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On Wednesday we ran a post on the Leechburg, PA police’s decision to ditch shotguns for ARs. The small town po-po joined thousands of local and state police forces who’ve decided that scatterguns don’t offer sufficient range or capacity compared to their carbine cousins. TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia weighed-in, wondering if effective distance and number of rounds are the be-all end-all of law enforcement uh, enforcement. No ’bout a doubt it: the shotgun is a devastating close-quarters combat weapon whose ammo doesn’t maintain momentum over long distances. AND shotguns can deliver a less lethal solution to the What Do I Do Now policing problem. Not that the makers of the Max Payne videogame series care. They just want to deliver the most bang for the buck, carnage wise. Hence the shotgun-oriented trailer that helps keep the dream—I mean nightmare, alive. Wait. Dream. Let’s stick with dream. [Click here for more mad Max misegos.]

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  1. Loved the first Max Payne, never played the second due to being deployed when it came out and not interested enough to chase it down afterward, and from the looks of it, I won’t play the third.

    Also, Facepalm at 0:23… duelwielding double-barreled sawed-offs while leaping around corners? Sure.

    • In no way was it intended to represent real life. The series is about Hollywood action with a film noir story. You could also dual wield Desert Eagles. Why? Because its fucking awesome to shoot two in slow motion.

      If you want realism there is a game series called ARMA (formerly Armed Assault). The creators of this incredible milsim will be releasing the third sequel sometime this year.

      Note: Hope you don’t take offense, I’m just pointing out that you have to look for realism in games, movies, books, etc nowadays, it doesn’t go looking for you.

      • The DE I’ll buy shooting 1 handed, I’ve shot one before, once you get a solid enough grip to handle it’s bulk, the recoil isn’t too terrible, IMO. But managing double-barreled 12ga recoil from a lightweight weapon? Not so much.

        I suspend disbelief for video games, for the most part, but I still shake my head at the way they handle shotguns most of the time.

    • Mad Payne 2 was pretty dang good, and better than the first IMO. If you’re a PC gamer you can find it on Steam for ten bucks

  2. Sigh.

    A trailer for a video game in which the characters have no concern or concept of colateral damage as a means of advocating for the continuing popularity and effectiveness of shotguns as a police tool. It’s shit like this that made me stop reading posts on the Zombie Squad forum.

    • Actually, suggesting that a shotgun is in any way superior to a carbine for anything but shooting at birds or delivering less-than-lethals will pretty much get you eaten alive over at ZS….or ignored, more likely.

  3. Just wait until the new military fully automatic shotgun models (with all the different types of ammo to choose from) get picked up by Hollywood and the video game industry. There will then be a big demand for those on the civilian black market.

  4. The AA12 has already been in many movies, complete with frag rounds. Nothing can ever replace the close range firepower of a 12ga shotgun.

    • TY. I do not have a TV so that may partially explain my ignorance of the AA12 being in film.

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