Maryland Gun Ban Bill Revealed

A Maryland-based TTAG reader writes:

Our governor (and probable future Democratic presidential candidate!) Martin O’Malley has announced a new set of gun bills to further his goal of complete civilian disarmament. The bills aren’t available yet, but the summary is [click here for the text]:

  1. Licensing for new handgun purchases
  2. One-feature AWB. The speech carefully said “centerfire rifles”, so there is a chance that this may even apply to bolt and pump guns with detachable mags!
  3. 10rd magazine limit

It’s disgusting how it explicitly says how he’s trying to carve out hunters and clay shooters so he can divide and conquer. We’ve seen that strategy before, and it’s more effective than it should be. Thankfully . . .

The debacle in New York may have finally woken them up to the reality that they are no safer in the long run than those of us with modern sporting rifles. The good news is, unlike in New York and other states, we are already fighting the heated battle against further ineffective gun control.

Maryland Shall Issue, the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, and other local organizations are already leading us in that battle.  The odds are against us, but we’ve beat back an AWB before, and we can do it again.

What I’d personally like is a bit more support from gun owners outside the state. Comments like “time to move” are not helpful or appreciated. No matter where you live, they will be coming after you once they get done with us. Time to draw the line in the sand.

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  1. avatar El Cid says:

    And when they came for me there was no one left to speak…

    Firearms owners need to set aside petty tacticool/fudd nonsense and wake up to the reality we are all in the same boat, like it or not.

    1. avatar pat says:

      The #1 libtard anti-gunner tactic is the ol’ “I own a hunting gun, but…..
      Divide and conquer. Hunting has nothing to do with the 2nd A.

  2. avatar SubZ says:

    I find it odd that all these liberals are against civil rights

    1. avatar Outlaw says:

      Most epically sarcastic comment I’ve read on here in a while.

    2. avatar ChainsawWieldingManiac says:

      Maryland was ranked as the least free state in the country:

      It’s a miracle we’ve won as much as we have.

    3. avatar Old Ben turning in grave says:

      It’s not odd if you understand them at all (sorry if I am taking you too literally). They are totalitarians. Any support of rights is incidental to gaining more control.

      Lefties love to call Bush and Cheney “fascists.”

      Not that I love big government republicans like W, but…

      “So, then, guys who want you to keep more of your own money to spend how you like, and to also keep you guns, are fascists?”

      That at least gives them pause.

      As Inigo Montoya once said, “You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

      1. avatar Mr. Pierogie says:

        Liberals believe that bigger government = better. But more government actually means less freedom and fewer rights for citizens. This is usually not evident right away, it takes some time. We will all suffer the consequences at some point in the future. But the democrats fail to understand this, even as their personal liberty is sacrificed for the “collective good.” As long as the government assures them that everything is ok, they’ll believe it.

        1. avatar Hal says:

          Oh the ones at the top understand that perfectly.

        2. avatar Ivy Mike says:

          Conservatives believe that bigger government = better.

          Mandatory Transvaginal Ultrasounds: Coming Soon to a State Near You

          I’m sick of hypocrites who just can’t believe somebody wants to control their guns, right after they make a law that shoves stuff up their neighbor’s wife’s old address to control her uterus.

          The Authoritarian Right has to stop being control freaks, just like the Collectivist Left.

        3. avatar uncommon_sense says:

          Ivy Mike,

          People oppose abortion because all human life is sacred and abortion kills unborn children. It is NOT about control freaks telling women what to do.

          There is conflict because some people discount an unborn child based on arbitrary definitions of development, awareness, value, etc.

          Pro-life advocates are emphatic because rights are never dependent upon majority opinion or arguments based on social utility (where have we heard that before?!?!). If we entertain all sorts of qualifications before someone has rights, we end up in the mess that we are in right now.

    4. avatar Swarf says:

      They say the same thing about conservatives and individual liberty when it comes to the rights of women and homosexuals.

      1. avatar Old Ben turning in grave says:

        True regarding some social conservatives. However, all stripes of conservatives tend to favor free market and balancing the budget. So, at least in the two-party system, we’re stuck with it for now. After all, what difference does it make whether or not gay men can marry if nobody can get decent jobs? If Greece had gay marriage, how many couples would flock there?

        Fix the most fundamental problems first. Gay marriage, along with legalization of marijuana, will come in time as the younger generation begins to take over.

        Except right now, the most important thing is the 2A fight. If we let this current Progressive totalitarian movement disarm us, it’s game over. We’ve seen where that road ends.

      2. avatar Hal says:

        A person can’t claim that they are an American Libertarian Conservative and be against gay rights or the freedom of choice. That doesn’t mean that one has to AGREE with a another’s choices or their sexual preference but you can’t be pro-individual liberty and yet somehow against the individual liberties of select groups. Those phony fakey fraud-bags who claim they are conservatives but oppose the rights of others’ are just as bad as liberals. Religious conservatism and libertarian conservatism are two very different things, even if we cross-talk on a lot of issues.

        1. avatar Russell says:

          I wonder what the baby would say if you asked them if they want to have their neck broken with forceps and then sucked out of the womb with a chopping vaccume?

          I personally don’t care what a woman does to her body as long as I don’t have to pay for mass murder. She can answer to god when the time comes.

  3. avatar JustLeaveLawfulGunOwnersAlone says:

    Where do you want us out-of-state folks direct our disgust and support for local gunowners.
    posting a comment on a local gunboard or national gun blog is not going to be read by the people we need to convince.

      1. avatar wrt81 says:

        I’m in nearby VA. I used the above link to e-mail the Maryland state Senators and Delegates. I told them I visit an vacation in Maryland but told them to oppose further gun control or my money will be spent elsewhere.

      2. avatar JustLeaveLawfulGunOwnersAlone says:


        In case the original text and meaning of the 2nd amendment is lost to all but linguists and constitutional scholars, I am putting it in modern terms.

        “Because an efficient and well trained armed citizenry is essential to the security of each State, the right of the citizens to own and carry their firearms cannot be violated by the Government.”

        Please do not step on the constitution by writing conflicting laws. If you feel the constitution needs a revision, follow the rules laid out by the founding fathers of this country and amend the constitution and ratify the amendment.

        Follow the will of the people, govern for the people, as you are put in place by the people and follow the oath you took to respect and defend the bill of rights and the constitution. The entire constitution.

        It is your responsibility, your job, which you were elected to by the people to ensure nothing and nobody steps on principals laid out and ratified in the bill of rights and the us constitution.


      3. avatar wrt81 says:

        Delegate Kevin Kelly’s auto response is absolutely awesome.

      4. avatar Robert M says:

        Maryland Shall Issue has been in this fight for a long time. If you want a place to put your dollars that is the place in Maryland.


    1. avatar ChainsawWieldingManiac says:

      Also, if you are an NRA member, email the NRA and tell them that Maryland should be a priority for them. The NRA has left Maryland gun owners to fend for themselves too many times, and now is the time they need to step up.

      1. avatar HT$ says:

        The NRA (very) recently returned to MD…

  4. avatar imrambi says:

    According to the PDF:

    Note: hunting rifles and shotguns will be carved-out from this licensing requirement.

    That means that if you use your AR to hunt, it should be legal. It all depends how the law is written.

    1. avatar Paul W says:

      Can I use it to hunt home intruders?

      1. avatar Leo338 says:

        Sadly, NO you can’t, that would be taking the law into your own hands according to liberals. If liberals continue to get their way eventually the use of ANY gun for self defense will be illegal. Think that is a little drastic? Read this and tell me that it can’t happen here.

  5. avatar surlycmd says:

    Motivate your neighbors and friends to make time and attend any and all pro-gun rallies. The time for staying at home and sending e-mails to your elected representatives is past. Polite and peaceful rallying is your next best asset. Use it. Remind all gun owners what happened when prohibition hit. At first it targeted distilled spirits but by the end all alcohol was banned. The same thing will happen with guns. First it is the ill named “assault weapons,” then when crime isn’t reduced, they will go after another group of guns. They will want more and more.

    1. avatar GoldiGlocks says:

      The State House, Annapolis, tomorrow, high noon…BE THERE!

  6. avatar Chris says:

    Restricting Ammunition Possession — Persons prohibited from possession of regulated firearms can still legally obtain ammunition. This proposal makes it a crime for prohibited persons to possess ammunition for weapons they cannot legally possess.

  7. avatar Neez says:

    That’s why they call them Baltimorons haha.

    Seriously though, they don’t need to yell at these politicians until their blue in the face. That will accomplish nothing, in one ear and out the other. What you need to do is pick apart their proposed legislation and demonstrate that the end effect will be nothing or next to nothing. These laws are all show and no go. In the end if these laws pass, nothing will happen, except piss off thousands of legit firearms owners. Crime and killings will continue on like they do in England. Instead of a gun, you get a beatdown and knifed.

    Essentially you are creating a society of defenseless sheep victims, ready for the wolves to pounce.

    Also, i know several Baltimore PD. I can tell you they are busy busy busy. We also eight times out of ten arrived on scene after the crime had taken place. We walked around the block a few times to show that we made an effort to catch the suspect and took names and a report. That’s how police work in real life, when you call 911. Not this fantasy that politicians have where they can stop the suspect before their harmed. Not gonna happen, i haven’t seen that.

    Also, the maryland prisons are severely overcrowded. My baltimore pd friends are usually upset at the sentences handed out to criminals. They are extremely light for violent crimes, usually pleaded down to a few weeks or only 1-3 months in jail for crimes you’d think they would do years for. Someone should really research the light sentences people are getting in baltimore county and it’s jail capacity.

    So in summary they want a disarmed defenseless sheep populace, with more and more violent criminals wolves running around the streets. Yes, that equation somehow results in less death of innocents and crime.

  8. avatar Chris says:

    Banning Assault Weapons — Maryland currently bans only 15 enumerated assault pistols, but allows for the sale and possession of high-capacity, military weapons designed for the greatest humancarnage. This legislation would establish a ban on all assault weapons.

    WTF is an assult pistol? And I have 1 military weapon, my Sig P229 is used by some armed services and government agencies. Nothing else I own has been used by the military for the last 60 years at least. An AR-15 that is not select fire should be exempt. Again, making bans on things you don’t understand.

    1. avatar 40&2000 says:

      Tec-9, MAC-10, pistols like that we’re banned in the mid 90s in MD.

      1. avatar Kory says:

        That’s not true, only the semi-auto ones were banned. You can own them there as long as they are full-auto.

        1. avatar 40&2000 says:

          Correct. I should have been more specific. I’ve also seen a few .22lr semi-auto versions for sale recently. I know the rules for dedicated rimfire versions of certain regulated firearms changes recently.

  9. avatar TangledThorns says:

    I live in NOVA and I posted a friendly PSA on this matter on Facebook for my gun owning friends that live in Maryland. Sadly most of those friends described voted for Obama so… reap what you sow.

    As for us fellow Virginians we shouldn’t take our rights for granted as we have Senator Tim Kaine who is a gun grabber plus the gubernatorial election this year with possibly the most liberal Democrat, Terry McAuliffe, we’ve ever had on the ballot.

  10. avatar Casey T says:

    You need to tell those of us who live afar how you want us to help. I would love to help but I live in Washington state and can’t give money right now. So, tell people like me how we can help and I’m sure a lot of us will.

    1. avatar ChainsawWieldingManiac says:

      If you are an NRA member, email the NRA and tell them that Maryland should be a priority for them. The NRA has left Maryland gun owners to fend for themselves too many times, and now is the time they need to step up.

  11. avatar Skeev says:

    One thing we have as out of state residents when letting these people know where we stand is that we can guarantee that not one cent of our money will ever be spent in their state in a tourist capacity. Some states may not care, but quite a few have a life blood of tourism money.

  12. avatar Lance says:

    Hate to see the Fascist move on and on state to state trying to kill liberty. ALL Maryland residence call you Reps and Senators and kill the ban!!!

  13. avatar Ralph says:

    The tactics of the fascists are brilliant. Divide and conquer (separate the hunters from everybody else), launch anti-2A programs in diverse states to stretch the resources of the NRA, SAF and Cato, lie like rugs and exploit the media to produce more and more Goebbels-like propaganda.

    1. avatar AlphaGeek says:

      Remember last week when I said the AWB 2.0 fight would happen at the state level? This is the worst-case, saturation-bombing version of what I thought might happen.

      Frankly, I’m a little surprised that this many blue states have jumped on the “legislation bum rush” bandwagon so quickly. They normally take a wait-and-see attitude to find out if major initiatives like this stand up in court after getting passed in a “test market” state.

  14. avatar Silver says:

    Modern fascists thrive on the good guys’ self-limitations and naive trust in checks and balances. The fascists laugh at the fools who “call their reps” and use the corrupt “courts.” Despite how thoroughly modern civilization has brainwashed people into complacency, the truth remains now as it has throughout history that evil can only be fought with greater response.

    As everyone knows, all that is required for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. And despite what you all believe, calling your senators, going to rallies, and supporting pro-2A groups is tantamount to doing nothing.

  15. avatar Danny Smith says:

    I need to make sure I remember his name so if he runs for president I’ll make sure I don’t vote for him. O’Malley, Cuomo, Bloomberg and even Christie after his comments yesterday about the NRA.

  16. avatar Martin says:

    I hope this link works it should take you to where you can send a letter to all you stare reps plus the POTUS and VP. Now I don’t expect Barry and crazy joe to care but it least the letters might pile up.

    Also hope this is the right place to put this I don’t want to spam.

  17. avatar Jim D says:

    Remarkable how so many of the 13 original colonies have reverted back to British ways! Perhaps the rest of the states now need independence from THEM

    1. avatar Silver says:

      I like the cut of your jib.

  18. avatar sdog says:

    this is gonna be nuts.

  19. avatar Jesse says:

    I live in Maryland. How can I help?

    1. avatar AlphaGeek says:

      Join the NRA, Second Amendment Foundation and other pro-2A organizations if you don’t already belong. Make a fresh donation if you do.

      Write to your governor, your state senator(s) and representative(s), and then do the same for your Congresscritters. Make your displeasure known, respectfully but forcefully. Use personal narrative to make it real to them.

      Enlist 5 other people to do the same thing.


    2. avatar 40&2000 says:

      Join MSI
      Contact the NRA
      Use the link Chainsaw provided above and send emails

  20. avatar TheSleeperHasAwakened says:


    Please list the Names and #s of who to call and I’ll gladly call and help out no matter what state is under attack because I agree that massive out of state support is very benficial in situations like this.

  21. avatar Goodoldfriend says:

    I’m in Ohio. As soon as I read this I wrote a letter to your gov and suggested that they need to enforce what’s on the books now. And by the way, if you run for potus, I’ll fight it all the way.

    I’m asking everyone I know to write letters of support.

    Pray for our cpuntry and our freedom.

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