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Yesterday, I suggested that Chicago Mayor Richard Daley would do sweet F.A. in the immediate aftermath of the forthcoming Supreme Court beat down of his city’s handgun ban. Meanwhile, the orchestra’s warming up for some prime time political theater. Hizzoner’s been busy making noises about gun control countermeasures that would subvert the will of the Court. At one point, he ran mandatory gun insurance up the flagpole to see who would salute it. (crickets chirping) He’s also hinted at a mandatory gun registry that would list all gun owners’ names, addresses, the number and type of weapons in situ and the home defender’s political affiliation (I added that bit). Apparently, All The Kings Men have drawn up a package of super-secret retaliatory gun control measure that Daley will present to the City Council next Wednesday . . .

Never one to deny those members of the press (cough cough) looking for [more] evidence that Daley’s downed some demerol, he wallowed in this puddle of consciousness prose poem in the middle of a tangentially related press conference, as reported by

“What do (police) do if you’re pointing a gun at somebody? Is it a violation of a law? You have a right to a gun.”

A) Shoot you B) Yes and C) Yes. Saber rattling never sounded so rattled. Hey, wait a minute. Is that some kind of threat? You big bully.

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  1. Daley/Chicago (In his mind they are one and the same) only cares about the will of the courts when under threat of direct and immediate punishment. Look at the history of Chicago's political hiring and the Shakman decison, how Jon Burges was reported to Daley in his positon of State's Attorney, and the destruction of Meigs Field. He purposely lies, misquotes, refuses to answer fact based questions and basicly just acts extremely irrational about the subject of gun control.

    Daley is so consistant, so emotional and so extreme antigun that I was astounded when I found out that he owns a gun. A shotgun (used by one of his kids to threaten someone) kept in his cabin in Michigan. I had thought he was a completely hoplophobic antigun activist instead of a hypocrital hoplophobic antigun activist.

    Do not attempt to confuse Mayor Daley with facts his mind is made up.

    By the way IF the weather this summer is hot and humid the murder rate in Chicago is extremely likely to skyrocket. Last summer was cool, we've had a couple of hot periods this year including last weekend when 50+were shot and 10 were killed. This year there is a shortage of CPD officers and the bad people know it. There have been several shooting withing a block or two of the police when they are investing a prior shooting with the news media there the tape still out and all the cars there.

    I hope I am wrong, but I do not think so.

    Please keep posting about Chicago's fight against selfdefense.

    Best wishes


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