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Okay, ZL says he’s 102 years old.  And a web designer.  He’s a spry fella, I’ll give him that!

He sends his “Current Set Up” for today’s carry submission.

First off, he carries a GLOCK 17 everyday.  Or so he says.  I’ll say that’s a lot of gun to schlep around all day long.  But that’s a lot of bullets.  The last time I carried a G17 (and two spare mags)?  When I visited Chicago with a whole bunch of broken down guns to sell to the do-gooders on the South Side.

Back to ZL:  he’s also got the “large” O-light Baton light.  2000 lumens.  Jesus.  He could signal the International Space Station with that.  Or blind himself from light splashing back at him in any normal-sized room.  Not the most prudent choice, in my opinion.

It might come in handy if he wants to throw a baseball game.  Shine it in the general direction on the pitcher and let it rip as Mr. Pitcher makes his wind up.

Did I tell folks the time I played flashlight tag with the little kid sitting in the outfield at a AAA game about six or seven years ago?  Yeah, I was bored with the game and it seemed like fun at the time.  Soon enough, they stopped the game and the pitcher was really pissed.  I had no idea that the pitcher could even see my light from the angle and direction involved.  I can only imagine how pissed he would have been if I’d shined it at him with 1100 lumens of warm thoughts.  All ended well that night.  At least for me.  Imagine 2000 lumens shining into a pitcher’s eyes…

Oh, good times.



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  1. Sir, you might try the new P365 TacPac with the 3 12 RD finger extension mags. Pretty damn good little holster too.

    It performs like a DREAM since Sig fixed the early production problems, ALL OF THEM. NO primer drag (a timing issue), MIM striker breaking, etc.

    I AM a Glock guy who’s EDC IS a G32, G43, BUT now I have reason to change. I have NEVER liked Sig triggers or mags that have to be rotated regularly or they cause weapons jams. The NEW striker fired Sigs (ALL OF THEM) are admirable performers, BUT the 365 is truly a game changer.

    May you live another 100 years, sir.

  2. I don’t get why so many of these photos don’t show the holster. I guess because the person doesn’t want to take it off? I dunno, the holster is probably more interesting than a Glock.

    • Because generally you wear a holster, carry it. Unless of course you carry a small gun where you can use a pocket carry holster.

    • The website these EDC posts are from, some are just “look at my new/cool/fancy/expensive/color-coordinated/black/rare stuff, [I really do it for the Likes to boost my self esteem]”. I think about half of the gun-EDCs not showing a holster are not carry guns. A few of the posts are ads promoting a product or company. Nothing wrong with that, most EDC readers are consumerists.
      However, several are real functional daily/special-occasion EDCs. These are the ones I like to see.

    • Did they ever fix the Subaru motor head gasket problems? I just recently traded my 23 yo 4runner in on a rav4. I wouldn’t even look at a subaru because of all the horror stories.

      • The last Subaru I had that had head gasket problems was as 98 forester. I’ve had several since with no complaints except the turbos tend to eat the 5w30 oil they spec. But that was an STI after 186k miles so could have been the stage 2 tune also. I like the new 2.0 DIT it has torque and is fun to drive as a 6-speed. Run away from the CVT turbo combo though.

        • Subarus used to have the CV boot issue too (very premature wear due to several steering design flaws), I wonder if this is still an issue? In the late 70’s and 80’s you’d find failure of the boot as soon as 15,000 miles.

  3. The sick and elderly appear as easy targets to some with nothing left to lose. I’ve been on the receiving end myself. I admire the gentleman, if the demographics he shares are true, for his dedication to self preservation.

  4. What is it with no spare mag in many of the kits we’re seeing? Olites and their Lumen rating are really more of a rifle light than a pistol or edc light. If I need to see something 300 yards away, I’m in the wrong neighborhood. High lumen lights tend to gobble batteries up faster than the 200-300 lumen lights. If that’s AA’s or AAA’s it’s not a big issue, but CR123’s get pricey real quick. Rechargables get pricey too, and often don’t give full voltage and amperage. Not a big problem, but some electronics are voltage sensitive and either don’t or won’t function right with reduced volts and amps.

    • I haven’t played with the Olights but generally when you see massive lumen ratings and a cheap price like with this guy there’s a reason.

      That reason is that they’re using the lumens to make up for the fact that the light doesn’t have a good reflector. That’s where the money goes and that’s where a quality light, pardon the pun, shines.

      Doubling your lumens doesn’t double your percieved light/brightness at a given distance. With a poor quality reflector you take an even bigger hit. So, you jump the brightness 3x or even 5x to make up for it because LEDs are cheap and reflectors are expensive.

    • Just to get some facts in here about this light. That’s a $90 light that takes an 18650 rechargeable battery ($5 at any vapping store – if there are any left in your state). It will work for 13 hours at 130 LM (or 9 days at a moonlight 5 LM so that would be about 18 nights as a night light.) And BTW, it only lasts at 2000 LM for one minute then the software automatically takes it down to 600 LM so you don’t burn up the LED or your hand, It lasts for 3 1/2 hours at 600 LM. OK, flame away!

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