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“We’ve been locked in a classroom. We have seen our friends text their parents goodbye. We are the experts . . . We know exactly what we’re talking about. How dare you tell us we don’t know?” – Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School student Cameron Kasky quoted in Parkland Survivors: Donald Trump ‘Needs To Listen To The Screams Of The Children’ [via, video below]

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  1. I see this is Q/A time.

    Q: If any of you kids could have picked up an AR-15 to defend yourself in that situation, would you?

    A: …………..

    • I have asked the same question a few times over the years. Sadly, I get a lot of negative replies, usually saying something like, “if it’s my time to go, so be it.” Many people have been conditioned to accept whatever happens rather than fight back with an “evil” gun. If they cannot envision picking up a gun laying next to them during a shooting, there is no way of convincing them that they should carry one in case none are just laying around when you need one.

      • “if it’s my time to go, so be it.”

        If that really is their belief they shouldn’t be for gun control then. It must have simply been time for those 17 teenagers to go and who are they to dispute God’s will then?

      • You should tell them that if they accept such a fate, they are no higher life form than a cow, and have no rights whatsoever if they won’t fight for their own life. If they’re vegans they might even agree with you without realizing what they’re agreeing to.

      • At least on the anti-freedom side, whatever the topic may be, it is ALWAYS some other persons (or objects) fault that bad things happen to them, and it is ALWAYS some other persons job to make sure they or those they champion are safe, secure, fed, housed, whatever.

        These people are absolutely petrified of guns, absolutely certain of their lack of ability to do anything to protect themselves or those they love, and absolutely devoid of an understanding of evil. Listen to what they say, you will hear those thoughts echoed by every single one of them. Theirs is a religion of helplessness. This is why you cannot reason with anyone that is anti-freedom. They are conditioned to believe that everyone is good, and that violence (real or perceived) would therefore be solved by restriction of freedom…without that freedom, that good person wouldn’t have done bad things.

      • Well, ask the question to a woman who has a child and someone has broken into their house. Ask them if they’d want you to come over with your AR. Of course, these hypocrites would want you to come over and risk your life defending them.

        • I disagree. Respectfully. 🙂

          These hypocrites will swear up and down that they would NOT want you to come over, because the state is there to protect them, not you. Just look at the kids/teachers/every outspoken person on this school shooting. Not a one of them thinks that a teacher with a gun could have prevented the tragedy, or lessened it’s impact. Reality is not one of their tools, and again goes back to my statement that anti-freedom advocates are convinced of their helplessness.

          Then, when something REALLY happens, they will be all too glad to take whatever help you would provide. Some of the most vehement 2A supporters are former crime victims who realized having a gun could have prevented what happened to them and/or their loved ones.

    • The sad thing is that the idea of using such a rifle is so scary they evade running that situation through their minds. The idea of having to use a rifle and having return fire is certainly scary to me also. Realistically imagining doing so is, and should be, upsetting.
      However, this is how the emotion of fear works: we know that there is something potentially awful that could happen, and this causes emotional pain or discomfort, so we respond by doing what it takes to prevent and/or mitigate it. We train to respond and prepare our tools before anything happens, so that if it does we are more prepared. Armed defense is a form of active mitigation, and as we here all know, is the thing that’s highly underutilized in these situations.

      The reason they don’t consider this type of mitigation is because prevention (whether effective or not)is so much easier to mentally address. They imagine a law being passed, people calmly following directions, fewer people dying. None of this is unpleasant to ponder. Return fire is violent and scary and still likely results in at least one victim dying, so disarmament proponents continually evade fully considering this option. It’s just too unpleasant, and the consequences of passing disarmament legislation are also unpleasant and therefore ignored.

    • Today’s kids know everything about everything. Didn’t you know. They’ve been told since birth that they’re perfect.

    • Both of these guys are actors, one is a student journalist and the other other is a drama student. They have been heavily coached by progressive gun-controllers. I’ll give them full credit for being very good presenters, but given their backgrounds, this is to be expected of reasonably intelligent, reasonably articulate 17 year olds like themselves. But while they do a pretty good job of keeping to their talking-points, their stunning ignorance is on full display. Secondary Ignorance: Not Knowing That You Don’t Know.

      • Those kids aren’t smart enough to realize they are being manipulated by others. In this case their ignorance is not bliss! Ask them why we even have a 2nd Amendment and you will hear the talking points from the left about it being unnecessary and anachronistic! These children have no understanding or appreciation for the history of the Constitution and Bill of rights but yet they are self proclaimed experts at what?? It isn’t gun control that is for certain. They experience a horrible crime that is the scope of their experience.

    • Unfortunately , if that was within the state of the People’s Republic of Massachusetts…And I wasn’t properly licensed to have certain firearms within my control…I could charged with a crime…Or if I was within the presents of a properly licensed individual who could chaperone my firearms usage, or a lawfully state licensed firearms trainer…Then I wouldn’t be allowed to maintain control over said firearm that I am not allowed to possess , or control….Special Thanks to , “Authoritarian Communist Police State of Massachusetts…”

  2. We are the experts? When I was in high school and smoking dope I had more sense than that.

    • I have a couple siblings who are much younger than me. I remember when they first started school and the teachers just flat out wouldnt tell them they were wrong. My little brother gave me the most puzzled looks when I would help him with his homework and inform him that he was incorrect.

      Attitudes like the one presented by this child are the product of an education like that.

    • Things were different prior to the 90s(?). Schools existed to teach kids how to think, not what to think (and program the proscribed orthodoxy).

      These little whiny effs really need some bullying to help them with their development. Not one of them would survive the first cross-x in freshman debate, and they need to be brutally (intellectually ‘natch) disabused of this Dunning-Kruger level nonsense that’s they been inculcated with.

      • Uh, freshman “debate” often involves having a rebuttal revoked because of your race, and gender is considered an argument.

        • I quit judging forensics a decade ago, but I would not be surprised at all if the SJW BS had crept in.

  3. As long as we keep advertising “Gun Free Zones” we’re going to keep having tragedies like this over and over. All of these mass shootings here and abroad were stopped only by a good guy or gal with a gun.

  4. “Gun Free Zone”= easy targets, no resistance, media fame
    “Staff is Armed” = I don’t want any part of that…next target
    “Do Something” = I’ll give up my Constitutional right to protect my self for a false sense of security
    Isn’t this the generation thats posting video of eating soap pods??? And everyone is supposed to give in to their wants?? They are the experts?? Our Founding Fathers ARE the experts. They knew how important it was to be able to defend our selves. If not for them standing up…we would all have a British accent. Anyone willing to give up freedom for security deserves neither.

  5. He seems to have forgotten to stamp his little feet and hold his breath until he turned purple.

  6. Pro 2A, Great summary!

    41 Mag, Add to Q&A, “Have any of you experts read The Federalist Papers?
    (Expected answer(s): Why? What are the Federalist Papers? If I HAVE to, are the on You UTube; Cliffs Notes?)

  7. Kasky is the Veruca Salt of gun control – demanding, demanding, demanding whatever he wants and demanding it now, Daddy! My favorite parts: (1) when Kasky couldn’t remember any past presidents and said, “I attended my first Obama rally when I was seven.” Nuff said right there. And (2) when Kasky squandered the last word by arrogantly insulting every generation that came before him.

  8. Some advice I gave to my own teens:

    Get a job, a place of your own, and buy your own insurance, etc. Do it now while you still know everything…

    • Love it! Of course that’s probably the part where they can play the victim and use some physical or mental difference to explain why they can’t do all that. Not saying your kids would, but rather these dumbass kids trying to take our guns away. Victim status is probably better than actually accomplishing something to these kids.

      • My sons are now 49 and 51 years old. That was a long time ago. 🙂 Farm kids could and did consider themselves to be “victims” at times, but hardly anyone gave them any encouragement with that. We never needed that little discussion again in any case. They understood very well.

        These are rich, city youngsters in government “schools.” What would you expect?

        • My kin is from rural Tennessee, so far out in the sticks you had to pipe in sunshine. Guys and Grand Junction. See them on the map? Now throw a dart somewhere away from those metropolises. I was surprised to see there are now 400 people in Guys.

  9. True “courage under fire” is a concept that is sadly lacking in today’s society. Most people live their lives out as decent human beings without coming into contact with those who would do them harm, and as such, have no idea of what it is like to have to act “on principle”, and do things “out of the ordinary” that serve to preserve innocent life, even at the expense of the courageous.

    “Courage under fire” is an interesting concept that most people do not understand, and is not limited to military actions, but occurs in everyday life. Most people who exhibit courage under fire are ordinary, mild-mannered, non-violent individuals who have been propelled (actually thrust) into a situation that requires immediate action. Examples include Medal of Honor recipients, those exposed to combat, and yes, those civilians who give their lives to protect our children in our abominable and misguided “gun free zones” called “schools”.

    Let’s look at comparisons between our military and veterans who DO exhibit “courage under fire” as a matter of course, and our civilian (but “quasi-military”) “law enforcement” (who should exhibit the same characteristics but, in general, do not), but have become more and more removed from this concept of “courage under fire”. You see, in today’s “law enforcement” community, “officer safety” is paramount. Most ordinary line officers will wait for a SWAT team, even on routine assignments, where even the SWAT teams exhibits a degree of caution that results in innocent lives being lost. It appears that the only time police and SWAT teams act with impunity is when they KNOW that they are relatively safe, as in their invasions on individual residences. In today’s “law enforcement” community, “making it to retirement” is the goal. When it comes to police officers, putting one’s life in peril “for the greater good” is absolutely “out of the question”. Unlike our military and veterans, today’s “law enforcement” runs away from gunfire or “waits it out”. Not good.

    A good examples of this is the latest school mass shooting in which the well-equipped police and SWAT teams SAT ON THEIR HANDS while the carnage was taking place. It most certainly appears that “courage under fire” is an unknown concept in American “law enforcement”. We are being told that this concept of “waiting to act” was abandoned after Columbine, but one can easily see that this is not the case, with the latest blatant example being the most recent school mass shooting, where “law enforcement” hesitated to act.

    Of course, “law enforcement” has an “out”. The Supreme Court has ruled that police officers HAVE NO DUTY to protect individual citizens–only “society-at-large”.

  10. This BOY probably believes gender is fluid…it’s not. Goofballs😩😖😧

  11. Kids demand a violence-free world delivered to them. Democrats tell them it’s possible, they just need to scream louder to help them disarm those who refuse to live that wonderful dream. In other words, dems are selling dope to children.

    • Philosoraptor ponders; “if words carry the weight of physical violence to these kids, how does screaming hatred bring about world peace?”

  12. Explain to me exactly “what” you are an expert in. Fear? We’ll call you when we need an expert consultation on fear.

    • Exactly. Those children are experts on the thoughts and feelings that ran through their minds when they were victims of a violent attack.

      They are NOT experts on violent crime, criminal behavior, self-defense, firearms, law enforcement, mental illness, and social science.

  13. “We are the experts”
    Really? So I’m supposed to listen to some 17 year old kid tell me what I can own?
    I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot more than that. Got a nice scar to prove it.
    Talk to me in 40 years, and we’ll have a nice chat.

    • Yeah I read the same thing. You’ve been shot at once? Once? Weak sauce kid. When you remember the day was different not because you got shot at, but because you got the Skittles in your MRE, then you can call me about being an expert.

  14. No Cameron. The four armed, trained, and sworn Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies who cowered outside, and let the massacre unfold – they were the experts. The only experts with the training and wherewithal to have been able to stop this tragedy, and to save many innocent lives.

    Instead, the only “experts’ on scene hid behind their cars, and that is heart wrenching. As a parent, for me it is infuriating. I can’t even begin to imagine the horror of placing the well being and very lives of one’s precious children in the hands of armed “experts”, who then cower and hide while my children are slaughtered.

    What you are an expert on, Cameron is the terror you felt. The helplessness and despair of being prey.

    What is even more tragic, is that your young life has now been hijacked by people who would further victimize you and use you as a pawn, and shill to deprive others of the very right to self preservation and self defense you were denied by a system of so called “gun free zones”, and useless (sworn) public servants who when the chips were down, chose only to serve themselves.

    You have a right to be angry. Furious in fact. But know, that if you were my son, or someone else’s son, and I had been a deputy (or anyone else) at the scene, I would not have hesitated to meet deadly force with deadly force, and would have gladly given my own life to save yours.

    I am an armed citizen, Cameron. Perhaps one day, you will be too.

  15. The more I learn, the less I KNOW. In high school, I thought I KNEW everything, I was a box of rocks looking back.

    • And they do not even know that they do not know!

      “We know there are known knowns; those things that we know that we know.
      We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know.
      But there are also unknown unknowns; the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”
      – Donald Rumsfeld.

      . . . And there are unknown knowns; those things we intentionally refuse to acknowledge that we know.

  16. It appears to be lost on these softball batters that it is their generation that is doing the shooting and boomers and gen X that is driving them around to friendly interviews and paying for their star treatment. I’d sure like to see how they fared in an interview with John Stossel, Peter Schiff, or even Penn Jillette.

    • Actually they had only one softball question, the what presidents are you aware of one. The rest were tee-ball questions and they got as many swings they needed.

      • That smugness would be damaged pretty quickly. He would expose who they really are pretty quick I imagine. They will never be allowed to face anything but the most friendly interviewers though. If and when there is someone not friendly to them involved in a “discussion” that person will be chosen for their vulnerability, out numbered and severely hobbled by the ‘moderators’

  17. THEY are the experts at being under fire? Surviving veterans from Korea, Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait weren’t under fire?

    The arrogance is astounding … and tragic

  18. The Progressives Moral altruism is ban firearms and they disappear; Once the firearms are gone then all violent impulses go away be cause the mere presence of a gun causes violent tendencies to be acted upon. These are the same people that screech rape when you disagree with a feminazi in a debate.

    Y’all have to understand were not dealing with rational people, they’re petulant. willfully ignorant children. you can’t use logic and common sense when dealing with them.

  19. I’ll put this in a way that bratty children can easily understand:

    You’re not the boss of me. I can do what I want.

  20. Fck Bill Maher , the only reason I watched him was to hate him even more. I’ve cursed voodoo on that guy so many times.

  21. I once ran out of gas on the side of the road. That makes me an expert on the production, refining, distribution, and consumption of all petroleum products in the world and all of the laws pertaining to such activities. Donald Trump needs to listen to me!

    • Should I use 87 or 92 octane gas in my car, and where can I find Ethanol free gas?
      J/K ; )

  22. Everything that happened to those kids was already illegal at the time. Sadly, these kids are now a little bit expert in how bad it can get, even when the bad stuff is illegal.

    The useful question is: Now, with that expert understanding, what do you do?

    Laws don’t stop all the bad guys … what do you do?
    Hiding can leave you texting your parents goodby anyway … what do you do?
    “Gun free zone” signs don’t keep the zones free of guns … what do you do?
    You may have precious minutes, or seconds knowing a killer is coming for you … what do you do? What do you want to be able to do?

    It was already never supposed to happen, but it did. Pretending harder won’t help. Demanding someone else make the world forever safe around you doesn’t work, as we’ve seen. So, what do you do?

    What can you do? What do you choose to become able to do? In the world as it is, about which you are now a little more expert?

  23. We’ve been several states away, minding our own business living like normal and good citizens since before your whoring ass or the FL homegrown (on purpose) problem school shooter got sh_t out of one of your rwo fathers. Yeah, Trump oughta do something. He out to send down the DOJ TO Fedrralize the Broward Cunty Sheriffs, local LEO depts, your voting precincts, and your school districts, to get to the bottom of all of your F’n weirdness and promblems and fix all y’all’s sh_t (in the same manner thatl fV<k-sticks like yourselves, and your communist MFn Ohole lovin “parents” supported be done in St. Louis and Baltimore). How about that?

    Stay away from our guns, and all other of our rights, aholes, you’ve already been provided more than retarded-douche-level series of warnings, and you already deserve to have it end very badly for the lot of you, whether you quietly, and permanently, back-down or not.

  24. They’re experts on violence the way homeless people are experts on the housing market.

  25. Yeah….. experts on being completely clueless snowflakes. I am sorry that this happened to you and your classmates… I have also had a defensive gun use. So dont tell me you are an expert until you have been on the other side on the gun. Or had any training. You are no expert on anything except how to be a pretentious douche.

  26. All I see is that other than a few of your classmates, mostly JROTC ones, all you are an expert in is being a victim. You don’t understand there are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous people. What makes a person dangerous is not the weapon but the WILL to use it.

    Keep that in mind next time you and your friends bully and mistreat someone with mental issues until they snap and go berserk. You are the victim of your own crimes and do not, will not and can not speak for me. As a disarmed slave of the democrat party, you will not speak to me either.

  27. Using the blood of your classmates to push someone else’s Marxist agenda. Yeah sorry kids you can go pound sand for all I care.

  28. As clueless as these kids are, they have momentum on their side. Our 2A rights are on shifting sand every time one of these nut jobs pull the trigger. They have big money interests and a built-in propaganda machine with a compliant media at their disposal. The emotional pleas can drown out the facts. I am a NRA life member, but we have been defending unfettered access to weapons for people who are dangerous. We know who some of these people are. We see them at the range. We see them combining alcohol and shooting. We see them on YouTube. We need to self police ourselves, for our own sakes. Even God forbid, rat them out. I’m not gonna take the fall to defend idiots who just like to spray rounds. A whole lotta people knew all about Nicholas Cruz yet he was still walking around unhindered. We have to figure out a way to take care of business, when we see trouble. Otherwise, our enemies will ram their Australian style solution down around us and we will be screwed.

    • As clueless as these kids are, they have momentum on their side. Our 2A rights are on shifting sand every time one of these nut jobs pull the trigger.

      I have to agree with him, and frankly it is all because of you reading this (you and your friends). I am very active with Michigan Open Carry (I’m the newsletter editor). Don’t let the name fool you. We advocate for every gun owner, and although we are the smallest gun rights organization in Michigan, we are fighting and winning more legal and legislative battles than any other group in Michigan. We are in court all the time.
      The largest gun rights organization in Michigan receives over $150,000 a year in dues alone. What do they do for gun rights? Practically nothing. They are the definition of Fudd. We get a few thousand dollars and we are fighting in the Michigan Supreme Court! One of our cases has been accepted. That’s how good and important our case is. We’ve got multiple others. I don’t think we’ve ever lost a court case in the final outcome.

      Ten years ago, when we thought our gun rights were in jeopardy, we’d have a thousand people or more out for a second amendment rally, in the winter, during the week on a workday. People joined gun rights groups. Nowadays people think our gun rights are safe and secure, so no one shows up to second amendment rallies, no one joins or renews their membership to gun rights organizations.

      Now with all this local and national talk of gun control, people are contacting us (remember, we are the absolute smallest organization, but we do the most by tenfold at least), asking what’s going on.

      What are YOU doing to support your local gun rights organization. And not a Fudd one! People ignore this stuff when things seem to be quiet.

  29. “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble.
    It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” — Mark Twain

  30. Sad to see this kids being exploited. Everyone is blaming President, congress and NRA but when it comes to local serif & school officials that are in fact liable because of a number of misteps, the kids are like “nah their cool”

  31. they dont know that 10 years before they were born uncle joe “big fuckin deal” biden violated their teachers basic human rights by disarming them in schools with his gun free school zones act

    we dont have to arm teachers

    we have to stop DISARMING THEM

    • Don’t forget Janet Reno and her saving it after the SCOTUS stuck it by tweaking it’s justification through the…. you guessed it – commerce clause. The commerce clause is the government can do absolutely anything they can pass through the congress clause.

  32. Parkland is my neighborhood.
    I hate seeing these kids used by the media.
    These kids have been since preschool conditioned on how to believe and what they should think.
    Anyone who believes these kids aren’t preprogramed, lobotomized, automatons. Needs to be reeducated themselves. Once we are gone as are most of the WW2 generation of our fathers. These kids will have their way eventually and this country will be just another third rate country with no real direction.
    Another part of Obamas and the Libitards doing. One world, we are all the same bullshit.
    Thankfully I will be long gone from that sort of world and not have to be a part of it.
    Hopefully Trump will get maybe 2 more conservatives on the Supreme Court and screw these kids for the next 30 years.

    • Two more? I’ll considered it a gift from the gods if he gets to place one more.

    • These kids have been since preschool conditioned on how to believe and what they should think.

      If their parents are worthless, it’ll be an uphill battle.

      • As Im not a parent and have no kids.
        I see it as our collective fault. These kids parents are your kids.
        You know how you brought them up. Your responsible partly for how they turned out to be.
        Im not responsible for how these materialistic spoiled brats of yours turned out to be.
        Why should their kids be any different? Brought up by the system of coddling their parents created for themselves. Society will take care of your grandchildren. Not their parents.
        Yes Im blaming my generation for the current creation of their grandkids today.

  33. These kids are not taught the Constitution or the Bill of Rights or why we even have a Bill of Rights. They have no idea of the implications for the future that fulfilling their demands would have on their own future freedoms. You won’t know it’s gone if you were never taught it existed. The left has so polluted the mind of my youngest she actually believes that having a gun in a room with people will cause someone to die and I raised my kids around guns. I taught them to shoot and the safety rules and she somehow developed this bullsh!t belief

    The kid is this video has had his 15 minutes of fame unfortunately he is going to become a socialist politician who will want more rights confiscated in favor of the all knowing state.

  34. More conflation between feelings and knowledge.

    The fact that you are traumatized gives you no expertise.

  35. “We’ve been locked in a classroom. We have seen our friends text their parents goodbye. We are the experts . . . We know exactly what we’re talking about. How dare you tell us we don’t know?”

    If I was in that situation, I’d want a gun. So really, I don’t think you don’t know much of anything.

  36. They accept our apology, and are glad to rebuild the world we, and all who came before us fucked up? Kick these little shits out of the bubble of civilization that was painstakingly constructed by a hundred generations or more. Make these little shits build something in the wilderness. They don’t deserve to live in the bubble that was paid for by more lives than their little brains can fathom.

  37. I served in Vietnam in the infantry. I spilled my blood in that meat grinder and watched my comrades die. The fact that I survived does not make me an expert on war. I have no special insight in to how wars begin or how to avoid the next one. The fact of their survival gives them some insight into the emotional trauma of surviving a mass shooting and nothing more. If they made their claims of expertise to me I would tell them that I have a piano in my living room but that does not make me a concert pianist. It makes me a guy with a piano in my living room.

  38. I just had an epiphany:

    THESE kids are not victims. They’re bystanders. Emotionally traumatized bystanders being used as meat puppets for would-be tyrants, yes, but not victims.

    The victims are the ones who are dead. Whose opinion we can’t ask. Whose expertise in being a victim serves us only second-hand. The left has been throwing around the word “victim” so much, I didn’t even notice how my brain just started accepting that it applied to these kids doing interviews today.

    I have seen some bad shit happen to other people, but I’m not a victim because I had to go vomit in a bush after witnessing a shotgun eating contest. I’m not a victim of “gun violence”, even though a doctor had to dig a bullet out of my leg because I chose to walk down the wrong street. I’m not a victim of blunt force trauma, because on the two occasions people tried it, I changed their minds with a gun.

    These kids are not victims because they were in a room, cowering helplessly while they watched their friends get murdered. I don’t suggest it’s not a terrible fvcking position to be in, but they aren’t victims of a school shooting. The victims of the murderer are the ones who died. The victims of the police are the ones who bled out because EMTs weren’t allowed in. The victims of the culture are the adults who died trying to stop a murderer with no weapons of their own.

    But these kids. They’re not victims. They don’t deserve the title.

  39. Look these kids know EXACTLY what they got, a lifetime of opportunistic dancing over the graves of their dead schoolmates. These kids KNOW that they don’t have to work a day in their lives, as they are now part of the progressive anti-gun agit-prop machine. Heroes to the left, who will put them at the vanguard of anti-gun related propaganda for the next 50-60 years.

    • These kids don’t know anything.

      I know they’ll be discarded like used condoms by the anti-gun masterminds the moment their useful idiocy is expended. Just like the families who tried to sue manufacturers for Sandy Hook.

      • I think there is a difference between what they KNOW and, y’know, reality.

        I suspect they will shortly become experts on making thing themselves irrelivent.

  40. Can it be coincidence that the above two ‘victims’ both have fathers who are or were in the FBI? Also Hogg’s mother has some sort of insider access to CNN. I have seen numerous evidence of:-

    – these young adults being given scripted lines to regurgitate
    – previous social media posts espousing violence against conservatives & Trump
    – the group of these ‘useful victims’ laughing and joking prior to interviews in the hours & days after the mass murder, how traumatized can they really be?
    – Apparently Hogg wasn’t even in the same building as the mass murder (different grade)
    – students with differing viewpoints not given airtime
    – why do we only see the same 2 or 3 faces? There are thousands at that school

    To me the media and Bloomburgs billions are using these ‘kids’ as useful idiots to push their agenda and to deflect from the willful and abject failures of government in this and numerous other mass murder events.

  41. That’s like saying getting in a car accident makes me an auto safety expert, or getting arrested and thrown in jail makes me a prison over-population expert. These kids are traumatized arrogant fools that should be at the therapist’s office instead of on TV. They are being used by the media and the left and they are too dumb to recognize it. Too bad.

  42. So, forced to decide between a teacher carrying a gun and watching their classmates die, what would be the choice?

  43. Not condoning what he did in the least….but I’m starting to see what drove the shooter to snap.

  44. What this teaches me (see: old phart still willing to take new data on board) is that school safety should be dealt with by standard equipment.

    In case of fire, grab a fire hose and call 911.

    In case of school shooter, break the glass and grab the “Defensive AR15”.

    Defense against the shooter should proceed just like the Russians at Stalingrad:

    Person with gun shoots until out of bullets or is killed;

    Next person in line takes gun and shoots until out of bullets or is killed;

    And so on.

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