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Later today, New York legislators will add at least 33 amendments to the NY SAFE ACT of 2013. The measures are designed to correct dozens of significant flaws in the bill (aside from the ACT’s existence). Plainview attorney Albert Turi agrees with The New York Times’ description of the gun ban bill as a “dog’s breakfast.” “The Governor waived the Constitutional requirement for a three day waiting period for any new bill using his emergency powers,” Turi told TTAG. “The ACT was rushed through without proper thought or consideration .  . . There are parts of it I can’t read, understand or digest.” How bad is it?  . . .

Yesterday, the State Police had a sit down with Cuomo’s soldiers to try to figure out how to administer a completely unworkable set of regulations. For example:

“When you go to register a gun now in New York,” Turi said. “There’s an hour wait. Can you imagine what’s going to happen when thousands of gun owners attempt to comply with the ACT?”

Not that the cops will know how to enforce important provisions . . .

“Under the new bill, ten rounds is the new 30. You can have 10-round magazines bought before the ban—as long as you don’t load them with more than seven rounds. But you can’t buy new 10-round magazines. How can the police tell if a 10-round magazine was bought before or after the ban?

“Under the bill, you can transfer a ‘military style’ rifle to another New Yorker. It has to be done through an FFL [federally-approved gun dealer] for a NICS [criminal background] check.

“But the dealer can’t sell any new or used ARs. When he calls the FBI for a check for a transfer the dealer can’t provide a sales reference number. If NICS insists, the transfer is dead in the water.”

I asked Turi what he thought would happen now. After New York legislators “fix” the SAFE ACT, will Empire State gun owners comply with its provisions? “I doubt many people will register their rifles,” Turi said, simply.

Plainview’s plainspoken attorney didn’t share my view that this non-compliance could have deadly consequences, if and when the police learn of an unregistered gun and send a SWAT team to confiscate it.

“Failure to register is a misdemeanor. They can’t show up at the door and demand the gun.” Unless they do. I could almost hear Turi shrugging his shoulders over the phone. And then he shared his greatest fear.

“It’s the ammunition provision that scares me,” he said. “Every ammunition sale—even one bullet—has to be reported. The system keeps track of who, what and when; it generates a unique ID number for both the buyer and seller.

“The bill doesn’t say what constitutes an ‘unusual amount’ of ammunition. Or what happens to you when the system flags your purchase. If you buy a thousand rounds of ammo you could get a knock on your door. That’s not good.”

No, none of it’s good. But there is a silver lining in the SAFE ACT, at least for the rest of us. Like the post-Katrina confiscation, the ACT proves that yes, the gun grabbers will grab guns. Civilian disarmament isn’t just a fear. It’s a reality.

Tens of millions of gun owners are waking-up to the need to defend and extend their rights; in their home state and at the federal level. Whether by popular vote or judicial action, infringed upon gun rights will be restored. The question is: what happens in the meantime.

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: Americans with a “don’t tread on me” mentality don’t like being tread upon. At all. Despite Turi’s steadfast calm in the face of this constitutional calamity, this could get real ugly real fast.

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        • > Mandatory Transvaginal Ultrasounds:
          > Coming Soon to a State Near You

          Intersting that the Texas bill was passed “under ’emergency’ status“.

          What other recent laws have been passed under “emergency” status?

          Lesson: people aren’t opposed to abuses of power, as long as it’s for a purpose that they like.

        • But then again, if the Left wants to take away my gun rights, why should I give a crap about their abortion rights?

          The right to own guns is explicitly enumerated in the Bill of Rights — the authors put it in the 4th Amendment — whereas the right to an abortion was found in the “penumbras”.

          The origins of our modern “Right to Privacy” are found in what are known as penumbras of constitutional rights or penumbral rights. A penumbra is a partial shadow between regions of complete darkness and complete illumination, as in an eclipse. In law, penumbra refers to an area in which something exists in a lesser or uncertain degree. Penumbral rights are rights that the Constitution does not specifically mention, but may be implied by the rights that are enumerated. The idea of penumbral rights is not foreign to the Constitution. The 9th Amendment assures that “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

          If those kids at Sandy Hook had been aborted before they were shot to death, Obama would not have shed a single tear for them — not even a fake one.

        • You understand, anon, control freaks abound on both sides.

          But don’t forget the Right’s argument….Rights don’t have to be listed to be valid.

          A woman has a right to have control over her uterus. It’s her body, unlike a gun. (unless we start singing “this is my rifle this is my gun”…LOL!)

          If you don’t have a uterus, you have no right to butt-in-ski.

        • Ivy Mike and anyone else that shares these concerns, I highly recommend you join the Free State Movement and move to New Hampshire if and when you can. There are battles to be fought, but the existing environment is much more friendly to both sides of the debate than many other states. Marijuana reform is a glaring issue, and of course we’ll always have to defend gun (and other) rights, but NH is a good place to do it.

        • Am ultrasound is a lot less intrusive than a dilate and scrape abortion.

          Your “war on womyn” schtick is old and busted.

        • Anon in CT must want to keep losing elections to the gun-grabbers, so he can control his buddy’s wife’s uterus with Big Government edicts.

          America’s women have told you, via election results, the following:

          “Don’t push it, or I’ll give you a war you won’t believe. Let it go! Let it go!” ~Rambo, First Blood

          Would you let go of something– something that isn’t yours to control anyway? Or would you rather keep losing elections to the gun-grabbers?

        • >> But then again, if the Left wants to take away my gun rights, why should I give a crap about their abortion rights?

          There’s no such thing as “Right gun rights” and “Left abortion rights”. There are just human rights, and they apply equally to everyone.

        • >> Move out of a gun-control state…. ….and into a uterus-control state. Gun-owners are getting “correctively raped” (metaphorically speaking) in Blue States, while in Red States, well, they do the real thing.

          Is Colorado a “blue state” or a “red state”.

          Heck. Oregon and Washington are both decidedly “blue”. They’re also shall-issue, there’s no AWB bullshit here, and nothing like that is on the agenda.

          If you don’t like PNW, I suppose there’s always Vermont.

      • That’s my plan. I’ve lived in Nevada before and have family there. It’s a fairly easy move. I had planned on retiring there anyway. I hate to sell my home but I can’t, in good conscience, remain in a state like this. I live 5 hours from NYC and my reps usually vote my way. But the city has the population and the votes. Bloomberg, the fascist billionaire mayor of NYC has the entire state bought and paid for.

        I pity the folks who are trapped in their jobs, or whose entire family is here. I understand it’s not practical for them to move. But for anyone who can: Please do. Don’t do it just to “Send a Message”. Do it for yourself, so you can live your life like an American. At least for a little longer.

        • Say what you want about Cope Reynolds (Southwest Shooting Authority guy), but he’s a pretty good guy (I met him personally), and his advice always gives me pause:
          “Just pack up your stuff in a truck… and leave. It’s much easier than you think.”

        • Left all my and Wifey’s family 4 years and 9 months ago. Only regrets are that we still have to return ot that hell hole at christmas. Best decision I ever made.

      • Aaron, voting w/ones feet is an excellent way to vote. Just imagine the tax dollars you will be saving along with your 2nd Amenment rights.~~~For us not residing in the Cuomo/Bloomberg Utopia, I will vote another way; by spending my tourist dollars elsewhere, especially in states where I am welcomed as a citizen, not as a criminal~!!!

      • I feel that we shouldn’t give up and pack our bags just yet. Nobody (especially me) likes a quitter. I know that the deck is stacked against us in this debate. But I would rather fight this bill and loose, than just pick up and leave.

      • Correct. What purpose does it serve to not only be taxed to death but to be denied the capacity to survive an attack?

        I agree with the “mental health” provisions – from what I hear the liberals, who are plainly nuts, have an issue with it.

        The fact remains I’ve got one year to comply. Just like I complied with the pistol law. But, the line now is clear. So long as we all stay on the right side of it. Everything will be cool. No problem. The second they change it; and I, a person with a perfect record and a pillar of the community am denied my right to bear these arms, arms that are well suited to fight tyranny (detachable magazines semi-automatic, etc.) then it is time to retreat from this state and never come back.

        Color me a canary. . . . and when I stop singing you know they got me.


      • Did so years ago and never regretted it. I cannot see how anyone could live in a nanny state like NY or Cal or several others.

        • If you want to keep loosing elections to the Democrats, keep misconstruing what I’m saying.

          You know how gun people say:

          • If you don’t like guns, don’t buy one.

          That logic also works this way:

          • If you don’t like abortions, don’t get one.

          So shut up about controlling other people, just because you don’t like what they do.

        • Ivy Mike, the problem with that argument is that many people believe that a uterus, at least at some stage, has a full complement of rights, including the right to not be chopped up into little pieces and vacuumed into the trash.

          While I do not believe that a uterus has a full complement of rights at conception, I also believe that they do by the third trimester. When exactly, I’m not sure–I don’t know enough about the subject. But partial birth abortions are morally reprehensible.

        • When it’s your uterus, Levi, then you get to make that choice.

          If you can’t handle freedom of choice, expect the gun-grabbers to use emotional arguments just like you.

        • >When it’s your newborn, Levi, then you get to make that choice.

          What’s the difference between that statement and yours?

          One is inside the body and the other is outside, other than that, nothing.

        • Have you ever seen a breathing baby put the mother’s life in danger, numbskull?

          What goes on inside a woman’s uterus is her business. Not yours, control freak.

          And if you want to keep losing elections to the gun-grabbers, just keep up the Full Metal Jackassery.

          Don’t whine to me when you don’t understand why you lost control of what you want to control.

        • Ivy Mike, I don’t know why you have uterus fetish. There are so many things wrong with your argument that I cannot begin to list them all. I’ll do a couple:

          1) If it is a woman’s right to choose, then why does the father, who had no say according to you, have to pay for it?

          2) If it is a woman’s body to do with as she will, why are some drugs illegal?

          Please refrain from Oby / Gyn comments on a pro 2A / gun board.

        • Are we talking about FEDERAL FUNDING for abortions? I dont care as long as it aint pushed in schools and I dont have to pay for it.
          Gun grabbing libtard leftists are FAR more dangerous to the Republic than the conservative GOP.

      • Ivy Mike, how many children are you willing to continue murdering by abortion??? 21 beautiful children were murdered in New Town by a deranged person who stole his moms guns after murdering her. How many hundreds of thousands of beautiful children has New York state declared not legally worthy of continued life or the millions more across this country? Murder is defined as the intentional OR (note the big OR) the ‘unintentional’ taking of a human life. So Ivy, how many murders are you ‘personally responsible’ for???

        • Why do you keep making tug-at-the-heart emotional arguments that make no rational sense and scare women voters?

          You’re just like a gun-grabber making tug-at-the-heart emotional arguments that make no sense and scare gun-owners voters.

          Stop, unless you want to keep losing elections in swing states, because you’re control-freak is pissing off the owners of the uteruses.

          Ever see how the 2012 election swung between male-female?

          A hint for the clueless:
          Washington (CNN) — In many ways, the 2012 election was the year of the woman. Women — who have historically formed one of President Barack Obama’s key constituencies — once again united behind him in large numbers…

          Hell, I can’t blame ’em with male control-freaks like you in love with Big Government.

        • Sorry, Pointman 49, but an embryo, or a fetus that cannot possibly survive except as a parasite in the uterus of its carrier, is no more a beautiful child, or a person, than an acorn is an oak. It is only a POTENTIAL beautiful child or person. But enough of this. The last I knew, this was a gun rights site, not a site devoted to the right of women to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. And until we men are more physically involved in the process of baby-making than 5 seconds of ejaculation, it is my considered opinion that we need to STFU when it comes to telling women that they must perforce endure what our 5 seconds of ejacujlation has set in motion.

  1. Note to the rest of America: as what just happened in NY and about to happen in Taxachusetts proves, 7 is the new 10 for gun grabbers. Don’t think they will happy forever with a 10rd mag limit.

    • Well, when someone scoffs at your “slippery slope” statement, at least you have something concrete and irrefutable to point to now.

      • People also forget that during Clinton’s AWB, Democrat leaders made a push to outlaw dangerous, powerful, accurate ultra-kill rifles that could murder people 600 yards away!

        Most of us just call them hunting rifles.

        Anyone who thinks the anti-gun movement is about anything but total civilian disarmament is willfully ignorant on the subject.

  2. Seems like New York Gun Owners should have their own Tea Party. All gun owner go in a purchase 1 bullet at a time and cause a storm of paper work and take down the system. Do this enough and the people who have to do the administration will beat on Cuomo for the changes.

      • That’s correct. Same as the unavailability of 7 rd mags. This is whole bill is intentionally flawed to slow or stop firearm and ammo purchases. He’d be delighted if we bought ammo one round at a time and crashed the system.

      • Actually, according to the new law:


        So if the system goes down sales go on anyway. Hmmm. OTOH the guys at the LGS are having a bad enough time of it already, I don’t know if I’d want to suck up their time this way.

        • I wonder what will the Superintendent of State Police determine to be “Inoperational”? Will a 4 hour wait be considered “operational but working slowly” and thus acceptable? And if it goes down, how long will it take for the Superintendent of State Police to make a determination?

    • +1

      They should also stonewall all attempts to “fix this bill”. That way the horrible pile of crap that it is backfires all over the gov’ner

  3. The great state of Texas welcomes all ex patriots of New York! We’ve got cold beer, sweet tea, great BBQ and LOTS of guns!

      • Arkansas also welcomes you. We’re the Natural State–read ticks and lots of interesting weather. But we love our guns, and we’re tied with Michigan for having the most number of states recognize our carry licenses.

        • In Michigan too many people are leaving because of the poor economy, leaving behind the Libtards, so the libbies seem to be a growing percentage of the populace.

    • Not to flame on TX, but I’ll believe it is the paragon of gun rights it is touted to be when it allows open carry.

      • Louisiana will take ya! Cold beer, Cajun cooking, love our guns and our freedoms (minus New Orleans)! Plus we have open carry statewide on the books! It’s the sportsmans paradise for a reason.

      • And/or it gets more affordable to do CC! Holy crap. 75-100 for the course and 140 for the license, and fees for the fingerprinting, etc.

        • Just got my CC in NY. 36 for the class 120 for the licence ect. BTW…I’m a gun owning Dem. I’m not sure why the right has claimed guns, maybe one of you can tell me. I don’t think anyone, right or left, should tell me how to live.
          Oh, and in NY they are saying this is Cuomos push for the White House. So, unless you want sweeping gun control you better hope the GOP has a magic rabbit in the hat.

        • In WA, it’s a fee of $52.20, and no courses. Just bring your driver’s license to your local police department, let them fingerprint you, and that’s that. Open carry is legal.

    • We’ll take you here in California too! We could use your tax money to help pay for outrageous public employee salaries and benifits plus the weather is nice too!…..but don’t bring those scary guns with you!

      • Enjoy those hi-ass taxes Don. Your California is plagued with them because you and millions of other ignorant liberals allow it. For Heavens sake, you even vote for more & more & more~!~You deserve them~work your fool ass off for nothing and go broke doing it and stay where the hell you are. California has Californicated itself to near death~!!

    • And as with all “reality” shows, the script is pretty bad and the whole thing is unwatchable. Can we change the channel?

        • That, and smart people unwilling to vote for the liar that enacted all those gun control laws in Massachusetts, by the name of Romney. My party screwed me by having that clown on the ticket. This is one place where we screwed ourselves.

  4. In before we have to bail NYC and NY state out of a finacial mess. This crap is cover for the failings on all other fronts.

  5. I don’t see any point in complying with these laws. It’s clear that NY wants to push the envelope with gun confiscation, and left unresisted, that is exactly what they will do.

    CA isn’t much better. Brea is a mostly Republican city in a Republican county, so the OC Sheriff does grant CCW permits. Also, the weather and neighborhood is awesome. Still, I just don’t feel like Feinstein shares my passion for firearms and freedom. I don’t want to move, but it isn’t completely off the table.

    • There is no law in NY if the gov signs a bill and then makes an extralegal announcement that police are not in violation of the ammo capacity limits that went immediately into effect. They basically just do whatever they want and rule by fiat with a thin veneer of legal legitimacy.

  6. Why do you think there would be violence? Californians laid down and died why won’t New Yorkers. Only certain areas of certain states would fight back physically. ARs and AKs and FALs are “common” under heller, but not common enough in many parts of the country to get people that upset. The exception might be pistol mags with more than 10 round capacity. Those are absolutely everywhere. There are probably billions of them???

  7. RF, good post. NY Governor Coom-ba-ya wants to be your next president. The new joke is that Americans have moved from ‘hope’ to ‘cope’ as Obummer is being sworn in for his second term. Imagine that with all which has happened since Obummer has been re-elected he has not even started his second term. It’s going to be a very long four years. I’ve heard Michelle Obummer might run for president in 2016 because of all her experience…

    • Between his stance on gun laws, fiscal irresponsibility, and willingness to let Navy Seals die for lack of backup, I struggle to see how so many people thought BHO would be a good president. He sure is a good public speaker, though.

      • While rated low on economics most of the American people personally like Obama and believe he handles a crisis well. It shows how much and far people will continue to follow a leader based on feelings and trust. People use their old, first, reptilian survival brain before a message is considered for fact and truth in the newer, second, modern brain.

        • People are stupid, and were easily manipulated. My daughter showed me tweets right before the election. Young women all over the country were convinced that Mitt was going to outlaw tampons (that’s one example). Low information voters = useful idiots

        • Old Ben turning in grave,

          Are you serious? I heard Democrat propaganda claiming MR would ban abortion but feminine hygiene products? Young women believe such nonsense? Another reason young men are refusing to get married…

          Ignorant fools are easier to manipulate and control. The old traditional values and upbringing still guided past generations even for those lacking a formal education and access to quality news. Modern government and their supporters have been successful in dumbing down America.

        • The Repugs seriously need to drop their control-freak religious bigotry* about a woman’s uterus.

          “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” ~Todd Akin, Republican

          And now: GOP Rep: Todd Akin ‘partially right’ on ‘legitimate rape’

          Dumbos are just as much control freaks as the Jackass Party.

          Drop the religious control freak bullshit, and I might vote again for the party for which I’m registered.

          Don’t have a uterus? Then shut up about them. Until you get a uterus.
          * bi-got comes from By God!, so yes, it is bigotry.

        • That is because too many people mistake “does nothing in a crisis” with “cool under pressure”.

        • Sadly, BHO approval rating is still 53%

          And if the economy tanks, those 53% being absolutely clueless, will blame the Republicans.

          It is like Stockholm syndrome has hit the country.

        • yes… wants to register gun ammunition sales, slaughters jews, gypsies, slavs and homosexuals with reckless abandon.

          totally the same.

          lol hillbillies.

        • Yes, wants to register (gun) ammunition sales, slaughters many thousands of multi – colored people around the world with reckless abandon. Enjoys watching on video screen in situation room.

          LOL ignorant, uninformed liberals who think they are clever.

      • Why do people keep saying that he is a good public speaker! He can’t even read off the TelePrompTer smoothly. He says asinine things, lies to the people, and all the while he stutters like a nincompoop!

        He’d be a good public speaker if he spoke the truth, spoke what he actually believed in (regardless of what it is) and actually had some integrity for once.

        • It’s amusing you guys think there is a difference between the parties. 5% diverging opinions on a few issues and 95% identical beneath that. They all take advantage of events to increase their own influence, they all stumble over themselves to pander to “the people” whenever a talking point presents itself.

    • Some might, but think about the poor bastard touring the Empire state building that got 10 years for naively asking where he should check his CC weapon. I’d rather focus on helping poor NY residents move out and helping in the court fights in any way possible. I have no desire to enter the lair of the beast unless I absolutely must.

  8. Cuomo has presidential aspirations. All of us not in New York should still contact his office and let him know that we will not forget what he has done – ever. Especially those in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida – early primary states. Let him know that there are consequences to his tyranny and it is going to cost him.

    • He actually thinks it’s a good political move for him. That he could even imagine this is what scares me most.

    • Only if you see gun owners registering as Democrates in those states voting against him. I would love for everyone to vote for Biden who everyone believes also wants to run. I believe given past Republican selections, we can find an idiot one notch above Biden.

      In primaries these guys say whatever it is to get their base. Then when it is time for the actual presidential election, they move closer to the center.

      This move was to rally his base in the progressive far left. For them he is a champion — to rest of us it should be a warning he may be worse than BHO he absolutely believes he is completely above the law. I would love to see him spend a lot of money to loose.

    • lol really? you gun nutters are a violent folk.

      over having to register your guns! OH THE HUMANITY! I had to register my car too. it has a vin that tracks exactly where it’s been. JUST LIKE HITLER!!

      lol hillbillies.

      • I’m sorry, I never saw the “Right to keep and bear cars” in the bill of rights, must not have read it all the way through.

        • oh I’m sorry I wasn’t aware the amendment said “the right to keep and bear arms completely unregistered and unregulated”

          lol hillbillies

        • “Shall not be infringed”. Your car isn’t mentioned anywhere in the constitution, my guns are. Intolerant and bigoted one.

        • infringed means to “to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another.” that line says nothing about “the right to purchase unregistered firearms or unregulated ammunition.” sorry I went to school and know what words mean hillbilly

          i hope that anti-slave militia is going well considering that’s the only reason that amendment exists anyway sweet cheeks 🙂

          lol you can’t go back to slavery, hillbillies

        • And as I stated further down, he is not honest enough to respond to his own bigotry and intolerance:

          “Funny how people of his persuasion preach tolerance yet he has the word “Hate” right there in the middle of his Handle….. Also IHH, here is a hint, people that live in Appalachia are “Hillbillies”, should I take this to mean you hate everyone in that region? Isn’t that the same as hating people of a certain color or religion? I mean, they can’t help but be who they are right? they were literally “Born this way”.”

        • From now on, whenever I see this guy posting, I’m just going to use my previous post about his own bigotry… seems it strikes a nerve that he can baselessly accuse people of bigotry and then get accused of doing it.

        • IHH, clearly you are a victim of the public school system and haven’t bothered to correct that mistake. Anyone can buy car without a background check, at just about any age, they do not have to register it and can sell it to another without State interference or permission. They can also fill it with gas purchased without registration and without a background check. They just cannot drive it on public roads or they will, at some point, come in contact with the local PD.

          Another IHH EPIC FAIL. This Has to be a new record for stupid.

    • Well, I’m not a hillbilly, or a troll–but a owning a car without infringement is not a Constitutionally guaranteed right.

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you were up in arms about SOPA. “Oh no! Our 1st amendment rights!” And Guantanamo. “Oh no! Our 5th amendment rights!” How did you sound off about mandatory voter registration? “Oh no! The 24th amendment!”

      You see, We the People have the option to amend the Constitution if it’s deemed necessary. We could decide we don’t need a 2nd Amendment. We could do that. What We are not allowed to do is pick and choose which amendment we decide to follow, or severely restrict a guaranteed right just because you don’t agree with it. This is the United States of America, a Republic ruled by law, not a democracy ruled by loud-mouths.

      • You have a recognized right to travel. But it is infringed, daily.

        “The use of the highway for the purpose of travel and transportation is not a mere privilege, but a common fundamental right of which the public and individuals cannot rightfully be deprived.” Chicago Motor Coach v. Chicago, 169 NE 221.

        “The right to travel is a well-established common right that does not owe its existence to the federal government. It is recognized by the courts as a natural right.” Schactman v. Dulles 96 App DC 287, 225 F2d 938, at 941

        That’s just a sample of similiar court cases. Not that it matters much though when you get pulled over and try that “freeman” stuff.

        • Good to see you alkies standing up for your rights. If you meant to imply that amendments can be repealed, as the 18th was, go for it. I personally tire of the weasily grabbers that won’t commit to a real move and prove their dedication to their cause.

          Gun owners are passionate about their cause. In comparison most anti’s operate like they’re ashamed of what they’re doing. New Yorks behind closed doors passage of this latest crime against civil rights being a prime example.

          Shine a bright light on the anti’s and they scurry for cover like roaches.

      • Our right to self defense and self preservation is given to us by God and not the Constitution. We are born with the right to bare arms. This seems to be a very misunderstood concept.

        The 2nd Amendment only states that the government has no right to infringe upon it. To infringe means to encroach in any way, so technically all gun control laws are unconstitutional.

        • I know I have a right to bare arms. But we had a cold front come through yesterday, so today I’m wearing a jacket.

    • Stop this bullshit. What is treason in US is defined in the Constitution, and it’s a very narrow definition:

      “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

      If you keep up spouting things like that, anti-gun folk will claim that the only part of the Constitution that you’ve actually read is the 2nd Amendment. And they’ll be in the right to point that out.

  9. I thought this would be a bit OT but it isn’t for this particular post. I thought about e-mailing this to you guys but couldn’t work it and don’t have the exact e-mail address. This link is to the after-vote comments on this particular bill by State Senator Greg Ball. I hope all of you in New York, even those who don’t intend to remain, listen to this and wish this man well. He’s in for a tough time in that particular office.

  10. What’s the deal with “no exception for law enforcement”. I thought one of the underlying thoughts of the 2A was to prevent LO from having more firepower than citizens. Am I wrong?

    • They didn’t explicitly say “no exception for law enforcement”, they just didn’t MAKE the exception so the text lacks one as written.

      The Police Benevolent Association in NY says they’re working to get an exemption for active AND RETIRED police officers. Active I get. Why retired? Sauce for the goose, guys. If you’re a regular citizen now you’re just going to have to rely on your superior training and skills to make those 7 rounds before reload count.

      But then again, that would assume that they weren’t interested in creating special classes of people, when in fact they most certainly are.

      • Why would they make a special provision for retired LEO and not one for former veterans (who really have much greater firearms training and discipline than LEO)?

        Why would the .gov be AGAINST these men and women who dedicated part of their lives to fighting for our country having firearms that they have trained with and used for years? Please don’t say PTSD, because I’m willing to bet that per capita suicide/violence from LEO is on par with .mil.

        I’d also like to state that if you are going to require Citizen’s to have limited rounds available per magazine, that the National Guard and all stateside forces be required to do the same. The 2nd Amendment is a fair-fight rule, no matter how many times they try and claim otherwise. You have 30-rounds, I should have 30-rounds. No weapon used by NG/.mil/LEO should be prevented from being acquired by Citizen’s.

        You don’t want us to have a nuclear weapon, fine. Dismantle yours. Then get back to me.

        • Because veterans of war do not have a Police Union that will donate to a governors campaigns.

          Unions and the dues they collect are by and large to fund Democratic candidates and in return they get great compensation contracts that everyone else pays for but the NRA somehow is the powerfull lobby — to this I laugh especially when you read how much Unions donate to political campaigns.

  11. People of New York and everyone else that wants to live in a free country, show your distaste for politicians that dont believe in the constitution. Leave and move to a Free American state like Texas or Arizona.

    • Agree. But they will come after you eventually. People that just want to be left alone tend to end up dead in messy and public ways under leftist governments. They can’t allow the example to stand. If, God forbid, it ends up that free states start splitting off, those free states would be happy to co-exist peacefully with authoritarian leftist states. I promise you the authoritarian leftists states won’t feel the same way.

      • Pretty hung up about religion as you understand it, aren’t you?

        I guess until a woman’s uterus is legislated to your satisfaction you won’t support voting against the gun grabbing politicians.
        I’m against abortion. I’m against attacks against the Bill of Rights. I support this blog because it is doing an important piece of work to fight against gun control. Some of the folks that run this blog are in favor of abortion. I still support this blog.

        • Pretty hung up on other women’s uterus’, aren’t you, control freak?

          Go ahead, keep banging away like a moron about controlling a woman’s uterus, and the Democrats will keep gaining on their control of the government.

          There are more uterus owners than gun owners. Keep that in mind when your control-freak proclivities get the best of you.

        • Some of the folks that run this blog are in favor of abortion.

          That’s fine, but even anti-abortion people can shut up about another woman’s uterus.

          Don’t like abortion? Don’t get one.

          Don’t like guns? Don’t get one.

          See how easy that is? 🙂

      • Oh, come off it. If women got pregnant by falling in a shower, perhaps you’d have a point. The last time I checked, an unwanted pregnancy requires at least two people. Republicans would not be able to make abortions illegal even if they wanted to. Pregnancies by rape account for less than 3% of abortions, if memory serves.

        And if women want such control over their uterus, perhaps they should be a little more careful with what goes into their vaginas.

        • You come off it.

          Pro-Gun Republicans lose elections because they are control-freaks about a woman’s uterus.

          Want to keep losing gun rights? Then keep yappin’ the stoopid.

        • I’ll shut up about you coochie when you stop asking me to fund all of its activities Ms Fluke.

        • No coochie-coo funding? Suits me, if…

          You’re ready to starve the present Standing Army of funding as the Constitution clearly mandates, since we’re clearly past the strict 2 year limit.

          “To raise and support Armies, but NO Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years.”

          What part of NO don’t you understand?

      • Abortions are legal in Texas and performed in Texas. The ultrasound is necessary to assure the dating of the pregnancy, as abortion is not legal up until the moment of birth anywhere in the United States. Menstrual dating can be fairly inaccurate and pregnant women can have what appears to them to be menstrual periods even after becoming pregnant. The endovaginal probe is used to get the US component as close to the uterus as possible so that accurate visualization and measurement can be obtained.

        From my POV as a radiologist who reads early obstetrical sonograms pretty much every day, your harping on this point seems rather misplaced. But hey, carry on and threadjack all you want.

        • Darren, uterus-controller worthy of Cuomo’s buttinski style, you weasel with words exactly like a gun controller.

          Are you so dense as to imagine an ultrasound is necessary to determine if a baby hasn’t been born yet? Jeeeesh…..

          With your kind ignorant control-freakism, you can expect the other side to push back with their ignorant control-freakism.

        • So, for the rest of us, can you expound on the utility of the crown-rump length for determination of gestational age, and then move along to the legality of third-term abortions and why gestational age determination might be important in determining if an abortion can be legally and safely performed? Please inform us of your knowledge of the different methods of inducing abortion, with attention to the pharmacologic and surgical options and the strengths and weaknesses of each and why gestational age might have a bearing on those decisions.

          Because I’m sure you’re in favor of legal and safe abortions. I’d just like for you to put some of your vast knowledge out here for the rest of us on this topic, since you seem to know so much.

          Yes, this is an essay question and since you’re presumably not-dense, please keep it on a technical and professional level. I can handle the jargon, believe me. Impress us.

        • When you have a uterus, Darren, then you can have control over one.

          But no, you’re the Governor Cuomo of Other People’s Uterus.

          It’s real simple, control-freak:

          • If you don’t like an abortion, don’t get one. But leave your mittens of other people’s body.
          •If you don’t like guns, don’t get one. But leave your mittens off other people’s firearms.

        • Thanks for the in-depth discussion! It’s nice to know how much you really know about this topic, which is nothing other than a sense of serious butt-hurt on the issue of EV sonograms.

          You’re like a bad attempt at a Turing test, the same phrases over and over, no progression in your arguments, same few hyperlinks repeated, etc. Whoever programmed you should be ashamed.

          Worst. Troll. Ever.

        • Want to keep losing elections to the gun-grabbers?

          Just keep acting talking a Leftist control-freak in your attempt to grab control of your neighbor’s wife’s uterus.

  12. To all the FUDDs living in NY:

    Go to your local gun store and try to buy a Ruger 10/22. Turns out you can’t buy one anymore. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. After all, it comes with a 10-round, child-slaying, military-style, assault bullet clip (or whatever these ass-hats are calling it these days).

    See, they want your guns too.

    • Good comparison. I remember how after 911 the attitude in America was that to disagree with, not support, or criticize George Bush was unpatriotic and anti-American. They (officials from both big parties) happily supported and voted for the Patriot Act and each newer version is more police state than the previous one.

        • I am with you on that one. their propaganda machine got me and I did not do my homework. Patriot act is eerily similar to 1930’s Nazi Germany.

      • A Republican from Texas assaulted our civil rights, and a Democrat from Illinois completed the battery. Continue to believe in the duopoly and you will continue to get burned.

    • Six weeks elapsed between 9/11 and the PATRIOT act.

      NY managed to wait four whole weeks before voting on a disaster of a bill they didn’t apparently read or even show to anyone who would have been affected.

      Similar, but not the same.

  13. CNN had the New York City police commissioner on this morning, talking about the new gun laws, of course. He was asked if in a few years we would see a drop in gun violence in New York. His response was NO, almost all the violence comes from pistols, not assault weapons. He indicated the only thing the law will help is require the shooters to change mags more often. He said the 30 round mags used in Sandy Hook allowed the shooter to kill a lot of kids before he had to reload, and reloading more often would let people get to him.

    At least he understands the law is worthless. But guess he didn’t know in Sandy Hook the shooter changed mags every 10-15 rounds. But he still thinks it’s a bad idea to have armed people in schools. So i guess he’s only half a idiot.

    • Bruce, don’t know if you saw the video (posted yesterday) with state rep Jim Tedisco giving the breakdown of NY states 2012 murders. NY state had 769 murders in 2012, 161 with knifes, 31 with blunt objects and 5 with rifles (all rifles, not just “assault rifles) and they banned “assault rifles” so this had noting to do with stopping gun violence or murder!

    • The emergency was, and this is a paraphrase of a quote, he didn’t want a one day buying spree to become a three day buying spree due to the legislative waiting period.

      • Apparently he hasn’t tried to buy a firearm lately. The buying sprees at our local Academy last about 15 minutes after the store opens if a truck came in the night before…including filling out the 4473. If you’re not in line by 6:30am for the 8am opening, and if you’re not in the first 5 people or so, no MSRs for you.

    • A law to shove intravaginal ultrasounds up you wife’s old address if the Religious Right doesn’t like her reproductive choices was passed under “emergency measures” in Texas.

      Cuomo is just following suit, and it all stinks, Left and Right.

      Republicans surely could win more elections against gun-grabbers in swing states if the quit being such a poor example for Cuomo to follow.

      • What is with this guy and his uterus? Did he have one implanted? Is he now the very proud owner of his very own uterus? Did he have a vagina sewn on too? WTF is up with this dude?!

        Should we all go to a women’s forum where they are discussing their uterus’s and start posting threads with pro firearm talk?

        • Envy is such an ugly thing, isn’t it? Sad for IM, I hope he gets the funding for the transgender operation soon.

      • Can someone ban this chump when you get back from SHOT show. Or start up The Truth About Uterii, and turn him (her?) loose there. Sheesh enough already.

  14. Instead of moving away from these places, why don’t we all move to NY so we can overturn all of this horseshit? Hell, I’m moving to CA soon from FL…

      • Where in CA are you? I’ll be in the North Island area come April time… The move is because of military orders; originally I almost had a heart attack until I realized that the PRK needs me more than Florida… we all need to band together in a wave of firearm activism to turn around this nonsense!

  15. I have to say that Cuomo should be arrested and charged with malfeasance. If you have to enact 33 amendments to “fix” a law then it is safe to assume the law was shit to begin with, and never should have passed. How is this serving the public?

  16. Proof enough that the 2A is not any hindrance nor needs reflection on the legislations impact by these fools. I hope there as many people getting pissed off for their incompetence as those aware of the 2A infringement.

  17. It’s ironic that the same elitist AH’s that want people to blindly follow their written laws are the same ones that do not follow the highest laws in the land, Constitution & Bill of Rights. And use their laws to put you in jail yet, their contempt for the supreme law of the land and believe they are not accountable to it. I say New Yorkers should withhold their state income tax until this worped & twisted law is removed from the books.

    • No we ahve no recall powers and could not do it with the population in NYC. We would lose every time. hence why our assembly is 100-50 D-R

  18. This is utter crap all the way around. I urge everyone to do as much as you can not to follow it. Vote that guy out and sue the see state. 33 fixs????? Can you say crap law….. 33. Omg if I lived there and was rich I would hire lawers to ruin anyone that restricted my rights.

  19. Well, the Texas DA has issued an open invitation to all New York gun owners to come to Texas.
    We defend your rights, and we have jobs.

        • Reality is a bitch much of the time–that’s why Hillbillie and his ilk choose to ignore it.

        • I like how you include “openly”. There is more than a reasonable amount of evidence that prior US Presidents have also targeted people for killing, outside the US, who were nominally US citizens.

          That doesn’t make it OK. But it does put paid to the argument that President Obama is the next Hitler because he’s the first one to ever order the killing of someone who is a threat to US interests.

        • Last time I checked, no President had openly (or covertly) assassinated anyone.

          Sitting VP Burr mortally wounded Hamilton in a duel, but that’s the only one I remember.

          We’ve had Presidents who were soldiers and likely killed enemies in combat. But that’s it.

          Things however are done at the President’s suggestion, behest, innuendo all the time. We’ve been overthrowing governments for 100 years. Teaching mercs and thug governments how to disappear their political foes, including US citizens abroad who are “troublemakers”.

          Extrajudicial killing starts with Obama? Are you kidding me?

        • 16V, Obama openly ordered the killing of an American citizen, and has admitted that he has a list of others that he will kill. Someone else operated the drone, but Obama gave the orders. He wouldn’t have died in that drone attack if not for Obama, therefore Obama assassinated him.

          And there’s a huge difference between doing something covertly, discreetly, worrying about whether you’ll be caught, and doing it openly, brazenly, for all the world to see. If the first case, it’s clear that you know that what you’re doing is out of bounds, but that exigencies require it in this case. There’s a price to be paid if you’re caught, and therefore you have to think about if there’s another way of accomplishing this goal before taking this route.

          If the second case, it’s just another power of the office, like signing a bill into law. One day you’re signing a bill creating a new national park, the next day you’re targeting an American for assassination. All in a day’s work. It’s what a President does.

  20. Since the law went into effect immediately, can we all go to NY and “Arrest” all police officers in the entire state? I mean, there is no law enforcement (They were turned into criminals), seems like having law abiding citizens carry out the task is the only REAL option at this point.

  21. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: Americans with a “don’t tread on me” mentality don’t like being tread upon . .

    Sorry to say this, but that was a different America. Maybe Sixty, sevenety years ago almost all of America had that attitute, but these are different times. In 0bama’s America, we’ve reached a demographic breaking point. A huge percent of America has become parasites, caring only about their freebies and willing to hand over their governments to those who will ignore the constitution and do as they please “for the better good”. Rather than a nation of those striving to work hard for their future and that of their children, we’ve become a nation of class warriors, spewing hatred and envy at the successful in America while dreaming of the day that the government will take it from them and redistribute it to the “needy”.

    We allowed our elected officials to ignore immigration laws. We allowed the teaching unions to currupt the education system. And we allowed this to happen on our watch.

    • Infantalization is the name of the game.
      The State will protect you.
      The State will feed you.
      The State will house you.
      The State will provide you with a phone.
      Therefore, surrender your will to The State and the benevolent leaders will guide you in the paths of righteousness.

      If I had even the slightest inkling that anyone in politics was smarter than me, worked harder than me, or knew my situation and what I need now and for the future better than me, I might understand the appeal. As it is, it sounds a lot like the deal offered to a veal calf — here’s your box, stay in it and we’ll keep you alive…until it suits our purposes to not do so.

      The fact that the first of those statements is a complete lie, with court decisions to back up the fact that the police serve SOCIETY and not YOU, should be enough to make you question everything that comes after.

      • I’d call it “the second statement,” but your comments today are spot on. The sequence of ever-higher total spending and encouragement of dependency is a cycle I’ve lived through twice. Sweden in the 1980’s and Spain in the 1990’s onward. I really thing we’re deep into that “we’ll take care of you until we run out of their money” process in the US. I see it as a problem that the US economy and debt are so large, though. There is no Germany to bail us out (Spain), or a relatively well-educated dependent group (Sweden). Small wonder disarming the middle and upper-middle class seems to have become a priority.

        • we’re deep into that we’ll take care of you

          So is Darren.

          Darren: The ultrasound is necessary…

          Is the State’s edit to push an intravaginal ultrasound up your wife’s old address really necessary?

          Darren thinks so.

      • Darren one minute: The ultrasound is necessary…
        Darren the next minute: Surrender your will to The State.

        You’re a control-freak Statist at heart, even if you try to deny it later. You operate just like a Leftist, back and forth, back and forth, whatever suits you at the moment, even in the same comment thread.

        • Ivy, as to the “Surrender your will to the State,” Darren said the opposite. How could you miss it? As to the medical details of pre-abortion procedures, what is your point? You’re talking about abortions but you object to a simple procedure insuring that the fetus isn’t actually ready for birth? And, incidentally, what do all your abortion-related comments have to do with the 2nd Amendment? Nothing.

        • I didn’t miss a thing.

          He justifies State control over a woman’s uterus, then whines that the State makes him surrender to it.

          Go read what he said when he wrote: “The ultrasound is necessary…”

          He sounds just like Chuck Schumer, as most of the wingnut Religious Right does. Control-freaks all.

        • As it so happens, I actually have knowledge in this field which is why I stated my professional opinion as someone who reads OB sonograms that a sonogram would be indicated.

          Just to expand, the reasons an EVUS would be indicated would be to prove that a pregnancy
          a) is present (there are other things that secrete beta-HCG and can cause a positive pregnancy test)
          b) is not a molar pregnancy that would require different therapy
          c) is intrauterine and therefore subject to elective abortion rather than a tubal or abdominal pregnancy that would require a different surgery to save the life of the mother, rather than a blind D&C that would do nothing to address either of those conditions, one of which is common and one of which is rare but does happen.

          See, what I have is education and a medical degree and a Board Certification and a couple of decades of experience. This doesn’t make me a Statist, it makes me someone who actually knows what the hell I’m talking about rather than someone who knows what offends them, like say…you.

          You are welcome to your outrage, but the more you post about this the bigger an idiot you prove yourself to be. The way I know you’re a liberal is that you cannot engage in discussion rationally and have no arguments or fact base and therefore you rely on emotional appeals. Peddle it elsewhere, Junior. The adults are talking now.

        • You are parroting the same control-freak “I’m a professional expert with a big degree that you must bow to” bullshit that the gun-grabbers use.

          I hope you enjoy going to the doctor when they’re required to ask you about guns. Cuz, you know, they’re “the professional expert with a big degree that one must bow to.”

          If you enjoy losing elections to gun-grabbers, by all means, keep harping about your arrogant “professional expert opinion” in your authoritarian attempt to control your neighbor’s wife’s uterus.

        • WOW, Ivy, you really took it to a new and unusual max this time. Darren HAS to do the ultra sound to be in compliance with the STATE laws you pro – abortion people wanted. He HAS to do this to maintain his certification or he will lose his job. Put down the crack pipe.

        • I would call you ‘hysterical’, Ivy, but your uterine obsession makes that entirely clear in every sense of the word and therefore redundant.

          Hmm…on the internet and obsessed with the uterus…is that you, Andrew Sullivan?

        • Several months ago, when we were debating the “limits” of speech on this board (that was mostly whether to allow matt free rein to take non-race based topics into racist troll-land), I couldn’t come up with another example of a long-running conversation that was off-topic and distracting from the subject at hand, and therefore should be editorially aborted (see what I did there?) before it took us on a ride to a place nobody was really interested in going.

          This entire conversation meets the mark, in my opinion. You could delete the entire series of exchanges between Darren and Ivy Mike (regarding abortion) and lose nothing substantive to the topic of this post.

        • I’d be more than happy, Matt. I’ve tried to comment on other aspects of the OP but he keeps following me around and beclowning himself. I guess I should have avoided pointing that out and thereby feeding the troll. My bad.

        • I realized after I hit Post that my comment was better made directly to RF as an editorial comment. I sent him an email, he may or may not delete it when he gets around to it.

  22. You could come down to PA! Philly ain’t much to look at but it’s no New York, and doesn’t have the numbers to ram legislation down the rest the the state’s throat.

  23. The irony is that Governer Cuomo talk about common sense gun laws. Yet they write a law stating you can own 10 round mags, but must load them down to 7. In what way do they think that’ll deter any criminal or madman from loading it to 10 rounds? The end effect is absolutely nothing!!!!!!! Law abiding citizens will work on the honor system and load it to 7. Meanwhile people that use firearms for other purposes than self defense will load them to 10 rounds.

    A stupid law written with no common sense about the end result. A law which criminlizes normally law abiding citizens, and does nothing to stop actual criminals.

  24. I blame New York gun owners. Their legislature knew the citizenry would comply. Gun owners did NOTHING to make their legislators stop and think that their vote could have serious personal consequences. Sending emails dis nothing, nor did sending money to the NRA. All the letters did was make those legislators laugh.

    • Gun owners did not have a chance. The bill was ramrodded through, with plenty of lying along the way about whether there was a deal, that prevented action from being taken. Which is exactly why Cuomo did it this way. The deal was cut behind closed doors, and the republicans rolled over. Wonder what they got to do so, but they screwed the pooch big time. It is fortunate, then, that the bill is so full of mistakes, as the process to amend it may take enough time for the STHTF.

  25. If we had the votes, one possibility is to refuse amendments, and force enforcement of the law as written, i.e. prohibiting police officers from possessing magazines with greater than 7 round capacity. Require that they repeal the entire bill, and submit a new one.

  26. Massachusetts is on the same verge of a total butt jamming. We all know any loss of human life is a tragedy. When a drunk driver takes lives, no talk is mentioned of bringing back prohibition. Forcing legal law abiding gun owners to sell firearms they lawfully purchased prior to this act sounds like a class action law suit waiting to happen. It’s not the answer. If 5 years ago, under state law, it was legal to spend $1000 for a target handgun, and now they say we have one year to sell it to a dealer or dispose of it, where’s the common sense in that? The problem isn’t the gun.

  27. All this talk of moving out of state and so forth, bla! Grow a pair and take back your states people. You voted these fools in, now clean house. Get to your state capitals tomorrow noon and let your intentions be known. No more running from these idiots. Line in the sand starts here and now.

  28. @ Ivy Mike:

    Just because one doesn’t have a uterus doesn’t mean one can’t “but-in-ski.” If a man gets a woman pregnant and the baby is born, if he doesn’t do it on his own a court will force the man to pay for the child. I’d venture to say that if a man gets a woman pregnant and it is his child, that he will be required to support, then the man has a say if the woman wants to get an abortion and he wants the child.

  29. Purchase ammunition in very small quantities. A bullet at a time if your Friendly Local Gun Store (or FLGS, with apologies to all my RPG boards for co-opting the initialism) can/will cooperate. Do all you can to make the law unenforcable. Didn’t they try an ammo registry in the past?

  30. I am so sick of these libtards trying to shove there views down our throats this gun ban in ny is illegal and unconstitutional I will join my fellow New Yorkers in fighting to restore our rights but I tell ya if I can convince my wife I wanna move to Texas

  31. You are the people who made NY state what it is! Gimme gimme gimme. Don’t leave your nanny state and bring your me me me gimme gimme gimme ideas here

    • Believe me I am not give me, give me I work hard for all I have and I am very conservative and don’t care much for democrats. I believe in being sovern and the only help I need is helping my own self believe me I would love to see ny become a red state!

  32. You do realize that there is a way to fight the system….. What if we were to buy one round at a time and buy a 1,000 of them and 1,000 of us do that ? That would be 1,000,000 records right there!! Don’t tell me that wouldn’t bind up the system for a long while, especially if there is no system in place to secure this information at this point. One way to civil insurrection is to screw up the system so bad for the law makers that nothing can straighten it out.
    If they make a unenforceable law, then let them deal with the consequences !!!!

  33. coumo already in talks with 10th mountain division to utilyze federal troops for massive checkpoints coming in the fall. anyone who thinks feds will let you keep your rifles better wtf up. several friends work within ny police depts and one of my cousins once worked as a cuomo bodyguard. these people are dead serious and anyone who fails to comply will see their homes invaded and their weapons seized. not hit the floor fast enough and you could be killed, you certainly will be imprisoned. for those of you wliing to fight back either do so or leave the state if you want to keep your weapons. obama just sent 5 billion directly to ny state police to gear up with armored personnel carriers, helicopters, body armor, weapons and ammo, for coming assault. all you talkers of major crap on these sites should understand your comments are being recorded and your backgrounds run thru federal databases. those of you found owning these weapons can expect visits by the fall. like i said, prepare to fight or leave, those are your only options if you refuse to comply, otherwise they will kick down your door and kill everyone inside if they have to.


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