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The husband of a co-founder of the ReOpen North Carolina protest group has said he would be ‘willing to kill people’ to fight the government’s coronavirus lockdown measures.

In the 17-minute video Adam Smith, husband of ReOpenNC founder Ashley Smith from Morganton, North Carolina, said he would ‘bring force’ and ‘bring guns’ if armed authorities tried to stop them protesting.

The ‘peaceful action’ group, ReOpenNC, which held five protests in North Carolina cities on Memorial day began to protest against Governor Roy Cooper’s lockdown measures designed to control the spread of coronavirus.

Ex-marine Mr Smith said in the Facebook live video posted Friday: ‘Are we willing to kill people? Are we willing to lay our lives down? We have to say yes.’

He added: ‘If you bring force, we’re gonna bring force. If you bring guns, we’re gonna bring guns. If you’re armed with this, we’re gonna be armed with this.’

– Milly Vincent in Marine husband of ‘Reopen North Carolina’ leader warns he is ‘willing to kill people’ in fight against Gov. Roy Cooper’s lockdown restrictions

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    • No, maybe it’s just someone with the balls to actually do what it takes. Unlike you and most spineless gun owners, who think they’ll just say they lost their guns in a boating accident and the jack booted thugs will just go away. Morons. There is a time and place when the JBT need to be shot in the face.

      • Delusional nonsense. It’s a pandemic, one with failures by political leaders at every level of government. It is not a cause that can be addressed with violence or threats of violence. It is a mismanaged natural disaster at the level of Governors and the President, not a dictatorship.

        • It really wasn’t mismanaged at all.

          Let me present you this:

          If Covid really is the new Killer Flu, and “Trump did it” or whatever it is you are peddling now, then the deaths should be in millions by now.


          It really isn’t the killer flu.

          You see what I’m getting at?

          If this disease is as bad as the left says it is, then Trump is a goddamn hero.

          If it’s not, then, well… then I guess we have a lot more questions then don’t we?

        • Where this situation is concerned, I haven’t seen the president do anything wrong.

        • “Where this situation is concerned, I haven’t seen the president do anything wrong.”

          He did nothing wrong outside of not being able to predict the future. But we all know the media exists these days to complain about Trump.

          Media: There won’t be enough ventilators! People will die!
          Trump: Okay, here’s more ventilators than you know what to do with.

          Media: But there won’t be enough hospital beds! People will die!
          Trump: Okay, here’s more hospital beds than you know what to do with.

          Media: There isn’t enough testing! Other countries are better than us! People will die!
          Trump: Actually we already surpassed everyone in testing. You’re a little late on that one.

          Media: But we need to invade privacy and track people!!
          Trump: F_ you.

        • Ron-
          So your response is to pour more delusional nonsense upon your delusional nonsense?

          Well … okay then …

        • Try reading the rest of my posts, you’ll see I clearly don’t agree with violently attacking first responders and LE. That certainly is delusional.

        • “Where this situation is concerned, I haven’t seen the president do anything wrong.”

          What if he been warned about the unstoppable impact of the virus as early as December of 2019 by his intelligence dept and chose to ignore it?

        • No, its tyranny. And if they think they can get away with it, there will be more of it. Wake up.

        • “What if he been warned about the unstoppable impact of the virus as early as December of 2019 by his intelligence dept and chose to ignore it?”

          List your source showing the December 2019 Intelligence report showing what the impact would be. I’d like to see that.

        • Ron, because of our lockdowns, we ONLY have 100k deaths (so far) and still rising.

          Just for perspective that’s 33 times as many as died in 9/11 and launched myself and a lot of others to war.

          That’s 10 times the US death toll of 9/11, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom.

          Maybe it’s time to admit this is real.

        • Hoping this will be posted at the bottom of innocent bystander s remark. Yes the democratic party knew of the covid 19 virus pandemic in the FIRST WEEK of NOVEMBER !!!!! According to a guest (a former obummer staff [something to do with health] advisor) on the rachel maddog show on msnbc. I wish that I wrote down his name and position. Show aired about 9 weeks ago.

        • “Show aired about 9 weeks ago.”
          Funny how that show didn’t air 6 months ago. Everyone has perfect hindsight don’t they?

        • Jeremy I’ve routinely posted on TTAG since this pandemic began that this virus is real and measures should be taken against it. The president did everything he needed too.

          The lockdown orders don’t need to be in effect until there’s a vaccine, or we’ll be locked down for two years. The lockdown and distancing is about flattening the curve so hospitals don’t get overrun.

          That’s it. We’re likely approaching success in that regard, so the lockdowns seems easing.

        • “It is not a cause that can be addressed with violence or threats of violence.”

          Tell that to the government. They’ve been using plenty of both for their coronavirus cause.

        • It’s a power grab stupid.

          Yeah I called you stupid.

          Insurrection is coming.

          No I didn’t lose any weapons in a boating accident.

        • @ Innocent Bystander

          “ What if he been warned about the unstoppable impact of the virus as early as December of 2019 by his intelligence dept and chose to ignore it?”

          The democrat party had the entire country locked in impeachment craziness that whole month. You ask what if. Well, if he knew at that time and said anything at all he would be treated as if were deflecting the discussion in a wag the dog situation.

      • Warwolffen calm down. What it is you think people should rebel against at this point? The bar still being closed?

        • Well, I’m still unemployed since my employer (a global company with hundreds of employees and locations around the globe, no less) was shut down in mid-March after being deemed “non-essential”. We’re still waiting for permission to re-open, but thanks to L.A. County’s nonsensical mess – in which our Health Officer, Mayor (Garcetti) and Governor (Newsom) aren’t even in agreement on details or terms – we still don’t know when that will happen. When we finally do return, it’s a certainty that at least a third (if not more) of our workforce will not be called back due to the permanent damage to our particular industry.

          So yes, there are reasons other than the local bar not being open. Loss of job/income is a big one.

        • @neiowa,

          The Dems in CA are running scared because so many voters here have “seen the light” and are angry with the overreach of the shutdowns. There are no voices supporting Newsom, Garcetti, Ferrer, or any other Dems in office and the decisions they’ve been making. Everyone’s angry, and the Dems know there’s a high probability that November’s elections will reflect it. In fact, there’s a growing consensus now that CA might actually turn purple. Not red, of course, but turn away from uber-blue because of the former dominance of the metro areas. Everyone(!) here is talking about “making some changes” in November. Turning the state purple and reversing the “Blue Virus” damage would be a good thing, yes?

          Or do you still want all the gun-owning conservatives to leave the state and allow the madness to continue unchecked, so that you’ll still have a reason to point the finger of blame from the safety of your porch 2000 miles away? No thanks…we see the rare opportunity to beat the Dems back, and we’ll stay here to do it.

        • “The Dems in CA are running scared because so many voters here have “seen the light” and are angry with the overreach of the shutdowns. There are no voices supporting Newsom, Garcetti, Ferrer, or any other Dems in office and the decisions they’ve been making. Everyone’s angry, and the Dems know there’s a high probability that November’s elections will reflect it. In fact, there’s a growing consensus now that CA might actually turn purple.”

          What about vote fraud? Ballot harvesting, illegal aliens voting merely by showing their California-issued driver licenses.

        • @Fleas,

          Forced mail-in ballots and (the highly unlawful practice of) ballot harvesting are genuine concerns, and are currently being challenged in court, though I have no idea how those efforts are progressing or how the shutdowns have affected the timetables.

        • The fact that you have to ask what there is to rebel against, shows how fucking stupid you are. Being willing to take a stand against tyranny and knowing who will be the first to defend their tyranny is not the same as just shouting “kill cops” like some BLM march. Cops have too much power currently. So does the government. And it keeps growing. I’m not gonna write it out in crayon for you Ron, you’ve chosen your side. Just don’t expect others to share your “take the knee” mentality in America.

        • Yep Montana…

          And *when* you lose, the media, academia, and Hollywood, will label you as racist, sexist, fascist, nazi, hillbilly traitors… who’s rebellion was easily snuffed out by the vastly superior, intelligent, diverse, equality championing, invincible left wing forces of good.

          Sound familiar?

          Funny how you’ll go on a homosexual fueled, depraved rant about the American South, yet here you are championing a violent rebellion, in the south none the less, over your personal perception of what is constitutional.

        • Dude, fuck the left and the right. Fuck the north and the south. The only people who sit here and criticize those who know what type of people will be on the first wave of any civil war are boomer fucksticks like you who have never been more than one place their whole life. You belong back on facebook you fucken loser.

        • 🤣 I’m glad I’ve sufficiently enraged you. Please by all means, have a heart attack lardo.

        • Grow up dude. Acting like a historian then resulting to assuming someone’s weight online? Facebook warrior of 2009 status achieved. BTW, boomer, I’m 6’1″ and 200 pounds.

      • If you want to make threats, you better be prepared to back them up. If you want to kill and die for something, it better be worth it. Otherwise, you’re just a fart in the wind.

        Are you going to shoot cops because you can’t get your hair cut?? Or eat a burger?? Or see a stupid Hollywood movie?? There’s a concept called “proportional response.” The people who swarmed Lake of the Ozarks this past weekend have it figured out. It’s better just to ignore these petty tyrants than threaten them.

        • You honestly believe they are just ignoring them? Those fucking idiots are the exact opposite of what this guy represents. Those are the people who just want to flood the bars. This ex marine wants people to be re-employed and the government to know their place. Know the fucking difference.

        • This was a test run on constitutional rights infringments. They have now seen as proved by the sheep that all rights can be suspended with an excuse regardless of what our Bill of Rights states. This was a test and the sheep failed the test.

      • Warwolf: Actually the “boating accident” line is just sort of a running joke, no one actually believes the Feds/cops or anyone else would believe a story like that and if you think anyone claiming to have lost ALL of their guns in such a manner really believes they are now totally safe then you are as much a braindead moron as the many liberal trolls that frequent this site… I have personally purchased several guns and thousands of rounds since my first “boating incident” so I’ve had to create a few more…. Fun fact I’ve never owned a boat and, if I did, would/could never take ALL of my firearms aboard at once…..

      • Agreed. When the government shows to say they’re going to DESTROY churches that Refuse to allow their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to be stomped on, it’s time to meet Force with Force. The “State” has ZERO authority to summarily strip Americans of their God-given Rights. –You show up at my church and we’ll be there waiting…ARMED and willing to Use Force to Defend Our Rights.

        • So you are willing to take a stand against churches who rape the economy claiming to be essential yet pay no essential taxes, but not for people’s livelihoods? Man religion is fucking dumb. You do realize that literally every religion started as a cult, right? Actually, they still are.

    • Not so much “another kooky boogaloo dude” as much as someone getting real tired of being under threat of government officials.

    • 1. Unless you’re willing to use force, you’re just full of $hit.
      2. No such thing as”ex-Marine”.

      • Not everyone continues to sip the motivated koolaid after they get out, everyone speaks in their own way.

        -an ex Marine / 0311

        • True but most still carry on with the pride and honor which their time in the Corps generated within them… “The Few The Proud The Marines” still holds true in my heart even after 45 years since my medical separation.. If you don’t feel it you never had it, you might have left the Corps but the Corps never left you…

          NOT and EX-Marine.. SemperFi means ALWAYS faithful not just faithful til you leave active service… USMC 1967-1975, U.S. Marine 1967 to present….

        • The always a marine is a boomer thing. Get real. You got out. You learned some shit. Move on. Pride my nuts.

        • ” The always a marine is a boomer thing ” – – – Well, yeah, since the millies are a bunch of parasitic creampuffs who can’t even figure out their own gender and are too selfishly narcissistic to ever commit to military service, yeah, it’s a boomer thing.

        • Sounds like a brain washed thing to me. Still ignoring the fact that you got out. You are no longer a marine.

        • Also, can you blame the current gen for not “volunteering” to fight for oil and drug control? I mean, even since vietnam no war has had a fucking thing to do with our freedom. The real wars are right outside their door. I could care less about their gender… even if it is a mental health issue, which this country fails to address as well.

        • I was a combat engineer for the 173rd, 54th. Fuckass.

          Also, no grunt I have ever came in contact with both in and out of the military calls themselves a rifleman. Show your stripes there, tiger.

    • No even close to being a kook. The government needs to be reminded that it is there to serve the citizens and not the other way around.

    • No someone who believes the Tree of Liberty must, from time to time, be nourished with the blood of Patriots, and Tyrants! As the Founders Prophesied

    • Same here. All it takes is one guy letting off a round on either side and it’s a bloodbath that’ll become a justification for God knows what kind of gun ban they can cook up.

      • Except every time a civilian fires a round they try to cover shit up, claim they had reason to kill that civilian, and then investigate it themselves for 3 years so people forget about it. People are finally growing tired of subjugation.

  1. Why not? Go ahead and murder some young father out there doing their job. That will definitely get the support of the country behind you. At least your kids will get to grow up without a psycho father in the house.

    • @Dude,

      Murder…the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. Unlawful, premeditated.

      Exercising one’s rights to protect one’s rights. No ones endorsing murdering anyone. Stop running around with your hair on fire.

        • True. Worse, it is over a natural disaster. Like a flood from heavy rains, now that the water is receding he wants to fight somebody in charge of the order to flee to higher ground.

        • Largely over with maybe where you are. Were still in the middle of our tyrants little flirtation with dictatorship thank you very much.

        • Virtue signaling isn’t just for the Left. He wants everyone to know what a tough patriot he is fighting for your rights.

        • If it were over, we wouldn’t have so many people under lock down.

          Phase 1 is over…scaring everyone beyond belief.

      • I took it as they are protesting the state lockdown policies. If the police show up and you start killing, that’s murder. I’ve been against the stupid business closures from day one. Firing on the police like that isn’t how you change hearts and minds. That’s how you end up in jail and turn the rest of the country against us.

        • @Dude

          No where does this guy incite or condone murder. YOU brought it up. Hearing comprehension is a thing.

        • @Baldwin

          Ex-marine Mr Smith said in the Facebook live video posted Friday: ‘Are we willing to kill people? Are we willing to lay our lives down? We have to say yes.’

          Just because you don’t like what the police are enforcing doesn’t magically make murder okay. I’m sure you can find a spot to make your stand before this is over with. Be sure to check back in here and let us know how things went for you.

        • @Dude,

          I think what Baldwin’s trying to say is that we need to be prepared to go the distance if necessary to preserve our rights. For example, the Battle of Lexington and the “shot heard ’round the world” would never have happened if the Colonists had shown up in force to confront and stop the British from confiscating their gun powder stores, but then backed down and let the troops proceed. Nobody wants to ever pull the trigger on another human being, and we should always attempt all other options for resolution, but at some point those in power (and their LE agents) are trained and equipped to go the distance and use deadly force against you, so we must be mentally prepared to do the same. Not planning for it, but prepared.

          Otherwise, what’s the point of even claiming the 2A for ourselves at all?

        • I get that. I just think there’s a time and a place for everything. Sometimes the tough guy patriotic chest beating talk gets a little out of hand. The tough guy in the story above already had his chance to take up arms when they came for his wife, but he chose to stand around and film it like a cuck.

          I’m all for sticking to your guns, so to speak, but I can’t stand hypocrisy.

      • There have been recent prominent stories about this like a gym owner that wants to open. Police showed up and didn’t want to do anything at first. Then their higher ups forced them to come back and shut it down. This has gained sympathy for the gym owner and showed how stupid the people in charge are. This is changing hearts and minds. Now imagine you were there and started shooting the police. And of course, you would have been more than willing to do that right?

        • Or…

          Consider the elderly barber in Michigan who was backed into a financial corner and had to re-open. The authorities told him to shut down, and he refused. A local militia group stood outside his shop in support of his right to work, and not only was there a line of customers, the cops never dared to even show up. Instead, the Governor remotely revoked the barber’s license. The end result was the same increased public sympathy for the barber, while keeping the armed cops at bay and reminding TPTB that The People are the ultimate governing authority over themselves in respect to their rights.

          It was a peaceful outcome via a balanced show of force.

        • That worked out beautifully. I’m all for standing up to the fools running things. If a governor or mayor called their bluff, and an ex-marine began shooting cops, it would have been tragic.

      • The guy running around with his “hair on fire” is this fellow thinking that armed insurrection is needed in this pandemic.

        • Just like the Colonists did on April 19, 1775?? That armed insurrection?? Those people who were tired of being pushed around?? The one that gained your right to sit at your desk and write whatever you want??? How many people must go bankrupt before you take a do or die stand?? How many children and adults must go hungry before you take a do or die stand??? How much injustice are you will to endure before you take a do or die stand??? How much tyranny are you willing to live under before you take a do or die stand??? How much of YOUR wealth must be stripped from you before you take a do or die stand???
          It sure sounds to me that you are more than willing to assume the fetal position in a corner while pissing your pants forever than for one tyrant leave this earth by the same violence they bring to the table every day!!!!!!!!!!!

        • @Doug,

          Note that the Battle of Lexington occurred only four weeks after Patrick Henry’s famous speech before the Virginia House of Burgesses on March 23, in which he said:

          “…If we wish to be free — if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending—if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained, we must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight! An appeal to arms and to the God of Hosts is all that is left us!

          […] Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance, by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?”

    • if people want to enjoy their right to assembly, maybe the police should be taking pictures, identifying the assemblees, and if they do get sick, they would have no recourse to sue anyone. Jack booted thugs in riot gear is a little over the top. This guy’s beliefs are just fine, be ready for anything, protect yourself in a defensive manner, the same way we expect LE to do.
      LE forming up in riot gear just makes them the aggressors, they can leave it in a command vehicle, just in case. A show of force just makes things worse.

  2. Dumb strategy. The Michigan style of protests clearly have worked, as most of the nation is starting to reopen. Why turn to violence and alienate your cause when a peaceful solution is working.

    Rule of war and politics in America: The side that shoots first, or is seen as the aggressor, the American people largely turn against. Go back and look it up, the aggressing forces are always turned on. It’s just the way it is.

    • False. Generally, the winner gets to set the narrative, not the side that shoots first.

      See: Waco, TX; Ruby Ridge, ID; Every war, ever

      • Ok, I’ll give you the winner certainly gets to set the narrative, but look:

        American Revolution: Boston massacre. Also Lexington and concord were defensive actions upon an invasive British force.

        War of 1812: British impressment.

        Civil war: Fort Sumpter.

        Spanish American war: The USS Maine (though we obviously now know it wasn’t a Spanish bomb)

        World War One: Zimmerman telegram but much of the populace was enraged by the Lusitania sinking.

        World War Two: Pearl Harbor.

        Afghanistan: 9/11.

        To successfully spin up the American populace into warlike frenzy you need an attack on innocents.

        Some dude going around shooting LE or first responders will in fact do that… but not in favor of him, It’ll be against whatever movement he’s aligned with.

        As it should, I honestly see no reason to turn to violence over this.

      • False. The Lost Cause narrative in many ways wrote civil war history.

        Cold Harbor = Grant the Butcher

        Pickett’s Charge = Romantic endeavor in a lost cause.

        Reality is that Grant was a far superior General than Lee. The attacker always suffers more casualties than the defender.

        • “Reality is that Grant was a far superior General than Lee.”

          I am afraid Civil War History is not your forte.

        • Grant was most assuredly not a better general then Lee. Grant did have balls though. Something the vast majority of union generals lacked.

        • ” Reality is that Grant was a far superior General than Lee. ”

          No, actually, Lee was the better strategist and tactician, able to hold off a numerically and logistically superior adversary for over 3 years. Lee was like a surgeon, skillfully using his scalpel where it did the most good. Grant was just a bull in a china shop who kept pushing more and more men and equipment into the fight until he prevailed. He had that luxury and lacked any talent to do otherwise. Lee didn’t.

          ” The attacker always suffers more casualties than the defender. ”

          See above. It didn’t have to be that way.

        • ““Reality is that Grant was a far superior General than Lee.”

          I am afraid Civil War History is not your forte.”

          WTF are you doing here, Hans?

          You made quite the show yesterday about how much TTAG sucks, and that how you were leaving TTAG… 🙂

        • It was; and they won, therefore they set the narrative. If, instead, because they shot first, the American people revolted against the ATF / FBI, then Ron’s case would have held.

        • At least that’s the official story at Waco. Hard to verify when the bullet-riddled front door and the bullets recovered from the ATF agents went missing from evidence.

    • False. The politicians well know that the protests are from a small percentage of citizens who are a bit off their gourds thinking that threatening violence was going to change anything. What is opening things up far too early with far too little safeguards is the financial realities at every level.

      • You’re such a gigantic baby. Far too early huh? You show me your evidence for that and I’ll show you the states and areas that did lock down versus the ones that didn’t at all, or have already opened up, and how there is zero correlation between either strategy and a higher number of cases. Then I’ll show you how well that precious lockdown has worked in New York. Then I’ll show you the incredible damage already done to our (and the World’s) economy.

        • Meant to add that all (most? The majority?) of the economic damage can be reversed, probably in a few years. Realities, as you said.

        • Exactly right chose. As more data comes in we’re seeing a better picture and can make better decisions. I fully admit I didn’t agree with the Michigan protests when they started, but as we can see now it’s reasonable to start opening things back up.

        • “Meant to add that all (most? The majority?) of the economic damage can be reversed, probably in a few years. Realities, as you said.”

          Yes, but that doesn’t make it okay. It was a major flub up. Many businesses will never return, though they’ll eventually be replaced by others. The extra debt will never be reversed.

      • Double false. (You like that one 😉)

        I actually agree, I thought the Michigan protests weren’t a good idea as well, and posted that here multiple times.

        But I do believe they had an effect on easing the lock downs. Which now is the time to do. When they started? Not so much.

  3. I’m thinking he’s a bit late with his message. Maybe he’s just fed up with this stupid lockdown.

    I’ll pose this question to all here. (I’ve been asking for a month and a half now to almost everyone I’ve met. Never have gotten a “yes” answer yet)

    Do you personally know ANYONE, who has or has had the Kung flu?

    The answer can’t be along the lines of, “well yeah, my moms hairdressers UPS guy said his dad has it.” Bzzzzzzzt. Wrong answer.
    Do YOU know?

    Buehler… Buehler….

      • I don’t think congratulations is the right word here, but you are the first person to answer yes out of a few hundred.
        While I’m not an IG influencer or someone special, I know and meet a LOT of people.
        I’ve checked in with people I know all over this country and a few other countries as well.

        • I know of a false positive with my coworker. And that is it. Less than 50 people in a county of 200,000 are positive. They all are hospital patients when discovered.
          This thing is not nearly as serious as we where originally told.

        • I know one person that died from it. And at least 2 friends of friends that have died. Not just have contracted the virus but died, you know dead and gone.
          What are you entertaining here? That it’s all a big conspiracy? Maybe the numbers are inflated but have you not watched news reports from inside the hospitals? The morgue trucks in NYC?

        • Are you saying that because you know ‘a lot of people’ that you should personally know people who’ve contracted the virus?

          Here’s some numbers for you. Let’s assume, in your line of work and your social life, you (and this is a very optimistic estimate) know around 500 people that you regularly interact with. Again, extremely optimistic estimate, but for the sake of numbers, we’ll use 500.

          Oregon’s population is, give or take, 4,300,000. Oregon has, to date, 3,888 confirmed cases of COVID. This means, that you expect you would personally know someone who has the virus despite the fact that a) you (optmistically) know about ~0.01% of the state population. Further, only 0.09% of Oregon’s population has contracted the virus. Even if we normalize based on you potentially knowing and regularly interacting with more than 500 people (which, betting odds say you definitely don’t), the likelihood of you knowing someone who has the virus is pretty goddamn small when you look at the numbers.

          The virus is, statistically on a national scale, 62 times more deadly than the flu is, and thats with over 215 days left in the year. The virus has, to date, infected ~0.5% of the entire US population whereas the flu last year was at ~10.6%, yet the virus has 98k deaths thus far, whereas flu had, IN THE ENTIRE YEAR, ~34k.

          All of this said, I can’t tell if your question is to (wrongly) insinuate that ‘it’s not as serious as the DeMoCrAt RuN mEd-YuH sEz It Iz!11!’ or if you’re just generally curious, but either way, the data is the data. I’ll sit back and let the standard followup arguments roll in on the data being falsified or mis-reported by apparently, some massive margin, as that’s the standard next stop after the proven data and numbers slap down the ‘it’s basically the flu’ argument.


    • I honestly think I might of had it. Had a pretty rough go of something that was like the flu. Could’ve been the seasonal flu, I never bothered to get tested, because I wanted to stay out of where the infected were going, just incase I didn’t have it.

      But I agree, and while I think this kind of message is a mistake, it’s also too late. Most lockdown orders are ending. The new continental army isn’t going to form over this.

      • I may have had it also, maybe…? Last week of January or so. Kind of like the flu, just not as bad as I remember the flu.
        But no way to get tested here. (They are only testing illegals here.) And what would be the point anyway.

        • Probably not. The Stanford Epidemiologist who bet the farm on it said that his testing indicated only 5% of the population in California had been infected. Then he went on a social justice rant. If you didn’t get a flu shot, you had the flu or cold or some other virus

        • I actually did get the flu shot too, which is one reason why I think it’s possible I had it. But as we know the flu shot isn’t totally effective.

        • I was tested and positively ID’d as having Flu “A” in late January. A week later it turned into a pneumonia like thing that I was treated for. I’m pretty sure that was Covid-19. KIcked my ass pretty good but was never life-threatening.

        • If you tested for Flu A and it turned into a pneumonia like think then you had the flu.

          The C19 peumonia like thing is viral pneumonia and if you had it you would have been in the hospital

        • “They are only testing illegals here.”

          No, just no. I mean, at least make a realistic claim you can back up with a report or numbers. Oregon has several facilities able to conduct tests despite the national shortage, and they are definitely not ‘only testing illegals’ as you falsely claim here.

      • I also know someone in the healthcare industry who has heard of some local middle age, otherwise healthy, folks who had a tough go with it.

        • The lady I know of has a daughter that dances with my daughter. She got it AFTER dance opened back up. Her family either didn’t get it or weren’t symptomatic, and her daughter didn’t spread it to everyone in her dance class.

        • In other words, the lockdowns aren’t saving as many people as they think. You can social distance and practice good hygiene without destroying small businesses.

    • Sorry Tom, I deeply respect you but I gotta burst your bubble.
      A friend of mine died the Saturday before Easter, no health history, late 40s left a 16 and an 18 year old behind, they pulled the life support from his mother on Easter. I have 2 coworkers that are diagnosed with it now. They pulled the nursing staff from that site and I’m reporting there tomorrow while they wait for the rest of the nursing staff’s test results.

      The virus is real. I do not fear it. Covid will kill some, and some will live. That is nature.

      • Jeff,
        You’re not bursting my bubble. (And thank you for the kind word).

        I’m not a big conspiracy theory type, not going anywhere with this at all.
        I’m just puzzled.

    • A friend of mine and his family (4 people, all completely recovered with no issues), and I’ve personally cared for 4 patients who tested positive.

    • I know one person that was diagnosed as positive and has since got over it. No one I personally know have died from it.

      Those that I know, the most likely issues are about not being able to deal with OTHER medical needs from hospitals and doctors NOT scheduling anything non-covid.

    • Yes, a good friend of 20+ years and it damned near killed him and his wife. Kids did fine. He’s mid 40s, perfectly healthy (Mormon, so not surprising), and 6 weeks later he still has trouble breathing. Like, literally has trouble talking on the phone his lungs are so beat up.

    • Tom, yes. Two dudes, one 51 former SF and another early 40s former SEaL. Both close friends, both got very sick. My SF buddy Joe said it felt worse than Malaria, which is something. Both waited as long as possible to go to the ER, neither ever got on a ventilator. One received antibiotics, the other did not. Both extremely healthy and fit. Both spent less than a week in the hospital and made a full recovery, but both told me it was worse than any illness they ever had.

      I should also add, because of my job, I had visited several healthcare facilities that were absolutely packed with new patients. and I also visit areas with hardly any patients at all. This disease is very spiky in its geographical distribution.

    • No, and only 27 cases known in my entire zip code… I have family in FL, KY, Oh, Ca, VA, N.C., Ma, Tx. and Tn… No one has had C-19 or knows anyone who has…..

    • Yes, a neighbor’s wife has had it, and has only been released after weeks in the hospital.
      Two people at work, In another department, have had it.
      My 89 year old, obese uncle died from it. He was a bad man, so please, no sympathy, the world is a better place with his passing.

    • Friend at Church died. Family coun’dn’t see him till he was gone. Wife was isolated from everyone while he was in the hospital, so she didn’t get much comfort.

      Two young nieces. Both with pneumonia for the last 9 weeks.

      People who live in Red states (less populous, less traveled by the world) see the effects of Covid-19 less or later. (Not a bad reason to live where you live).

    • Someone did test positive where I work but didn’t succumb to infection. That being said, not personally knowing anyone who was infected can be an effect of your social circle and common mindset. If you social circle consists of people who are socially distancing themselves as best as possible and assuming that does reduce chance of infection, then its reasonable for members of said social circle to not know anyone who was infected.

    • I’ve said this here before.

      In March both my wife and I had this, she worse than I. Most of the folks in her lab got it. The current thinking is that one of the folks with a high school aged kid got it from his son who had gone to a wrestling tournament. One lady, a severe asthmatic, was on a ventilator for a couple days and recovered. No one else was close to that bad.

      It’s also possible that I was the vector for her lab since most of the people at my jiu jitsu school had this in Feburary. No one there had a “serious” or “critical” case.

      Note, I’m only speaking of people with testing and symptoms, and excluding people who didn’t have multiple tests.

      This disease is an odd one. My wife got the “classic” symptoms. Dry cough, felt out of breath, used an inhaler for a few days slept 20 hours a day for four days in a row, lost her sense of smell and taste etc. Fully recovered in 16 days.

      I on the other hand had muscle soreness similar to having hit the gym way, way too hard. That was for about nine days. Near the end of that I had runny shits for three days. For about two total weeks my blood sugar ran higher if I didn’t add half a unit of insulin to each meal or exercise to increase my efficiency. I also had to, generally, double the length of my standard morning walk for the first five days. On day 13 breakfast caused a spike which required 2u to correct, which was my body essentially clearing this disease… and then it was over.

      When you look at the data for this, excluding Chinese data which I still deem to be unreliable at best, you’re getting a R0 of about 5.7 (one person spreads it to 5.7 other people on average). So it spreads fast. Not measles fast (R0 ~18) but pretty quick, a smidgen faster than Pertussus and probably about on par with Rubella.

      However, the vast majority will either have no symptoms, have oddball symptoms, or have such mild symptoms that it’s quite possible they won’t know they had it and since we can’t get people out of the house for treatments for known, serious, issues it’s unlikely that such people would go get a CoV-2 test for “nothing”. The real question is why this is the case. What makes people vulnerable? Most diseases have a few people with a genetic abnormality that makes them vulnerable to it but with this one there are a host of correlative factors, some of which don’t yet make much sense. My hypothesis in those cases is that some of these factors are symptoms of an underlying problem rather than being “the problem” themselves, but as of yet there’s no proof of that, I’m simply looking at the statistics I’ve worked with elsewhere and recognizing a pattern where we’ve made mistakes before.

      Still, best guess, in the US, 50 million + people have had this and most never knew it.

        • My wife’s a microbiologist, specifically a parasitologist who studies immune response to parasitic infection, very specifically in regards trying to use various mechanisms that parasites use to hide from our immune system as a set of techniques for curing disease and better delivering medications. She’s also on a one-woman crusade against blood flukes but that’s another story.

          I don’t work in a lab. I’m a data analyst for a university and still a graduate student because… well, I lost the last 4.5 years of my life and the university hippies decided that it would be nicer to pay me and let me have insurance than to do whatever else they had on the table. Mostly I look at polling data from the poli sci people and check the work of some of the folks in the astronomy labs.

    • No, nobody, not who knows they have it or have had it anyway, but then the latest data shows 30%+ asymptomatic. Also, please stop calling it the kung flu. Flu is short for influenza. It’s not any kind of flu, it’s a completely different virus from influenza. Calling it flu makes you sound just generally ignorant.

  4. Another one of these crackpots who thinks the government is out to get him. He’d be far better off in life to help his chubby wife (there’s a lovely woman under those pounds!) to get in shape. They’d find better things to do than self-terrorizing themselves with imaginary threats, and they’d live longer, healthier lives together.

    • There have been and still are plenty of government officials actually publicly stating their motivations for coming after people that don’t obey.

    • I don’t think the threat is imaginary to the thousands of business owners who are out of business and can’t pay their mortgages. Further, given that the the USA imprisons more people both outright and per capita than any other country on earth, often for malum prohibitum “crimes” that hurt nobody, I don’t think the threat the government poses is imaginary to the millions of malum prohibitum violators it’s imprisoned either. Perhaps when you find yourself locked up for failing to get your 4th yearly psychological exam in a timely fashion as required by your firearm owners license under the Biden administration you will get it then. Government abuse ofpower is always “imaginary” as long as it only effects somebody else.

      • Science said we would have 2 million dead. It also said the world was flat at one point. Science can be wrong.

        • There’s nothing scientific about a flat earth. I’m pretty sure that was a wild guess. The shadow cast on the moon makes it pretty obvious.

        • “Science” never said we would have 2 million dead.The modeling showed the range of possible infections depending upon how well we responded to mitigate and contain. Right now we are seeing that number come in near the low end of the models.

          In human biology there are few things that can be predicted with absolute precision and 100% certainty. It is always a range of likelihood, of risk versus reward, of trying to measure and extrapolate from a chaotic stream of information.

          The fact that human civilization has progressed so far from stone knives and bearskins is a testament to the fact that Science works.

        • Oh, and Science never said the Earth as flat. That came from other sources, such as religion and superstition.

        • Uh the Bible, Torah, and Koran never say anything about a flat earth if that’s where you’re going…

          Also some religions, like Hinduism, get freakily close with some things, such as the Hindu belief in the age of the universe being almost exactly what the Big Bang model suggests.

        • Commenters bellow are being intentionally pedantic. A SCIENTIST modeled the death tolls. Scientists of the time thought the earth was flat. Scientists thought blood letting and leaches and snake oils and Colloidal silver and electrical ab stimulation and acupuncture are cures for what ails you. The line between science and a good guess is very thin. There is no such thing as settled science. It is always a study and it builds off itself. Saying the science is settled requires faith and in that regard it is no different than a form a religion. The church of science is like a cult leader predicting the end of the world and when on that day the earth doesn’t end, just changes the date to next week.

        • moodock,
          I just made a quick comment replying to only part of what you said. You are correct. They used a scientific model that predicted millions dying. That means, if one believes in “science”, then Trump should be a hero. The flat earth topic just sort of cracks me up.

      • At this point, it’s no longer about science. It’s about state level leaders and democrats forcing their will on the populous.

        • True, and if they’re using the “it’s about science” line to beat you over the head so to speak, then it’s certainly not about science.

      • The science of statistics says the shutdowns have been a complete and utter failure with tens of millions more cases based on antibody testing than we had when they first started going into effect. The only things the shutdowns have accomplished is to trash the economy. Given that smallpox killed 5,000,000 a year on average every year for the last 100 years it was in the wild, had the reaction to it been like this the world economy would have been “shut down” for centuries. So sorry pandemics are nothing new and with an infection fatality rate now appearing to be around 0.1%, meaning 1 in 1000 infected dies, it doesn’t look all that impressive either.

    • You make it sound like death is an absolute certainty with this thing.

      The truth is, moct people are not going to get it and most of the ones that do will get over it.

      • No we need to wreck the economy and ruin millions of lives for .3% if the population. Oh, and masks are an SJW badge of honor, narc on your neighbor.

    • Good god snowflake, melodramatic much? Based on antibody testing studies like the one linked below infection fatality rates appear around 0.1% which is about the same as seasonal flu. If people like you grew up when my parents did with measles, mumps, rubella, polio, etc you’d have just hid under your bed and never come out. If you grew up when my grandparents did with first world smallpox deaths were still common you’d have probably just killed yourself from the stress. The world didn’t shut down then and it damn sure doesn’t need to shut down now over something that kills 1 in 1000 people that get it.

  5. Fed provocateur. Do you seriously believe anyone wishing to “fight the government” is going to rallies and announcing their intentions?? If he isn’t a provocateur, he’s a run-of-the-mill kook that will just invite a crackdown, and this is the response that the powers-that-be want. Any excuse to exercise more power, and they will exercise it.

    Violence is a dead end. The only way out of this is if millions of Americans peacefully protest, and I mean millions. There are far more of us than there are of them.

  6. While it may not be quite to the point of armed insurrection yet I am quite surprised at a community I would think would be sympathetic to the concept of defending ones rights. This “Pandemic” and its response has shown very clearly, at least to me, how quickly and easily people will give up all of their rights and how eagerly government will be to fill that void, over fear. The numbers have not continued to justify this level of response and yet here we are 3 months in with the economy in shambles, record unemployment, and liberties trashed. If we cant even begin to posture and discuss to use our God given second amendment rights then why the fuck even have them?

    • Why would the actions of the “I support the 2nd amendment but…..” bootlickers ever surprise you? A more generally gutless group than the Fudds has never existed.

    • It’s been happening in various states at capital buildings. Not only with restrictions set in but all being done with the threat of arrest and red flag.

      Forcing gun stores to stay closed to the point of going out of business can be seen this way.

  7. North Carolina is in a modified Phase 2. The limited things that are still closed are bars, movies, indoor gyms, etc. There are some limits on the number of people in a confined space, i.e. restaurants at 50%. I, for one, will not kill a father or mother or uncle or aunt or brother or sister because I can’t see a movie.

  8. THIS ain’t the hill I’m dying on. Outlaw my guns and try to confiscate them and all bet’s are OFF!!!

    • Oh you wouldn’t do shit and that’s not how gun control works anyway. There will be no mass confiscation. At some point they will simply gradually start being banned, probably starting with semi-auto rifles and handguns and you will be required to turn them in. If you fail to and are then found with them you will be looking at ten years in prison.

  9. Did everyone forget that the Chicago mayor sent armed police to a church? … A FRIGGIN’ CHURCH!!! That is the stupidest action possible.

    In a measured response, this guy is trying to warn off the police from escalating actions against any protest. Should the police use force against We The People, they will get a same force response as a result. If anyone gets shot by the police, they will be shot in return. Not seeing that as an unreasonable response.

    • Just like these clowns, eh?

      They show up to defend a bar that opened in defiance of the lockdown, dressed to the nines in tactical getout, and then rolled over when the sheriff showed up. They were led away in cuffs, humiliated. Apparently, they weren’t willing to die on that hill, so what did the show of weapons accomplish other than making gun owners look like kooks?

      This is what “writing a check your ass can’t cash” looks like.

      • MLK did exactly the same thing.

        Protest of unjust laws often requires submission to the system of law for the point of highlighting the lack of justice. MLK changed this country by doing things like that, not by shooting Bull Connor and his minions.

  10. Sometimes gun rights supporters say and do useful things. This guy, well… have you ever had to tell a well meaning but misguided friend to stop helping because what they were doing was counterproductive? That’s him. He is what the anti crowd fears. They think most of us are like that, looking for our chance to puff up and sling the AR and maybe shoot a black helicopter or lizard person overlord, desperately wanting to be a part of the revolution, reveal “the truth” about thing’s they know, and feel like they are important because “I love my country but I fear my government!” is on his bumper sticker. Me too sometimes, but you can’t threaten to put a bullet into every issue unless you want to provide ample reason for us to be feared. I’m not him. We’re not him. Unless you choose to be, in which case you are NOT helping!

  11. Can not leave yard, can not go to church, can not work, 2A being violated, can not protest, Democrats destroying our freedoms and republicans helping them, all our big business owned by Chinese (find something made in America that Doesn’t fall apart and cost an Arm and a leg, billionaires dictate to our Government what’s what so Semper Fi brother! Non Sibi Sed Patraie!

    • Can not leave yard, – In NC Wrong.
      can not go to church, In NC Wrong
      can not work, In most cases, Wrong
      2A being violated, Sometimes, yes.
      can not protest, – Wrong

      You are doing a lot of exagerating. In NC where this story is from only a minority of business sectors are shutdown. Any is too many in my opinion since I favor just letting business owners and people make their own risk assessments, but, still, a minority.

  12. This guy is clearly overwrought. That said, if I lived in Gretchen Witless territory I would have been one of the “armed protesters” standing up to her tyranny. Yes, I would have had on a mask, dark wraparound sunglasses, hat, and gloves (process that with your damned facial recognition software, tyrant).

    • “Yes, I would have had on a mask, dark wraparound sunglasses, hat, and gloves . . .” Just like the cops sent to stop free citizens from exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights. This is exactly what the 2nd Amendment intends. It’s always worth remembering that the 2nd is a part of a revolutionary document and that while they can be messy and ugly, they don’t necessarily have to be deadly.

      Despite the completely unanticipated authoritarian threats and outright provocations from governments we’ve witnessed of late, I think the essential strength of our republic—something in stark contrast to other governments—is that the armed police and the armed demonstrators aren’t shooting at each other. An armed citizenry can use it’s guns to defend against tyranny but that right doesn’t necessarily mean that people have to start shooting each other.

  13. The police already came and arrested his wife. He had his chance to make a stand and shoot them, but instead he chose to record it. He’s just virtue signalling.

  14. This is not the first pandemic some of us have been alive for. Hong Kong Flu 1968
    This is, however, a new response.

  15. This is extremely possible. This is not the up and down of an economy. This is a deliberate attack on the business community. Instead of a street gang its the government itself that is attacking small family businesses.

    On TTAG we have watched video in the past of small business owners using guns to defend their store from an attack by local thugs. If you think a person is going to sit down and let an outside force destroy them? Even if its the government you are a fool.

    You don’t know American history.

  16. Have we come a long way since Katrina? Yes. Nobody’s coming to your house and taken your guns from you. Nobody has searched your vehicles and taking any firearms from you and destroyed them , or put them in a container that they have rusted to hell in and no one has physically attacked anybody and taking them from their houses . Thank you gun rights groups and thank you internet. The only reason this has not happened yet is because of us owners, thank you gun owners and God bless you, we did good, Now reward yourself
    … we win

  17. Seems like many here are against violence, unless it’s by the people in charge, then it’s okay.

    No outrage over the THOUSAND of people, especially seniors, who died (were killed) by the actions of the killers in charge.
    No outrage over the millions who lost their jobs, and the many that already committed suicide…
    No outrage over all these “EXPERTS” and killers still getting paychecks after they killed so many, and removed 40,000,000 people from their jobs….
    No Outrage over all the political witch hunts currently ongoing…
    No outrage over churches being closed and members targeted for police actions…
    No outrage over the forthcoming major “FRAUD BY MAIL” proposed by these same killers…
    No outrage over the wholesale destruction of our liberties…(probably never to return)

    We are in a much worse situation than the original Americans faced at Lexington and Concord. I’m very sure they also were outraged, but they took the bull by the horns.

    Spare me your false outrage over a man proposing violence…

    • Well said…and I believe he is only proposing righteous defense of his rights and livelihood from the corrupt politicians and government who would trample on them with impunity…

  18. Things are going to get hotter the longer democrats try to crash the economy. Because that’s what it’s morphed into now. It’s about destroying people financially so they beg for socialism and democrats to deliver it.

    • It’s absolute insanity. If we had an honest media, no one would be voting for democrats this fall. Unfortunately, propaganda works.

  19. Come on America, it’s time to pull together!

    Sure, there were those who said COVID-19 was nothing more than the common flu. There were those who claimed it’s a democratic hoax but did we let that stop us?


    Thanks to asymptomatic transmission and opposition to social distancing, Covid19 is proud to report that today 99, 624 Americans have assumed room temperature, thanks to COVID-19’s excellent work!

    So we’re less then 400 deaths away from 100,000 dead Americans, let’s pull together now!

    Get out there, elbow to elbow at the bar, pack the pews, lineup at your favorite all you can eat buffet!

    Regardless of what trumps death panel says, COVID-19 should reach new heights in the next few weeks. Based on the current trends, 2% infection rate, 4% mortality of those infected, sports casters are predicting in excess of 240,000 dead Americans.

    With stats like that, who needs Ebola or SARS?

    Go team America!

    • This just in, 99,702 is a new death number!

      Just watching the big board is so exciting, running up the score every minute!

      Sure, President Trump said it was “mostly contained“, “just 15 positives and soon the number will be near zero… “”

      But COVID-19 didn’t lose faith, doing the hard work of killing elderly Americans while developing new and deadlier symptoms for the kids.

      Well, COVID-19 has got to go, preparing to check the line in Vegas, got a lot riding on 100,000 dead before 4 PM eastern time.

      • The death rate, according to the CDC(last I looked), was 0.26%. It primarily kills the elderly, and those with certain preexisting health problems like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, etc. Let us not pretend COVID19 is the plague, or smallpox, or cholera, or yellow fever striking down large numbers of the population.

  20. I like the ‘boating accident’ idea.
    I’d really like it if y’all would get together and buy me a boat.

  21. Cue the snowflakes who think they can BOOGALOO but started panicking after less than two weeks of eating their wife’s boyfriend’s cooking.
    It’s like they WANT everyone to catch a ChiCom “bio research” virus.

  22. why would him and his cohorts need guns? why force? why not recall the governor and replace with a new one, call a special session of the legislature and get the state out of this “lockdown” status?

    why jump past ballots and go straight to bullets?

    if enough people in the state wanted something, it would be done by the will of the people. it could be done tomorrow if they wanted it bad enough.

      • “(Reuters) – The North Carolina Republican political operative at the center of an absentee ballot fraud scheme that led the state to order a rerun of a congressional election was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice on Wednesday, officials said.

        The operative, Leslie McCrae Dowless, was charged with three felony counts of obstruction of justice, two counts of conspiring to commit obstruction of justice and two counts of possession of absentee ballots, according to court documents.”

      • “A postal carrier in Pendleton County is accused of committing attempted election fraud by taking requests for Democratic absentee ballots and re-marking them as requests for Republican ballots.

        Mail carrier Thomas Cooper, 47, of Dry Fork was charged with “attempt to defraud the residents of West Virginia of a fair election.”

        The charge was filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia.

        The investigator was Bennie Cogar of the West Virginia Attorney General’s Office and on behalf of the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office. Cogar swore an affidavit, which was included with the filing.”

        • Good, it does not matter which side is committing the fraud, it must be stopped and whenever it is discovered it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law without regard to race, sex or political affiliation….. Of course I can’t help but notice that Miner is primarily interested in pointing out the indiscretions of the Right when there are numerous instances on the Left that could also be included…

        • I shared two instances of Republican voter fraud, and you complain but list no instances of democratic fraud.

          That’s peculiar.

        • tried to post the link to 700 instances of Dem voter fraud including absentee ballot fraud, duplicate voting, buying votes, illegal (alien) voting nationwide… Won’t post so fuck it, look it up yourself

    • To protect themselves from the police Democrats keep telling us are constantly killing people I should think. It would seem quite foolish to go unarmed into a situation where one might encounter the ruthless killers with badges Democrats are burning down police stations over. I will concede that it is rather more difficult to get a person in handcuffs and on the ground and push a knee into their neck for 7 minutes until they die when they are firing a gun at you. I imagine getting shot in the process of trying to obtain a victim to torture to death rather takes all the fun out of it.

  23. I’m bursting with pride at all the thoughtful comments here. The ability to meet and talk, and talk, and make chains while we suffer is satisfying to the soul.

  24. Facebook live, check.

    Incoherent rant that goes on forever, check.

    Aiming the phone at himself in the car, check.

    Only thing missing is the sunglasses.

  25. Where do we draw the line in the sand? That’s a decision that both groups and individuals have to make for themselves. At what point of crossing the line does a group or individual decide that lethal force is the only answer? That’s a serious decision with far reaching implications and consequences. I for one, pray it never reaches that point, because Civil War isn’t fought on some distant battlefield. It’ll be fought in our neighborhoods and city streets. It will be a bloody and vicious conflict that has the potential to eclipse our last Civil War in casualties and damage. It should only be our response of last resort, when all other options have been exhausted or failed.
    The most grievances we have right now, is with actions, legislation and tyrannical overreach by State and Local governing bodies and individuals. They should be challenged on every decision they reach that violates the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. I’m extremely disappointed that it’s taken our DOJ two months to begin to address the issues of overreach, infringement and violation. That should have taken place on day 1 of this Hysteria driven Pandemic. There is no US Constitutional provision for rights to be abrogated in response to a non war crisis, and far greater minds than mine have opined that no rights can be denied from the Federal level on down, regardless of the 10th Amendment deference to the individual States. None of the State’s should have been allowed to take State of Emergency Powers without Federal oversight guaranteeing that individual rights were not infringed.
    Some will take offense at my calling this a Hysteria Driven Pandemic, but that’s exactly what it has been. I’m not making light of the nearly 100,000 deaths (and that number is suspect due to shoddy and erroneous death certifications by as much as 35%), but that number is no where near the original projections. 100,000 ÷ 330,000,000 = 0.00033 or 0.03% using Math that isn’t Common Core nonsense. Any loss is a tragedy to the affected family. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a drop in the bucket. The vast majority of the death toll has been due to underlying conditions, which medically speaking (and I spent 40 years in Health Care), any socomial or nosocomial infection could potentially cause death in these individuals, regardless of the causative pathogen. We trashed our economy, put 40 million people out of work due to hysterical overreaction. In hind sight, we’d have been better off isolating and quarantining those in the highest risk group than attempting to quarantine the whole country, which failed miserably.
    I’m not one for conspiracy theories for the most part. Our President was given piss poor advice by a bunch of Chicken Littles. The Democrats and the Media’s initial take on the threat, their protectionist activities towards the source of the threat, their willingness to tank the economy, drive up the debt, their complete 180 degree response and attempts to use this crisis from day 1, and all during an election year, sure starts smelling more and more like a conspiracy every damn day.

  26. And they said it couldn’t be done!

    COVID-19 has racked up 100,000 American citizens dead, in just three short months.

    Remember back on March 26, when COVID-19 deaths in America had hit 1000? Who thought in just two months they would increase 100times?

    “ March 26, 2020, 5:12 AM EDT / Updated March 26, 2020, 8:14 AM EDT
    By Phil Helsel and Linda Givetash
    The United States has reached a grim milestone as the number of deaths linked to coronavirus passed 1,000 in the country on Thursday, according to a count by NBC News.

    The number of reported deaths associated with the disease in the U.S. was at least 1,001 as of Thursday morning, according to that count, and there have been more than 68,000 reported cases. Globally, reported deaths passed 21,000, according to Johns Hopkins University.”

    COVID-19 fashion tip:

    Mask and respirators are just so ugly, no true patriot would ever wear an N95 mask.

    “Honey, does this mask make me look fat?“

    “You bet, get that thing off and hand me them Marlboros!”

    • I mean what were you expecting dude? You seem to be laboring under the gross conceptual error that America as a country and a culture really actually does give a fuck about human life. We don’t! That’s just bullshit we say, isn’t that obvious. The U.S. has killed millions through unnecessary wars, sanctions, financial manipulation, wealth and natural resource extraction, simple refusal to create an equitable healthcare system when so many other country’s have etc, etc. I’m not sure what you were expecting weren’t you expecting this societal attitude and outcome?

    • You should better hide your ghoulish giddiness at the (inflated) Chinese virus death numbers. They are nowhere near the catastrophic predictions. Small potatoes compared to other causes of death in the USA. Definitely not a proper excuse for ruining the economy by shutting down businesses and quarantine of healthy people.

      But as leftists say – “What is 70 days of 15 day lockdown when we need to flatten the curve by sitting on our asses and letting the government to take care of us, right? Right!? Oh, the curve can’t get any flatter? But America is still breathing a little, the people are still not crawling to the .gov for help by socialization, so we need to keep the lockdown on her throat until they do!”

    • IFR of COVID-19 is about 0.1%, the same as seasonal flu. More people have died from it simply due to lower resistance to a new strain of virus and the shutdowns have been an epic failure at preventing that. 2.8 million die on average every year in the USA from a myriad of causes. This is just a drop in the bucket. Good things you hysterics weren’t around a hundred years ago with measles, mumps, cholera, rubella and smallpox, which makes COVID-19 look like the common cold. You’d have hidden under the bed and never come out.

  27. REALLY???
    A come to arms when the lockdown is for YOUR protection. Our lame ass wanna-B President A.K.A. Don The Con>did NOTHING besides call it a Democrat Hoax. And now these lame ass dudes feel the need to show up with their little guns. Puh-Lease. Where are they when minorities are being oppressed??? Where are they when the cops are killing un-armed minorities??? How many times have white people cursed out the cops with a weapon in their hand & the cops walk away or tased um?? Where where they when the military would not allow minorities to enlist & when they did allow it they treated them like 2nd class citizens even though they were saving American lives right next to these same entitled white folks!!!
    They’re sitting @ home feeling entitled to be White in a Country that has a Pledge of Allegiance that says “With Liberty & Justice For All” Not Liberty And Justice For Only White People”
    A country that was built by slave labor. I call BULLSHIT
    And these same lame ass dudes (people) watch FOX News to be told what to think, in addition to listening to our lame ass President constantly tell them lie after lie and they just swallow it down as if his stupidity excuses his lack of ability to do the job he was elected to do. They don’t even realize that he is only looking out for people that are in the 1% which means the other 99% are helping that 1% remain the 1%.

    • A come to arms when the lockdown is for YOUR protection. Our lame ass wanna-B President A.K.A. Don The Con>did NOTHING besides call it a Democrat Hoax
      And these same lame ass dudes (people) watch FOX News to be told what to think, in addition to listening to our lame ass President

      Well at least there is NO doubt where you get your “NEWS”… Reality check? No it would be wasted on your stupid liberal racist ass…

    • “Where are they when minorities are being oppressed???”

      “minorities” get preferential treatment in hiring, government contracts, and university admissions.

      “Where are they when the cops are killing un-armed minorities???”

      Yes, the Gentle Giant narrative. Then we see the badge cam and the physical evidence and the Racist White Cop narrative is almost always blown to bits.

      “How many times have white people cursed out the cops with a weapon in their hand & the cops walk away or tased um??”

      I dunno. Who keeps track of such things?

      “Where where they when the military would not allow minorities to enlist & when they did allow it they treated them like 2nd class citizens even though they were saving American lives right next to these same entitled white folks!!!”

      They would not be born for decades?

      “They’re sitting @ home feeling entitled to be White in a Country that has a Pledge of Allegiance that says “With Liberty & Justice For All” Not Liberty And Justice For Only White People”

      Feel free to emigrate.

      “A country that was built by slave labor.”

      No, it was entirely built by free white people, slaves only hoed cotton to enrich their owners.

      • You could not be more wrong, slaves built America, including the US capital and the White House:

        “But the task force did find plenty of evidence of slave involvement in the Capitol’s construction. Perhaps the most compelling evidence were records of payments from the commissioners for the District of Columbia — the three men appointed by George Washington to oversee the construction of the Capitol and the rest of the city of Washington — to slave owners for the rental of slaves to work on the Capitol. The records reflect 385 payments between 1795 and 1801 for “Negro hire,” a euphemism for the yearly rental of slaves.

        Slaves were likely involved in all aspects of construction, including carpentry, masonry, carting, rafting, plastering, glazing and painting, the task force reported. And slaves appear to have shouldered alone the grueling work of sawing logs and stones.

        Slave crews also toiled at the marble and sandstone quarries that provided the stone to face the structure — lonely, grueling work with bleak living conditions in rural Virginia and elsewhere. “Keep the yearly hirelings at work from sunrise to sunset — particularly the Negroes,” the commissioners wrote to quarry operator William O’Neale in 1794.

        The commissioners’ use of slave labor was unremarkable for the time. When the Capitol was constructed, from 1793 to 1826, the building trades in almost every colony augmented the work force with slave labor. This would have been especially true in the Potomac region — the home of about half the 750,000 African-Americans living in the United States, according to the 1972 book Free Negroes in the District of Columbia, by Letitia Woods Brown.

        Most of the slaves who worked on the Capitol are known by first name at best — the records refer to a payment of $13.00 to slaveholder Teresa Bent for “Nace,” for example, and $23.00 to Elizabeth Brent for “Harry” and “Gabe.”

        But one particular slave, Philip Reid, achieved some renown as an individual. He was a slave laborer for Clark Mills, who was hired to cast the Statue of Freedom, the Capitol’s crowning feature. The government paid Reid $1.25 a day for his work.”

        The enslavement of African-Americans and the theft of their labor is the ultimate expression of white privilege.

        • OMG wow dude!? You baffle me. If your over thirty and weren’t home schooled, you muuuuust realize that the vast, vast, vast majority of people are simply constitutionally incapable of giving a shit about what your talking about right? At the end of the day they can not be rhetorically persuaded or guilt tripped in to caring about all the issues that seem to tug at your heart strings. 95% of what most people are willing to do or give up to make this country a more just or equitable place has already been done. It’s not going to get much if any better. Shirley you must realize that by now? I’m sure you must have more productive ways of entertaining yourself.

        • “Shirley you must realize that by now?”

          The struggle for freedom and equality never ends, all that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing. Well, you’ve got that covered.

          And don’t call me Shirley.

        • Fair enough. I would however suggest that factoring out pure amusement this is not the venue for your efforts, your time and effort would be better spent pretty much anywhere else. Even twitter, god help you.

        • Were there slaves working there? Maybe, but not only slaves as you claim. Your own quote ” …particularly the Negroes…” means the workers were not only blacks. Then you point to a worker who have been paid for his work. How is that slavery if he earned a daily pay? You could argue that the wage was low,
          but low compared to what? There were many people who would gladly work just for bed and board throughout our history. None of them were slaves and most of them were not black.

          Why do you hate this great country so much?

      • “No, it was entirely built by free white people, slaves only hoed cotton to enrich their owners.”

        You are so ignorant of American history, you believe slaves only worked on cotton plantations, you must’ve slept through your history class.

        The archives contain much documentation of African slaves being forced to build everything from Georgetown University to the White House.

        To deny even this most basic fact of American history is to betray your racism and prejudice.

        America would not be what it is today but for the labor of hundreds of thousands of forgotten African-Americans who labored, suffered and died that we might live the life we have today.

    • You do realize that throughout history, whites have fought for the equality of black, right? You said it: “Where were they when they would not let blacks enlist in the military”

      And then they did. Right? They enlisted. Fought. Now look at the military…

      You make no sense. If not for white people, blacks would still be enslaved. I am not saying racism does not exist, but it’s certainly not secluded to being a white only thing. Anyone can be racist, and you clearly are. Not only that but your rant was hard as fuck to read, and since black people also make up the 1% you are talking about, have become politicians (and a fucking president), serve in the military, etc etc… everything you said is simply just not true, and you are focusing on events of the past that we have clearly overcome because those black people are currently occupying the positions you are ranting about. Get over yourself dude.

    • Tell you what cupcake how about we lock you down and cancel elections for YOUR PROTECTION. You’re good with that right snowflake? You sheep who happily accept any restriction on your rights under the guise of it being “for your own good” really are a stupid and pathetic lot. If you don’t want to go out because of the big scary amped up cold virus, then DON’T. Why do you need a government nanny to tell you what to do?

  28. Oh look, an edgy boomer trying to posture. He won’t do anything. If he does, a lot of gun owners would gladly help the feds give him his comeuppance.

  29. Put out a warrant on him for terrorist threats and let’s see if he wants to bark all day like many here- or surrender meekly and have his day in court.

    • You said it like a fine servant of the state. Consider yourself patted on the top of your head and called a Good boy!.

    • That’s not a terrorist threat. Perhaps morons like you should actually learn the relevant laws instead of babbling about that which you know nothing about. About the time some disgruntled coworker or neighbor red flags you for making what they say is a “terrorist threat” and the police show up and kick in your door with no due process you will learn the police really are not the friends you think they are.

      • ROFLMAO You mean the “non-violent” “minority” protesters who have have burned thousands of business and vehicles nationwide, looted thousands more and killed police in Baton Rouge, Dallas and NYC???? Sorry cupcake but BLM is as clear a terrorist organization as has ever existed. They don’t know what a peaceful protest is. Using violence to achieve political goals is about all they do and that makes them terrorists by definition.

  30. It’s funny how white people always say minorities are racist when they are called out on their own racism. Go figure. When minorities show up to protest non-violently WITHOUT weapons they call out the National Guard, yet these so-called patriots show up with weapons and get a police escort?? Go figure………
    Let’s not mention taxes & audits until the President shows us his taxes just as EVERY President before him has done willingly. And all I did with my college education was decide to volunteer to join the military & serve a country that has been less than willing to serve people that look like me.
    When was the last time you read a history book that included ALL of Americas history and not selected bits & pieces of it.

    Your Welcome;

    • Bruh, all of history world wide is racist if that’s what you chose to focus on. Stop being a fucken dick about it. You want recognition for your service? Fuck you. You get none. If that’s why you joined you are a piece of shit. I fought their fucking wars too. I certainly don’t need their recognition for doing it. As for the armed protest rant, it’s almost like showing up armed makes them remember who they work for, right? As soon as you make something about race, you can fuck right off. That’s why any armed protest people like you would try, would get shit on and met with instant tactical response. Standing in front of state capitals is not race based. Protesting every time the media says “another black man killed” is. Because it’s bullshit. Black on black crime takes the cake every fucking time, but you want to focus on the idiots killed by white people? What about all those white people killed by blacks? You don’t bat a fucken eyelash. Stop making it about race. You are falling for their narrative. Now pick up a fucking gun and go to your state capital, since your degree is fucking useless and clearly done nothing for you so far.

    • Before you start praising the ‘peaceful unarmed minority protesters’, answer some questions:
      How many people did the armed patriots hurt? How many cars they demolished? How many stores they burned? How many houses they looted? Did they clean up after the protest?
      Then compare the numbers with racial riots we see every time some white guy (usually cop) kills a black criminal.

      What is funny is that just over the last holiday weekend, ten (10) people were killed in Chicago alone, but the outrage is nowhere to be seen because only blacks can kill blacks.

    • ROFLMAO You mean the “non-violent” “minority” protesters who have have burned thousands of business and vehicles nationwide, looted thousands more and killed police in Baton Rouge, Dallas and NYC???? Sorry cupcake but BLM is as clear a terrorist organization as has ever existed. They don’t know what a peaceful protest is. Using violence to achieve political goals is about all they do and that makes them terrorists by definition.

  31. Public shooting ranges on usfs public land are still closed in North Carolina. I drove 45mins to find a locked gated with a sign. They did it for my safety it said.

    • They’d rather have you packed into a grocery store or big box store, for your safety of course. Science says you’re actually safer outside, but as long as the folks in charge aren’t inconvenienced, they just don’t care.

  32. ” he would be willing to kill people”

    He may have already killed people indirectly, if he’s not doing his part to stop the spread of the virus. Standing six feet apart and wearing a mask when I go into stores is an inconvenience to me, but not some gross depravation of liberty. Really, it’s just common sense to do it anyway, mandated or not.

    Granted, I’m not out of work or suffering economically, so the shutdown of many businesses hasn’t impacted me significantly beyond curtailing my leisure activities. I’ve just been riding the Harley a lot lately.

    We have to find a middle ground to get businesses reopened and get the economy rolling again, but people unwilling to make any concessions about distancing or wearing masks are working AGAINST that process by helping the virus to spread, which makes it harder to reach the goals for case numbers set forth for reopening the economy in stages.

    If you want things to get back to normal as soon as possible, put on a mask in public stores, practice social distancing, wash your hands, and in general don’t be a thick headed idiot. If you don’t do these things, you’re not only making this thing drag on longer than it needs to, you’re also likely complicit in the deaths of innocent people.

    • “Granted, I’m not out of work or suffering economically,…”
      Then you have no skin in the game to offer your opinion and I cordially invite you to shut up and go ride your silly hog some more.

    • 99% of you sheeple walking around in your silly cloth or surgical masks with gaps the jumbo sized carpenter bee that I caught drilling a hole in my porch could fit through crack me up. The masks literally 99% of you are wearing do NOTHING to stop viral particles. They are like a screen door on a submarine. If you aren’t wearing N95 or KN95 or better you are just wasting your time and amusing those of us who know the difference. Cloth and surgical masks do NOTHING to protect the person wearing the mask at all. They are just a feel good measure for stupid people who don’t understand how small 0.125 microns is.

  33. You people are some real dumb asses!! For those of you that use common core you probably can’t do the math because you think 2+2=5? 3? 7? or anything you want!
    Now you cannot compare this to 1918. In 2 years 50 million or 2.5% on the low side and 100+ million or 5% on the high side died in that pandemic WORLD WIDE!!! NOW PAY ATTENTION : On the low side 2,083,000 died per month. On the high side 4,200,000 died per month!!! Do you follow me so far?!
    NOW TODAY: WORLD POPULATION Approximately 8.1 BILLION!! For this to be comparable to 1918-20: On the low side @ 2.5% of world population, approximately 8,435,000 would have to die every month for 2 years! On the high side @ 5% of world population approximately 17,000,000 would have to die every month for 2 years!!



      The greatest generation endured gas rationing, automobile tires rationing, eggs, butter and other food rationing and shortages, could only buy gas on certain days. Could only travel on approved trips, for years to support their family, friends and neighbors as we battled a dangerous enemy.

      This generation whines and moans when asked to wear a mask for 30 minutes during their trip to Walmart, to prevent their elderly neighbors from dying.

      What a bunch of snowflakes…

      • Did the WWIII started while I was not looking? No? Just a slightly stronger strain of virus causing an uptick in the annual respiratory illness? Ruin the country for THAT?

        My great grandfather, who crossed the eastern front several times, would not believe the panic and would be disgusted by the sheep that not only go with it willingly, but ask for more.

      • Well cupcake if it makes you feel any better those ridiculous surgical and cloth masks 99% of you sheeple are wearing do nothing to stop viral particles anyway. You might as well wrap a window screen around your heads.

    • Nope, N95 and KN95 masks offer quite good protection when used properly. Cloth and surgical masks on the other hand are a complete joke that does nothing at all for the fool wearing them.

  34. He has a point. I’d say he’s inarticulate about it, but the point is still there.

    Optics wise he’s not real talented but there’s nothing inherently wrong with exercising 2A rights while exercising your 1A rights. But, if you’re going to carry a gun you better be prepared to use it should the situation warrant using the gun.

    Saying it the way he’s saying it might not be the best idea, and it certainly plays right into a stereotype but he’s right that there’s no point in carrying a tool you refuse to use.

    • ^This.
      What do you think all the armed guys at these protests mean? They are NOT there playing dress up. This guy just said aloud what they think: “Don’t fuck with us!”

  35. Have stick in the mud bully bureaucrats showed their pompous behinds? That’s an affirmative. Let them continue on and use their display of incompetence to eventually vote them out. No need to allow them to get you bent out of shape, there is more than one way to skin a democRat.

  36. Fudd’s in full swing here today.

    Just give em up… you aren’t going to use them. For sure people like you will become supply chains for actual freedom fighters, you fucking cowards.

  37. White America will take up arms to stop the house arrest they called for, but won’t take up arms to stop these men from doing this on Memorial Day.

    • White america my ass. These protesters showed up unarmed, that’s their own fault. Acting like being tear gassed for sitting in the street is peaceful is just naive. I don’t even care about how or why they are doing it… they are going about solving it all wrong. Same shit will happen here as it did with all the BLM ones. Destruction of local property and businesses, no changes made, no justice will be served. If these idiots learned to show up armed and had the discipline to keep that “peaceful protest” mentality, maybe then cops might actually realize they are not the most powerful people in the city. Until then, nothing to see here. Especially once you involve race.

    • Black people need to stop relying on white liberals to save them. Blacks need to get guns and use them as any other law-abiding person does.
      Then the cops will leave blacks alone.

      And why should any white be willing to help a black who is not willing to help themselves???
      Blacks don’t want to help other blacks who are law breakers.
      Besides white liberals hate the traditional family of one man, one woman. They use the welfare industrial complex to destroy the father and in turn destroy the family.

      Blacks are just a tool to be used by white socialists to advance their cause. The white progressives NEVER want law-abiding blacks to have guns.

      • Blacks use guns all the time….to kill other blacks in utterly ridiculous numbers which is why the murder offender rate for blacks is about 7 times the rate for whites and the murder victimization rate is about 6 times the rate for whites – Blacks killing blacks in MASS. All blacks really need to do is quit turning their neighborhoods into war zones and we won’t need so many damn police.

    • I hadn’t seen the entire video of that incident.

      It’s no wonder the guy died. Anyone with any experience with chokes or strangles knows what happened to this guy. Blocked jugulars, lights out. Hold it another 30 seconds and the person never wakes back up. The guy on the ground is out around 4:10, the cop removes his knee at about 7:56. No one’s gonna live through that.

      Honestly if I was standing there watching that and yelling at the cops didn’t get the cop off him I dunno what I’d do. Physically removing Mr. Knee would probably get me shot. Shooting the cops would be ending my own life in one way or another. Shit man, I’d be torn. That’s fucked.

      Fuck that officer and whoever trained him. The fact that he can still sit there after the guy on the ground goes limp shows that he either has no fucking clue what he’s doing or that he does know and doesn’t care.

      Either way, a perfect example of a cop who isn’t trained at all but thinks he’s hot shit.

        • If you went for manslaughter, you may get a conviction. But that’s not inflammatory enough for you.

          What do you have to say about the ten people killed in Chicago this weekend? Or the other hundreds throughout each year? Don’t their lives matter as much as this guy’s life? Where is your outrage? Oh, wrong color of the killer, never mind, move along, nothing to see here.

  38. He has the right idea but said it wrong. Violence is not the answer. If more businesses open up and we support them these fascists will look for a hole to crawl in.

    • Right. But just because you are armed does not mean you are violent. It means you are prepared for it. The police react violently to these protests. It’s just stupid to say “go ahead and sacrifice yourself so the world can feel sorry for you”. Show up, defend yourself and stand your ground. This is why armed protests are not met with the same response. Armed protestors should keep pushing too. We all know what happens when they fire the first shots. Our cause becomes just and then we start being seen as peaceful. Knowing this is entirely different than just showing up with a peace sign and sitting in the street.

    • “Violence is not an answer.”
      Wrong! It depends on the question. You sound like someone who have never been jumped by a punk.
      There are questions where only brutal violence is THE answer. Or do you think that Allies should have gotten a tea and a good heart to heart talk with Hitler?
      Violence should be the last instance, but that doesn’t mean it is ever off the table. That’s what the 2A means.

  39. In a year how many in total are killed, and over the past many years, what are the total numbers killed or wounded in Chicago? It’s a large number and yet they MARCH today over the police incident with George Floyd in Minnesota. George Floyd Killed By Police Brutality In Minnesota! 4 Officers Fired! Or so reads the headlines… Probably there will be a TTAG article about it tomorrow and the liberals like Chief Censor and Miner49er will post multiple lame brain comments. White police with a black criminal dead… It’s just more election year politics while the hundreds of blacks shot down like dogs every year in Chicago gets very little media coverage… Ice Cube, Common, Ice-T & Snoop Dogg Sickened By Minnesota Incident… A man holds a ‘Stop Killing Black People”” placard while protesting near the area where a Minneapolis Police Department officer allegedly killed George Floyd, on May 26, 2020. Gin up the black vote for the Dems in 2020. Got it. If my shadow falls upon you, If the river of life runs dry, Accept that your time is up, And it’s your time to die.

    HEED China’s “bat woman” – 5,000 coronavirus strains are waiting to be discovered in bats – IT’S NOT OVER IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING …

    Wuhan-based virologist Shi Zhengli has identified dozens of deadly SARS-like viruses in bat caves, and she warns there are more out there. Shi, a virologist is often called China’s “bat woman” by her colleagues because of her virus-hunting expeditions in bat caves over the past 16 years. China’s bat woman is not in a celebratory mood. She is distressed because stories from the Internet and major media have repeated a tenuous suggestion that SARS-CoV-2 accidentally leaked from her lab—despite the fact that its genetic sequence does not match any her lab had previously studied. Despite the disturbance, Shi is determined to continue her work. “The mission must go on,” she says. “What we have uncovered is just the tip of an iceberg.” She is planning to lead a national project to systematically sample viruses in bat caves, with much wider scope and intensity than previous attempts. Daszak’s team has estimated that there are more than 5,000 coronavirus strains waiting to be discovered in bats globally. “Bat-borne coronaviruses will cause more outbreaks,” Shi says with a tone of brooding certainty. “We must find them before they find us.”

    • Grammy, it’s not just the Chinese who’s dietary habits are spreading disease.

      Maybe you should have a word with the yahoos in Kentucky, scrambling up squirrel brains for breakfast:

      “Spongiform encephalopathies have been reported in a variety of large and small mammals.1 While conducting a study of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) in south Florida, one of us (JRB) observed an affected patient who was originally a native of Kentucky and had a history of eating squirrel brains. Dietary transmission of prion diseases has been documented experimentally in animals2 and in human beings who are cannibals.3 Several case reports have suggested the possibility of transmission of CJD by consumption of brains of wild animals.4 These observations, together with recent concerns about the transmission of a unique encephalopathy in man believed to be related to bovine spongiform encephalopathy5 led us to examine the possible association of eating squirrel brains with CJD in rural Kentucky, where eating squirrel and other small game is not uncommon.
      Culinary preparations include scrambling the brains with eggs or putting them in a meat and vegetable stew referred to as “burgoo”. A history of eating squirrel brains was obtained from family members of all five patients with probable or definite CJD seen over 3,5 years in a neurocognitive clinic in western Kentucky.”

  40. Also NOTE the tasty China bat steak. Really delicious to the china people… They also eat rats and cats and most anything that moves. Footage purporting to show a Chinese woman eating a whole bat at a fancy restaurant has gone viral. A separate trending video purports to show Cantonese-speaking diners preparing to eat soup made with the nocturnal animal. Viral footage purports to show a fashionable Chinese young woman biting one of the wings of a cooked bat at a fancy restaurant.

    One man can be heard telling the woman in Mandarin: ‘Eat the meat! [Don’t] eat the skin.’ He added: ‘[You] should eat the meat on its back.’The bat was thought to be from a large pot of soup placed in the middle of the table. The second viral video, posted by influential Chinese blogger Chen Qiushi on Twitter, shows a cooked, grinning bat placed in a large bowl of broth.

    Every life I ended, every smile unborn,
    Every rose I plucked too soon,
    Leaving only thorns.

    • Your racial hatred of the Chinese is evident in every post, here you attack them over their culinary habits.

      Do you have the same ridicule and disdain for the American citizens in Appalachia spreading disease through their culinary habits?

      “Culinary preparations include scrambling the brains with eggs or putting them in a meat and vegetable stew referred to as “burgoo”. A history of eating squirrel brains was obtained from family members of all five patients with probable or definite CJD seen over 3,5 years in a neurocognitive clinic in western Kentucky.”

      • When the white socialist progressives support blacks owning gun. Support blacks openly carrying guns. And shooting criminal police. When they support all that. You let me know. Since it’s the socialist progressive who run the cities. And they run the police departments. Where these killings happen.

        • They also internally investigate and act as their own judges. It’s tyranny at it’s finest.

  41. Hmm… maybe our country would be more resilient in the face of a widespread natural disaster if people didn’t continually support a certain political party
    Sefforts to defund social safety nets and healthcare for people at risk of losing their jobs in such types of incidents… (and yes, I’m very pro 2A)

  42. Watch this before YouTube commissars take it down:
    CIVIL WAR 2 in America – WHO WOULD WIN? In-Depth Analysis

    • I’ve seen that and many like it. The heritage foundation and smithsonian also have some good videos. It’s not hard to see the possible outcomes if you have any understanding of history… but it’s just easier for people to ignore the truth and assume their way of life will last forever.


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