March For Our Lives Participant Threatens to Murder... Children
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Meet Laurence Wayne Key. As you can see, he was an enthusiastic participant in the “March For Our Lives” gun control event. According to police, in his spare time, he also threatened to kill a U.S. Representative’s children because he disagrees with the Congresscritter’s stance on public policy. That’s right. This tough guy threatened to kill kids over politics. And he wants you and me stripped of our gun rights.

WPTV in Palm Beach has the story of Key’s arrest and detention.

Stuart man arrested for threatening U.S. Rep. Brian Mast’s children

STUART, Fla. – A Stuart man is behind bars, accused of threatening to kill U.S. Rep. Brian Mast’s children in response to current immigration policies.

Mast has three young children.

March For Our Lives Participant Threatens to Murder... Children

Laurence Wayne Key is facing federal charges under the offense of “communication of a threat to kidnap or injure a person.”

A criminal complaint shows Key is accused of calling Mast’s Washington, D.C. office Monday, and telling an intern who answered the phone, “I’m going to find the Congressman’s kids and kill them. If you’re going to separate kids at the border, I’m going to kill his kids. Don’t try to find me because you won’t.’

Documents show that the intern reported the phone call to their supervisor. The FBI was made aware of the threat and began an investigation. Key was arrested shortly after allegedly making the threat.

What kind of person threatens to kill children over enforcement of the rule of law? Someone suffering from a bad case of chronic Trump Derangement Syndrome, that’s who.

I wrote yesterday about the mainstreaming of mob violence, especially among the radicals in the Democrat party. I concluded with this…

We teach people not to ignore an articulated threat by a potential attacker. If someone angry at you says, “I’m going to kill you,” you should listen. As they say, the FBI would call that a “clue.” You should take credible threats seriously and act accordingly to defend yourself.

The gun-hating left is telling you what they intend to do. With this in mind, the prudent people will take precautions for their own self-defense. If you have a carry license, or live in a constitutional carry state, make sure you carry a gun. If you have not yet acquired your CCW, do so right away.

Don’t forfeit your life because you left your safety rescue tool at home.

Laurence Wayne Key stands as yet another example of who these people are. He’s a radical leftist willing to use threats of physical violence toward a political end. Hate plus harassment will eventually become violence. Ignoring their threats would be foolish.

Remember this guy and the thousands more like him the next time you see reports of an angry group of radicals demanding gun control during the next Astroturfed “March for our Lives” event.

Thankfully police in Florida have picked up this whack-job before he could carry out any of this threats against innocent children.

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  1. Seems like 99.9% of the violence and threats are by peace loving, tolerant liberals….hmmm

    And, millions of gun owners who have 400 million guns haven’t shot anyone…hmmm

    • Maxine Waters comments to …’ Harass + Push Back ‘ … against conservatives , are being heard by the unstable and ” True Believers “. —- Like Veritas reported, Demorats use these people all the time.

      She built this , along with MSM.

      • As I recall, according to the Capitol Hill Police “Loomer” attempted to Jump into a Secure Elevator that Maxine Waters was in with her Aids. Loomer’s actions was the Assault…

        • LOL, not a secure elevator. You ought to know something about the capitol if you are going to be a fool cisco.

        • Mad Max attempted to knock the camera out of Loomer’s hands. It’s in the video. Mad Max is flapping and pushing her hands (holding papers) into the camera. This must be Mad’s “in your face” tactic! She’s standing at the back of the the elevator smirking as a guard stands at the door protecting her from reporters.

        • Ulnar nerve dysfunction I do believe you have a liberal disease called cranial dysfunction. Loomer only walked towards the elevator as she was speaking to the James Brown wannabe. It was the motormouth call Mad Maxine that did the assault. I do believe you need to go and get your brain and eyes checked out before you try anything considered dangerous

          • Who’s “Loomer” going to complain too! WDC Police? The FBI? The Capitol Police have SOLE Jurisdiction of the US Capitol (i.e. The US Congress). Any complaint is going to be Directed to the US Capitol Police. The US Capitol Police are ONLY answerable to the US Congress…

      • Yesterday Auntie Maxine was all over the Fake News networks claiming she’s had to cancel a number of appearances “in the South” because of threats of “lynching” (yeah “lynching” is rampant these days, LOL!) she’s “racebaiting” & “stereotyping” Southerners all to take the attention off the news of this typical deranged Democrat activist and the other one in California, another registered Democrat, who was arrested after threatening to kill Trump’s FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s children.

    • Just remember that the Nazis were Social Democrats. DemonRats, libritards, Socialists, Commies and such are simply crazy, nutty as squirrel turds. The cannot observe a situation and determine the truth of it and they cannot come up with a real, workable solution. Their mental bent is to destroy not create (hence their love of abortion).When dealing with libs that you know, just understand this, they are crazy. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  2. “If you’re going to separate kids at the border, I’m going to kill his kids. Don’t try to find me because you won’t.’”

    Tolerance on display, right there. /s Also a bonehead if he really thinks he couldn’t be found in this day and age. 4Chan probably found him even before the FBI did.

    • That the left are repulsive ✔ that they want our guns ✔ that they are tyrants that will use any dirty tactics to accomplish their goals ✔ that they deserve to be given an A+ for effort ✔ they must not be allowed to dismantle our constitutional rights ✔ ✔ vote Rep. Or stay home.

      • DON’T stay home! That’s a Vote for the Left. Whatever you have to do…walk, crawl, swim, fly, beg, etc….get out there to Vote!

  3. “Don’t try to find me because you won’t.”

    “…was arrested shortly after…”


    • He’d make an excellent stalker. “I’m a scary dude and I’m going to get you”
      I can only hope that while locked up, he has to clean toilets with his tongue and gets the shit kicked out of him.

  4. lol. I love the left now. They’re like an episode of Jerry Springer escaped the set.

  5. I heard that he actually called the office and screamed, “6.5 CM SUCKS!!!” and hung up. These key trigger words were instantly picked up by Echelon out at the National Data Storage Center and it immediately triggered a trace and voice analysis. When they got to his house they found an incriminating pile of used .308 Win ammo boxes…. I heard this “threatening kids” cover story was concocted to avert the public riots over someone not falling in line and accepting 6.5 CM as a superior cartridge.

      • See, that’s how amzanig 6.5 Creedmoor really is. Not only is it cooler than the Fonz and dirtier than Harry Callahan, it can also jump sharks!

        (I haven’t made any Creedmoor jokes yet; now that they’re not cool anymore, I can do it without ruining my perfect track record of missing all the new trends.)

      • Gunner2000,

        While I agree that the whole 6.5mm Creedmoor thing went way too far about two weeks ago, I have to admit that California Richard’s comment made me laugh out loud harder and longer than anything I have read, seen, or heard on the Internet in a VERY long time!

      • “Uhm, Dick, that whole 6.5 Creedmoor thing has jumped the shark. Just sayin..”

        6.5 CM doesn’t jump sharks! Its shockwave passes over the shark and turns it into food for baby Harp Seals!

      • Why is everybody so down on .264?
        And if they are why is it still being made and new rifles hitting the stores? Everybody I know hurls more crap at it than the next new glock.yalls doing reverse psychology on me and I’m fixing to snag one.maybe a m1a1.

  6. The only thing that guy is killin’ are some Big Mac’s, his HDL levels, and 2 packs of Marlboros…

  7. The funny thing is that although Brian Mast is Republican and a wounded veteran, he is a complete rino!
    He publically stated that citizens do not need AR 15’s and he is for an assault weapon ban.
    So much for his military oath to defend the constitution.

    • Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!…. Mast fired dozens of rounds through his AR-16 when he was in the Army Reserve! That means he can personnaly testify, with the authority of an expert, that the M-15 is the deadliest machine rifle ever invented and should not be in the hands of dirty uneducated proles! YOU need to stick with your useless (non-6.5 CM) M1A “grandpa guns”!!

    • And I kicked myself in the ass by voting for him. I won’t make that mistake again.

  8. More and more, the left sounds like that they need to have a check to see if they’ve come down with rabies.

    • Maybe that’s why he targeted Mast. FUDD got his legs and trigger finger blown off, and preaches civilian disarmament, so he’s an easy target for a fat lazy screaming idiot.

  9. This individual is the exact type of person that the Liberals want to recruit and do dirty deeds for them. They are violent individuals that want to harm people and property and will act accordingly if provoked by those that want to use them.
    You didn’t see Osama Bin Laden pilot a plane into the World Trade Center .

  10. This hyper-political personality thing is either some independent mental illness, or has at it’s root a mental illness that needs attention. For some folks it seems to be all-consuming and exacerbated by social media, echo chamber political entertainment (not news) shows, and this bizarre need to be affirmed at every turn. It has to be impacting all those around them, and I can’t imagine these folks can hold down a normal job if their psyche is so fragile as to become unhinged over everything that doesn’t go their way politically. To say these folks need to get a life is a huge understatement. any psychologists out there? there has to be a mental disorder root cause and I would love to know what it is.

  11. @ pwrserge.

    Unfortunately it’s what the Capitol Police accounting of the Incident that is going to Press the Investigation. Not “Loomer’s”. If the Capitol Police investigation prove merit than it’ll go to the US Hse.of Rep. If not it get’s Deep Six’d like all the other Unverifiable Complaints made each year…

    • Yeah… because expecting Democommies to be held accountable for breaking the law is a bit much.

      • Ironicatbest would say:” Similar to cops shooting dogs and children, I suppose.”

  12. The warn and fuzzy,tolerant,inclusive Lefttards are until they are not,their true colors shine through.

  13. It’s so nice when posing for a mugshot photo wipes a sanctimonious smirk clean off a Leftist’s face, don’t you think?

    *snicker* 😉

    • Yup, lol. Looks like he’s been eating butter sandwiches all his life. Now he’s going to get his buns buttered again…by Bubba.😂

  14. Literally just a few minutes ago I was googling on a completely unrelated topic when I stumbled across an editorial from a Tennessee newspaper written in late October 2016.

    The editorialist wrote how no longer feared Trump winning the election–“How could he?”, he wrote–but he did seriously fear what Trump’s deplorable supporters would do when defeat smacked them hard in the face. Uh huh…

    He went on to profile four categories of Trump supporters. The thrust of his embarrassing article was that with Trump vanquished and the GOP inbshambles, his supporters would go regular violent rampages.

    • All you have to do if you want to know what’s really inside a leftist/prog/SJW’s head is listen to what he says about other people. They project their own dark impulses onto the outside world for everyone to see.

      • And strangely they said Trump and Republicans were “dogwhistling,” calling out all the radical “right wing” sorts to freely attack all that is good and decent in society. But really, it seems Maxine has the dog whistle. Or is it a bull horn, since there isn’t anything discrete about it?

  15. Love to see his expression as he’s playing ‘beach ball’ with his fellow inmates!


  16. Ironicatbest would say: ” Fake news, Key is just the patsy, the person on the phone stated,,” Don’t try to find me, because you won’t.”

  17. Uh yeah…how’s come Peter Fonda wasn’t mug shotted?!? Or Madonna. Or Mad Maxine. Or Colbert?!? Tit for tat shite for brains😧😖😩Picked up a gun today and ammo. It’s Sig days and VCrown was( or is) on sale.

  18. Looking at this guy and his actions immediately made me think about the online trolling story arc this past season of southpark ran. Tell me I’m wrong

  19. Look up the perp’s wife: Laurie Prim. She has a video on her website where, 11 minutes into a 21 minute rant after the election, she says, “and the next day, at my 5th graders bus stop, I see my son’s friends with flags and trump shirts and I just want to get out and punch them in the throat”. This family should lose their freedom and be committed. The Mom and Dad should be charged with emotional abuse of their children!

    • That’s 30 seconds I’ll never get back. Need to bleach my computer! Also, I don’t trust couples with different last names. UnAmerican.

  20. Liberals have been protrayed for 40 years as the peaceful type by the media. Until they burn down a city or rage against the WTO. Nothing is further from the truth.

  21. That mug shot makes him look like a slightly quizzical, gently sorrowing garden gnome.

  22. Maxine is a STUPID bitch, she is not just encouraging her followers, she has given us PERMISSION.

  23. Nice to know that when a threat is made against a Congressman’s kids, the cops are right on the case. I guess the peasant kids in Florida didn’t get that courtesy, even after 37 visits to the scumbag’s home.

  24. Don’t try to find me because you won’t… uh… hold on a moment, someone’s at the door 🙂

  25. Over 85% of those that commit mass murder consider themselves politically left leaning.
    Over 95% of people in prison for violent crime, consider themselves left or very left.
    Those are not just numbers on the internet, they are FBI statistics.

  26. Perhaps after spending some time in jail with those immigrant “children” he will see the light.

  27. Geez, I just got over the whole 300 Blackout trend after buying two rifles, now I have to get a 6.5 CM? When will this end? What were we talking about? Is 6.5 CM derangement syndrome a virus and where can I get vaccinated. .

    • Some 308ers a couple posts away have a 6.5cm vaccine but it’s sounds worse than the disease.something about jumping sharks.think I’ll pass

  28. Respectfully, this sentence, “What kind of person threatens to kill children over enforcement of the rule of law?” is kind of nonsensical.

    The phrase “rule of law” doesn’t use the term “rule” as a noun (e.g. a rule, a guideline, a regulation). Rather, it uses the term “rule” as a verb, meaning to reign. In other words, “rule of law” means that the law rules or reigns supreme. The point of the phrase “rule of law” is to contrast with rule by monarchs or other forms of arbitrary forms of political power. We are governed under the rule of the law. So to say, “…over enforcement of the rule of law?” is tantamount to saying, “What kind of person threatens to kill children over enforcement of the law being in charge,” or, “What kind of person threatens to kill children over enforcement of the reign of the law?”

    It’s not that “the rule of law” is enforced, it’s that laws themselves are enforced under our political theory of the rule of law.

  29. Another fine Democrat right! This is what the liberal left has come to…adle brains and failed policies.

  30. Behold one of the Democrats “peaceful” protestors yet some on our side still think they wouldn’t throw us in camps or eliminate us entirely, that we should “talk” to them, the likes of this POS.

    Off With His Head!

    Before he kills someone.

  31. Can we get his home address and make it public? That oughta keep him under control. Although, this clown is definitely a threat to society.

  32. Why hasn’t Maxine Waters been arrested for advocating assaulting people she doesn’t like?

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