If I was Biden I’d pay it all off and call it Covid relief.

      • Yeah, but when he gives them the money the part that does not go directly into their pockets is spent on what their pals want, instead.

  3. It’s almost as if Joe doesn’t really remember what he’s said from one day to the next

    Day to day? Hell Creepy Uncle Joe can’t remember what he said 39 seconds ago or, for that matter, where he’s at, what his wife looks like, what day it is, who is actually POTUS and at times what he is READING from a teleprompter and even his own name… OBTW: Another FAIL for the administration as the Butjug pay per mile road use tax went down in flames…

  4. Their hesitancy (B&H) might be due to the record setting sales of guns and ammo since they took office, and the additional 4 States (early but counting TN) that have become or will become permitless carry States – 20 all told, and more to come. That’s a sizable number of States and people that are signaling that we won’t put up with any more “common sense” crapola from the government.

  5. We, the PotG, have long felt that Congress has been JERKING US AROUND on gun-rights legislation. When times are relatively good, a bill will work its way through committee and get passed by one chamber only to languish an ignominious death in the other chamber. The process repeats in a subsequent Congress.

    I wonder if the gun-CONTROL advocates are beginning to develop a similar feeling.

    The Democrats will periodically talk a good game, lots of bills get presented. Some of them can even pass in the House. But, then they die in the Senate. When – on the rarest of occasions – a gun-control bill passes, does it move-the-needle?

    Did the Hughes Amendment to FOPA have a substantial impact on gun-violence? Suicides; homicides; accidents? How many gun-control advocates will recall the name “Hughes Amendment”?

    Did the Assault Weapons Ban eliminate mass shootings? Based on the record of its impact, how hard would it have been for the Democrats to get it renewed after its 10-year sunset provision? Why did the Democrats allow the sunset provision in the first place?

    In the wake of the Las Vegas incident Congress was ripe to adopt legislation that would have banned everything from bump-stocks to trigger-jobs. None of us would have felt secure in oiling our fire-control groups after a cleaning. Yet, the Democrats allowed Trump to seise the initiative through a mere Administrative Rule-making; which was just struck down in the 6th Circuit. (Funny how Trump could screw-up a simple gun-control. Couldn’t rely upon him to get anything right!)

    What could explain the frustration experienced by both opposing sides; gun-rights and gun-control advocates alike? Can we figure this out?

    Is gun-control/-rights legislation a power-making opportunity? Is it clear to either side that some initiative could swing control of Congress to THE Party at the expense of the other? While the answer remains unclear, there is no fundamental basis for real momentum; in neither direction.

    Is gun-control/-rights legislation a spending or revenue-raising opportunity? In an era where Congress’ unit-of-measure is: “a trillion here and a trillion there, and pretty soon we are talking about real money”, no gun legislation is more than a drop in an ocean-sized bucket. Certainly not tax revenue. (Imagine if the Treasury forewent $200 tax stamps in exchange for an 11% excise tax on a huge increase in volume.) Not unless Congress reimagines ATF policing on a scale comparable to the TSA.

    Control! Ultimately, that’s where it’s at. The gundon rule is: He who has the guns makes the rules.” That’s what Madison had in mind, the security of a free state. If you are going to create Utopia, you have to be willing to break some eggs. OK, so, is THE Party (or the other) ready to pull-the-trigger? Have they game-planned this all out yet? How many divisions does the Pope have? As against, how many divisions does Wisconsin have. (Can we get the deer tag sales from each state?) When an election is always coming up in another 2 years or less, who has time for a RealPolitik 5-year plan?

    Should both sides recognize that we are in a political stalemate? Congress isn’t really nearly as interested in passing gun-control legislation as it might be eager to make it seem that way.

    Isn’t this issue going to be left for SCOTUS to solve, in the fullness of time?

    We are on the verge of 20 Constitutional-Carry states; that’s 40% of the 50 states. We have 42 Right-to-Carry states. How much longer will it take for SCOTUS to take the pulse of the nation and look for the word “bear” in the 2A? The last 2A case (Caetano v MA) was UNANIMOUS! (The 2A is not just for muskets anymore.) If Democrat Congress-critters can read the handwriting on the wall, how much risk are they willing to take in the current session?

    • Trump’s bump stock ban is working as intended. His executive order prevented Congress from passing new legislation and it won’t withstand judicial review.

      It was a deflection to prevent legislation that might of had teeth to pass. Congress could have actually amended the NFA to redefine machine guns and banned bump stocks outright (and bought up all existing bump stocks). There would have been a substantial risk of unintended consequences from such legislation.

      • I agree. That was my sense of the matter at the time.
        We PotG were outraged! We couldn’t imagine that there could be some method to Trump’s madness. How could he do such a thing to us – his most ardent supporters? The vitriol that was spilled on this board was so incredible that it seemed as if it were written by trolls.

        And, we were RIGHT! RIGHT I SAY!!! Trump’s bump-stock ban wouldn’t stand-up to Constitutional scrutiny.

        Too bad Trump didn’t realize that he was over-reaching his power. Had he been more modest in his understanding of our Constitution we COULD have had a PROPER amendment to the NFA`34. We PotG would have all been much happier with a Constitutionally-proper legislation of gun-control instead of Trump’s spitting in the eye of the Separation-of-Powers.

        Oh, well, in 2024 we will have the opportunity to decide which candidate for the GOP nomination to support. Maybe we will get it right next time.

        • Exactly right…except for the part where any such legislation would *never* be constitutionally proper, and Trump had ways to derail it if Congress had chosen to go that route. And the part where Democrats everywhere are eyeing Trump’s administrative abuse as legal cover to redefine all semiautos as illegal machine guns, whether administratively or legislatively.

          Over and over again, Republicans create a special government-power toolkit to “fix” something while their complacent voters stand by — and then Democrats weaponize it against everyone else.

          Trump’s foray into administratively rewriting black-letter law is going to bite everyone in the ass.

          I’m not looking forward to it, but sooner or later the illegitimate BidenHarris regime will get around to proving me right.

      • It was a deflection to prevent legislation that might of had teeth to pass.

        That’s what I tried to get across when it happened, but NOOOOOOO, Orange man bad, Trump doesn’t care about gun rights, Trumps not a Conservative, Trump betrayed us… But muh bump stock… They were kinda right… Trump’s NOT a conservative NOR is he a liberal… Trump is a business man (not a politician) and he knows HOW to game the system, the bump stock thing most likely stopped national magazine size limits, registration and even another “AWB” and any one who couldn’t see that and rushed right out and crushed/burned or turned in their “bump stocks” deserved to lose them… If you can’t defy something THAT insignificant HOW will you stand up to national registration, ban and confiscation of ALL semi-auto rifles and shotguns? (IF it comes to that)…

  6. Maybe Grandpa just says shit to get votes( votes?) .
    I’m sure theres a bunch of disappointed immigrants, I’m mean they thought theBiden was going to open the borders, open arms and mucho handouts.
    Kami is a different story.

    • I’m mean they thought theBiden was going to open the borders, open arms and mucho handouts

      Isn’t that EXACTLY what he’s done?…

      • Not really what the immigrants expected and were told. They were under the impression that they’d just walk right in, no hassles, and the government would house them in Our homes and we’d all smile and live as one big familia.
        I could stop the illegal immigrants by passing one law. ,,,any employer found with an immigrant working with no valid green card gets fined $500,000. How many would you hire valid card or not?

        • They were under the impression that they’d just walk right in,

          When “braindead” stopped construction on the fence it STOPPED, there are gaps miles wide with nothing but grass and/or sand… Just stroll in FIND a BP officer and ALL your dreams will come true… If some of the minor details were “misunderstood” no problem, the end result is the same, FREE shit, in person education while American children still sit at home, free health care, Biden/Harris dollars… WELCOME TO AMERICA…

  7. Too many of BidenHarris’s constituents are new gun owners so gun control is now a liability to the Democrats.

    I don’t think they’ll get Joe Manchin to agree to anything more than Manchin-Toomey.

    • Legislation doesn’t matter anymore. There is no scenario in which the govt. succeeds in removing 300million+ firearms from the hands of 100 million+ owners.

      • There is no scenario in which the govt. succeeds in removing 300million+ firearms from the hands of 100 million+ owners.

        And THAT good people is THAT…

      • Unfortunately there are quite a few of those scenarios that are possible.

        They’ll just come after people from a different direction, money, and people will hand them over when they see no alternative because if the .gov remotely intelligent about this there will be no alternative.

        Such is the price of living in a country that, if it hasn’t collapsed, is in the process of doing so and which cannot be rescued because a huge majority don’t see what’s going on.

        • JMO, but I think you’ve got it exactly backwards. Govt. is dependent on the people, not the other way around; although govt. works hard at convincing the people they are dependent on govt. I’ll refer you to the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence.

        • There’s what should be and then there’s what actually is. The DoI is, at this point, ink on parchment and nothing else. Ditto the BoR.

          I’m just realistic enough to recognize that government lies and most people believe those lies. And mostly, they believe the lies completely and utterly without giving a moment’s thought as to why.

          You better hope this whole “Covid Passport” thing doesn’t come to fruition. If it does, all your rights will be erased in a way that’s undeniable. Guns? ROFL. OK, fine, keep them. First we’ll hit you with fines, taxes and fees. Still resisting? Now you’re broke, homeless, unemployed, unemployable and all your bennies are canceled. Oh, and we’ll put a lien on anything else you own. Still not enough for ya? We’ll sick a mob on you using social media, audit and investigate you and your family using the IRS and FBI and harass you with local law enforcement that’s controlled with Fed funding strings and sweetheart confiscation deals until you give in, flee the country or die.

          In short, they’ll bring people to heel if they’re allowed to. Honestly, at this point, it’s about a 95% chance that they will be allowed to. The current set of situations along with Fed policy mixed with media propaganda will see to that. No need to pass laws here.

          Turnkey tyranny was installed years ago (though the tumblers have been improved in the past few years) and no one listened to those who spoke of the danger.

          And what will you do? Go to court? With what money? They’ll take everything you have and meticulously ban you from raising any new funds. And even if you did win, they’ll just pull “an MLRB” and ignore the ruling against them.

          Like it or not you’re not living in a country that “might collapse”. You’re living in one that already has. Last year essentially proves this to be the case.

        • And if that all sounds crazy, well, keep this on the QT but: all of those things are already happening.

          All they need to do is put it all into a single package and point that new weapon at you.

        • What nobody seems to understand is that all that cannot be accomplished in a day. When it becomes universally apparent that is what’s happening, certain people will begin to be shot from hiding. A much more sudden and permanent version of “cancellation”.

        • @Larry:

          I have become highly doubtful of the theory you present here. I honestly don’t think people will notice until it’s too late. By the time people realize what’s going on they will have far, far, far, larger concerns.

          Why? Because they don’t notice now. At all. In fact, the same people who claim to be against this kind of thing actively support it when it’s presented in the right manner. You can see that right here on TTAG’s comment section.

  8. The problem is when you don’t and won’t get real compliance it’s embarrassing.

    The Emperor has no clothes and we know it.

  9. The Dems’ plan is to start a bunch of new federal infrastructure and welfare programs, and then threaten to with hold funding if states don’t do anything about “gun control.” It’s the classic fed move, especially with education and infrastructure funding.

    • threaten to with hold funding if states don’t do anything about “gun control.” It’s the classic fed move

      Worked with helmet laws AND speed limits (til the money ran out) why not guns?

      • Toward the end of speed limit laws, I discovered that Texas was complying with that silliness for around $7 million a year in Fed subsidies. Are you shitting me? For something like 50 cents per citizen we can tell Unca Sugar to stuff it? And we haven’t done it yet? I guess it was not urgent since nobody obeyed the laws anyway. During that period the bride and I circled the Northwest with the cruise control set on 90 mph, without legal interference over around 10 days and 6 states.

  10. When politicians and their cheerleaders propose common sense gun laws they mean confiscation. Buybacks are only about underpaying you for something that you paid good money for. This whole issue is about power and ending the freedoms of Americans. Once the first and second amendments are gone we are nothing more than a bunch of peons.

  11. Considering the Fed warning to mortgage lenders via the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau earlier in the week one must wonder if gun control has any priority among the DC vermin for whom the priority may soon shift from getting reelected to continuing to breath in the short term.

    Realistically the most extreme of the grabbers don’t recognize the reality that the noose, while tightening rapidly, is not yet tight enough to allow for wild hammer blows.

    But then, there extreme and almost by definition not pribe to logic or rational thought.

  12. “It’s guns, guns, guns, guns.” What’s next — Marsha, Marsha, Marsha?

    “There’s no fool like an old fool.” — John Heywood (1546). I think he knew Basement Joe when they were young.

  13. Personally, I could not care any less what The New York Times thinks. Biden is not fit for the office he now holds. He never should have been part of any of this in the first place. Half this country knew that a year ago.

  14. When they enact all the gun control there is to enact, what’s left but civil war?

    It’s beginning to look like the Dems view gun grabbers as the GOP views gun owners:
    Useful idiots who will keep voting for you as long as you keep their fight alive and don’t let them win it.

  15. Shhh….don’t bother Senile Joey. His keeper helper KamalHo has sharpened his favorite Crayons and he’s working real hard to stay within the lines on his new coloring book.


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