“Those who received licenses improperly would have qualified for licenses if they had listed an accurate local address, taken a firearms training course and paid the required fee, police said.” Oh, so that’s alright then. We’ll just ignore the fact that one of the states with America’s most stringent gun control laws is embroiled in a gun license scandal, portrayed by the po-po as a simple fuck-up. Back it up. Here’s the deal. “A woman who worked for 24 years in the Framingham Police Department was fired last week after she allegedly bent the rules for people seeking gun licenses — largely members of the armed services — by issuing licenses without authorization, upgrading licenses and providing false addresses for applicants,” boston.com reports.

“Police said they found 44 licenses that [Kelly] McKinstry, an administrative assistant, had issued improperly, including three for machine guns. Police suspended the licenses and confiscated the guns of those they say wrongly received licenses.” So the police found all the licensees’ real addresses, found the gun owners at home, and confiscated all the illegally registered weapons without further ado. Now all the applicants have to do is provide an accurate local address, take a firearms training course and pay the required fee. Safe!


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