What I’m Carrying Now: A GLOCK 26 and Two Extra Mags

Kevin G. writes . . .

I’m a retired police officer of 28 years. Here’s what I carry:

GLOCK 26 Gen3
Benchmade Sibert Knife
5.11 ATAC A1 Flashlight
Two GLOCK 19 magazines
Ammunition is Hornady Critical Duty 135 grain


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  1. avatar jwm says:

    When I bought my g19 I looked at the 26. It’s too short for me to hold proper.

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      My go-with-me gun is my G26, equipped with a G26 10-rd mag. I carry a full size 17-rd backup mag.

      The grip is, of course, a bit three-fingered as everyone who’s held one has noticed, but I’ve never had any problem shooting it.

      1. avatar Mark says:

        I use Pearce grip extensions. That gives me 12 in each mag.

    2. avatar Karen's ex-husband says:

      It felt like a short, fat “brick” in my hand. Also, if you can easily conceal a G26, you can probably get it done with a G19. I never quite understood the G26, but hey more is better I guess.

    3. avatar Ralph Baldi says:

      Have you thought of using the 15 round mags with a spacer. I do that with my backup mags.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        I just went with the 19.

  2. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Nice and neat.

    I prefer the Gen4 (or 48) but not much different.

    Plenty of capability in a tidy package.

    1. avatar bradley says:

      can’t wait to see what a gen48 looks like

      1. avatar Nickel Plated says:

        The grip texture and shape of the finger grooves will be revolutionary I’m sure. Perhaps a THIRD backstrap size. Hell, they might even finally figure out truly ambi mag releases for their pistols.

        The future truly is filled with wonders.

        1. avatar Cloudbuster says:

          ambi mag releases

          I’ve spent so much of my life pressing the mag release with my index finger, I don’t even think I’d like an ambi thumb mag release.

      2. avatar Specialist38 says:

        I doubt any will live long enough to see it.

  3. avatar Hoodlum says:

    A retired police officer and no holster?

    1. avatar bradley says:

      what for? he walks around juggling them. you should see it when he goes shopping at the hardware store.

    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      Yeah I don’t know why these posts don’t include holsters. Everyone knows what a glock looks and acts like, I’d be more interested in carry methods.

  4. avatar Sam says:

    I traded in my G26 for a Sig P365. Even with the factory 12 round magazines, it’s a much better carry pistol for me. Smaller, full grip and great fit. Capacity is up there practically in the G19 ballpark, too.

    1. avatar Mike says:

      I carry my P365 with 15+1 – same capacity as the cereal-box-sized M9, but MUCH more compact. I can always go back to the 10rd factory mag if I need to conceal in gym shorts and a T-shirt, but I’ve successfully concealed that way using the 15rd.

      1. avatar Bemused Berserker says:

        I haven’t bought any of the 15 round mags yet, but I’ve four 12 rounders (bought the extras a couple of months before the 15’s came out. Just my luck). During warm weather, the 10 round with the finger rest conceals better for me, but during jacket/coat weather, I go back to a 12. I’m going to have to pick up a 15 or two. Especially during cool/cold weather. Any feed issues with the 15’s?

        1. avatar Mike says:

          I’ve had zero feed issues with the 15s, 12s, or 10s. Only potential issue (which you probably understand already since you use 12s) is the possibility of slamming part of your hand between the mag adapter / collar and the short grip during a fast reload. One could easily prevent that by just not using the collar, trading off for a minor discontinuity in grip circumference.

    2. avatar anti-fancy says:

      I also swapped a 26 gen 3 for a p365. Both are great guns. Sure do like the ergos of the sig.
      Thanks for your service Kevin G.

  5. avatar Mack The Knife says:

    He’s got one more cartridge than Barney. Dang those orange followers.

    1. avatar EricB says:

      Great catch!

  6. avatar Bobo the Hobo says:

    I carry my 26 and keep my 19 for home defense. Totally a Glock Girl!

  7. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Good EDC. Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

  8. avatar Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Bout time they showed a real EDC instead of an AT4 with a light, red dot, extend threaded tube in an IWBA lubed with beard oil and tattoo ink posed up in “tactical” flip flops.

  9. avatar William Rees says:

    Benchmade Adamas is a great choice for this EDC. Solid, no nonsense knife.

  10. avatar Vlad 2020 says:

    Original, beautiful, I give you a “thumbs up.”

  11. avatar T-Mass says:

    It looks like a 12 rd PMAG in the gun itself… is it?

    1. avatar Kevin G says:

      Yes it is a 12 round P Magazine

  12. avatar Bigus Dickus says:

    Soooo, you carry 2 extra mags……with one round each. Nice!

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      Maybe he lives in NY and is just ahead of the curve…

    2. avatar Joel IV says:

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to see that. 😀

  13. avatar The Pontificator says:

    Stippling job looks good.

    1. avatar Kevin G says:

      Ben from Boresite Solutions out Miami Florida
      He does great work !

  14. avatar LD Huckstadt says:

    Good LEO retired EDC package if you have been led to the dark side of GLOCK. Just kidding had 3 jobs requiring Glocks BUT Retired I’m free to be Walther PPQ SC w/ 15 round backup mags:)

  15. avatar Bemused Berserker says:

    When I switched from my old PPK/S a couple of years ago, The decision was down to the G26 or a P365. Since my whole issue was no longer being able to see the sights on the PPK in low light conditions, I ended up going with the P365. In low light, those tritium sights made a huge difference for my 60 year old eyes (getting old ain’t for sissies for sure). A former LEO buddy also encouraged the P365 as he’d recently changed from a G19.
    Nothing against the Glock, and if it’s working for you, that’s all that matters. So Good Gun, Spare Mags, Flashlight, and Knife hits all the boxes on my list for EDC. I really like the Hornady Critical Duty 135’s as well. They perform fine through the P365 and either Critical Duty’s or Critical Defense’s are what I keep on hand for defense use in every handgun in our safe, except for the 8″ barrel SAA .357 Mag (but it’s my Camping/Hiking Bear Repellant). My wife likes the .38 Special Critical Defense Lite in her Model 60 snubby. The recoils more tolerable with her arthritis issues.
    Nice EDC kit!

  16. avatar Jon in CO says:

    The Adamas is a heavy beast of a knife. One of benchmade’s better blades.

  17. avatar Support Freedom Not Commies! says:

    Benchmade the cut up guns champion….instead of offering them to poor single moms in the hood who can’t afford to protect their lives or that of their children!


    Support Benchmade right????

  18. avatar Michael E Fox says:

    This is my carry gun also. However, I use Glock 19 mags with an Xgrip sleeve. Feels as good in my hand as a VP9 or PPQ. Semper certa. Si vos quaerite pacem, para bellum.

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