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The story from is No Bail for Surviving Suspect in Attempted Armed Robbery in New Bedford. The key word there is ‘surviving.’ That’s 28-year-old Kyle Dawson who’s still breathing. His accomplice, 24-year-old Christopher Dunston is no longer with us.

The two got into a cab in New Bedford, Massachusetts earlier this month and put a knife to the driver’s throat.

The Yellow Cab Company driver told police he was able to escape the choke hold and retreive his firearm in time to fire several shots into the back seat, fatally striking Dunton four times.

A clear cut case of armed self defense if ever there was one. Even in the Bay State.

The driver, who had a concealed carry permit, suffered minor injuries in the scuffle. Depending on cab company policy, he may lose his job, but he’ll live to drive another day.

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  1. Because New Bedford is the biggest black hole this side of Calcutta. That place isnt fit for human habitation.

  2. “His accomplice, 24-year-old Christopher Dunston is no loner with us.” Good grief, please read before you post. As many ads as you guys run youd think you could afford an editor.

    • They use spellcheck i think since loner is a word. They just cant be bothered to re-read their writing. It took me all of a minute to read the whole thing

    • Roger says:
      August 27, 2018 at 14:38
      “His accomplice, 24-year-old Christopher Dunston is no loner with us.” Good grief, please read before you post. As many ads as you guys run youd think you could afford an editor.

      Start a blog with your own content, post twenty or thirty articles a day, and see if you don’t encounter an issue or two. You submitted two sentences and both had editorial issues. Just read the articles or move along. The typo didn’t have any affect on the content.

  3. “Dawson is charged with armed assault with intent to commit robbery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.”

    I wonder if Massachusetts has the “Felony Murder Rule”, and if it would apply here?

    • Mass only has asinine, stupid, and heavy handed laws. My parents fault I was born there. I moved to Texas as soon as I could GTFO. As they say in TX, “Either you’re born in TX, or you got here as soon as you could.”

  4. Believe me, *I* will not loose any sleep over these supposed actors. An existing concern is for the continued well being of the unwilling victim.

    This is now a matter of public record. Anyone can easily research this case and put together a plan of retaliation. I am willing to wager a dollar to a doughnut, only one dollar, that the surviving actor is not new to this, and if he is, given his recent survival, will have in some way emboldened him, and will probably think he is superman’s son –and return to the criminal behavior side of the fence.

    Criminal Law = Law in favor of the criminal minded.

    The unwilling victim would do well to keep tabs on the supposed actors release/parole date, as well as being aware of new (same) faces\vehicles, this includes motor and pedal bicycles, that begin to appear on a regular basis. If he has to testify, pay close attention to the faces in that courtroom; the actors family and associates will likely be in attendance. At this point will *for sure* know the identity of the terminator.

    This hit close to home (me), as I have had the exact same experience in a larger more populated state\city, to the point where the vehicle we were in drove itself across multiple properties –front lawn, hedges, fences and mailboxes while a struggle for control of the blade continued.

    I was unable to steer the vehicle into a hard-enough stationary object in order to deploy the air-bag; I believed, I needed to keep both upper limbs engaged in keeping the blade away from my neck. He had the advantage for a good while.

    If the unwilling victim is reading –> Continue to be Safe!

    Yes, I still drive from time to time. Get paid up-front, don’t make change, let them get change from the store before we roll or the nearest fuel-station.

    • Have you seen the price of doughnuts these days? I would think wagering doughnuts to dollars is the updated saying.

  5. …but…but…using a firearm for self-defense is a myth! This can’t be true.


  6. Of course Massachusetts’ would-be “paper of record” buries this story under the diversionary headline “Man, 24, found shot to death outside taxi in New Bedford; 2nd…”

    Only if you click through to the article does a more accurate headline appear: “New Bedford cab driver fatally shoots man who tried to rob him”.

    Of course, the whole story is barely a footnote on the website of this storied and eminent provider of truthful journalism, which chooses instead to showcase a “fashion show” using children to promote an anti-gun message dictated by their elders.

    • If it were in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette…It would be buried deep in pages D-or -F, along with strong words for the shooter and State for NOT prosecuting the cabbie LTC holder and killing a poor misunderstood youth/illegal alien/serial killer…Since T&A is a huge DemoCommie Newspaper–*(like TASS.)* Just recently, they gave a huge front page section to the Parkland/S&W SJW marchers.. Because, like the state, THEY ALL SUCK @$$ Hard !

  7. For those who are not a member of the Massachusetts bar:


    He will probably be out, or eligible for a parole hearing in two-years. ***Gosh I hope not.*** Now matter how you look at it, the victim and other constituents are still *victims* by way of having to pay for the –actors– room and board.

    Does anyone smell a civil suit coming from the deceased actors family or mother of a child –of which deceased actor contributed his seed?

  8. Was a mess yesterday, is a mess today, will be a mess tomorrow. POtG. Vote with your feet, grab your assets and move to a free State. The only way to win is to starve out the progressives. Does the phrase, “…no taxation without representation”, ring a bell. If they want to get the Constitution, let them do it on their own dime. 30

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