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In a video of the attempted armed robbery of a McAllen, Texas mall jewelry store, the seven suspects were captured by three armed people. One of them, in a uniform, is said to be a police officer working mall security. Another, in a red shirt, is reported to be a citizen with a Texas license to carry. The third, showing a badge in his left hand, appears to be another police officer.

According to, the red-shirted man was a plain clothes police officer.

A plain clothes police officer then arrived (in red) and cornered the thieves in the store. …

Two plain clothes officers followed with their own weapons. The thieves retreated at the sight of them and backed further into the store, out of view.

Maybe our British friends can’t conceive of a armed citizen coming to the aid of police officers in a dangerous situation.

Fox says armed citizen with a carry permit. The Daily Mail says plain clothes cop. Which is correct?

You can’t tell from the video, but he does use good tactics. If anyone has information as to which news item is correct, we would like to know.

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  1. Got to be honest. Two of those good guys would have been killed if that one Mexican was willing to pull the trigger. Luckily those guys weren’t some cartel types.

  2. Wonder if the caption is true…are they all illegals?
    we have enough home-grown thugs and criminals without importing them
    I want ALL illegals gone…regardless of country of origin…but it will never happen
    until/unless we turn into a real 3rd world sh*thole

    • All noncitizens – GO HOME and fix YOUR cesspool. If you have been allowed in the US then you have seen what you need to do. And you’re welcome now git.

    • McAllen is a US/Mexico border town. Mexicans pass back and forth every day and the majority of the people are Hispanic. It’s pretty much impossible to tell a US citizen from a Mexican citizen without stopping them and asking for ID.

    • Have you been to McAllen Tx? You pretty much need to learn Spanish to live there. Pretty good odds they were illegal.

  3. so what now? do they get shipped back in the hopes they don’t return? or do they go to prison on the taxpayer dime? I certainly don’t want to pick up the tab for these thugs, but I don’t want to risk them returning and causing more damage.

  4. I’m going to go with armed citizen versus a plain-clothes cop, simply because the jack-offs in the lamestream “news” media can’t be trusted to tell you if they sky is blue.

  5. The guy in the back is either a narc or just wasn’t willing to pull the trigger. He had that cop dead to rights.
    You don’t get seven guys over and working together without cartel help, so I’m guessing that dude doesn’t make it to trial. And the world will be no poorer for it.

    • He would probably have killed the cop if the guy in the red shirt hadn’t shown up. You can see him getting ready to creep up behind, then he retreats back behind the counter when he sees the red-shirted guy in the doorway.

      • Ing,

        You might be right. I had the same thought.

        Having said that, I reviewed that short part of the video several times and I am not convinced that the bandito could actually see Mr. Red Shirt until Mr. Red Shirt really pokes into the store roughly 5 seconds after he first appeared. It looks like something else out in the mall caused the bandito to back up one step before he actually realized that Mr. Red Shirt was in the doorway and armed.

        I change my mind. I reviewed the video again and I am pretty confident now that the bandito did see Mr. Red Shirt right away and backed up in response.

      • Ya, I agree. Looks like in the heat of the moment, the cop didn’t realize that he was in fact part of it.

        • Tunnel vision.
          The uniformed guy never looked to his right when he ran in, putting a man who appeared willing to murder him right behind him. He was too busy dealing with the six crooks in front of him to ever think there might be 7 crooks.

          I think the would be assassin either caught movement in his peripheral vision or heard redshirt yell at him to drop it.

  6. In two or three months from now it will be reveled that the robbers were all illegal aliens.

    • News Flash!! Click the link to CBS News and it will be revealed to you now, as in today that they are all illegal aliens.

  7. who gives a damn? all identifying them will do is give some jack-ass district attorney a platform to make a name for himself by crucifying a good guy.. take these mexican banditos out back and shoot them .they are not worth the millions of dollars to house them for fifty years .

  8. 7 Illegals Charged In Jewelry Store Heist

    It warms my heart to know that there is at least one news outlet in this country which still calls illegal aliens “illegals”.

    (unless, of course, they’ve fired the captioner who did that)

  9. Didn’t y’all get the memo? Off duty police, security guards and soldiers in civilian clothes don’t count as defensive gun use for civilians because they have formal firearms training.
    Any civilian off the street that carries a gun for self defense to stop a criminal is a vigilante (sic) with James Yeager wet dream fantacys of being Rambo.

  10. I’m glad they won no matter who they were. Armchair all ya want they were there and you weren’t

  11. It’s a good thing the guy up front wasn’t bent on shooting. He was right behind the officer in uniform who seemed unaware.

  12. Doubt it was an armed citizen. Having a gun out in front of officers, even if your a good guy, is a good way to get perforated by bullets. That is, if by chance they hit you, while emptying the mag as fast as possible.

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