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Jeff from Rhode Island writes: “I tried to keep it light in the summertime but still carry enough Firepower to protect my family. Obviously having a knife is a must the Spyderco tenacious is a really great Everyday Use knife. I keep my music on my gear fit for when I go running. And I find myself using a flashlight a surprising amount. Overall I have just what I would consider the essentials on me.”

EDC everyday carry pocket dump CCW

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    • I just realized something. I often follow the link to to read more about items shown with the handgun and on occasion I go directly to to read other postings. I just noticed that EDC doesn’t show posts that include firearms on their home page. You have to go hunting for guns to find them. Don’t know if that is because they tend to feature items that link to a seller; which is a good business model or perhaps they don’t want too many casual observers get uppity if they run across people that consider a good sidearm an EDC essential. A pro 2A presence difficult.

  1. Note to Jeff: If you ever use a firearm to defend yourself in Rhode Island, the state will sue you out of existence. I recommend packing up the family & moving far away.

    • Eh he’s good to go. A couple range sessions and the firing pin will be broken on that sig anyways.

      • PRAY TELL what option is better suited to Jeff than his P365?

        Responses like “anything that’s not a P365” are invalid. Referencing outdated and obscure forum chatter will be taken for a grain of salt. Please be specific & detailed with your reply. Sourcing counts as extra points.

        Jeff REALLY needs to hear your valuable opinion on his personal choice.

        (I have my FNH M249s as my primary and a Glock 17L as my backup, so no BS flaming about me being a SIG fanboy as a reply either)

  2. Sig 365. Interesting choice.
    I carry a Sig 938 and am pleased with it, but need more capacity for target shooting at the range.
    I do not have any plastic striker fired gun.
    I want a Sig 365.
    Even if some have had problems

  3. Everyone should have at least a light weight S&W J-Frame (Airweight).

    I routinely slip this 442 38 sp, with its “Clip Grip” inside the waistband of my Sweat Pants (or pajamas) while taking the garbage can out to the curb after the late news, for tomorrow’s morning pick up.

    No complicated Gat or Holster needed, but at least I’m armed.

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