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Apparently everything is just peachy at the National Rifle Association and this entire kerfuffle was a plot cooked up by the organization’s enemies in the anti-gun community and the media (but we repeat ourselves).

Oh, and all of you malcontent members are — knowingly or not — only doing the bidding of Michael Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo.

[Wayne LaPierre is] leading us against the most potent attack that we have faced. Mike Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo ( along with New York AG Letitia James) want to destroy the NRA. And know this- they are gleeful over the dissidents among us who – for selfish reasons – are on the attack against Wayne. They know that if Wayne is off the playing field now, they will likely succeed in destroying the NRA before the crucial 2020 election.

Let’s face it. The finances, the membership numbers and all our accomplishments – along the respect and love our members have for him, are a clear indication that Wayne was the right person for the job – every job – he has held at NRA.

As strong and independent individuals, we may not always agree with every decision he makes, but when people want his job and then plot and scheme to oust him, you should recognize that no one – NO ONE – has accomplished as much for NRA as Wayne LaPierre. He has earned, our respect, our loyalty and our support.

– NRA past president Marion Hammer in A Short Recap of the History & Success of the National Rifle Association

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  1. And remember guys, Wayne makes lots of public appearances, so he needs those $20k suits so he doesn’t look like a bum. Everything is okay! Please don’t worry. Oh, and send us more money.

      • Yup, Wayne shall NOT be infringed.

        What happened to “I am the NRA.”

        Oh yeah, that was Ack Mac’s thing.

      • Wayne s “TAINTED”, needs to go, retire whatever.

        He could be kept around for 1-year as a consultant, then he can go to the beach.

        He is too TAINTED, as seen by most of the membership, whether it is true or not. He needs to GO for the good of the organization.

    • No. It’s simply a case where Marion understands that if LaPierre goes, she’ll be swept out with him. She’s cast her lot with Wayne and will defend him to the end. This, alone is reason enough to get her off of the NRA board.

      • Or perhaps an understanding that if Wayne goes to prison, so will she and the rest of the board.

        • Or perhaps she only has enough brain cells to understand that she won’t get a 250K/year paycheck anywhere else. On her merits, she’d likely only be qualified to say; “would you like fries with that”?

      • Marion Hammer is also on Wayne’s gravy-train and doesn’t want to get off. Time to impose term limits on office bearers.

      • Wayne LaPierre has e̶a̶r̶n̶e̶d̶ paid for ̶N̶R̶A̶ ̶m̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶s̶’̶ Marion Hammers’ respect, loyalty and support.

        There – I fixed it for her.

  2. It’s impossible to say what’s going through the minds of those in the LaPierre faction. It sure looks like they are living in a fantasy world. I wonder how many are loyal to Wayne on a personal level and how many are just afraid that their misdeeds will become public if there is new leadership.

    • …or if maybe he has something on them?

      Because we are now into full “Baghdad Bob” mode now.

      …and one should *never* go full Baghdad Bob.

      ” I wonder how many are loyal to Wayne on a personal level and how many are just afraid that their misdeeds will become public if there is new leadership.”

      That’s the only thing that makes sense at this point…

      • It’s hardly the only thing that makes sense.

        Another option is that everyone knows full well that there will be actionable issues in violation of regulatory rules discovered by the NY AG in their suit and that we are seeing the fight for who winds up being the scapegoat. Will the board point the finger at ackmac successfully, or will ackmac point the finger at the board successfully?

        I’m not sure it matters, as both parties are likely provably complicit in the acts likely to get them in trouble, and I doubt feigning ignorance while saying “but that’s what they told me to do” will go very far.

  3. “Wayne LaPierre Has Earned NRA Members’ Respect, Loyalty and Support”

    WTF is Marion smoking,hell I have zero respect for either of the vile swamp creatures and is beyond time for them to go,Just Get The Eff Out and don’t let the door hit you in the back side.

    • “WTF is Marion smoking,…”

      Because I would *love* to have some from her bag…

      • It must be some pretty good Chit,just look at the trip she is on. I hear that can happen when someone shuts off the gravy train as well.

  4. “Let’s face it. The finances, the membership numbers and all our accomplishments – along the respect and love our members have for him, are a clear indication that Wayne was the right person for the job – every job – he has held at NRA.”
    Marion, this might come as a surprise, but there aren’t a whole lot of us feelin the same LOVE you are.

  5. WLP has been paying Hammer a lot of money to be a lobbyist for the NRA. Hundreds of thousands of dollars according to news reports. She is NOT going tp bite the hand that feeds her. They all need to go.

    • $300k + a year to not show up at board meetings from what has been reported on the NRA tax forms.

      And then she fails to register as a lobbyist, for years, in FL. I’m waiting for her investigation to kick off.

  6. Does she, Wayne, and his people even shoot?

    I believe that the NRA senior leadership should be active shooters.

    • They definitely shouldn’t be “active shooters.”

      I heard that one of the NRA PR people, who worked for/with Cox in the ILA, was fired and escorted out of the NRA building by armed guards as she cried. I guess they thought she might turn into an “active shooter” after hearing the CEO wanted her gone.

  7. Hey Hammer, you hack FUDD. You’re only worried about that fat check you get every month. YOU madam, need to GO as well.

      • Why should I “disguise” how I feel about this situation with Wayne and the NRA? Should I be a little more PC so as not to insult your delicate nature?

        They say people get what they deserve…in this case we got Wayne, a corrupt board, a corrupt past president supporting Wayne, a fiscal mess, suits by NY State, a floundering membership base and, idiots who are now butthurt over direct comments.

        • Negotiating Rights Away is all for Red Flag infringements of members and Americans fourth amendment rights,think there might be a slight problem within the organization.

  8. Hammer praising LaPierre…ain’t that cute…the pot calling the kettle black.

    The NRA has accomplished and continues to accomplish great things…in spite of the overpaid Yahoos at the top…the Eddie Eagle and School Shield programs are excellent.

    (reference Gulliver’s Travels to understand Yahoos)

  9. Perfect Marion, perfect. Tie yourself tightly to your sugar daddy so that when he goes, you go.
    WLP is going. It’s not a question of if, but when and how. Just like removing a tumor, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

    • Quickest way I know of other than the state and federal investigations is to Shut Off The Money Faucet.


  11. History will write that Wayne, Chris, Marion and their toadies were the true traitors to the second amendment………sold us out for $$$$…………our children will certainly pay the price

  12. Regardless of what he has done or accomplished, he also let the NRA become a GOP political mouthpiece for non-gun related issues and risked membership donations dabbling in the insurance business where other organizations had more expertise and a superior offering; the outcome of which provided the basis for the current legal shitstorm the NRA is currently facing in NY. He has lost the confidence of the membership and is now a liability. Time for WLP and Marion to both go. She’s done enough damage.

    • There was mothing wrong with the product, just with the nroker’s failure to comply with the surplus lines law, an error thar cost it $7million, and opened the door to Cuomo’s bogus “murder insurance” investigation. Cuomo wants to kill the nra and is using political black mail to accpmplish his goal,

  13. If there is nothing amiss, then let’s have an independent investigation to quickly put this to rest. If we don’t then the libs will destroy the NRA with lawyers.

  14. The terms “cult of personality” and “god-king” come to mind when reading Hammer’s statement. Bizarre stuff.

  15. Wayne pays you $300,000 a year and that’s the best you can do to explain why we should keep him?

  16. I would like to believe it’s true. It seems though their actions reinforce the lies. A proud member since 1994.- -NOT!!!

  17. I doubt Wayne even cares about gun rights any longer. He’s got a side piece of action, nice suits, millions in the bank and tools like Marion hammer to deflect criti ism.

    Let’s hear Marion name or list what WLP has done this year , personally, to prot act our rights.

    Listen. You can hear a mouse pissing on a cotton ball.

  18. At this point I’m fairly certain that the problems in the NRA are systemic and irreversible. The agents of change, the Board, are unable, unwilling, or incapable of making positive changes. Unless the Membership stages a revolution, the best course of action may be abandonment and the creation of a new national organization.

    • Man I hope LWP holds on through the next NRAAM. Things got ‘uncomfortable’ this year for a few minutes…but I’m thinking full-on bar room brawl is likely by next April. I bet they have security carting off anyone speaking ill of the leadership the whole time or stumping for ‘unendorsed’ ballot names.

  19. I wanted to put a link to that scene from Naked Gun 2 1/2 where Frank Drebbin is standing in front of a burning fireworks factory shouting, “Nothing to see here,” but it won’t let me. However, that’s how I see that statement.

  20. Another one of Wayne’s mouthpieces speaks up blaming the concerned members of being part of a leftist plot. Sounds like the NRA has started using Rules for Radicals as their PR program.

    • “With us or against us” is the goto move for leadership that has no defense of internal criticism.

      • I heard it from Bush and I am hearing it from Trump.

        Republicans like to say you’re with us or you’re with the enemy. Yet they actually helped create, arm and train the Mujahideen, Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS. These groups end up acquiring things they would otherwise never had access to and they learn to commit major attacks using their new SO training.

        • @User1 Bush and Trump- Exactly. For the most part nobody questions publicly troublesome little details like you mentioned. Although Obama didn’t engage in it plenty of people on his team did to liberals and progressives who questioned his policies and agenda.

          @Fudd it doesn’t apply to only one political view. Who are these objective parties you speak of? Any truly objective person wouldn’t stop the questions because of party affiliation. One need not be dispassionate about the deception, immorality and illegality most people in political power engage in to be logical and accurate.

      • It’s easy to handle being loved or hated. It puts whoever loves or hates you comfortably within your world view, in a nice compartment, with you at the center. Look at all the people on here talking tough about the libruls; they act mad but it’s gratifying to them.

        “love it or leave it” and “with us or against us” are the adult equivalent of the whining of an indignant child.

        Being judged objectively and dispassionately from an outside perspective scares the US right rank and file. They’re insecure for good reason.

  21. But if we are losing members and donors he should step aside for the benefit of the organization. And if he’s a man he will remain as a member.

  22. It took this long for the NRA Members to figure this out???
    Where have you been???

    • Poll guys at the range and gun shows and I bet you’re even more shocked by people who don’t know any of this is happening.

      • So, maybe that is the reason less than 15K members voted in the most recent election, while over 2 MILLION ballots were mailed to eligible voters ?

        • That’s actually because 1) people are lazy, and 2) many don’t read the magazine the ballot comes in. An ‘honest’ org would send out the ballot as its own thing so it would not be missed…not the NRA. I also suspect a large portion of the NRA membership is dead or otherwise inactive but kept on the roles to make the numbers look more impressive…and to provide an ample pool of poll-swinging ballots when needed.

        • Wow@ those figures. Not a total shocker though. I stopped opening NRA mail years ago. When I was more concerned about being a supporter I knew nothing of the board and despite listening to Cam daily and reading the NRA website I can’t recall any effort to educate members about it. I remember countless dinner invites and similar stuff. Maybe an oversight on my part but I had time and interest going for me.

  23. No, Wayne does NOT have our respect. Neither do you, you crazy old bat. You are both equally useless.

  24. They lost me years ago, the day I got 3 separate begs for money in the mail. The fact that buying silk underwear for Pepe LePew was the underlying need just puts the frosting on.

  25. According to Hammer, one earns respect, loyalty and support by lying to the membership to pass gun control. In 1986 LaPierre stated in The Monitor that repealing the Hughes was a “high priority” and had one of his underlings say the NRA supports the right to own full autos. In a 2017 interview LaPierre said the NRA has supported the ban on fully automatic firearms.

    • Pierre is a lying crook. We need to be circulating a list of all the historical betrayals the NRA has engaged in. The dues need to dry up.

  26. And if she didn’t prevent the board from firing him 25 years ago for insubordination after they ordered him to fire Ackerman and he disobeyed them, all of the current LaWayne-Ackerman scandals would never have happened.

    Hammer is more responsible for the NRA’s troubles than LaWayne is.

  27. NRA had the opportunity in last years Democrat primary for State Attorney General to tell NY members to vote for anyone but Tish James as she promised to screw NRA over if elected. With low turnout in primaries there was a realistic chance to push her aside for one of the less offensive candidates. Nobody from NRA on down did a thing and James won the primary with about 40% of the vote then went on to win the general against a paper Republican opponent. Since NRA was not involved with the election process nobody from NRA including Marion Hammer can complain about what Tish James is going to do them.

    • Let their fellow political criminals eat their corpse. Time to move on to GOA and advertise the rampant corruption in the NRA to new and existing gun owners.

  28. Learned long ago that when a company advertises they are improving some aspect of their business, it means they are trying to fix what they are worst at, and the public should just trust the result will be wonderful.

    The defense of LoppyEars letters tell us there is serious concern within the NRA barony.

  29. Is there an organized active boycott the NRA campaign to scare these crooks enough to get the overhaul it needs? If not, nothing short of indictments of Dirty Pierre and friends is going to do a thing. Many gun owners don’t know a thing about what’s going on with the NRA. We may be better off admitting the NRA is a lost cause and put our energy into building up GOA. Visually it would be better to turn GOA into what we need and want as soon as possible so when the NRA finally dies it’s not viewed by opponents and our own as signifying some pubic loss of Second Amendment support. Time to distance ourselves from these Fudd crooks.

    • I also think the GOA needs to change its ways. The influx of money and members gives them that opportunity. The current situations calls for a different approach. The old ways are for old times.

      You don’t fix a modern electric car with a screw driver and a hammer.

      • I’m not even aware of GOA’s issues and I’m almost scared to ask at this point. Every time I dig deep into a gun community disagreement or issue I end up losing respect for someone. It’s getting depressing.
        I think we need a more responsive type of organization. Maybe a 2nd Amendment union. Members elect local, regional and national reps and keep the agenda focused on what members want rather than what a distant leader prone to being influenced by tons of cash or side agendas desires.

  30. I hung up on 1 of their increasingly desperate Infocision beggar boiler room “fund raisers” today. I keep hoping the problem will fix itself. No $, no WLP. He’s not going to “come to work” for no pay.

    • I don’t think low information old timers and Fudds are going to just stop contributing. They could drag this out a long time. Maybe if that large donor protest thing expands. I’m starting to see WLP as Jimmy Hoffa.

  31. My God! This old broad has definitely been sprinkling glitter on whatever shit she’s in the habit of snorting! It’s also really too bad no one was around to warn her about the brown acid that was floating around back in the ’60s!

  32. Believe nothing Marion says regarding the NRA.
    She has been in the Old Gard since at least 1990.
    She and the other senior Directors are RESPONSIBLE fot this disaster. Wayne’s character flaws were well known in 1997 when she, Jim Porter, Sandy Froman and 30 other Directors crowned Mr. LaPierre as KING FOR LIFE.
    The Board had the power to stop the impending disaster every year for the 22 years and CHOOSE not to act.
    Wayne is the symptom, the Board is the cancer.
    All must go.

    • In other words, down with the system. Only revolution can accomplish that. Changing people doesn’t change the system.

  33. I guess Americans still don’t get it.

    Every ruler needs to balance the emotions of love and fear. The rulers of America balance their control with a two party system: one of love and one of fear. It is no different in an organization like the NRA.

    Wayne wants his members to love him and his followers to fear him. He stands at the podium giving speeches to the members (who love him) about how awesome he is and he has his scared followers write letters to reinforce that notion. He made one major mistake that appears to be fatal: he advocated for the removal/confiscation of the people’s property in the way of “extreme risk protection orders” and the redefining of “bump fire stocks” by the ATF.

    Trump does the same thing. Wayne is on the way out and Cox is gone. Is Trump going to be treated the same in 2020? He did follow Wayne’s and Cox’s advice and he was already not loved by enough people to win the popular vote.

    Clearly Republicans are not that smart, if they were, America wouldn’t have people like Wayne and Trump and their government would love and/or fear them. Instead, you have practically no power over the NRA, Republican party nor your entire government. They don’t fear you and they don’t love you, thus they abuse you. Then you ask for some more…

    • Cherish Wayne. Protect Wayne. Love Wayne. That is your duty as a follower/member of the NRA. Wayne is your CEO, respect his authority. Without the dear leader you wouldn’t have the 2nd Amendment nor capitalism.

      Me, me, me…

  34. Hammer is part of the problem. She’s lining her pockets too. Wayne and cohorts leaving would make for a huge surge in membership.

    I have friends who have said for years Wayne needs to go, or they will never join.

    Not another cent until the NRA swamp is drained.

    Patron Member

  35. It’ll be so sweet when there’s finally so little left to steal that LaPierre is forced to eat Marion Hammer the way he has so many of his loyal lieutenants so far. God the schadenfreude will be delicious.

  36. The plan is to wait us out and do added damage, not only to the NRA but to President Trump in the 2020 election. Now that the facade has been dropped and the lies and corrupt behavior made public…they are doubling down.

    The NRA is a Trojan horse as far as I am concerned. I have written them off and decided my money and support is better elsewhere.

    Good riddance!

  37. We do have to give Marion this credit: She is loyal, more loyal than several hacks who have come and gone from the Trump administration. American Airlines employees once were quoted: “Yeah Bob Crandell is an SOB, but he is OUR SOB”. We all know unbridled power can lead to abuses and Wayne appears to have been dipping into the treasury. If he was, he should be shamed out the front door and perhaps Oliver North should be thrown a thank-you, please come back party. So far, Ollie has been the only one with the courage to sound an alarm. But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. NRA is the only thing we have and this purge is just what the liberals and gun grabbers have been praying for. The 3 rules of warfare are: Defeat, Destroy and Discredit. We need to stop helping them and surround the wagons … there will be plenty of time to throw Wayne to the wolves.

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