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Max from New Mexico sends his “Minimalist Carry” pocket dump.  Courtesy Everyday Carry.

He writes:

This is mine. Nothing very special . I don’t always carry the phone I took the pics with, but I always carry what you see.

He does hit the nail on the head with the minimal nature of his daily gear.  A Ruger LCP in a pocket holster (this one by Meco).  That’s definitely the way to carry that little gem.   It’s kinda scary how he alternates between hollowpoints and full metal jacket ammo though…

I also see a handcuff key and a pair of P38s.  Or what look like P38s (or 51s, or whatever).  Youngsters, you can google that to see how people used to get into cans back in the day.

Also in his pocket, a little Swiss Army knife – the “Camper” version for those keeping track.


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  1. I support this message……..LCP is an always gun.

    And….I believe it’s a P38 can opener. A P51 might take a can opener to get out if it crashed.

  2. Sorry JB. P-38. I ate enough c-rats to know.
    To this day I get ill thinking about lima beans, thanks to “ham and lima beans” main meal.
    A fatty, greasy piece of “ham” and slimy, soft lima beans. AKA butter beans.
    Gag a maggot on a gut wagon.
    I also won’t carry a slip joint knife. So no to the SAK.
    P-38 just google it!

    • I’ve heard many horror stories about the infamous Ham and ah, “Mother Fornicators.” I think I’d rather eat one of my boots.

      Thank you for your service, btw.

    • LMAO.

      I didnt think they were that bad. Of course, if I had to eat them for every meal it would get old fast.

      No problem with regularity when you eat them, though. 😉

    • You’re right. I’ll change it.

      It’s been a long time since I bought a half-dozen and squirreled them away.

  3. In lower power calibers like the .380APC were Threat penetration can be an issue it makes perfect sense. I do it too. We can’t predict barriers, layers of clothing or really “thick” bad guys. If your HPs stop short, its a big problem. Alternating between projectiles sends a variety trifecta with to get the job done. With the .380 there’s not much chance of over penetration unless the Threat needs to eat a dozen donuts. Lol

    P38 can opener (affectionately called a “John Wayne”) not P51.

    P38’s and heat tabs came in every case of “C-Rats (Rations). Most items were in cans. You cut the cracker can “on the sides” and made it into a individual stove. The also included reg or menthol smokes (4 cigs), a mizers amount of TP, gum, candy, salt, pepper, suger, coffe or cocoa, creamer, book of matches. No Tabasco, you pups are so spoiled!

    This was long before MRE’s and LRP Rats.

    • Yep.
      The c-rat box was just enough, supposedly, to heat the main meal.
      And DO NOT put the “cheese” can down a 60mm motor round shipping tube, then in to a fire and then stand in front of the muzzle.
      Hot, melted cheese burns and a cut from the can are NOT fun. No, it wasn’t me, LOL!

  4. @ Specialist 38
    Went there, thanks BTW, but just got bumped around, maybe talking about the “new giant GI can opener”? Which ain’t.

  5. Similar to my own minimalist concealed carry.

    Kel-Tec P3AT and a spare magazine

    DeSantis SuperFly pocket holster. Outline looks like a wallet.

    All-Ett Thinnest Wallet

    Car keys, phone.

    Some days, I add my old Buck knife which I have carried from time to time for over 40 years:

  6. My post was deleted so I am guessing that giving links to what you carry is verboten?

    My minimalist carry, very similar, almost ….

    Kel-Tec P3AT w/ spare mag
    DeSantis SuperFly pocket holster
    An “All-ett” brand thin wallet
    Car keys and phone.

    Some days, a Buck 120 I’ve had over 40 years. No, not a folder, look it up 🙂

    I posted links to each item, but it was deleted.

  7. “It’s kinda scary how he alternates between hollowpoints and full metal jacket ammo though…”

    Why? At the range that gun is effective at the difference in recoil will almost certainly be useless. While I carry only HP for urban defense I can understand wanting to have something with better penetration in a .380 pocket pistol.

    • Agreed on loading both JHP and FMJ in a little short barreled .380. Penetration and expansion, good idea for this tiny pocket gun.

      I have tried Buffalo Bore brand hard cast lead, a 100gr flat nose +P loading. Claims for it are excellent but I did not finish the first box as the cases distorted and that makes me nervous about failures to eject.

      • I don’t trust BB ammo. They claim really high velocities and they’re not +p. Something ain’t right in those claims.

      • Look into Underwood Xtreme Defender 380. It’s expensive, but it reliably penetrates without over penetrating like a hard cast.

    • Out of my 2″ revolver I alternate between FMJ and HP as well. If I am carrying .357 loads I might substitute the FMJ with Remington JSP rounds, but I figure that in a 2″ barrel having some ammo options isn’t a bad thing. If I load out with 38 spl I always alternate between HP and FMJ.

      Alternating ammo has a place. My home defense shotgun is loaded with buckshot and slugs. I figure that if the buckshot doesn’t make a strong impression then a 1oz ball of solid lead will certainly seal the deal. Same concept as those that carry double barrel shotguns fitted with different chokes and loads while out hunting.

      The whole “OMG!” response and annoying commentary by Boch is more suited for a group of church ladies gossiping while knitting than a gun forum.

  8. I do not think that is a Victornox Swiss Army knife. My girlfiend can pick handcuffs, no keys needed. You know if that guy ever gets arrested he wont get them handcuff keys back. So far Im in the hole, one Swiss Army knife, one .38 derringer, one camoflage shirt, a wedding ring,, and a pair of socks . I can see the jailors stealing the other stuff but a pair of socks is kinda weird. Oh I bitched about the stuff not getting returned when I was released, but ” All items listed were returned” was as far as it went. And another thing, that jailhouse food sux ass anymore, in 94 we got almost edible foodl and a cup of coffee in rhe morning. Had bars you could shake(:dont reach through if a jailor is present, more time on your sentence), now its gorilla glass,steel, and concrete. Jail just aint what it used to be

    • waxing nostalgic for the days of sharing pall mall’s down to the nub in county.
      that was my third knife, victorinox camper. figured out the same one sans saw was quite a bit thinner and more coin pocketable. as mentioned above, an almost perfect bottle opener. the can opener works well too and made a pretty good effort at phillips screws as well.
      also as above, the non- locking blades bit me some. that got old; i miss having a corkscrew.
      i like the pocket dump ethos.

  9. Lucky Gunner has some good videos and data on .380 ACP Defense Ammo. Most include a bare gelatin v. layered gelatin comparison. FMJ’s really lag behind some of the newer designer Defense Projectiles. I carried the Hornady Critical Defense Load in .380 because it has better penetration and expansion in the layered gelatin testing. Another loading that performed better was the old Federal Hydro-Shocks.

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