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Courtesy Mark Robinson for NC
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You may not remember Mark Robinson’s name, but you should remember the epic “I am the majority” rant he delivered to the Greensboro, North Carolina city council as they were considering a gun show ban following the Parkland shooting.

The incredibly positive response Robinson received with video of his remarks went viral convinced him to run for North Carolina Lieutenant Governor. On Tuesday, he defeated 25-year government veteran Yvonne Holley to win the seat.


“To come from a poverty-stricken background with all the strikes against me and succeed at this level I think should give every American, no matter what the color, no matter what the gender, hope that they too can succeed in this great place,” Robinson said.

Robinson’s campaign focused on championing the pro-life movement, fighting for workers and job security, defending school choice and protecting the Second Amendment.

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    • I think someone with good intentions and common sense who doesn’t know anything about politics or how to run a government, is still better than your average politician.

    • (Smile)
      Tommy Sotomayor, Kevin Samuels, O’Shay Duke Jackson, Jaye De Black, and Kid Organic.
      These men have been making black women mad for a very long time now on you tube. And their channels are only getting bigger and bigger.

    • Wait a minute…he IS a black man! He beat a black woman for the job? So what?
      He’s a conservative. I don’t care what color he is. He’s one of us!

      • You need to FINE TUNE your SARCASM radar… It was a FUCKING JOKE for all those who did NOT get it……

  1. I live in NC. If only the citizens of NC had been as vigilant in the Governor’s race….
    I’ll take the win, and looking forward to a recount for the top seat.

    • Right there with you Mikey. I can’t believe Cooper won. Do you know ANYONE who likes him or thinks he did well? Because I don’t.

      • A lot of the population clutching their pearls over the new flu voted for him. Forest made a pretty bad play by only running as “not Roy Cooper.” At no point did Forest ever release a platform, on his weekly call with our local radio guy he repeatedly dodged questions emailed in by listeners.

        I held my nose and voted before him because, well… He isn’t Roy Cooper, but I suspect we didn’t all do that.

  2. North Carolina’s first Black Lt. Governor is a republican. Somewhere, Chief Censor is very confused.

  3. Wow!!!
    A very big (smile). It’s things like this that tell me this country will be all right.

  4. At least we got this one right. I STILL can’t believe Roy Cooper got back in. I’ve never even spoken to a Democrat who likes that asshole. But Mark Robinson makes me so happy. And Richard Hudson won in my district.

    • Ballot printer goes “brrrrrrrrrr”. That’s probably why Cooper won. That and carpet bagging assholes.

  5. I wish him success. If he’d been running in my state I would have voted for him. I hope he can help NC keep their rights.

  6. God Bless Mark Robinson. I voted for him in the primary never expecting him to even win that. Then I voted straight R ticket hoping both he and Forest would win. The results are very strange. Cooper is literally the only Democrat who won. The NC legislature and importantly NC Supreme Court is more Republican. The Court was flipped. Robinson and Tillis win. The Republican Congressmen won except in Greensboro which was gerrymandered to assure a Democrat. I am not a conspiracy theorist but it is difficult to explain. At least with Robinson, the legislature and the court out of Cooper’s hands, he can try executive orders but every last one will be challenged and he will never get a single piece of legislation passed. But I cannot understand how he was legitimately elected when the rest of his ticket lost big time.

    • I voted Straight R for the first time since 04, I admittedly felt a bit dirty and I fed my ballot to the machine.

      Forest losing was a disappointment but didn’t surprise me much. I don’t know a single person who is a fan of Cooper past the fact that he’s a Dem. I also don’t know many people who know much of ANYTHING about Forest other than he was loudly anti-Cooper. He really needed a better ground game and needed to be more open about his platform (or have one at all) in order to sway the voters who will just pull the lever for a D without knowing anything about either major party candidate.

        • Unlike some of you who consider politics a team sport, I’m capable of making my own decisions indepently. I’m not a member of the Libertarian Party. Small “L” for me, thanks.

  7. There must be a misprint. The media constantly tells us that Republicans are racist, white supremacists, and the 2A isn’t for black folk. It’s good to see Lt. Gov. Robinson showing that they are wrong again.

  8. What’s next for him? If he does a good job. Gov. congressman maybe U.S. Senate. Seems like someone I would be glad to vote for.

  9. Shatters that progressive narrative real quick.

    Too bad they’re just too dumb to acknowledge it.

  10. The office of Lt. Governor is mostly ceremonial. The person that matters is the GOVERNOR. So unless something happens to said governor and Mr. Robinson moves up a slot he’s really not going to have much of a say or effect on anything.

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