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For those of you who slave away in cubicles with the sound off (and a wary eye looking out for the boss), Senator and concealed weapons permit holder Marco Rubio lays down some serious pro-2A pronouncements, including a thumbs up for national reciprocity. “Keeping and bearing arms is a fundamental right that ensures that responsible and law-abiding citizens have the ability to defend themselves, their families and their property. But not everyone agrees with us. Which is why we must remain vigilant and guard against efforts to weaken this Constitutional right.” Like . . . politicians. On both sides of the aisle. Too early? [h/t SS]

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  1. Hmm….posted for a week on youtube and 351 views. Needs some more links to it….

    • Never going to happen. He’s not ready for prime time. Ted Cruz runs circles around Rubio. Now, Rubio could get the veep nod, as everyone’s always looking to buttress their weak points, which for both parties includes Florida. But Rubio has no serious accomplishments, other than building a resume of impressive job titles. He’s a nice guy and a reliable Senate vote, but an empty suit, and would not be the stalwart conservative everyone expects him to be were he untrammeled from facing future elections.

      • Too bad Ted was born a Canadian. But with an Indonesian in the White House, I would gladly welcome a Canadian.

        • That’s silliness, but I would welcome the liberals obsessing over it and distracting themselves. The man was born to an American mother. He’s a U.S. citizen regardless where that birth takes place. That Canada chooses to recognize him as a citizen, which the Senator has renounced, is Canada’s business and has no bearing on the Senator. Fact is many Americans are born abroad every year. McCain as born in Panama. Obama was probably not born in Hawaii. Neither matters because they each had at least one U.S. parent. It’s just side show silliness.

    • IMO Rubio will get the nomination if he runs

      Surely you jest. Rubio pissed off a lot of people when he showed his true RINO colors while pushing a bill giving US citizenship to illegal aliens. Oh, and then backing away from his own bill once he discovered that Republicans don’t like the idea of handing out US citizenship to anyone who overstays a visa or jumps a fence. Since when has importing Democrat criminals been on the Republican platform? Is it because Reagan the Senile was duped way long ago? Or because the Chamber of Commerce wants their cheap janitorial staff – country be damned?

      Anyway, the guy is a joke. Even if he [mis]reads a pro-gun message for a gun show or whatever.

  2. Curious that this comes so shortly following Christie’s recent veto…well, maybe not.

  3. Rubio is a weasel. He’ll say one thing to get elected and do another once in office. Watch him like a hawk.

      • Absolute agreement from me on that.

        I’m just sayin’: Rubio isn’t quite the staunch defender of positions he staked out on the campaign trail once he got into office.

        • How do you know this, DG? Rubio always seemed like a standard-issue ambitious politician to me, but I never scoped him out as being more untrustworthy than anyone else. What’s in his past that I don’t know about?

        • Rubio has flip/flopped on amnesty & immigration enforcement, he’s now sounding like he’s going to accept Obamacare as a given, he’s defending privacy intrusions by the security state despite earlier “concerns”… the list adds up.

          Except for amnesty, they rarely make headlines unless you’re watching these clowns like a hawk.

          The more I look at him, the more I wonder… what are the positions that are truly important to him?

        • I wonder… what are the positions that are truly important to him? Probably getting re-elected.

        • So you think the Neo-con plan to start WW3 and kill billions will help , Marco is part of a VERY SICK group Dems. and GOP , well it would get rid of billions of people and help the unemployment rates… that is why they think WW2 was GREAT it killed millions and stopped the great depression …. WRONG 100 % …. FDR’s wife run America on Witchcraft , same for Nancy Regain and Hillary Clinton they operate 100 % by and on WITCHCRAFT … AWAKE AMERIKA!

        • ^ I say this with only your best interests in mind:

          Please, please remember to take your pills.

    • That would be tragic if Dyspeptic Gunsmith is right about Rubio. Here is Connecticut we have something even worse, Politicians that cloak themselves in the belief that they can lie themselves into another term by claiming to support the 2nd amendment AND stripping law abiding gun owners rights from them. I don’t know how much the PR people get paid but they are sticking to the game plan. Meanwhile Esty, Murphy and Bloomenthal crank away at the propaganda pump. CT law abiding gun owners “crashed” Esty’s anti gun “town meeting” last year and gave her an a crystal clear message that she is wrong and that she should stop hurting law abiding gun owners. She could care less.

      The new haven register is as anti gun as they come. If you were there you know the message was strong and clear with large pro-gun people attendance. I am sure Esty meant it to be a propaganda, tell the people what to do meeting that turned out wrong.

      The other congress people in CT are Blumenthal and Murphy. Both pathetic manipulators.
      For example (if you dare read the how they work to twist the truth):

  4. I like the idea of a national reciprocity. However, the tenth amendment to the constitution does not allow for it. I am a constitutionalist first, and a second amendment fighter second. While I do know without the 2a the rest would not be there, but, the rest are there. Also I believe this kind of law would be knocked down by scotus. Just my 2 cents worth.

    • However, the tenth amendment to the constitution does not allow for it.

      The Commerce Clause does allow for it and the Court would never strike it down. However, all that doesn’t matter. The votes aren’t there to pass it or to override a veto.

      • This. The “commerce clause” is the lynchpin of federal control, a ruling against it would open a floodgate. They’d never touch it.

    • There is absolutely no reason for states to recognize each other’s marriage or driver’s licenses, either, by that logic. But, they do anyway (unless you’re gay but that’s neither here nor there). The argument for national reciprocity could most certainly be made via the Full Faith and Credit Clause in Article IV, Section 1.

      Literally the only reason why it hasn’t happened yet is because of the deliberate and damnable lies of the civilian disarmament and prison-industrial complexes and their sexist, racist, anti-rights, and anti-Humanist member-base in the general public that elect Statist scumbag politicians who are hyped up to an ignorant and apathetic electorate by what is essentially a State-controlled “news” media.

    • There shouldn’t be any such a thing as “reciprocity” because there shouldn’t be any such thing as a “permit” because the Constitution – including the Bill of Rights – is supposed to be the Supreme Law of the Land.

      Constitutional Carry or Fight!

      • The Bill of Rights are mere suggestions and are now privileges that the government grants to you by fiat with the new and improved Living Constitution.

    • Article. IV. Section. 1 – Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State. And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof.

    • ^^ This ^^ And the harder they “fake right” to get on the ticket, the farther left they’ll go from there to the general election.

  5. Rubio I do not believe could win the presidency. He looks too much like a kid I think to people.

    • Yeah, he’s only 43 and looks younger, and he doesn’t have the track record or the seasoning.

      After eight years of Obama, I think the country will have had enough of amateurs in charge.

      • From the perspective of the Elites, Obama has all the creds they think he needs to run the country:

        A couple of degrees from Ivy League schools, a couple of terms of elected office (even if they were unproductive and he didn’t finish them) and his skin color.

        Rubio, even if he were a Democrat (so that his status as a minority were affirmed instead of ridiculed), fails the first big credential requirement of the Elites: he doesn’t have even a “trade school” degree from an Ivy League school. Heck, his JD is from U. of Miami! Who the heck are they? I mean, nobody from Miami goes to work for Goldman Sachs, so they’re obviously complete morons!

        Romney had the creds from the Ivy League, and yea, ol’ Mitt made a boatload of cash… but… but he was a member of that curious cult out in Utah. And we all know what the Democrats think of the folks in Utah. James Buchanan showed us what the Democrats think of Mormons, and the Democrat thinking on the issue probably hasn’t changed since then.

        The first big barrier to getting anyone who isn’t from the northeastern brand of elitist politics elected is the press, who are by and large from a few schools (mostly in the northeast) and mostly infected through and through with Ivy League hubris.

  6. Marco has a very poor voting record, he is a GOP LIBERAL in my view, I do not trust him, and he was big in pushing Pat. act 1 and 2, and NDAA (spying on us) HE is messed up in the head …

  7. +1 Ralph…Marco seems ok to me. And I don’t trust any politician. BTW Kyle what did Barry Soetero seem like? A youngish community organizer?

  8. Cautiously optimistic?
    On the bright side, if he flips post-election people can point to this. I can appreciate someone who lays out their opinions prior to the election rather than remaining vague…

  9. I like the idea of a conservative hispanic presidential candidate. It would force the other side to launch into their vicious Uncle Tom routine. Think of all the hispanic Iraq vets that will be listening when that train arrives, right on time. There is a large segment of this poulation that is ready for the message, let me tell you.

  10. I don’t trust any politician with an “R” or “D” in front of their name (or “I” for that matter) as far as I can throw them — Rubio included.

  11. The Law of Unforseen Consequences may apply to national reciprocity. Years ago, recognizing the federal government for the “cooperate and graduate” group, the NRA and others tackled CCW/CHP at the state legislature with great success.

    Name a federal program that works: Immigration, food stamps, the war on poverty, hell, the wars we’ve been in since Korea (not to blame vets, just their leaders and their politicians – in the Army in ’69, we practiced with live ammo, standing in a line, advancing towards the enemy, firing a shot (don’t shoot on the move). This tactic was used to great advantage in WWI, ask the British about the Battle of the Somme, the war on drugs, the FDA (run by the drug companies), the EPA (run by consultants), the development of the Air Force F35, the wonderful littoral ship program of the Navy, the Army’s development of the battlefield communications system, the VA mess. . . .I don’t need to go on.

    Keep the Federal Government and ANY federal laws to yourself.

    • This is, indeed, one of the reasons why I’m not on the federal CCW recip bandwagon. Once the Congress sticks their nose into it, they can pass amendments that restrict your CCW between states or even within your state if your state signs on to the federal program of “standards” for the reciprocity.

      Consider how education used to be a non-federal issue. Some states were better than others in educational outcomes. The more the feds get involved with education in standards, testing, funding, etc – the worse education becomes.

  12. After reading a few of the comments made about Marcos character.
    Do any of you live here in Florida??
    He hasn’t flip flopped on anything regarding the 2nd here.
    He has been one of its strongest advocates on the state level and now hes doing what he can on the national.
    Hes too young to run yet.
    Give him till 2020.
    We will see a lot more of him getting involved on issues of national importance and the 2nd amendment in general if need.
    I hope Im still alive to see him run and get the privilege to vote for him.

    • It seems clear to me how to square it with the tenth amendment

      10th amendment

      “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”

      Article. IV. Section. 1.

      “Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State. And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof.”

      The tenth amendment exempts powers delegated to the United States (congress) by the constitution from being reserved to the individual states, and article IV section 1 delegates to the congress (the United States) the power to by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof.

      The commerce clause argument I cant quite square with the tenth, but the article IV argument seems valid to me.

  13. Convenience should never trump States’ rights. I’m against this “National Reciprocity”, as it would truly be another “Federal power grab”.

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