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My brother Rooster has a real good, interesting take on like, you know, gun control. And Texas is a big right to carry state…a gun state. He brought up the samurai sword. How there’s a reverence for it. And I remember how we were brought up.

You got your toy gun and then you got your Daisy one-pump. Until you mastered that, like not turning and ever…if you turned and even though it wasn’t cocked, if it ever aimed at someone…nope. You got the gun taken away from you. You know what I mean? You had to master the Daisy gun first.

And then after years of that, you moved up to the .22. And you had to master that. And you had to make sure it was always unloaded and put back in the case. And you had a reverence for this tool. There’s a long sort of initiation, reverence, before you could move up to a larger gun.

We’ve lost a reverence for that tool. And the samurai sword is a good example cause there’s a reverence for that. There’s an initiation period to get to where you could have that. And that’s one of the places that I lie with the…that it’s too easy to get a gun sometimes. That there should be that background check.

– Matthew McConaughey on The Joe Rogan Experience


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    • Unsurprisingly, this guy sounds like most of the other movie stars and musicians who think that their celebrity status bestows great social and political insights that the rest of us need to know about. McConaughey has a talent that has brought him success but, aside from that, he remains an poorly educated noob. Telling us a little story about “Rooster” doesn’t hide the fact that he is a Fudd who is in favor of gun-control. Did he really think we wouldn’t notice?

      • Maybe he needs his make-up team, or maybe it was the camera used, but I thought we would have aged a little better.

        As for what he said, there is a nugget of truth there, however he can not follow it to its logical conclusion or Hollywood would cancel him for speaking the truth, which today is the worst thing you can say.

        • It’s the Meth they use for appetite suppression, many others in his line of work suffer from the same ailment. Watch his body language, you will spot the side effects.

        • People from Texas are so pretentious! That’s why the state is turning blue! Like they say only steers and ……. come from texas!

        • Yep, that’s why some of us around the Austin area refer to Matthew as ‘Bongo Boy’…if you need a further explanation of what this means, then I recommend a little research on Matt and his ‘naked’ encounter with the Austin PD years ago.

          Too easy to get firearms? Bah, it’s one of the most highly regulated industries in the US. Maybe he’s never filled out a 4473…

        • He would be denied a firearm if he filled out a 4473 HONESTLY. The pot use question would deny his approval.
          He saw that question, then used the form to roll a fat joint, like the loser he is! 🤪
          Trump/Pence 2020


          FBI is interview Tony B as I post this. Hahahahaha. 🤣
          Suck it 🤡s!

          Com’on man! Can’t these trolls pull my rotting corpse of a campaign across the finish line any faster? The jigs up and I need to get in the oval office to stop the investigation. -Joe Biden-

        • Perhaps you don’t revere firearms, but many people do. Take much pride in that hammer? Clean, maintain, pick up and admire that drill much? I love admiring my firearm collection, I built or modified most of them. Very personal to me. As is the ammo I hand roll to feed them.

        • Personally I do take pride in maintaining my tools. Keeping them clean, maintained and organized, stored securely. Your guns are tools, and all tools should be properly cared for and given the respect relative to their ability to cause harm.

      • I humbly disagree. I have a habit I trained myself in; each time I approach any firearm, I imagine a negligent discharge for just a moment, and set my mind to ensuring that doesn’t happen by following the safety rules. I don’t do that for any other tool. And I LOVE my firearm hobby, hand loading, all of it. I would be seriously diminished if any of it was taken from me, I also don’t want to inadvertently hurt people or things. So I perform my little ritual.

        • To be clear, I am not advocating for more imposing laws. You cannot legislate personal responsibility, respect for powerful tools, concern for others, and time honored tradition of firearm safety and competency. But don’t kid yourself, in some ways we bring this BS on ourselves, it’s why I became an NRA pistol and rifle instructor and give the training for free…

      • That’s not what Jim said. Reverence and respect are two different words. Reverence, the word used by McConaughey, implies assigning some sacred context to whatever is being discussed. Respect implies an understanding of the inherent capabilities and dangers of the firearm. I remember the first time I picked up a handgun felt similar to the first time I used a chainsaw. “Wow this is cool, but this could ALSO injure or kill if I’m not careful.”

        However to have respect for a firearm, powertools, vehicles, dangerous substances etc implies a degree of responsibility that is sadly lacking in the modern era. The now infamous “I blew my leg off” tannerite incident, the recent fire in Florida where irresponsible practices resulted in a 2 alarm fire and the loss of more than a hundred pounds of powder and 10,000 rounds of ammunition are just two incidents that were made famous on the internet, but I’ve also personally witnessed stupidity at the range that has made me pack up and leave immediately.

        All of which is to say, I understand where McConaughey is coming from. I think he chose the wrong word, but he is right that our country has failed to pass on the mentality of respect and responsibility to the next generation. The problem is not that guns are too easy to get. The problem is that the Boomers utterly FAILED GenX, and that failure has been passed on for going on 3 generations. Recognizing and acknowledging that failure is necessary. The first step to solving a problem is admitting it exists.

        • I agree with everything you said.

          However, McConaughey lost me as soon as I read that he supports background checks. Any form of BGC turns the Right into a Privilege that’s subject to the whim of someone else.

    • We haven’t lost our respect for guns…….what we have is criminals, in democrat party controlled cities, who commit gun crimes, get released from jail on bond, through democrat party judges and democrat party prosecutors, get caught again…..and released…again…..and then the democrats blame normal gun owners….and then gun supporters fall for the “we don’t respect guns,” mush from anti-gunners….the democrat party has been the source of the greatest evils our country has faced internally……from slavery to the violence in our current democrat party controlled cities. We have not lost respect for guns, we have allowed democrats to ruin too many American cities……and then allowed them to get away with blaming normal Americans…

  1. More evidence that without a script and a director to put words in his mouth and thoughts in his head (and sometimes even that doesn’t work – his Lincoln car commercials are terrible) Matthew McConaughey just isn’t very bright.

  2. Oh please. The samurai sword was a tool for repressing the commoners, who could never aspire to legally owning one … or, really, themselves.

    This person, whoever he is, needs to get over himself.

    • Finally someone tells the truth about Samurai Swords. They were used by the nobility to terrorize and subjugate the commoners. Commoners weren’t allowed to even touch them on penalty of death. Reverence?

    • Watch a video on the making of a samurai sword, and how great swords were passed down from generation to generation. Losing a sword to an enemy was a cause of great shame. The sword had great cultural, even religious significance, and was treated with great respect by those who bore them, even if those bearers did have a proclivity for slicing up the commoners.

  3. He talks like Shotgun Joe Hidin, talks and talks and talks, but yet in the end; he has said nothing of any meaningful substance. It’s has nothing to do with respect for firearms. It’s about RESPECT for HUMAN LIVES! For the 10 Trillionth time, it’s Not a Firearm Issue.

    • “nothing to do with respect for firearms. It’s about RESPECT for HUMAN LIVES!”

      That’s it in a nutshell. You don’t accidentally blow a hole in your leg because you have respect for firearms. You don’t assassinate someone because you have respect for human life.

  4. All those things used to be taught father to son. If there is not a father to teach ? Well we get a generation fatherless boys trying to be men, with bad role models .

  5. It is not alright, alright, alright in giving up one’s rights. Please define how easy to get such……

    Then again try ask how California moves the goalposts on the 2A

  6. He’s not wrong about the need to bring up children with a proper respect for a deadly tool, and the failure of many parents in that regard.

    The problem comes when you try to remedy a failure on the part of adults to properly parent their children, by infantilizing adults in general and appointing the government as a parent over them. The government is not a super-parent for adults, it’s just other adults. It includes many of the same adults who fail at parenting their own offspring.

    • Agreed, and that’s why the BLM mission is such a danger to the country. Their stated goal of dismantling the traditional family unit is the exact opposite of what needs to happen to advance minority communities.

    • DaveL,

      Excellent comment. In addition to what you said, another huge factor is the trend over the last 50 years to disparage/vilify firearm ownership. As a result, many families have rejected firearm ownership and never raised their children to properly respect firearms and firearm ownership.

      Critical Note: when I say “respect firearms”, I am referring to safe handling AND the ability to save righteous defenders from both common criminals and tyrannical governments.

    • This is by design on the left.
      Destroy the family structure and the government can step in and become the educator and disciplinarian.
      Destroy work ethic and the government can become the provider of life’s necessities, healthcare, food, housing.
      Destroy religion and the lessons on morality it teaches and the government can become the deity worshiped for direction and meaning in life.
      This is how the left means to redefine “The American Way”

      • “Destroy the family structure”

        But it was you and the other conservatives who elected Donald Trump, three time adulterer with porn stars, even as his wife is home with his newborn baby.

        Donald has sworn a sacred oath before God and man 3 times to ‘forsake all others’, and every single time he’s drug his dick through some porn star for money.

        Hypocrisy, thy name is conservative Republican.

        • Well, at least fixin to be reelected President Trump didn’t get it on with some ugly intern and a cigar in the Oval Office. In the Oval Office!! On the tax payers time! As in Bill was supposed to be working. To be fair, I understand why Slick Willie has such low standards. Imagine sleeping with you know who…Hows that for a mental picture? LOL

          The First Lady is a Super-Model for Brownings sake!!

          vs Monica?!…Get outa here 49er.

        • Homeland Security is in full blown investigative mode on the illegal money flowing DIRECTLY to slowjoe and his crooked family.
          Everyone on the email streams were told to NEVER mention slowjoe by name, always “big guy” or “chairman”. Emails from J Gilliar to everyone involved DEMANDED this. EXACTLY what the Mafia bosses used to demand while walking around in front of the Italian Social Clubs used to do while discussing THEIR illegal activities. Joe is a massive POS!
          As I said over a week ago, enjoy dragging that slowjoe\skankhoe campaign corpse across the finish line demoKKKRats.
          Trump/Pence 2020……4 more years… 4 more years… 4 more years… 4 more years.. just the Patriots now… 4 more years… 4 more years… 4 more years… 4 more years..
          now just the leashed monkeys… 4 more years… 4 more years… 4 more years… 4 more years.. now the shitheads like enuf and whiner.. 4 more years… 4 more years… 4 more years… 4 more years..
          Enjoy that sweet, SWEET TDS all you leftards

        • That crackhead hunter email where he complains to his “business partners” that if he “can’t keep his toe in other things, he will need a HELL of a lot more then $850k per year” of the illegally obtained money made me laugh. Crackhead is nothing but a worthless turd without the Biden crime family name.
          The rotten apple sure fell near the crooked old apple tree, now didn’t it!
          Trump/Pence 2020

        • Hahaha. Slowjoes brother (Jim Biden) has emails back in May of ’17 that tie skankhoe harris into this criminal cabal!
          This is tooooooo sweet.
          Trump/Pence 2020

        • Your reaction precisely illustrates the problem. You continue to look at the president as a kind of super-parent, a role model to show us how to conduct our own personal relationships, rather than a public employee charged with carrying out public policy.

        • “But it was you…”

          Always avoiding the comment at hand, and changing the subject. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Trump’s past or current marital indiscretions have no bearing on my life. His policies do.

          Were you around in the 90’s when democrats made it a point to make fun of republicans for caring about someone’s (Bill Clinton’s extramarital) sex life? I recall Michael Moore making a video about it. I didn’t personally care that much about the affair at the time, other than it was embarrassing for the country. I feel like without that scandal, Gore would have won (Gore thinks so too). Clinton wasn’t used much in Gore’s campaign because he was an embarrassment, more because of perjury than the affair.

        • Miner, you are a lying moron. Just like you, if I had $10 billion, I would maintain a fully stocked harem on each continent, anybody didn’t like it could kiss my ass. Let’s see you deny it.

        • “Miner, you are a lying moron”
          Yeah, whiner proves that fact with every post.
          Trump/Pence 2020

    • You saved me from making the same point. I don’t revere guns; but I revere the right to own them.

      Although I respect my guns more than my other tools: my splitting maul is useful and I want to take care of it and learn to use it well, but it’s not going to save my family from burglars or my business from arsonists or my country from tyrants. I

  7. I’d argue that many Americans have lost their “reverence” (or better put: RESPECT) for just about everything civil, and in general it can all be traced back to the Left at some point. Respect for the family which dates back before Abraham (not Lincoln for the soiboys), respect for each other, respect for positions of authority, for common decency, for natural law, for the laws of Nature, respect for the rights and opinions of others, respect for real, actual experience, respect for just about anything that has kept the human animal progressing towards a better future than that of their parents.

    LBJ’s “Great Society”, Sam Donaldson’s shouting at Reagan over the helicopter blades, the new woke media that completely ignores facts in order to shove an anti-American agenda down the throats of the citizens of the greatest, most advanced culture that ever lived on the Earth all come to mind without having to pause to think.

    On the other hand, guns have not really changed. Point one at something, squeeze or pull the trigger and it’ll likely destroy what ever is in the way. That doesn’t, and never did matter how easy or difficult it was to “get” one. Inanimate objects have never been a problem… It’s the people, STUPID.

      • Another hard hitting, necessary and relevant post by the unequaled ‘I Haz A Question’. Time and time again his willingness to contribute his peerless wisdom to his fellow POTGs demonstrates that not all heroes wear capes. We are all truly blessed and should be appropriately deferential. Such greatness!

        All Hail.

    • I have to laugh how the trolls attempt to “pivot” attention toward their attacks when statements are posted that do not contain THEIR leftarded views.
      It’s the online equivalency of a bullhorn in the face of a Conservative speaker at a college campus.
      This is the childish behavior that the “higher education” and public school system have encouraged in the last few decades.
      I guess HS debate classes allow bullhorns now, and pulling a fire alarm while your adversary is speaking is an automatic win in the discussion.
      Trump/Pence 2020
      Enjoy that SWEET TDS demoKKKRats! Bidens for prison

        • ESAD troll, I don’t do requests.
          Just ask your mom.
          Trump/Pence 2020
          No reply on the gun running turd?
          Such a lame and pathetic leashed monkey.
          Enjoy that sweet TDS loser!

      • Com’on man! Can’t these trolls pull my rotting corpse of a campaign across the finish line any faster? The jigs up and I need to get in the oval office to stop the investigation. -Joe Biden-

  8. The only person who’s opinion about guns and gun policy is less relevant is illegal gun runner and current group home resident James Campbell.

    • Thanks for saving my spot little hype troll.
      Guns are tools, just like this pathetic shape-shifting hype troll, whos job is saving spots for me in TTAG comment sections.
      Tools should always be treated with respect, with the exception of little TTAG trolls, just step on them like the roaches they are and move along. Oh, and don’t forget to treat their mom like the whore she is.
      Thanks again for saving my spot donkey-boy!🤣
      Trump/Pence 2020

      • Baaaahahahaha. Keep dancing for me, you 🤡 and half wit!

        Be careful or you’re going to lose your group home floor privileges due to your abuse of the internet.

        • Com’on man! Can’t these trolls pull my rotting corpse of a campaign across the finish line any faster? The jigs up and I need to get in the oval office to stop the investigation. -Joe Biden-

      • No need to reply JWM. All my firearms have been obtained, sold, or gifted following ALL applicable laws.
        They like to make illegal claims HOPING they’re directing them toward someone who has done something illegal.
        Did you see what I did to these idiots a year ago? Provided EVERY detail of the Steyr AUG deal that was purchased off GB for my son.
        They are little flyspecks, nothing more.
        Just do this..
        Trump/Pence 2020

        • Tell everyone how you purposely or negligently took a gun (AMT if memory serves) into Glove Life Stadium in 2015. No rush, please wait until the proper group home computer hours.

          Trump/Pence 2020

      • Never denied that an AMT backup made it thru a metal detector idiot. Shortly after I began carrying a backup, it was overlooked before entering Globe (not Glove, retard) Life Park.
        Had it been detected at security, I would have been instructed firearms are not allowed. It would have placed it in my vehicle and I would have been allowed entry.
        I actually stopped and spoke with an on duty APD officer about this incident (I was at the Center Field Office Park, it’s part of the old ballpark), he informed me I was correct in my understanding of Texas firearm laws.
        So, no illegal gun running charge if a metal detector fails, only an escort off premises IF the firearm is discovered in the “gun free” zone. Gotta love Texas turdus4life.
        Trump/Pence 2020

      • “‘Illegal gun runner’. So, chewie, you support gun control?”
        I guess little chewie has me confused with the players in the FnF debacle JWM.
        That “illegal gun running” got US agents killed, and provided Barrett 50 BMG sniper rifles to the mexican drug dealers on the US/Mexico border. Those “illegal guns” are still in use to this day.
        Sorry lil’ league chew, I’m not Obama, Biden, OR Holder.
        Troll on troll.
        TRUMP PENCE 2020……slowjoe\skankhoe for more “illegal gun running” to the Mexico drug cartels.
        One cartel helping another cartel, the Biden vision for his AmeriKKKa! Slowjoe is a TRUE demoKKKRat

        • Keep feeding me, 🚩 Cames. It’s awesome to have my own leashed 🐒 that will dance, dance, dance to my tune! You’re performing for an audience of one, and I find your performance pathetic.

          Trump/Pence 2020

        • Com’on man! Can’t these trolls pull my rotting corpse of a campaign across the finish line any faster? The jigs up and I need to get in the oval office to stop the investigation. -Joe Biden-

  9. Anyone who thinks there is a reverence for the samurai sword has never been to a flea market. Idiot after idiot line up to buy all manner of cheap, pot metal, samurai sword knock offs. Millions of Saturday night samurai swords are in private homes all across the country.

  10. Hey hot shot, what on earth makes you believe you speak for anyone but yourself!? Just like all the rest, people keep telling em they’re SPECIAL, they actually believe it!

  11. I believe there should be a $200 voting license every 4 years, where people take an test, get fingerprinted, and submit to a background check, m’kay?

      • And only “common sense” votes for smaller, locals elections because “standard” votes for larger, higher offices affect more people. Unless you work for the State such as law enforcement, in which case you can vote for those larger offices because reasons.

        It’s all for the children.

    • You only have to wait if you buy them with government approval otherwise picking up a firearm and many times slightly used is as simple as knowing the who and how much. Of course it may burn your fingers, but if SHTF in a few days that will be the least of concerns. Just Sayin.

  12. Celebrities should just STFU. In the heyday of the Samurai sword, only nobles used them because of the extensive training needed to wield them effectively. Guns give everyone a means to defend themselves against criminals and anyone else who would take their freedom away.

    Without guns, there is no freedom.

  13. Leftist doublespeak:

    “We’ve lost our reverence for guns”
    “…and that’s why the government should regulate our right to own them”

  14. I do not care about the McConaughey outhouse opinion while the media is falling on swords for the sleazebag bidens. We have bigger fish that deserve to fry and talking about the opinion of a clown when the country is at stake is not helping.

  15. Matty boy needs to lay off the drugs, booze and whatever he’s doing because he looks like shit. Heck, he’s becoming an old woman!

      • Com’on man! Can’t these trolls pull my rotting corpse of a campaign across the finish line any faster? The jigs up and I need to get in the oval office to stop the investigation. -Joe Biden-

    • “I’ve certainly lost whatever respect I may have had for hollywood.”
      Same here JWM.
      MM looks like the old woman in the Mandy P vid a few days ago, but with a wig.
      Must be something in the leftards cool-aid!
      Trump/Pence 2020
      Dance little chew, I command you. 🐵

  16. I understand the sentiment. It was worded a bit different when I heard it; actually, read it. As fictional as it can be, Jurassic Park (the book) had great bits. There’s a discussion about genetics and cloning, and Ian Malcolm starts spouting off that genetic engineering is an awesome power, and since Hammond basically bought the genetic engineering field, he doesn’t accept the responsibility for the result of what comes next.

    A person who trains in martial arts gets to a point where they have the power to seriously injure or kill an aggressor. But in learning to do so, they have learned to manage their anger, control, etc., so they don’t have to use that power. They can use other techniques and methods to avoid violence.

    A racecar driver builds their skills by moving through different classes of cars, they don’t just one day jump behind the wheel of an F1 car or NASCAR car. They also don’t drive like maniacs on the freeway.

    It’s about discipline (not the punishment kind).

    And when some emotionally-defunct adult can’t control their anger problems, or sense of inadequacy, they can walk to the local gun store, purchase “power” in the form of whatever handgun they can afford, and exact revenge, retribution, or whatever they feel would justify them in exercising that power. And they’ve not taken the time to learn how to discipline themselves with that power, and therefore, take no responsibility for what they’ve done.

    Hypothesis: Homicides where a firearm is used, the aggressor likely owned firearms for a few years (new to firearms), rarely practiced with firearms (in the nightstand for “self-defense”), or didn’t have the right to legally possess a firearm (criminal and/or illegally obtained firearm).

    I think it would be interesting to know how many long-time firearm owners and/or those who go to the range 4+ times a year (for example) end up being a killer. And then, slightly moving the goalposts, how many of those are on a pharmaceutical merry-go-round.

    • silly, that. i know many martial arts trained individuals who actively seek confrontation. and most of them received the training for that purpose. a bouncer has no end of drunk frat boys to womp on.
      and don’t get me started on the driving habits of competitive racers. almost all of the bikey, sports car and rally competitors i know drive like maniacs on the public thoroughfare.
      nice fantasy though.
      disciplines are available to all personalities.

    • Not much of a firearm selection where MM residents in Texas.
      Collectors across Texas have relocated a significant amount of quality collectable firearms out of there.
      I’ve seen some of the best firearm deals in the Austin and Houston area, and done the round trip drive to grab several.
      Trump/Pence 2020

  17. “that it’s too easy to get a gun”.

    Translation: “Black people can get guns.”

    From Jim Crow to Bloomberg, racism has been a core motivation for racially invidious gun controls.

  18. I don’t look at guns as toys to play with but then I’m not a Hollywood guy who plays with toy guns on film.

    It’s probably easy to have views like his when you live in secure gated communities and enjoy armed security.

  19. Matt, looks like makeup is your friend. Next time…

    Another moron projecting upon the masses. Its a tool, that demands proper use, and nothing more.

  20. he is right they are too easy to get…and will get even easier..for criminals…new prison reforms and so called Criminal justice reform are turning Burglars and thugs a loose every day…Better trained and more aggressive burglars and thugs…all for the black and latino votes…

  21. Reverence…..hmmm.

    The Samurai were a warrior class that worked for powerful warlords and their families.

    Samurai were allowed to carry weapons whereas commoners were forbidden.

    This led to the development of martial arts implementing common tools as weapons.

    So the Samurai were the Japanese equivalent of Jim crow.

    So he is implying we should be afraid of guns and understand that commoners shouldn’t have them or be able to wield them.

    Piss on him!

    I remember reading about some Samurai rolling into China and taunting the Mongols to come fight one on one.

    The Mongols watched the preening for a while and then unleashed their bows and killed the Samurai. I guess the revered the Samurai sword and chose an appropriate response.

  22. Books are too easy to get. There’s no reverence for them anymore. What if some easily-influenced kid gets his hands on Mein Kampf(y chair)? /s

    I agree that the reference for the potential danger of firearms should be there, but so should it with operating a 4,000lb metal wagon at 75mph, or buying household cleaning chemicals.

    It’s called being an adult, Matthew. If someone was raised to treat everything as a trivial joke, blame the parents.

    True adults realize that there’s a lot of serious shit in the word that we have to treat with caution and/or reverence. There are a lot of stupid adults out there, but how about we bring personal accountability back into fashion?

    Restricting a person’s rights via making something “harder to get” or do, is some seriously myopic gradeschool bullshit. Wake up, you’ve been playing pretend in front of a camera for a stupidly huge paycheck for far too long. A nanny state always becomes a police state and then a tyrannical state. Always.

    • I think more have died as a consequence of others reading “Das Kapital” and deciding is a blueprint for a planned political economy that every must want to follow, at least the live ones.

  23. Then teach them in schools. Unlike everything else about the corrupt Federal government school system, that would actually be within constitutional bounds since Congress is explicitly given power to “To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;”

    • Exactly!!!!! There are too many people that watch B movies and believe what they are seeing as real. They play video games and the monsters/bad guys/good guys just get another chance to come back into the fight. Even if one person in 5000 believes this BS, that is one person too many. Teach them in school what it means to clean your kill, to see the damage to the animal(so you can bring home meat for your family). Teach them to clean a fish. Take the blinders off and give them a dose of reality at 10 years old. Serve them fried chicken with the bones still in the food. Too many kids have been raised on chicken nuggets, fish sticks and the like.
      Teach what a gun can do to a person or animal, teach gun safety, teach them to shoot and clean the gun after they use it. It will become just another chore, tool upkeep, and it will take the mystery out of having a gun.
      Just because a person doesn’t like Trump, does not mean he is pro Biden. Many will hold their nose while voting for Trump. Others will not vote or will vote 3rd party because they feel they have no choice.

  24. I’ve lost my Reverence for Lincoln’s,
    such a wise man I mean he sits in the back of a lincoln SUV ICE FISHING and catches a fish, Awesome just Awesome..

  25. OK, Matthew M. is a buffoon. Not a smart man. I don’t agree with him on anything.

    He’s a decent actor – personally, I don’t take political advice from people who are paid to “emote” words other people write.

    But he DOES have a point – the first time I handled a gun (a little single-shot, bolt action J.C. Higgins .22), my Dad and I were out for over an hour . . . and didn’t fire a shot. I learned to hold the rifle, clean the rifle, aim the rifle. I learned what NOT to point it at, when to put my finger on the trigger, etc.

    Fortunately, we had Saint Jeff Cooper to show us “the way”. Some of us learned it. I recently had to leave the range I most often go to . . . because the two idjits in the next lane repeatedly “swept” me. I told the range master, who did nothing, so I left. I don’t want the “gummint” being in charge, but . . . truthfully, if you have friends who are firearm “noobs”, PLEASE make sure they get decent training.

  26. Hollywood has done more damage to society than guns have. A few hours with the right people and he’d be on board. This guy is around hollywood types most his life, it’s a miracle he isn’t more lost in the anti gun nonsense then he is already.

      • Hahahaha, spoken by a shape shifting, anonomous, leashed monkey troll, paid by bloombucks, and shilling for the leftards.
        Sorry, not sorry loser. Non-trolls consider the source here on TTAG.
        Trump/Pence 2020
        Now help drag that biden campaign corpse across the finish line little monkey, just like the demoKKKRatic slave masters demand of you.

      • Com’on man! Can’t these trolls pull my rotting corpse of a campaign across the finish line any faster? The jigs up and I need to get in the oval office to stop the investigation. -Joe Biden-

  27. My wife’s gonna throw him on the shit pile after she reads this, not to mention look at the photo of him!!!!! Just another out of touch, pampered, untouchable who thinks that somehow leading the pussified life they led, gives them insight to the lives of normal people. Ridiculous pomposity from a narcissistic Hellyweird Jerk Off. Anyone who gets their advise from a vapid douchebag that never worked a day in their life deserves what they get. Moral righteousness coming from this guy????….yeah right!!!

  28. There is some truth to what he is saying. How many of us were taught by fathers or uncles who looked us in the eye and said, “Boy, that’s not a toy?” We received more than training. We received a legacy.

    Feral zoolanders who lack fathers or extended family didn’t get this.

  29. Got security 24/7 mat? Mine is +P! You don’t live in the real world anymore. Hollystoog! Still have to pass a background check last time I checked! Criminals don’t like filling out atf forms bro! You look like 💩!

    • It’s impressive how high hollywood can stack shit. 😆
      Trump/Pence 2020
      Dance for the bloombucks leashed monkeys, I command you!

  30. Just watched THE GENTLEMAN the other night featuring Mr Dazed and Confused. I like the actor but the activist can KMA. Coming down on the side of gun control when THE GENTLEMAN is full of GUN VIOLENCE because…like sex, it sells. Hypocrite.

  31. Very few actors have any common sense, let alone any knowledge beyond how to pretend. Why in the world would anybody be interested in anything that any of them have to say about anything? I had a roommate in college who read People magazine religiously, because he was fascinated with the “stars” and all their fluff. Pfft. With a very few exceptions, they are a bunch of shallow, vapid, painted balloons. But other than that, I really don’t have an opinion on the topic.

  32. Well, his examples were right but his solution is wrong. If you read his entire comment there was the underlying point that people in his generation were taught to use and respect guns. Guns were not vilified. These days a kid can get a cop called to his house if someone sees airsoft guns in his room during a Zoom session. Where is the education? Maybe instead of teaching kids to fear guns they should be taught that this is a tool; dangerous if misused but a tool nonetheless. Complaining about the nonsensical ease to acquire or the mistaken assumption of no background checks is not the solution but just the propaganda talking point of those whose only objective is to take our second amendment rights away from us.



    • MatTOOL McConaughey.
      Alright, alright, alright……..has a nice flow to it.
      Dance leashed monkey, I command you. Drop that biden campaign corpse and dance!
      Trump/Trump 2020…….the POTUS so nice, I said it twice.

      • Do you choke on Trump’s manhood when you fellate him, or have you perfected the ‘open throat’ method? I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of practice in the closets of your underfunded group home.

        Trump/Pence 2020

  34. If society in general, has lost its reverence for guns, what percentage of that attitude shift is Hollywood responsible for? 50% 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% or more? The fact is, a very small percentage of legally obtained firearms are used in crimes. The overwhelming majority of guns used in crimes, were obtained through illegal means, which shows the Lie about how background checks work to reduce gun crime.

    Matt, you’re supposed to sip the Liberal Kool Aid, not snort it. You lose the ability to critically think when you snort it dude.

  35. The projection is real. One minute anyone carrying a gun is worshipping it as an idol, the next minute they’re SUPPOSED to give it ‘reverence.’

    it’s a tool. Just like actors.

    although I do think it’s a good idea to start kids with a bb gun, then pellet gun, then .22lr and so on. Probably just because that’s how I went.

  36. Meh. If you want to have an idea of how we got where we currently are (in more ways than I really care to think about) this is a far better JRE: Jorden Peterson and Bret Weinstein on the evolutionary and brain systems we’ve intentionally screwed with for short term benefit and at long term expense. From 2017 and they basically called 2020 from the pandemic response, based on our responses to disease overall, to the politics being based on misuse of a bunch of systems designed to keep us alive.

    This is why we’re dancing on the edge of a knife in so many ways. And also why we cannot stop, probably until we kill a shitload of each other.

  37. I like how he goes about (correctly) deducing and explaining that respect for dangerous tools, proper safety, and solid personal values about these items is a responsibility belonging in the home and to parents/family. Then, he promptly veers from this conclusion to the subsequent conclusion that state intervention and background checks are the answer. Bruh.

  38. When I was in Jr. High I joined a Jr. NRA Rifle Team at the Y. The coaches were off duty L.A. County Deputies who lived about two blocks away from me with their families – whose kids I grew up with, too. Even before that I knew how to fire a rifle – my dad’s .30-06 H&R bolt action that was “sporterized”, so that made it possible to handle at my age and size. It was still like shooting a cannon to me, though.

    We also had pistols of assorted calibers and a couple of shotguns (Winchester Defenders) in the house and most were loaded and strategically placed in case of robbery. Though a robbery of that sort in our neighborhood would have been highly unlikely, still, we all knew the rules and respected the weapons by not playing with them. In fact, I can’t think of a time when I haven’t had at least one gun around in the house.

    On the team we started with Daisy target BB rifles and gradually worked up to levels in competition with pellet and then .22 rifles. In fact, at the YMCA we went to in Pasadena had BB rifles you could check out and use under supervision at a little range in the back. By the time I had mastered all those levels if I hadn’t already known how to handle a rifle and respect the weapon, I would have had it down cold. I had a shelf full of trophies and ribbons to show for it, too.

    Fast forward to today and I imagine if some 12 year old kid was diddy bopping down the residential street with a rifle case somebody would call in an air strike on him. California was different place back in the ’70’s. We need to keep up the traditions of good weapons handling and safety to our kids, and encourage them to do the same to theirs.


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