Marshall University Prof: Cops and Vets Earn Their Second Amendment Rights Through Months of Training

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Marshall University Chris White
Courtesy Marshall University, YouTube

The presidents of West Virginia University and Marshall University penned a joint letter to legislators opposing the bill in late January.

“We believe that our boards of governors are best suited to decide whether guns should be permitted on campus,” the letter reads. “We therefore do not support statewide campus carry.”

The presidents of West Virginia State University, Concord University and Shepherd University wrote a separate letter saying they strongly support the Second Amendment but “have serious reservations about the significant public safety challenges” that the bill would present.

“Introducing firearms into this already challenging environment could have unintended consequences,” the letter says, referencing increased suicide rates and concern that the presence of firearms could stifle the free exchange of ideas.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting reported that at a public hearing last week, 40 people spoke and nearly everyone opposed the bill.

Marshall University professor Chris White said the bill doesn’t have enough safety measures in place. Formerly a Marine Corps infantryman, he referenced months of training that military and police officers go through “to earn that Second Amendment right and carry those weapons in public.”

“None of those safety controls will be imposed on our students or anybody else who comes on to campus,” White said, according to WVPB.

— Roshan Fernandez in A West Virginia bill allowing concealed guns at colleges is one step away from law

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  1. He knows it’s a bad faith argument. Don’t be stupid boomers and keep taking the bait. Comparisons to “well what if you said that about free speech or voting” are playing into his hand. Go on the offense. Talk about revoking tenure and salary for state university employees who openly oppose gun rights.

    • Jolly Roger That,

      Absolutely! We should go on the offensive against anyone wh seeks to deny civil rights.

      HOWEVER, you devisive comment indicating you think ‘Boomers’ tend to act stupidly does nothing to build unity on the 2A front.

      Stupidity crosses all generations. Paraphrasing Einstein: ‘There are only two infinities: the universe and human stupidity. And I am not altogether certain about the first one.’

      Again, your first idea is a great one.

        • As anti “boomer” fudd boot licker as I am… there was no point to the “boomer” comment here. It’s out of place and irrelevant.

        • What an ASS.
          It wasn’t that many years ago that every high school and college/university…The Cadet Corp…that trained with SCHOOL ISSUED MILITARY TRAINING FIREARMS.
          A family member in Boston during WW2 would jump on a bus or train or trolley and see college kids with their guns as the kids traveled to various shooting events.
          Up until 1960, every high school had an armed Cadet Corp with 11 to 16 years olds training with real rifles and live ammunition.

    • Exactly. Untill you’re one of the elite class, you’re not worth having rights in his mind. Worth asking if you have to be a PO or have been in the military to get protection from cruel and unusual punishment.

      Also, I hope some vets current or former take him up on his offer. Bet that’d shut him up.

      • True that…this history prof must have slept through that portion of the class that taught the History of the Bill of Rights.

    • Considering the problems that are about to bite the Boomers (and everyone else) on other fronts, I suggest we start working towards figuring out how to get along and not needlessly harass each other based on what media tells us to do. Otherwise those problems will become the tip of a much larger and divisive wedge, which so far as I can tell, is the plan from Lefty think-tanks based on what the Left’s been publishing for over a century.

      As such, needling others like this is counterproductive even when it actually has truth to it, which is mostly doesn’t. Following the artificial constructs built for you is simply playing into a divide and conquer strategy built by your enemies.

      Reserve your animosity for those that argue in bad faith where ever you find them. You’ll find them everywhere. Whether they’re stupid, ideological or agent provocateurs is immaterial.

      There are three major hallmarks of such people.

      1. They use circular logic and/or apply rules to your arguments but not to their own.
      2. They resort rapidly to ad hominem or attack character.
      3. [Particularly true of agent provocateurs] They have very select areas to which they respond vigorously but will ignore items in that same orbit, seemingly for no reason. Which is to say they’re “triggered” by very narrow topics but not by adjacent subjects the way you’d expect of normal people. Discipline in being emo as fuck? That’s a good marker. Usually feeling that out takes some effort when exploring a new-ish subject.

      [Example of #3, since it’s a touch complicated: Go on Twitter and post about the Pfizer jabs. You can post all you want about 5G nanobots and you’ll get very little pushback. Often no engagement at all. But use a very small account to post about certain facts that have published papers backing them up and you’ll get swarmed by an army of trolls. Considering how Twitter functions, how’d they find your post when you have basically now followers to amplify the message and why do they feel the need to go after an account so hard when it has 0-3 followers? Because they’re actively looking for specific topics that they want to shut down.]

      The Cloward and Piven strategy demonstrably works. I’ve pointed that out vis a vis CB radio and the FCC before. We should try as hard as possible not to play into any facet of that strategy, and this sort of division is one of them. You’re already marked as a future “kulak” or “wrecker”. If they get enough people to agree with that then things get real spicy real fast.

      And remember, if they can’t take over the system as they’d like they are willing to burn it all down to rule the ash pile.

      Transnational shipping and your 2A rights… tick, tock motherflippers.

    • “Liberty then I would say that, in the whole plenitude of it’s extent, it is unobstructed action according to our will: but rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will, within the limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’; because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.” Thos. Jefferson

      Someone might want to pass this on to that clown.


  2. It feels so good to know there are military personnel who believe us peasants haven’t earned our rights. Nothing terrifyingly coupish or third-worldy about that at all.

    I’m sure the wokification of the forces hasn’t increased their numbers or anything either.

    • That’s at least one reason why the Services are having to lower the standards to even come close to recruiting goals. I’m prior service who loved my time in uniform 20 years ago but tell anyone who asks that if they tried to call me back. I’d use the notice as toilet paper and send it right back to them…. I feel bad for the people who want to serve but the Military top brass just doesn’t deserve their loyalty or sacrifice anymore.

      • Did they lower the standards to the proposed level back during the Vietnam era with some less than optimal results? Also lol at any comparison of military training to concealed carry. Unless you were doing some covert or criminal investigation work it really was never a thing.

    • There has always been military and LE that feel they are more important than the people they serve, and will tell you so. They act as if the training they received makes them super special.
      It stands to reason that you should get some instruction, and just about any firing range(on a slow day)will be glad to teach you the safety rules and how to field strip your weapon. If you go there before you buy, they can show you the differences and help you make an informed choice.
      It is not illegal to be foolish, but some instruction is a good thing. Forcing people to learn the rules isn’t the answer, people have to live up to their responsibilities

      • rt66psul. WRONG! Most military and LE think of themselves as normal people. We in LE don’t have any axe to grind except against people who think they are above the law (i.e.: exempt from the VTL, etc).
        While the training in firearms if less than adequate, law enforcement officers do a job that most people don’t want to do as it is not the highest paying job around.
        “Some instruction is a good thing”? No, anyone who said or says he has had “enough instruction” is dangerous to be around.

      • @rt66paul
        Don’t argue with this guy or he will stalk you around the forum forever.
        He has time to do that because he is morbidly obese and unemployable.
        He isn’t in LE, he’s a RSO but is too fat to work.
        Notice how he placed his bullshit comment right above mine.
        He’s been stalking me for about a month, only his opinions count.
        He’s a morbidly obese dacian but dumber who has weird sexual fantasies
        about Wayne Lapierre who he always calls Mr. Lapierre.
        This guy will argue about pants and is severely emotionally disturbed.

        • Rob S (as in STUPID) POOR BABY. You make personal attacks on me when I pointed out a discrepancy in one of your comments. And that is a CHIEF RANGE SAFETY OFFICER. You see I can teach the course to for someone to get a RSO certification. Any RSO or CRSO worth his salt will give advice to anyone on the firing line who is open to improving his marksmanship. You being a wannabe know-it-all, don’t need any advice. That is why you are so STUPID.
          Stalking you? Every time you make a comment about what you allege to be my weight, I’m gonna come down on you like white on rice. If you want to cal that “stalking”, so be it.That is also correct, Mr Wayne Lapierre is a Mr. You ? I’m not so sure. More like a little girl who doesn’t like to be corrected. Speaking of emotionally disturbed. You are the epitome of emotionally disturbed.
          Try getting some education on firearms.

      • “It is not illegal to be foolish, but some instruction is a good thing.”

        Kids in kindergarten are taught to look both ways before they cross a street, they can also be taught to not touch a gun they come across while playing at a friends house.

        Kids in high school learn to safely drive a car, they can also learn to safely handle a firearm, to keep in pointed in a safe direction while unloading it.

        This is, literally (and I’m using the word correctly), common-sense gun safety that can be taught in schools, if parents are too incompetent to teach it to their kids themselves…

        • When a bunch of kids come accross a gun INE f them at least needs to know how to SAFELY handle it. Else one of the other nes, far more iggerunt, might take it and shoot someone’s eye out. I never have faroured the Eddie Eagle schtick. TEACH children how to afely handle guns. Then tyey and all those round about them will be sfe.
          And don’t tell me indergarten kids are too young. I reach rifle marksmanship,m and a family showed up for the weekend clinic with two yung girls.. one was eightm the toerh six. BOTH paid attention, LEARNED what they were taight, and DID it on the line keeping up with the adults, one of which was their Dad. Both would prep their mags, observe the line cmmands, stop shooting when Cease Fire was called, had great attitudes. Not the only two I’ve known of.
          My Dad’s little sister learned to shoot her Mother’s rifle when she was five. When she was seven, she’d ask to borrow rifles from her brothers at school when it came time for the Tin Can assacre after they’d eaten their lunches. (Grandma needed the rifle at home in case….. and little girl did not yet have her own). She’d often make the boys, even the older ones, md because she could outshoot almost all of them all of the time. At seven……

  3. “to earn that Second Amendment right and carry those weapons in public.”

    No, that RIGHT was guaranteed the moment I was born in the USA.
    Perhaps that’s why Chris White is an ASSISTANT PROFESSOR in HISTORY.
    “An assistant professor is an entry-level university teaching position below that of associate professor and full professor.” He’s basically a graduate student.
    He’s a disgrace to the Marines, a woke liberal with a PhD.

    • This former Marine forgets a few things.. first, his solemn oath, whci has no expiry date, to protect, uphold defend, the US Constitution. IF he’d bother to READ those ten articles of Ammendment, he’d realise that the right to arms is not secondary to DOING anything but being born here. Second he forgot or never bothered to LEARN his history. From WHERE did that Second article originate, along with the other nine? And WHAT are the conditions/qualifications to the exercise of each of those rights ? Right: the fact of being an American.

      He further firgets that despite his claim, the MILITARY that trained him does not trust him to carry weapons, personal or otherwise, on any military base. Proof? Fort Hoot one and two, both instances where ,ilitary turned weapons upon other military on base, but NONE other than the perp were armed so NO ONE coud shoot back.. NONE of them were trusted sufficiently to have been able to carry a weapon on base.

      months of training that military and police officers go through “to earn that Second Amendment right and carry those weapons in public.”

      By his own admission HE would also not be allowed to carry on campus if this law fails.

      What a maroon…….

    • “He’s basically a graduate student.”

      Er, no. Sorry. I actually agree with most of what you say, but this is incorrect. You are thinking if a postdoc position, which is a job that exists kinda sorta between grad student and professor.

      An assistant professor is a professor, full stop, with all the usual research, teaching, and service duties. It is typically a requirement that an assistant professor has earned a PhD before being hired. The role is considered entry level… for professors (i.e. you beed an awful lot of background before you should even bother applying). Usually, an assistant professor is working toward earning tenure, at which point a promotion to associate professor is often granted along with tenure. Earning tenure is hard work, far beyond what is required in grad school. Most assistant professors are well into their career before they earn tenure and associate rank.

      All that said, I know plenty of assistant, associate, and full professors who are idiots. Every field has idiots, and academia has more than its fair share. But critiquing academics for their job title (which is a standard thing) misses the mark – they should be critiqued on their actions and words. The particular assistant professor in question seems quite ignorant to me, and should be ashamed of that ignorance given his field and military background.

  4. RE: “Formerly a Marine Corps infantryman,”

    When your idiot pompous opinion indicates you forgot all about Your Oath to Protect and Defend The Constitution of The United States specifically The Second Amendment you cease being a Marine and rank being an ignorant pos catering to criminals who feed on defenseless victims…apologize.

  5. That is the stupidest argument I have heard in years!
    Despite his professorship, obviously he did not earn his right to free speech either.

    • Definite false appeal to authority. At my range we have to teach former military and police, and others from other shooting organizations, to be raised to OUR standards.

      It is not hard. A completely untrained person can be brought up within a few matches. This is why ALL newcomers are supervised directly by
      experienced members.

    • Like Einstein said, “Any fool knows, the trick is to understand”
      Since he doesn’t Understand, he is only half right which means he is totally Wrong.
      An educated idiot is still…………………well an….. idiot.

  6. Obviously another idiot educated beyond his intelligence. Right of freedom of self defense is a natural right given and ingrained into us by our creator. He doesn’t understand that the government doesn’t grant us the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights, it defines what the government can’t do to it’s citizens. It’s a simple concept this person can’t grasp because it’s too complex for his little brain. Remember this about most of academia, those that can, do, those that can’t, teach.

    • Until about 15 years ago, until the local PDs built a fancy indoor range, a few of the PDs shot their annual quals at our private range.
      Some of the poorest handling and shooting skills I have ever seen, and commands and comments were regularly met with a GFY attitude… do you know who WE are? Towards the last years, they insisted on bringing in their own ROs that would let them discount ” called
      flyers” off of their scores. Yep, only these new Centurians should be allowed to carry.

    • Just for once, let’s use the left’s habit of “renaming” things and label this Ass. Professor as a “Educated Idiot”.
      Even most idiots would kno0w that the rights gauranteed in the Bill of Rights do not require to be “earned”.

      • If a PHD is in anything but a hard science it is pretty suspect. As my daughter who owns four degrees three of them in chemistry says “bullshit, moreshit, pile it higher and deeper”.

        • Heh. The way I learned the phrase was “We know what BS is. Well, MS is just More of the Same, and Phd is piled higher and deeper!”

          As someone with a PhD in math, I cannot help but sympathize with this notion. Particularly when I see what people in the soft “sciences” and the “humanities” get away with.

    • The term is “educated beyond one’s intelligence.” Although as an ex-marine* that is not a terribly high threshold to clear. 😉

      *he lost the privilege of the title “former”

  7. Gun rights are human rights. Everyone should be able to carry a gun anytime and anywhere. If someone is too dangerous to have a gun then are too dangerous to be in society and need to be locked up. The largest mass murders in history have used explosives and fire, not guns.

    Criminals ignore the rules and laws and carry whether guns are allowed or not. I ignore the rules and laws that violate my God given rights.

  8. The Second Amendment is the only thing keeping “experts” like this tool from overthrowing Constitutional government. The seeds for this insanity were planted by so-called “progressives” in the early 20th century, and led to the growth of the massive unelected bureaucracy of the Federal government. These “experts” are nearly always wrong, and this unelected blob needs to be viscerated.

      • I know you meant bet but my local PD is mostly “cops” who have been in combat in war zones. Their situational awareness is top notch.
        Most are ex military that were deployed and fought in the Middle East.
        They have their own combat course which they rent out to other agencies.
        How much money do you want to bet Johnny?

        • Not that way around here. Those fellows have long quit or retired, and the local PD and Sheriff have trouble recruiting high school graduates to sign-up. No one wants to do it, so they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

        • Most with relevant combat experience would have had it over a decade ago now so there is merit to both sides as they do exist and would be experienced officers but would probably be over halfway to retirement by now. More than halfway on average here in NY.

      • These guys for the most part are very cool.
        If you are speeding and have a half a decent excuse,
        they let you go. They are respectful and professional.
        They even radared my one GSD because she was quick.
        She hit 33 mph but ran at a steady 30-31 mph for a while.
        They are cool but I wouldn’t mess with them.

        That being said I know what you mean, some cops shouldn’t even be carrying guns, the twice a year qualifying nonsense is bullshit.
        As for the people on this forum, I honestly don’t know.
        Some talk some craziness and some might be great.

        A perfect example is the comment below this,
        the guy is at least 450lbs, unemployed and i would love to see him in 3-gun.
        “The guy seems to have died from a heart attack.”
        “Alright we will be taking a break, we need help getting his body to a meat truck, our gurney is only rated for 450lbs.”
        Meet my stalker Wally Hillbilly, he’s dacians buddy.
        He’s a volunteer range “safety” officer at some range in New Jersey.

        • Rob S (as in STUPID) the only thing weighing 450 lbs is the air in your head. for your edification unlike your sorry posterior, I Have never been unemployed a day in my life. The real problem here is you don’t like being called out as a fraud. Well, isn”t that too bad? Much to your chagrin, I am alive well and fully functional. Unlike you. For your information, I have never been a :volunteer range “safety” officer in New Jersey. Wrong state, STUPID. I am a CERTIFIED NRA Chief Range Safety Officer and again, this information can ben checked by going to the NRA’s website.
          It is a shame you think so much of dacian the DUNDERHEAD. But then again, “birds of a feather flock together.”

        • Wally Hillbilly go argue and lose to dacian.
          I will give you one thing you are CERTIFIED as in “certifiable.”
          “We in LE don’t have any axe to grind except against people who think they are above the law.”
          You aren’t in LE, you THINK you are a process server.
          NRA Chief Range Safety Officer blah, blah, blah.
          Stick to the topic or STFU, you are a morbidly obese fucking stalker.

        • Rob S (as in STUPID). Nah! You’re more fun. Yep, you are certifiably STUPID, STUPID. For your further edification, I am a retired NYS Correction Sergeant 25 yrs and a police officer of 10 yrs service. So, yeah that makes me a LEO. And for your further edification (again) a process server is an Officer of the Court. And yeah, I have the NRA certifications. You only certified as STUPID
          Now don’t go away mad, just go away, STUPID.

        • Rob S (as in STUPID) Any time you “think” you can “shut” me “up”, go for it. I’m the easiest guy in Rome NY to find.

        • Walter E Beverly III,

          Of course you are the easiest person guy to find in ANY town.
          You are so obese that it would be impossible to not spot you.
          You can easily be shut up Wally but I’ll let nature take care of that.
          You are at the end of your life and I would never threaten you.

          Your LexisNexis report has an interesting entry on it.
          You were forced to retire because you had sexual activity with an inmate with a year and half until you 25 years OTJ.
          Being that you were a CO at a male prison just makes that worse.
          Really Walter, having gay sex with an incarcerated men?
          You are truly a fucking sick deranged individual.
          You were a year and a half away from 25 years in.
          Instead you forced to resign and to keep it hushed up you took a partial pension. We have established a few things with this report:
          You should have done time for corn holing a prisoner under your watch. If was you being corn holed, either way that makes you gay.
          Your behavior was a serious abuse of your power.
          No wonder you are such a prick, you are a very dishonorable man.
          You can stop the righteous I was this or that bullshit.
          Your pass misdeeds always follow you but you know that.

          If you have a problem with this report, take it up with LexisNexis.

        • Rob S (as in STUPID). More of your lies? Is this really the best you can do? The only corn holes here are you, dacian the DUNDERHEAD and MINOR Miner49er. You three must get together on weekends to exchange bodily fluids.
          You are one really sick M/Fer, aren’t you.

        • Actually that would be you Wally, I never had gay sex in my life and unlike you getting caught and being forced to resign is really some sick shit. A gay prison guard forcing his way onto men, that’s some pretty sick shit.

          I bet the prisoners had a name for you, what was it?
          LexisNexis only has basic facts so if you were forced to resign for sexual misconduct then I assume you were the one doing the molesting or were you the one taking it in the hole?

        • Rob S (as in Stupid). That is not what is said on line about your sorry well used posterior. Again, you are lying. You see here in NYS if a correction employee engages in sexual conduct with any convict, they are prosecuted. If you had accessed my so called Lexis Nexis profile you would find I have no arrests on my record of any kind. There was no “forced resignation”.
          Again, you are the ONLY guy (term used advisedly) who “thinks” (LOL) that six (6) miles over the limit is not speeding.
          The only misconduct here is yours and of course with your boy friend, Bubba.

        • Rob S (The NOW ADMITTED STUPID LIAR), I just received the below form TTAG:

          Site logo image The Truth About Guns
          New comment!

          “Rob S just commented on Marshall University Prof: Cops and Vets Earn Their Second Amendment Rights Through Months of Training.

          In response to Miner49er:

          You can contact anyone you want, I’m sure “Truth Finder” is going to actually going to do anything but brownie points to you. That probably has a totally different meaning to you being gay and all that.

          Anyway I do have a serious question. Whats with the shape of your head? Honestly did you get your head stuck in something as a child or is that a generic disorder? I’m actually being serious but Walter, you look like a cone-head and I’m not trying to insult you.

          Is there a story behind that because I find it very interesting.”

          Now that you have ADMITTED you were lying, I am more than sure that you have the morals of a criminal. After all a “guy” who “thinks” that six (6) miles over the limit is not speeding has to have more than just that in his background. I have to wonder about your business dealings. I would not be surprised if you have pulled more than a few shady deals.
          As to Truth Finder, IF you were ever a member, due to your now admitted misconduct, you will probably be prevented from using that service in the future.
          You are truly POND S C U M.

        • Take your meds Wally, Truth Finder is a data broker that anyone can use. It’s one of the $1.99 sites for useless info.
          Still obsessed that I bought my way out of a petty ticket 15 years ago.
          That’s a bit different then having sex with prisoners under your control.
          BTW I edited that comment because I left out the word not. As in I have access to LexisNexis and you do NOT or you can opt out of Truth Finder but you can NOT opt out of LexisNexis.

          I take it that you are NOT going answer the what is going on with your cone-head question.

        • Rob S (As in SXTUPID liar), Again, you have lied. You claimed that TruthFinder (Lexis Nexis) had information that I was terminated for having sex with a convict. No such information exists because it never happened. I am calling TRuthFinder (Lexis Nexis) today to inform them of your abuse of their web cite in violation of their terms of service. Be prepared to get kicked off. You won’t be opting out, you will be kicked off. There is no “cone head question” other than the one in your 450lb air inflated head.
          You might also find yourself in a world of trouble.
          Have you been going six(6) miles over the limit much any more and still think your stinking posterior isn’t speeding? I’ll bet when the officer stopped you, you were also driving erratically and he thought you might be drunk or high. Use much dope, much, dope?
          Bought your way out of the ticket? Are you now alleging you paid the officer a bribe? Or did you pay the court that $300? You lie so much, it is hard for you to remember the truth, huh?
          Pond S C U M!

        • OK Wally or should I say Rocco:
          Truth Finder is some basic data miner and isn’t related to LexisNexis in any way shape or form. Call away.
          Never mind a trivial ticket or who got paid and lets focus on your much more serious misdeeds while on the job.
          I know who I paid. The rest of your babble is projection.

        • Rob S (As in STUPID Liar) I have a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you, boy. Lexis owns TRUTHFINDER. You are in for a very rude awakening. There is NOTHING on Lexis Nexis about me in their web site. Nice try. You are little more than a lying piece of Pone S C U M. Your misdeeds are monumental. I just might have an attorney contact TTAG and find out your information with an eye towards a law suit for defamation and slander. Get your check book out.

        • Wally by all means please do. This all all 100% legal.

          LexisNexis does not own TRUTH FINDER, TRUTH FINDER is a scam website for idiots like yourself. Your idiocy just shows that you nothing about LexisNexis which is kind of shocking with all the BS you spew.

          I was this, I was that, no you weren’t and have been called on it.
          You are a disgraced CO, nothing more.

          BTW you may respond to this but I wont be responding, I have more important things to do then trade posts with an unbalanced
          SEX OFFENDER.

        • Rob S (as in STUPID LAIR) You are as q u e e r as a three dollar bill. As usual you have no clue. IT seems you just love to lie to make yourself look better to others. It’s the only way you can get recognition for your trite posts.
          The disgrace is POND S C U M like you who think they have a right to break the law just because they have a few bucks in their bank account. I hope the next police officer who stops your sorry posterior does the right thing and writes you another summons for your indiscriminate driving habits. I’ll bet you are the kind of imbecile that doesn’t signal when he changes lanes or makes a turn. You are an accident looking for a victim.
          Thanks for your permission to sue your scrawny posterior. Like I said, get your checkbook ready, POND S C U M. You are a sex offender who just hasn’t been caught yet. Let me see what I can do about that.
          I am more than sure you will respond. You just can’t help yourself. You suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Unfortunately the rest of us have to suffer with you

    • Most police departments only qualify with their handgun only once a year. There is a 8 hour class in which each officer only fires his handgun for about 20 minutes. The other 7 hrs 40 minutes is classroom (about an hour) and standing around waiting to go to the firing line. Most police officers qualify with scores that show less than proficiency.
      In the case of the military, the ARMY only qualifies ONCE a year with approximately the same amount o time spent on the firing line as the police. LAst I knew only the Marines qualify twice a year. Again, many soldiers and Marines qualify with minimal scores.
      This professor is full of donkey dust.

      • Slightly longer for MP units but only because they do rifle pistol and lmg the same weekend. Otherwise exactly what I have seen/reviewed. Also you are being very generous with the description of scores especially when the poor performers often have good shooters next to them with extra ammo.

        • SAFE, Correct. I know of one guy who was a transportation officer at Green Haven C.F. who came out to practice at the range with the Green Haven Pistol Team and could not hit the broad side of a barn at 3 feet. We tried to coach him to shoot better but it was hopeless. He shook the gun every time he lifted it to aim so hard he could not find the iron sights. Out of a score of 300, we could only get him to a 115. Somehow when he went to the range the next week, he scored a 225 which was “qualifying”. Someone had .38 cal pencil.

        • The bullshit never stops with this guy.
          RSOs coaching people on shooting now.
          The guy came with the Green Haven Pistol Team.
          You would think they would help the guy and the RSO.
          Sounds like a pile of bullshit and defiantly is.

        • Rob can’t speak as much for active duty but reserve and guard units typically use E6 and above for RSO and coaching underperforming soldiers was quite common as were shots being missed on other lanes somehow hitting their targets during mandatory qualifications.

        • Wally has been shadow stalking me so I’m just responding to his nonsense.

          Check back on this thread and he will have to have the last comment on every comment made. This one of the only times that he directly confronted me and I’m not taking any shit from him. This was all over a simple disagreement so I kind of see him as basically a dumb version of dacian or Miner.

          He comes out of the woodwork to pile on dacian when others are piling on, he is basically a coward that says the same insults over and over which I find funny, he’s easily over 400lbs. My personal thoughts are he is one of those RSOs that actually chase people away from a range.

          Plus in last comment he was talking about a prison guard and not anything military related. My village PD does indeed have a tactical or combat course and they are pretty good with their sidearms and long guns. Most of them still have jarhead haircuts.

          I get the whole military thing, my neighbor was a marine, never saw combat and is just an awful shot and that’s at stationary targets. We cant go shooting together anymore, he is really embarrassed at his shooting skills. He bought a M1 Garand and thought he would put me in my place. He was all over the place at 100 yards and once I got the sights dialed in was shooting less then 1 MOA with Fiocchi ammo which is no big deal with a Garand.

          I am sick of this guy stalking my posts, especially a day or two later. The guy is a OCD mental case, that I’m sure of.

        • Well his posted name does match with a retired CO from NYDOCCS and a certain level of OCD is a net positive in that line of work. As to the rest misunderstandings and nonsense can build up easily online with no audible context in communication and it’s not like I haven’t had disagreement with him before. Not sure how it got that negative on your end but haven’t had truly negative issues with either of you two so dunno what to tell you. Sucks to hear about your neighbor though it would be awesome to have someone to go shooting with that isn’t an hour drive away.

        • Rob S (as in STUPID) Seems the guy who has OCD is you STUPID. Yep, I am a retired NYS DOCCS Sergeant. Don’t you wish you could reach that level of competency? I am sure you have had LOTS of on line disagreements. It happens when you are so stUPID. I got negative when you didn’t like a comment I made about one of your missives.
          I doubt you could hit the broad side of a barn with a twelve ga shotgun at 12 feet.

        • Rob S (as in STUPID) That’s right. STUPID. YOu make the STUPIDEST unfounded personal attacks and then expect that the other party will just slink away. Not on your life.
          You come off as a wannabe know-it-all. In actuality you don’t know shit for shinola. Do the world a favor and take a NRA training course. If I were you I would start with Home Firearm Safety and see if you can pass.

        • Rob S (as in STUPID). Is it my fault that you are so ignorant? Yep, I was the OIC of the Green Haven Correctional Facility Pistoi Team so appointed by the Superintendent, Mr Charles Scully. We competed in a number of matches in the NYSPPA and did rather well.
          Sounds like you are just a tad envious.

        • Are you done Tubby?
          Your OCD rants can go on and on and nobody cares.
          You started the attacks and the stalking.
          Three rants in a row, you tied your record.
          If I include the one up above that would be four, a new record.
          Go eat and sleep. Don’t forget your CPAP machine.
          I know you morbidly obese people can easily just die in their sleep.
          I have pity for you, that’s FAR from envy.
          Don’t forget to take your meds, you obviously need them.
          Your OCD has morphed into delusions of grandeur.
          You are and never will be anything, I ran you on LexisNexis.
          Goodnight Wally, maybe in your next life you might actually accomplish something instead of just being a burden on society.

        • Rob S (as in STUPID). Nope, not near done. Not even close. You have told enough lies about me here to fill a book. You’re just another piece of garbage with a big mouth and no brain to back it up. Psst. I’m not on Lexis. So I don’t know what you found, but then again, neither do you.
          i’ve accomplished more in my time than you could in two life times. But then that is not hard is it? Especially when you have accomplished nothing as you have. Liars never do accomplish anything but more lies.

        • Psst. Everyone with Social Security number has a LexisNexis file.
          Solutions for professionals who shape the world.
          You knew that so don’t play dumb.

          You accomplished raping male prisoners and living in a shitshack.
          When you started I wrote my garage is bigger then your house.
          Your house is a small dump in Rome that you THINK you run a business out of.

          Mohawk Valley Process Service Not yet rated (0 Reviews).
          Twenty fucking years and not one review. Is that also a lie?

        • Rob S (as in STUPID) Whether or not you have a social security number has nothing to do with being on Lexis Nexis. Nice try, there, STUPID.
          Seems you live in squalor in a hut in Illinois. So much for your garage being bigger than my house. You love hiding under a rock with the rest of your clan.
          That’s right, STUPID. I run Mohawk Valley Process Service out of Rome, NY. As a matter of fact, I have been praised by the NYS 5th Dept Appellate Div as well as the local justices, and Supreme Court Justices. If you wish to question, you can contract any number of attorney’s in this area as well as Judge Daniel Wilson (ret) who said in open court, that my affidavits of service are the most complete he has ever seen. I have had four Traverse Hearings in which my service was questioned and won each.
          The only thing you are “professional” at is being a Bull Shit Artist.
          You are the only guy I know who thinks that going six (6) miles over the speed limit isn’t speeding. ROFLAMOBT!

      • “Your LexisNexis report has an interesting entry on it.
        You were forced to retire because you had sexual activity with an inmate with a year and half until you 25 years OTJ.
        Being that you were a CO at a male prison just makes that worse.
        Really Walter, having gay sex with an incarcerated men?“

        Scratch a right wing extremist gun-nut, find an abusive closeted homosexual corrupt cop.

        No wonder most people on here enjoy employing same-sex insults.

        You just can’t make this shit up.

        • No you cant just make this shit up. It costs me big money to have access to LexisNexis. I usually only use for important inquiries but there was something off about Wally, he came across as a complete nutjob. He literally would post insults days after the fact and write some very weird shit.

          The response to this got his panties in a bunch: You have 5 fucking chins, you are like an entire Chinese family. How much do think this D bag weighs?

          Some of his his oh so weird posts after the fact: “You need someone to “stalk” you.” He defends pedophile priests and the best yet was the pants versus slacks comment when he was talking about the NRA and Wayne Lapierre who he seems to have a crush on.

          I’m going to have someone pull up his EMR record next week and there should be some very shocking shit on that. I want to know what medications this guy is taking and if those medications would make him a prohibited person.

          He is usually good for a flyby troll comment but this time this gay fat man fucked with the wrong person.

        • MINOR Miner49er, You’re a LIAR. I was not “fired for sexual activity with a convict, but I’ll bet you have been in jail and were Bubba’s girl. As a matter of fact, I retired with a number of commendations for my work investigating crimes (stabbings) in the prison I last worked.
          Seems you are another miscreant jealous arse-wipe.

        • Rob S (as in STUPID). You say and your boy, MINOR Miner49er can’t make this stuff up, but yet both of you do. More penis envy, there, STUPID? Did you like my profile? Sorry but unlike you and MINOR, I’m not into guys.
          And you certainly do need someone to stalk your rotten posterior. Most of what you claim is gibberish and repetitious. The only person here defending anything is you, STUPID. I don’t defend any pedo’s. as a matter of fact it is well known that you do. Be careful now, the police could come to your home and execute a search warrant for your computer with all those little kid’s pics.
          Speaking of nutjobs, isn’t that your pic in the dictionary next to the word?
          People like you, dacian the DUNDERHEAD and MINOR Miner49er, are like children and should be seen but not heard.

        • MINOR Miner49er. No such entry exists. Except of course in your and ROB S (as in STUPID)’s minds.

        • I thought you said you weren’t on LexisNexis.
          I’m looking at your LexisNexis report right now.
          You were forced to resign when you were 55.
          I’m waiting on your EHR while you read this.
          I want to see what psychotropic meds you are on.
          You are very sick person Wally, one who majorly fucked up.

        • Rob S (as in STUPID) you are a liar. I have never been “fired” from any jo, nor forced to resign or retire. You’re suffering for a serious case of “penis envy.” Seems the Lexis you are talking about is a search engine. The LexisNexis I am referring to is a legal research source. I am in the process of accessing what you claim and you are now called out for being a liar as well as STUPID! I heard the bank is going to foreclose on your shack.
          It also seems you have violated the rules of LEXIS NEXIS in you are harassing me with false information you are claiming is on the site. Actually, I will be contacting Truth Finder to file a complaint about your conduct.

        • You can contact anyone you want, I’m sure “Truth Finder” is not going to actually going to do anything but brownie points to you. That probably has a totally different meaning to you.
          You know the whole CO gay rape thing?

          Anyway I do have a serious question. Whats with the shape of your head? Honestly did you get your head stuck in something as a child or is that a generic disorder? I’m actually being serious but Walter, you look like a cone-head and I’m not trying to insult you.

          Is there a story behind that because I find it very interesting and it might explain some things about you and your behavior.

  9. Prof. White makes an excellent argument for bringing back firearms instruction in grade school and high school.

    As for:
    “he referenced months of training that military and police officers go through “to earn that Second Amendment right and carry those weapons in public”

    I would like to know what a Citizen of the US needs to do to earn his/her:
    1st Amendment Right
    4th Amendment Right
    5th Amendment Right

    Is there a special training program offered at his university?

  10. Liberals: only the police and military have the training to carry firearms. They’re the only ones who should have them.

    Also liberals: The police and military are violent racists.

  11. Really.

    I spent more time marching up and down a square in the army than shooting. I spent more time in a classroom than on the range in the popo.

    It’s such a pathetic appeal to authority in days when LTs and above in the police forget or lose their duty pistols, or FBI agents drop them when dancing and they discharge. Such experts.

    Also, since when do I earn rights?

    • “I’ll have to ask around a bit“

      Sure, I’ve been in Huntington several times, nice little river town.

      I would recommend a great little restaurant, Thabet’s on 4th Ave., but Andrea was getting a little old so she closed it down back in 2007. They did great with slices of fried eggplant and beans and cornbread with fresh onions, Yum!

  12. I partially agree with his comments. But the training part is skewed. Just go to a public range and watch some of the unsafe and stupidly dangerous things people do with guns. Doubt me? Just go to you tube. However, there are plenty of videos of “trained” cops and vets doing same unsafe things. Blanket statements like his don’t help anyone. Part of reason National reciprocity will never happen. Permit and training requirements vary greatly from state to state.

        • Make it 8, this chick is a stripper:

          “Gun Chic has been dating the same man, known only as Hoskins for years now. According to the rumors, they started dating while Gun Chic was still working as a stripper, as Hoskins is also good with weapons and allegedly has several at his home.”

          I stopped going to public ranges because of CCL instructors bringing in 30 people and getting them to qualify with no supervision. When a round went flying through my lane thankfully high I said no more and now go to a private range or some property downstate that a neighbor bought and built a range.

        • She’s more then a dingbat, she is so unsafe she is dangerous.
          Many people who come across her channel think this is parody.
          It isn’t, this a reason why I stopped going to public ranges.
          Besides doing about 20 unsafe things, she keeps hitting the mag release button and dropping the magazine.
          She doesn’t know this because she shoots with her eyes closed.

          Her channel now has 88,000 subscribers which means anyone will watch anything on YouTube. She’s still a stripper but at 30 years old she is pretty beat up like an old whore.
          30 years old in stripper years is like 50ish.

        • Improper attire. If she gets a hot casing down that shirt, it could go very bad for others on the range as has happened before. I tell new shooters (male and female) to wear something that doesn’t have an open collar-like a T shirt.

      • ya ever been in Memphis Tn?

        my sister lives just across the state line in Southaven Ms. We go visit her occasionally. I’ve driven in all 50 states, I have never seen as many bad drivers as I’ve seen in Memphis. its almost like they have cross hairs on their windshields and are aiming for you.

  13. As a prior service member…


    It’s not even worth saying anything else to people like this. Just laugh, say “no” then walk off.

  14. Living it trumps reading about it. The only people on the ship that knew more about guns than me were the gunners mates.

  15. “to earn that Second Amendment right and carry those weapons in public.”

    did you need to “earn” your 1st, 4th, etc… rights too?

    you obviously do not understand what constitutional rights are.

  16. Hot of the Presses, Unrelated to this thread but very Apropos to this US vs. Them shenanigans goin’ on 2Aday….

    A Texas lawmaker has filed a resolution in the state legislature to let the federal government know all the guns in his district have been lost in boating accidents.

    The measure, HCR 54, would notify “the federal government of the tragic loss of firearms, accessories, and ammunition of all private gun owners in Hunt, Hopkins, and Van Zandt Counties, and possibly other counties, in a series of alleged boating accidents.”

    The resolution was filed Tuesday by state Republican Rep. Bryan Slaton, who contends the heads-up to Washington is needed due to “recent attacks on the 2A by Joe Biden,” referencing the President’s repeated rhetoric in pushing for outlawing the future sales of common semi-automatic firearms and their standard capacity magazines.

    “I am deeply sorry for the citizens of House District 2 for their alleged loss,” said Slaton on the resolution’s filing. “I join my constituents in their alleged mourning, and I encourage all of my colleagues in the Legislature to investigate if there was a similar alleged series of accidents in their districts, and inform the Federal Government of the same, by adding their counties to this resolution so that we do not add insult to injury.”

    Texas is one of 16 states that have officially warned the White House over President Biden’s recent “irresponsible, radical, and unconstitutional statements” in favor of new federal gun bans.

    Banner image: Chris Eger/ NOW THAT’s LAWMAKIN’ BABY! Republican Rep. Bryan Slaton You GO boy!

  17. I knew fellow Marines who should of never be allowed near a firearm.

    My ex-wife, Air Force, had one day of training and one day at the range.

    A LGS had a indoor range. I would shoot once a week. One week, suddenly the range was full. All LEOs. I asked the manager what was up. He said their annual quals were next week. It is the only time they shoot.
    Then there are these guys:

    However, I do know some LEOs who shoot on a regular basis, on their own dime.

  18. When I took my wear and carry class, even though submitting a DD214 would negate the training requirement, many vets actually went to take the classes anyway because they knew DAMN WELL they had limited exposure or none at all to handguns during their service.

    Not to mention the different dynamic of carrying a weapon on duty vs the general public. I really wish people in positions of relative authority stop propagating the myth that every LEO or person in the military is highly trained in the use of a handgun and therefore more responsible than other members of the population.

  19. “he referenced months of training that … police officers go through ‘to earn that Second Amendment right and carry those weapons in public.’ ”

    For accidentally shot by police vs. ordinary law abiding armed citizens:

    * Handguns: Less than a 0.0004% probability a person will be shot accidentally by an ordinary law abiding armed citizen, a little more than a 6% probability a person will be shot accidentally by law enforcement.​

    * Rifles: A 0.0005% probability a person will be shot accidentally by an ordinary law abiding armed citizen, a 4.7% probability a person will be shot accidentally by law enforcement.​

    When near misses (‘others’ not actually hit) and personal injury ‘negligent discharge’ types are factored in …​

    * Handgun: law enforcement slightly over 7% probability – ordinary law abiding armed citizen a little over 0.0004% probability.​

    * Rifle : law enforcement – 5.2% probability – ordinary law abiding armed citizen a little over 0.0003% probability.​

    Seems to me, that right, in context with your statements, was ‘earned’ by the ordinary law abiding armed citizen not the “police”. I’m not sure exactly what was taught in all that “training” you claim police had to “earn” what was already theirs inherently as American citizens. But apparently even the mere mortal ordinary law abiding armed citizen without ‘that police training’, considering your ignorant statements, actually deserves that right.

    You idiot, no American Citizen “earns” the right. Its already been bought and paid for in blood and given to American Citizen inherently, we are born into it, its our right inherently by citizenship, due to something called the ‘Revolutionary War’ and ya know that thing you don’t know anything about called the ‘Bill of Rights’ that codified it, and even before that in the form of a natural right to self-defense.

  20. My Rights are inherent in me because I’m a human being.

    They aren’t given to me by the government and I don’t have to genuflect and tuck at my forelock to ask permission to exercise them…least of all from a college professor.

  21. Most operational units in the Army qualify twice per year on their assigned weapon. They do not build proficiency beyond shooting at pop up or paper targets from a few shooting positions. If they are higher level staff or an educational institution they probably don’t even touch a weapon their entire time in that assignment. A soldier might fire up to 200 rounds a year on their M4 (very generous or they can’t qualify and get to do some extra shooting) and a little more for a crew served weapon. They do little to no dynamic shooting. If you are going to use the moronic argument that training means you earned your rights, then civilians would be way ahead.

  22. I find it hilariously funny (maybe even horrendously so) that those who think only cops should have guns tend to be the same ones that want to DEFUND those same cops.

    Racist cops are the only people qualified to have or carry guns.

  23. They guy has something of a point. America’s veterans pay the ongoing cost of protecting freedom, and your rights. Yes, veterans have earned their rights. But, veterans also earned and payed for those exact same rights FOR ALL OF YOU. My Grandpa didn’t fight in WW1 to protect his own personal rights – he fought for ALL OF US. My dad didn’t fight in WW2 to protect his own personal rights – he fought for ALL OF US. Big Brother didn’t go to ‘Nam to protect his own personal rights – he fought for ALL OF US. (I won’t go into how the government misused the troops in ‘Nam, we’ll leave that where it is for now.)

    I served, not myself, but I served America.

    Some silly bastard in a university doesn’t speak for America. I do, because I served America. My wife, my sons, my daughters-in-law, my grandkids all have the same rights that I defended. So does the kid down the street, the grocer, the butcher, the doctor, the schoolbus driver – all Americans.

    Yeah, Grandpa, Dad, brother and I have earned our rights. And we are happy to give all of those rights away to our families, friends, neighbors, associates, and whoever loves America.

  24. I live 20 minutes from marshall university in huntington wv, there’s no way in hell I would go unarmed or allow my children to go there unarmed. if the idiots who call themselves university presidents took a poll of the people in their community, they wouldn’t have written those stupid letters

  25. Serving in the military does not automatically mean you respect the BoR, but the Marine Corps definitely has the most conservative-leaning and freedom-loving culture that I experienced and enjoyed for five years. I worry more about the forced cultural shift towards wokethink and division through SJW pandering in the larger branches.

    The tinfoil hat wearer in me honestly believes there is a concerted effort by congress to empty the military of patriots who would question orders to use force against the American people. It goes hand-in-hand with their cultural long-game to diminish respect for and legal protection of the 2nd Amendment as much as possible across generations.

  26. Most military and law enforcement personnel are novices with firearms and marksmanship unless they were assigned to a marksmanship team/unit that did more than just routine qualification.

  27. So now after spitting on the military for decades, now suddenly military training is a good thing to the Left???
    The Left has always been very comfortable with only the police and military, being allowed to openly carry machine guns.

    • Anything that backs their argument for concentration of power within their ranks and stripping you of agency is a winning argument in their book.

      They don’t have double standards, they have one; Say whatever gets them power in the moment.

  28. So the military who swear an oath to protect and defend the constitution have to earn the very rights they already have inherently under the constitution they swear to protect and defend?

    used car salesman: “hey Joe, i’ll sell you this car and give you a good deal on it.”

    Joe: “thats my car, I drove it in here. I already own it.”

    used car salesman: “thats why I’ll give you a good deal.”

    the military member does not buy back something they already own (the 2A right) by ‘earning’ it. its already theirs.

  29. Well Mr Professor as a Veteran and in light of your opinion, I as a FormerParatrooper, equal to 10 crayon eaters such as yourself, do hereby grant the Right of of all Americans the same Right as you confer among the Military and police.

    My decree is worth the same as your opinion.

  30. Ain’t this part of the plot from ‘Starship Troopers’? You have to be a vet to vote and exercise the rights of a ‘citizen’?

  31. References to prior service are not exactly new but have been hyped extensively in the recent gun debate, particularly online. The Left presents these people as “experts”, and have pushed that enormously after they saw what they could get away with due to “expert advice” in the past few years.

    It’s really just an appeal to authority mixed with the presumption that “hero” status can’t be questioned (like nurses in 2021), unless of course you’re a bad person. This makes it easy to dismiss you and your argument in the immediate because, well, you’re a bad person.

    There are numerous examples of this online and they get boosted with retweets and such by gun-control orgs. Hell, they even bring some of these assholes in to testify about bills in California.

    It’s a smuggling method for bullshit. They’re reading a script and probably being paid. In universities they’re the faculty version of BrooklynDad_Defiant! or Lakota Man on Twitter. Following the money.

    In this specific instance the guy’s at the very start of the tenure track (Assistant Professor, meaning he’s a lecturer basically) and he’s certainly aware that promoting things, no matter how idiotic, that please the new DEI office or the administration are the things most likely to get him promoted to Associate Professor. Doing his actual job is actually a liability in terms of the DEI office, and IRL, they’re making the tenure decisions.

    So, he knows where is bread is buttered if the admins/DEI jerkoffs want a pro-gun control argument, he’s willing to lend his prior creds to it because it enhances his chances of securing a permanent position at this institution going forward.

  32. The Prof. is entitled to his opinions. As is anyone else.
    In the 22 years I put in as a US Army soldier, I noticed about 25% of those in uniform shouldn’t be within 20 meters of a firearm. Not because they are overly violent or likely to harm anyone intentionally, but because they were dangerously stupid.
    As a bar and restaurant owner I’ve known numerous LEO’s. good people for the most part, doing a largely thankless job. Half of them couldn’t pass a basic firearm safety course.
    Very few active duty military or LEO’s shoot more than a couple times a year to qualify. Even fewer train for concealed carry or defensive use of arms.
    On the issue of licenses/permits to carry.
    Basic qualifications and training would be nice. Problem is basic is just that. bare minimum.
    Just as an example, how many idiots do you see driving around every day? They have a license and have had basic training.
    Lastly, I have not noticed any requirements beyond being a citizen to earn the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and BOR. Whether born or naturalized.

  33. “I have not noticed any requirements beyond being a citizen to earn the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and BOR. Whether born or naturalized.”

    AFAIK. As long as an individual is “legally” in the United States, that individual has the same 2nd amendment right as citizens.

    I could be wrong as I am not a constitutional scholar like Barry.

  34. The police, law enforcement officers, at best receive 60 hours of training. You can look up any and every states LEO firearms training qualifications and training regimen – its all public. Look up the NYPD own commissioned firearms report from RAND the professionals in the NYPD all 30,000 active duty barely have enough on-hands training at best 14 hours, some with none (as the cadets learn in team shared environment) for a group of new recruits given NYC’s and NY’s multiple unconstitutional laws over 80% have never seen or even fired a gun before attending the NYPD’s training academy.

    The vast majority, rarely train beyond what is absolutely necessary to qualify; and it shows.

    • damion, That is what I have been saying. Most LEO’s are far from proficient with a handgun or a rifle. Barely acquainted with a shotgun.

  35. Professor Chris White said, “to earn that Second Amendment right…”
    No, God-given rights guaranteed by the US Constitution are not earned, and this is not the dystopian dictatorship of Starship Troopers, where “service guarantees citizenship.”
    In America, you don’t have to “earn” your freedom of religion.
    You don’t have to “earn” your right to free speech.
    You don’t have to “earn” your right to vote.
    And you don’t have to “earn” your Second Amendment right!

    That said, is Professor Chris White saying that ROTC cadets and those of us who are military veterans are free to carry guns on the Marshall University Campus? Can we get that promise in writing?

  36. The Second Amendment has absolutely ZERO to do with cops or soldiers. Cops did not exist until the 1850s and federal and state military power is divided up in the “Army Clause and the Militia Clauses” of Article 1 of the Constitution creating the powers of Congress. In 1787 the Bill of Rights did not exist.

  37. I’ve been a Patron of the same LGS for over 40 years, I’ve watched the owner and his staff, watch a buyer’s skills at the counter, an recognize a Newbie right off. Righf then and there, they’ll go through the basic 4 rules. Before completing the sale, they are handing out cards and phone numbers to local trainers and the Municipal Ranges free Safety Classes, and encouraging the buyer to take advantage of the free Safety training. I’ve also been in big box stores where the kid behind the corunter knew less about the gun than the newbie and zip for safe handling, and the customer walks out the door knowing nothing. The point is that when a Salesman notices poor skills, saying something to correct the poor skill is morally an obligation. The owner and friend Keith, in d told me one of his biggest fears as an owner, is that a gun he sold would injure or kill someone through negligent handling. On a side note, he’s pretty quick on picking up Straw Purchases too.
    I, like many on here, grew up with guns in the home, and safe handling was beat (not literally) into me from a young age, but not everyone has that advantage. As I got older, I sought out more training on my own, later becoming certified to teach and become a certified RSO.
    Is training a requirement of the 2nd Amendment? Some will argue that “well regulated” in the first clause means Yes, but when the 2nd was penned, well regulated meant “uniform,” as in drilled to act as one as one would in a Militia drilled to Volley Fire. So, “well regulated” wasn’t what the Left likes to claim.
    The Second Clause (I say second because it stands on its own, and is not subject or secondary to the first clause), ” the right of the people to keep and bear arms…” does not have a Training Requirement attached to it. So the argument that only those who’ve received can keep and bear arms is moot. It’s not a requirement, and for the government to impose a requirement is infringement.
    I believe strongly, that Responsible Law Abiding Citizens, honest with themselves and their abilities,, will recognize their shortcomings and seek to correct said faults. The fact that our twice monthly Gun Safety Classes are at capacity every two weeks reinforces my belief, as no less than 2/3rds of each class sign up for further training.

  38. “and concern that the presence of firearms could stifle the free exchange of ideas” Yeah, only the left is supposed to do that…


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