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No permission slip, no background check, no hassle. Get a Polymer80 pistol frame kit to build your own GLOCK G19, G23 or G32 pistol, shipped directly to your door from Brownells.

In stock now for $134.99.

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  1. I REALLY wanted to do this…but…I think I missed the boat on this one.

    Buying one of those at this moment in history will surely bring you up to the top of the radar.

    Big data (CC companies) are / will be providing support to our repressive regime.

    Maybe later. Or if I can find and entire kit at LGS or show for cash.

    • I know a guy who thought the same way you do so he bought the frame, parts kit, and upper slide/barrel at the knob creek machine gun shoot and paid cash. He probably has it somewhere away from his other firearms. It was $550 pre-pandemic.

      • I made several P80s back in 2018. Paid cash in person for nearly all of them from a local supplier. Great guns. I still have one more frame still unfinished (in 80% condition). Will be a future project.

        If you can, complete a P80. You’ll enjoy it.

    • if your concerned about being tracked on this purchase then I would be more concerned about the avantlink association with the way TTAG coded the link to this item. THAT is part of how this puts people ‘on the radar’.

      • I copy and scrub ALL links prior to using them. No matter where they come from.

        I also use a ProtonMail VPN. You can use their network for free (fewer options) or pay a little per year for a lot of features and choices of where on earth your traffic is routed through. Change that server as often as you want during use. Check it out.

    • 3d print the frame.
      Files are free and material is like, ten cents for an entire lower frame.

      Even if you don’t have a printer, the entire printer setup is about $200 and then you can print all the lowers you want along with magazine bodies as well.

  2. It would have been great if it really had been “80%Arms” and not Polymer80… But thanks for the heads up!

  3. Would the feds try to track purchases of illegal full auto sears, illegal suppressors etc.

    If you’re not a felon or buying and completing 80% kits into firearms to sell the feds are not going to track purchases for 80% kits. It’s not illegal to build your own guns.

    The feds can’t be trusted but this isn’t a thing on their radar unless you’re reselling completed guns or a felon

    • You did hear about the raid on Polymer80? And, you have heard about certain banks being willing to give the Feds credit card purchase information without a warrant?

      The Feds, writ broad, might not be interested *right now*. The thing is, however, data storage is cheap and fast, and getting cheaper and faster all the time; so is computing power. The Feds might not be interested *now* but next year, the year after … whenever … the data will likely still be there for their perusal. So it’s not just from the time the interest formally starts that you need to be concerned about what you buy… it’s if you have ever done so.

      • The raid was because convicted felons were buying them. It’s never going to be a crime to make your own guns.

  4. my kids buddy just brought one of these to the range. has some battery issues (needs a nudge returning) but i think it’ll smooth out with use, maybe some stoning. good for him for playing.
    if these were a grand you couldn’t give me one.
    he also brought a decock rami, paid current exorbitant fee. i told him it’s my next someday, bad timing for him. shrugs.

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