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“These organized interest groups don’t want anything done [on gun control] because it’s a big source of their money and support to terrify people living out there in the country,” Bill Clinton told the MSNBC’s Morning Joe [via]. “They want to make them think there’s this big conspiratorial federal government trying to take all their guns away.” Wow. Where do I start? How about this: Clinton’s “he who must not be named” non-reference to the NRA. Why wouldn’t Clinton just come out and say it? . . .

Bill Clinton is a demagogue. Like many Democratic leaders (including our current president) “the man from Hope” fancies himself a “man of the people.” More specifically, “the little people.” Still more specifically, people too stupid to figure shit out for themselves. Or so stupid they let themselves be mislead by the competition (i.e. other demagogues).

In this excerpt, Bill plays the country bumpkin card. The reason gun control has failed is that “the people living out there in the country” are kind-hearted idiots, manipulated by evil “organized interest groups” motivated solely by self-interest. Money and power.

By not specifically attacking the NRA, Clinton condemns all conservatives: the NRA, the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, etc. The ex-prez is selling the idea that all Constitutionalists feed on fear—and nothing else. If’n them there people in flyover land could see how things really are (like, say, a Yale Law School graduate can) they’d lose their fear and march blindly hand-in-hand towards the Progressive (a.k.a., liberal) vision of big government utopia.

Bill knows that millions of Americans recoil from that vision. Hence his sum of all their fears: a “big conspiratorial federal government trying to take all their guns away.” Notice Clinton’s used the words “big” and “conspiratorial” together. Just so. But populist that he is, Clinton believes that his own personal assurance, expressed in a mocking tone, is enough to dispel the general public’s [increasingly justifiable] fears of a fascist federal state.

It isn’t. Thank God.

By any rational measure, Bill Clinton is a liar and a hypocrite who uses weasel words to mislead listeners and avoid accountability. For example, Clinton derides the idea that Uncle Sam wants to take “all” of Americans’ guns away. Lest we forget, this is the ex-president who signed a ten-year ban on the manufacturer and sale of “assault weapons.”

Sure, technically Clinton’s AWB didn’t “take guns away” from people. It stopped them from being able to buy new versions of certain rifles. Not “all” guns. Just “assault rifles.” But no matter how you slice it, Clinton’s Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act was gun control red in tooth and claw, and American gun owners knew it.

Ah yes, American gun owners. Even though Clinton signed the AWB, he saw what happened to the Democrats in the aftermath of his gun grab. He knows the value of seeming to support the Second Amendment while working to undermine it. And he’s down with the “divide and conquer” strategy deployed by the Democratic civilian disarmament industry. And so . . .

He disagreed with the idea that people were not generally in favor of gun control . . .

As an example of support for some gun laws, Clinton recounted the story of a friend from the Arkansas Ozarks.

“He had a good friend who lived in the mountains who had 100 guns. He said the guy owns 100 guns and wishes he owned 100 more, and he strongly supports universal background checks,” Clinton said. “He can’t figure out why it’s OK under the Second Amendment to do a background check if somebody buys a gun at a gun store and not OK if they buy it online or at a gun show.”

Right. A friend of a friend of Clinton’s has 100 guns and wants background checks at gun shows. I’m not buying that for a second—in the same sense I’m not buying the idea that expanding federal background checks will do anything more than insert the federal government even more deeply into the private lives—and fundamental rights—of Americans.

As this quote from Bill Clinton illustrates, gun grabbers want to convince Americans that they are appealing to Americans’ better nature, while conservatives/constitutionalists are profiteers pandering to paranoia. The really scary part is that they believe it.

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    • “Trust me…” and, “it depends on what your deninition of ‘is’ is.” are the two most memorable phrases that come to mind whenever Clinton’s name comes up…on any topic.

      If ever there was a snake oil salesman, Clinton is your guy.

      • Ditto. Not that I cared whether or not the Prez got a BJ, but that “definition of is, is” BS was part of my political awakening. I thought to myself, WTF, if the Prez can pull this off, under open public scrutiny, then no politician can ever be trusted – even the ones I’m for, because public office is a universally corrupting and compromising position to be in. Thanks, Bill.

        • According to Clinton, oral sex is not a sexual relationship.

          Sure, like Jerry Sandusky did nothing wrong with those boys in the shower at Penn State. That’s why Joe Paterno was silent.

          Oh, but Clinton sent the FBI and BATFE against the Koresh crowd based on ALLEGATIONS of child abuse. We know how that turned out.

    • OMG. You are SO right. Bill the Eternal Dissembler, with a Baphomet-given right to re-invent realty, as long as it suits him.

      HAD IT UP TO EFFING HERE, Bill. And a million Serbs echo the sentiment, you TURD.

  1. What is “Is”? Difi, slow joe, kapo bloomberg, boxer and potus. These people all work for the government and they all want to take our guns away. So it;s not a conspiracy if it’s true.

    • “expand the death penalty, thats how we will protect america.”

      well he got one thing right at least.

    • It’s a conspiracy . The news is in, and tons extra-terrestrial similar assholes echo the call. DIG: if they’re NOT an alien invasive fifth column, it doesn’t even matter, because they act as if they are one:

  2. Living OUT THERE in the country.

    The assumption being that anyone living away from the capital is just a mindless dope who is merely victimized and manipulated into believing in the RKBA. Waddaya know! A person with the name “Clinton” acting like a pretentious prick. Situation normal.

    • Good for you. We WILL prevail; all you need do is believe they want to steal our heritage by making resistance impossible. RESISTANCE IS VICTORY – WWII European partisans knew it, and we must believe it also.

  3. It’s interesting how Bill and now Obama likes to project their own misdeeds on their opposition. Must be harder to call someone out on something if they called you out first.

  4. Wow. You feel about Bill Clinton the way I feel about our current president. The fact is that many of the new laws have – as their punishments – provisions which would prohibit firearm ownership for life.

    Terrorist watch list: No guns for you. No appeals process, either.
    Caught with a ten round mag in NY that is 80% full?: You’re a felon. No guns for you.
    “Addicted to weed?”: No guns for you.
    Caught with an 11 round mag in CA?: No more guns for you.
    Applying for a CCW permit in LA?: No guns for you* (*unless you give generously to Sheriff Baca)
    School Zone?: No guns for you (with a few exceptions).
    Mentally disqualified under the “Affordable” Health Care Act?: No guns for you.
    Syrian rebel?: Free guns from the US government.

    I see a whole lot of expansions on restrictions and penalties, while government continues to expand and snoop. Small cities are doing their best to control whole states. IRS police, NSA, FBI, DEA, Border Patrol, Secret Service, CIA, DHS and Syrian rebels all can have AR’s with standard capacity mags John Q. Public cannot be trusted. I think it’s safe to say that these events would make a reasonable person angry.

    • YOU DA MAN, Accu. I’m with you all the way. I am SICK of these little despots. “Better world”, MY ASS. They want nothing more than obedience and kowtowing; maybe their early years lacked love. It’s not my problem.

      Wait. I guess it IS my problem. And yours, too.

    • Paisan, not only does the Obama regime want to provide military aid to the Syrian “rebels”, but it also wants to resettle millions of Syrian refugees in the U.S.

      The opposition to the Assad regime are hardly ‘democratic” types – indeed, many of the people gunned down danced and celebrated in Syria, after 9-11-2001. For them, I have NO PITY whatsoever. I feel sorry more for the rats and camels and other four-legged fauna that live in Syria.

      This country has a learning disability when it comes to supporting factions in Middle East strife. Reagan arming the Taliban in Afghanistan got the ball rolling into what later became 9-11-2001.

      • Paisan, not only does the Obama regime want to provide military aid to the Syrian “rebels”, but it also wants to resettle millions of Syrian refugees in the U.S.

        Which is why Obama has said America will be a muslim nation by the end of his second term. He is bringing the holy war to our front door and he knows American’s will not do a thing about it. We have to be tolerant and accepting of their culture and holy war. That’s why students in Michigan not only can pray in public school, they get to leave class to do it. Any other religion that wants this type of tolerance will get struck down and sued by the ACLU.

  5. When it comes to the 2nd Amendment, I am a Constitutionalist. I will not allow the 10s of thousands of Americans who died protecting the Constitution to have died in vain.

  6. It wasn’t just the AWB. He also crammed a deal down Smith & Wesson’s throat and strong-armed Ruger. It wasn’t until S&W changed hands and Clinton was gone that it was able to tell the Feds to shove the deal up their collective @ss. Clinton also signed the Brady Bill and killed every child he could at Ruby Ridge and Waco while banning the importation of many so-called assault weapons so we’d be safe.

    The guy was a major statist pr1ck and one of the biggest scvmbags who ever lived, but I’m a forgiving man. So here’s the deal: I won’t bug Slick Willy about boinking every ugly and fat chick he he could get his sweaty hands on, and all he has to do is keep those sweaty hands off my guns.

    If that’s not fair enough for Dollar Bill, how ’bout this: FOAD you b@stard.

    • Ralph, you really need to learn how to speak (write?) whats on your mind. You know, get it off your chest. This ambiguous stuff is just too confusing…
      BTW, +1.

      • Mike, I’m a paragon of moderation. 🙂

        “Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.”

        I dare.

        • Ralph, Clinton tried to strong-arm Ruger, but they didn’t knuckle under, unlike S &W. Many gun-owners boycotted S & W and went over to Ruger.

    • Wow I feel a whole lot of cathartic release here. Is this fun owners anonymous?
      The reality is they pay lip device while most if not all, DiFi, Pelosi, some idiot in NJ on an open mic, et al say confiscation and across the board ban. It is audio and video. You can’t deny it. So these pigs out on lip stick and try to dance a jig, all the whole telling is it’s ok. Just like the IRS, and NSA garbage.
      Please tell me where the ride ends because I wanna get off this nightmare!
      Aaahhh I feel so much better now.

    • I’m never going to forget watching that “national guard” tank, flying the Alabama flag, the symbol of my land and home, demolishing the Branch Davidian’s whole world. I was never so ashamed and mortified in my entire life, than when witnessing that sickening spectacle and knowing that citizens of my State had anything at all to do with it.
      Bill Clinton and Janet Reno murdered those people; men, women, children, infants, just as sure as if they stood there themselves, and choked the life out of each and every one of them, one at a time. They, and the many others that are responsible, will never be called to account for it in this life; but they most assuredly will not evade judgement in the next.

      • All done over “Firearms Violations” and “for the children” after the Feds spread child abuse rumors via the (who thunk it) national media. I am no Koresh fan but that was pitiful. And don’t forget Janet Reno and her steadfast defense of Constitutional Rights.

  7. Ah, Slick Willy. Obama almost makes me miss him. Clinton was much closer to being just a good old fashioned crooked politician out to line his pockets. Obama is even more crooked, but he’s a genuine leftist idealogue. Obama is not just pro-Obama (though he certainly is that), he’s anti-American.

    “The really scary part is that they believe it.” I’m thinking that applies more to some than others, and I’d say it’s more Obama than slick Willy (though they all have a statist streak).

  8. The real simpletons are the ones who would still give any credence whatsoever to the words of a man being who doesn’t understand what the meaning of the word “is” is.

  9. Being a NY resident, I don’t think paranoia is the word I would use to characterize the fear that the government is trying to take your guns.

    More like… reality.

  10. “Right. A friend of a friend of Clinton’s has 100 guns and wants background checks at gun shows.”

    I challenge the idea that Bill knows anyone from the Ozarks . . . that likes him. This is the land of Walmarts, moonshine, meth-labs, bubba-mods, jerry-rigs, and many fine people who in numerous ways defy the stereotypes that I just listed. You can be smart & educated and still twang; on the flip side you can have a “vanilla” accent w/ perfect diction and be dumb as a rock.

    If the bumpkin in chief was anything other than a dyed-in-the-wool progressive, the media would have massacred him eons ago.

  11. Am I the only one who is fed up with liberals constantly spewing out the idea that I can buy a firearm over the internet without a background check? Where does this come from? I hear it almost daily. Where are all these places where I can get a gun sent right to my house without Big Brother knowing about it?

    I have both bought and sold firearms “on the interenet” multiple times and every single one of those transactions involved a fee paid to a FFL dealer for a background check. Several involved TWO dealers in the transaction, one on the shipping end and one on the receiving end.

    Every day I get up I have to repeat my mantra over and over just to keep going forward in life. “There can’t be that many stupid people in America, there can’t be that many stupid people in America” I’m starting to lose hope though…..

    • There can’t be that many stupid people in America

      Wanna bet?

      “No one ever got broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American people.” Phineas T. Barnum

    • See, they’re experts at omitting details. Technically, you can buy a gun over the internet with no background check. You just can’t pick it up from your local FFL without one. And I know there are probably legal nuances about purchase not being completed until transfer of goods has occured, etc., but this fits their narrative just fine. So they go with it.

  12. Slick Willie says:

    “He had a good friend who lived in the mountains who had 100 guns. He said the guy owns 100 guns and wishes he owned 100 more, and he strongly supports universal background checks.”

    Cleophus wonders if that’s the same friend that told him about all those imaginary black churches being burnt in Arkansas???

  13. The guy is a Horse’s @^*. But face it he knows he failed to end gun ownership. He told Obama to tred lightly Obama didn’t now his party will be blown out of power in the Senate next year. Thing is He found out not to attack gun owners the hard way. Lets make sure next year Obama learns the same lesson.

  14. One trick of the confidence man is to pretend to be and to do the exact opposite of what he is and does. Then to feign indignation and insult when his motives are questioned. And yell about your evil intent when he’s caught. You’ve known the type since elementary school.

    They know they can’t fool all the people all the time. They just hope to fool enough people enough of the time.

    Sounds like Sharyl Atkisson may not be fooled:

  15. Let me tell you what Bill Clinton did while in office he ordered that all surplus arms be destroyed , so first the army and navy started cutting the surplus , but the going was slow 1911,03 and o3a Springfield rifles, M1 rifles M1 carbines, 38’s 1917 Enfields ,BAR’s ,Thompsom’s millions were destroyed, but that was not enough he went after the National Guards stocks of everything 30 and 50 cal. machines even complete tanks with radio’s were put on barges and dump in the oceans by the millions more…Why would he so disarm this country, We the tax payers payed for all this noting was sold ,, even bayonets by the millions and tons of other items were just destroyed….Spell evil as in Clinton……….

  16. I hate to tell him it’s American not to trust the gov’t. We were founded on and by a distrust of powerful gov’t. Guess he forget that and the people are not going to subject themselves to tyranny but a gov’t that is too powerful will.

  17. “The really scary part is that they believe it.”

    I disagree. Clinton is part of the Billion Dollar club… the entrance fee to this club is being able to sell the lie, any lie. To people like this there are no rules expect those that serve their purposes. Our government, the one that is formed of we the people, is being devoured by the growing power of individuals like Clinton, Bloomberg, Cheney, Feinstein (etc) whose personal wealth rivals many nations. Every one said Colonialism was dead… this is a lie… the corporations now that used countries as fronts for their power no longer need them. In short, the NSA, IRS, Benghazi, Countrywide, and Goldman Sachs scandals are all symptomatic of the reality that we the citizens of the “first world” are now being colonized. If we look at colonialism, the first thing the colonizing force does is strip away rights, especially the right to bear arms. Only when the people take back this right and make it too financially costly for the occupiers does the country change.

  18. The AWB v1 passed under the watch and with the help of this nitwit.

    We have bigger fish to fry, folks. Btw, where’s Sandy Hook parent, Mark Mattioli? Unwilling to sell his soul to a bunch of craven politicians?

    No AF1 ride for him, then.

  19. I have a friend of a friend named Willy who is a non-gun-owner and liberal Democrat. Willy doesn’t understand why the USG doesn’t provide free ammo to gun owners especially since individuals owning arms and a citizen militia are recognized rights in the Bill of Rights.

  20. All this coming from a man who bombed a country (Serbia) just to take the attention of the US media off the continuous BJs he was receiving in the Oval Office while he “represented” the people.

  21. And just think of the level of protection he and his family get for life (at taxpayer expense), yet he can tell the common man (sucker) that he don’t need no firearms and should just trust ‘Big Gov’.
    Go to hell.

  22. The gun control folks claim all they want is universal background checks. If that is true, then the answer is simple and easy – give anyone free, anonymous, public access to the federal NICS background check database of persons prohibited from owning firearms and then tell private sellers if you sell or give a firearm to someone and don’t retain a piece of paper that documents you did a favorable NICS check on the buyer, you could be held liable if they commit a gun-related crime. If the gun control folks are satisfied with this proposal then the problem is solved. If they are not satisfied, it will force them to admit background checks are a smoke screen and what they really want is something more like a federal gun registry.

  23. They will come for any machining tool that is audibly working within a shop that does not have a Govt Seal featuring over its doorway in the near future…G-men with decible meters walking the silent streets (courtesy of the electric motored car breakthrough soon to hit the market)

    I’ve been whining about this de-industrialization and ‘weapon’ grabs for years over at BladeForums, especially since I have seen and felt the British Government go hammer and tongs on this matter. Funny thing though, the Jew moderator Esav over there banned my account for arguing in the Pirate Cove with other members who were repeatedly slandering 3rd Riech fighting men.

    Seems everyone wants to blame the NAZI’s for the way things are turning out, all this “Arbeit Mach Frie” FEMA camp malarky cooked up by that Welsh oil baron Alex Jones.

    You only have to look at 2nd Amendment rally’s and the open display of anti-Federal U.S Government emotions which surreptitiously and childlishly impress the notion that D.C is a puppet state of old geriatric Hitler and the U.S public are all poor star of David wearing victims.

  24. Liberals keep tell themselves what they want to hear and the moral of their story is always; “I am superior.” But in this case Slick Willie’s lying is helping us. I see it as a matter of “garbage in-garbage out”. If, instead of recognizing that gun control is just not very popular, you start from a false premise such as “90 percent support expanded background checks”, you will never be able to get to an answer that will let you win.
    Bloomberg has deluded himself to the point he is running ads against pro-gun Democrats and may ultimately help to flip the Senate and make it even more pro-gun.
    So to Clinton, Bloomberg and the rest, I say, keep up the good work.

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