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Not all Millennials are anti-gun – not by a long shot. In North Carolina this past weekend, a 26-year-old father named Marquel White was leaving a grocery store with his toddler when he was approached by a man later identified as Richard Bradley, age 31.

White attempted to ignore Bradley, however he followed White and his daughter to their car, cursing at him and swinging a knife around. When White tried to get into his car, Bradley slashed at him with the knife, at which point White drew his .45 and shot him once in the abdomen.

By the time police arrived, Bradley was on the deck with what’s described as a non-life threatening wound. He’s been charged with assault. It isn’t clear whether or not the two men knew each other. A knife and a sheath were recovered from the crime scene.

Neither White nor his daughter were physically harmed during this incident.

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  1. Remember, any time you see “millenial” just substitute in “adult under 40”, which is literally what it means.

    > Not all adults under 40 are anti-gun – not by a long shot.

    See how silly that sounds, now?

    • The liberal media makes people think so, for the purpose of “Guns are for old white men” false narrative.
      This article is written as such to point out that false narrative.

      • Eventually it will come back around and the new generation will learn to appreciate firearms and only old people will be against them.

        • I’m sub 30. Barely. I’ve met a lot more people my age who like guns or have no problem with them then not. The few I’ve met who are anti gun are people with very little influence on others in life. The people who own the media know this. Wasn’t it Hitler that said if you tell a lie enough it eventually becomes truth.

        • “I’m sub 30. Barely. I’ve met a lot more people my age who like guns or have no problem with them then not.”

          Tell me, are they gamers? COD, etc?

          I bet they are. I thank the game industry for COD and Hollywood for ‘John Wick’ keeping the love for the 2A alive… 🙂

        • my first chuckle today, from scc:

          Whoever keeps using “emojis” or whatever they’re called, please stop. It’s messing up the comment section margins, most of them appear as little “x-ed” out boxes, it’s sadly juvenile and we’re just going to delete them as they appear.

          You’ve been warned.

          Comments closed here – informational post only.
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          just leavin’ this here. i’m probably just jealous ‘cuz i can’t figure out how to, and my fone displays rectangles when ~they’re~ sent to it.

        • “my first chuckle today, from scc:”

          What’s “scc”?

    • Mellenials get a bad rep from the two preceding generations, and there’s some fact behind some of that, however mellenials, at least the first “half” of them, (those born in the 80s, early 90s) will likely turn out to be the most conservative/libertarian generation since WW2. The first half of mellenials came of age in 9/11, fought the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, spent there young adulthood in the Great Recession, and now, percentage wise, has more conservatives then both gen X and boomers, at this time, then both those generations did at a comparative age. The second “half” of the generation missed those events and it shows. It would probably more accurate to give the first half of the millenials and latter part of gen X their own generation, who have much more in common with the greatest generation then they do any others. Those born from let’s say 78-92, too late to be effected by the 60s counter culture and too early for the modern SJW crap, and inbetween went through some actual hardship.

      • And yet, the millenials cast their votes for Bernie “Big Government, full of freebies” Sanders in the primaries more than for Hillary and Trump…..COMBINED.

        Young adults suck. Raise the voting age to 30, or 21 with military service, and go back to requiring land ownership for eligibility. There are far too many people out there with no skin in the game who are just voting themselves raises and freebies at their neighbors’ expense. The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.

        • You are totally right about many mellenials, particularly the liberal ones, the ones who grew up in the cities, the younger ones who missed the defining events of the last 30 years, but, you are wrong about the other half of them. There are many young conservatives now, many who are vets, who are right up there with Barry Goldwater in their politics.

      • My son is a younger millennial, and he’s simultaneously more liberal and more conservative than most people I know (depends on which issues you’re talking about). His entire political and social philosophy boils down to “leave me the hell alone.” Which I guess makes him a libertarian.

        You want to talk about a poisonous, forked up generation, let’s talk about Gen X. I’m right in the middle of it, and I had a front-row seat to the rise of political correctness — it was my contemporaries who made it stick. The SJWs? They’re all late Gen-Xers or raised by Gen-Xers.

        My generation has a lot to answer for. Maybe enough of us will have done the parenting thing right (and I’m not saying I was an amazing parent, just that I’ve tried to be a good one and my kids seem to be okay so far) to help swing the pendulum back toward sanity, but I’m not optimistic.

        • It’s not a generation that messed up the United States rather its ideas, lack of concern and lack of logic.

    • Gen X here. Born in 79! Please don’t lump the last of X’ers in with Millennials.

      If you remember Reagan as president you’re ok in my book.

    • Pretty much, I’m in the “millennial” generation and very literal with the COTUS. Shall not be infringed.

      Yes, I know what a damn carburetor is and how to fix it.

    • I was born in 85 (of 1900, I think), therefore I am a millennial. I am pro 2A, I carry everyday if I have to leave the residence.
      Yes, many are confused about the term millennial. I know how to tie my shoes, use tools, start a fire, fish, maintain my firearms, toss a salad…
      We aren’t all bad kids trust me.

  2. Went to Jr. High and High School in Fayetteville. It was a good childhood. Never worried when I was out at night. But that was in the 80’s. It’s heartbreaking how often I hear about all the crime that’s occurring.

  3. As a representative of the so called “millennial” generation, I can confirm two things.
    1. We’re not all man bun, skinny jean wearing, balless, hipster vegan, liberal douchebags.
    2. Those of us who don’t fall into the previous category hate those who do far and beyond more than the rest of you.

  4. “Neither White nor his daughter were physically harmed during this incident.”

    Probably not accurate.
    A 2 year old’s unprotected ears were subjected to the report from .45ACP fired from a handgun at close range.

    We need:
    1) to make suppressors as difficult to buy as rifle scopes.
    2) holster compatible suppressor designs.

    • Better than a knife wound, being kidnapped or growing up without her dad because some psycho stabbed him to death

      • After watching five seasons of Forged in Fire I can tell you knife wounds are not a minor thing. My son has learned if someone attacks you with a knife, they fully intend to kill you.

        Does anyone want to bet our latest victim of gun violence was also a meth user?

        • Cops have known that for decades…edged weapon means go straight for the gun…it is a deadly force situation..

  5. Too bad the antis will use this as another reason why no one needs standard capacity mags, bad guy was stopped with just one shot.

    • Fact of life: There has never been a human being who would not kill, or attempt to, given the proper incentive. Not me, you, the Pope, Buddha, or Jesus Christ himself. That is something the “anti’s” refuse to accept, but it is the truth.
      “In the dimness of the shadows
      Where we hairy heathens warred,
      I can taste in thought the lifeblood;
      We used teeth before the sword. ” G. Patton

    • Everybody has different numbers, but this is just tough to understand. I previously saw “born between 1980 and 2000”, which is really easy, think I’ll stick with it. Also makes my youngest son and his daughter both millennials.

  6. Next time dump the mag. If you’re going to make noise and take action take the lunatic out. Next time he might find an unarmed victim.

  7. I love how that idiotic Giffords tweet is included with each one of these DGU stories.

    Keep up the great work, Staff Writer. Never let ’em live it down.

  8. You mean to say he got hit with a .45 and survived? What? Thought it would send you back 6 feet…kill you instantly…
    at least that’s what all the 1911 carriers/owners used to tell us…

  9. Millennial here. Born in 92. I even dye my hair funny colors like neon pink. I have been open carrying since I turned 21, so five years now. I even open carry my rifle from time to time. I am the strongest supporter of gun rights and freedom out of anyone I know. The majority of people my age on Facebook seem more concerned with sharing memes about guns and gun control than actually doing any research or evaluation on their own. I fear most of them are just virtue signalling every time there is a mass shooting.

    In regards to another comment, I grew up with first person shooters. The way some firearms are overpowered in games actually gave me more respect for them. I knew even from gaming that they aren’t toys. I am just happy that once I got out of school I used my own critical thinking in regards to guns. I didn’t even know open carry was a thing until a few months before I bought my first handgun. I have even had my parents and my sisters husband buy their first guns, along with a few friends.


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