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Screen capture by Boch via YouTube.
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Chaka Zulu, a record producer, Spotify executive, and manager for rap star Ludacris, has surrendered to police after authorities issued a murder warrant for his arrest relating to a June shooting. Zulu, who had a carry license and a legally possessed gun at the time says he was attacked by four men and was shot in the back before he pulled his gun and fired back. One person was killed and another injured.

After further investigation, Atlanta police and prosecutors apparently see the incident differently. They’ve charged Zulu not only with murder, but also aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, and simple battery.

One thing’s certain — Mr. Zulu will have the finest criminal defense attorney money can buy in the Atlanta area.

According to the AP . . .

The Atlanta Police Department said Chaka Zulu, whose legal name is Ahmed Obafemi, turned himself in to face charges Tuesday. Atlanta news outlets report that he was released on bail the same day. Police said they also secured warrants charging him with aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and simple battery.

Gabe Banks, a lawyer for the longtime music executive, issued a statement expressing disappointment in the decision to bring charges. Banks said evidence clearly shows Zulu — who was injured in the incident — defended himself while being attacked by at least four other people in the June incident.

Zulu was among three people shot in the June 26 gunfire at a parking lot in the Buckhead area. One person died.

Banks’ statement said Zulu defended himself with a firearm he is licensed to carry.

There is video of the incident and in that video from the local TV news outlet 11 Alive, they say that Zulu is the only one that’s been arrested.

“It is not lost on Mr. Zulu that someone lost his life, but had Mr. Zulu not lawfully defended himself, Mr. Zulu would have been killed that night,” the statement said.

Killed in the June shooting was 23-year-old Artez Benton, whose family described him as ambitious, hard-working and dedicated to his family. “He did everything right,” his father, Artis Benton, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution after the shooting. ” I never thought that this would be the end for him.”

Perhaps better video will be released of the incident, or maybe police found evidence of Zulu escalating the confrontation that lead to the shots being fired.

Either way, it will be an interesting trial. If it goes that far.

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  1. First time I’ve ever heard of this man. He is entitled to a fair hearing. Hopefully the da isn’t one of those soros ringers. Nobody gets a fair hearing if so.

    • Not so fast, there, cowboy,

      If it was a Soros prosecutor, he could get a “fair” hearing . . . if he could prove that he had a history of donating to, supporting, and campaigning for Progtard, Leftist/fascist idiots.

      • Well, he is a black fella, so a Soros guy will let him out even if he confesses. Oops, sorry, that’s raciss, probably get moderated or even blocked.

  2. Well, lacking any other information, who can say?

    If there’s video I would LIKE to think the prosecution can prove he’s lying, but there was video of the Kenosha shooting and the government still somehow charged someone for obviously defending himself, there.

    • The Kenosha shooting was stark proof that even with video proof, someone sees what they want to see, not what actually happened… 🙁

      • Or what they are told they see……or told what they want to see……well either way post fact reality.

      • While there is a very large number of people who, “see what they want to see,” the much larger problem is the huge number of people who define whether an action is right-versus-wrong based on the identity of the actors.

        The reason that our Criminal Justice system charged Rittenhouse in Kenosha is because Rittenhouse was conservative and the people who he shot were Progressives. In a Progressive person’s mind, by definition it is murder if a Conservative applies deadly force to a Progressive–and by definition it is A-OK if a Progressive applies deadly force to a Conservative.

  3. Shaka Zulu?!? I thought he died in the 1820’s…shades of reincarnation😎 Seriously he was legally armed. I have no doubt he was an upstanding member of the community🤪

  4. Rap? Don’t really need a lot more details, so we? Rappers are always being arrested for violent crimes. More often than sports heros, it seems to me.

    Oh wait. People of the gun, right? We’re supposed to stick together? Well – I suppose there will be an investigation, and a trial, and all the facts will come out? There isn’t enough of the video to decide whether he escalated the fight. I can’t form any kind of opinion based on what I see available. I do see the man being attacked, and knocked to the ground but watching the videos available, shots weren’t fired at that time. It was some time later, after security broke up the fight, that the shooting started. He chased down the attackers, or they came back for him?

    Sorry, I’ll just sit this one out, without expressing an opinion.

      • My opinion of rap and people involved in rap is separate from any opinion regarding the use of lethal force. Have a nice day now, vlad.

    • Remember the sucker punch video? Everyone on here was all for that kid shooting down the 13%er and now that we have a permit holder claiming self defense no one believes him because also a 13%er. Everyone has a right to armed self defense.

  5. Legally armed.
    As in you have a government permission slip to exercise a constitutional right.
    I just love it when a plan comes together.
    Let’s Go Brandon

  6. Yeah…. this “chakra kahn” dude will be out in no time….. he’s “one of theirs”….
    Now, reverse that situation to “billy bob” and he would FRY!!!

  7. Anyone want to place bets? I’m going in on self-defense based on the 4-on-1 and shot in the back aspect, but that’s all just speculation! He really could have been robbing them or something.

  8. Cant tell much from the video with the article, except for the police activity. Is there a link to the video its self without the news stuff?

  9. Yea I remember watching this. Definitely NOT self defense.

    Doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can still be an idiot. Surveillance everywhere, better check your anger.

  10. SAYS it waqs SELF DEFENCE> What did anybody expect him to say. The tone of the opening comment though is that merely by proclaiming that it was elf defence that it WAS self defence. The implication is also that the Police are in some way acting with a bias for some reason though why they would do so is not clear. Would the police do so without some very hard evidence? I very much doubt it.

    ‘It is certain he will get the best Defence team available’. So bloody obvious that does it really need stating? .

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