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Paul Jones Jr

Paul Jones Jr. had not yet begun to fight when he was unceremoniously shot in the leg simply for voicing his pro-Trump-for-President opinion. We’ve had no shortage of discussion here at TTAG here about “the violent left” — debating the political affiliation of mass shooters, of murderers in general, the violent actions suggested in social media comments (e.g. “execute all NRA members”), etc. — but just for good measure, here’s another [potential] data point to add to the quiver.

The craziest thing about this incident? Mr. Jones and his friend weren’t even speaking to the shooter. From WCPO in Cincinnati:

“He butted in the conversation,” Jones said, speaking from his hospital bed. “The conversation wasn’t directed at him or to him.”

The angry back-o left the bar, promptly returned with a gun, shot Mr. Jones, and left. The shooter is still on the lam, and Mr. Jones, a Vietnam Veteran, is expected to make a full recovery.

Trump supporters, watch what you say in public. The ideology of acceptance and free thought doesn’t apply to you, which has been made crystal clear to me by the defaced Trump 2016 signs and bumper stickers I’ve seen. Plus, you know, the violent protests and now shooting(s). Funny how Bernie signs and stickers have been safe in this conservative part of Washington State and North Idaho, but I can’t go on a drive without seeing vandalized Trump paraphernalia.

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  1. “Trump supporters, watch what you say in public.”

    Like hell I will.
    The Second Amendment protects the First Amendment.

    If you know what I mean.

    • Perhaps what Jeremy meant to promote was to enhance your situational awareness while voicing your political opinion and/or support of Trump in public.

      If nothing else you may be able to avoid being shot or assaulted by a Lib/Prog hypocrite and at best you may have the opportunity to remove a registered Democrat from the voter roles. Ooops, I forgot they still vote after they’re dead.

        • In this case the victim wasn’t speaking to the Hillary supporter.

          So, no, I think the message is to be more aware of your surroundings in general, and actions of other people therein, when talking politics.

        • How about “watch your six”? …but, yeah, I’d agree with John L. there. More about being aware of your surroundings.

          Forgot to mention that there’s already been an assassination attempt against Trump. 8 years and nothing of the sort for the current pres, but Trump wasn’t even the official nominee before a lefty tried to off him.

    • I just bought a “Police Lives Matter” T-shirt. My wife (who is Conservative and carries) is concerned that someone might shoot me for wearing it. They’d have to shoot her too if they expected to survive, but that’s another topic. But I refuse to be cowed by the Liberals who claim to be all about peace and tolerance but are as big a liars as the Muslims and their ‘Religion of Peace’ tripe. I guess that’s what concealable body armor is for.

    • Given the fact that all mass shooting in the US, as well as the majority of all shootings in general, are perpetrated by Liberals/Democrats/Progressives (whatever name they choose for the day), it is certainly time to ban all weapons from them, or at the very least, have them go through a thorough background check. Radical Liberal would be an automatic dis qualifier from owning a weapon.

  2. Leftists of all stripes and power levels are degenerating extremely quickly as the Trump presidency gets closer to reality. Its like they all of a sudden have a lower time-preference and can actually make judgements on things to plan for future events…or something.

    • I just hope the votes are counted correctly. The progressives have had 8 years to rig the system.

  3. Not crying for the good old days, however do ponder what has this country become? Orwellian speck of the Democrats’ convention leaves one shuttering in disbelief.

    • You aren’t wasting your vote, you are helping HRC get elected. Enjoy living with that choice when she makes her SCOTUS appointments.

    • Since there is absolutely no chance in this universe that Johnson will get elected, or even a respectable percentage of the vote, there is really no point in wasting the ammunition.

      • You’re a hunter. Bird hunter. Your family is starving. You prefer quail but they are near extinction. You hate waterfowl but there is an abundant supply. You stake out a field waiting for quail as your family awaits dinner. All the other hunters are taking ducks and geese. You won’t shoot a duck. You’re a quail hunter. You starve.
        Gary Johnson is a dying quail. You’re left eating crow.

        • Lol you ALL need to Google “Electoral College”.
          If you don’t live in a SWING county in a SWING state… the f*** you think your vote is worth?
          My county is like 92% conservative. My voting for Johnson will NOT hand Hillary the keys to the White House.
          C’mon son…

  4. i’ve got 2 Trump for president stickers on my rear window along with a NRA sticker for over a year now….nothing but smiles so far….and yes i do drive thru some less than desirable neighborhoods….

  5. This is why the Gov. Of VA restored the voting rights of all freed felons in the state. They vote Democrat by more than 10 to 1, when they bother to vote at all.

  6. I can’t go on a drive without seeing vandalized Trump paraphernalia because “progressives” think like children.

  7. That’s one of the reasons I won’t put a Trump sticker on my trucks or cars. Because they’ll get vandalized sure as you’re born. And we can talk all that stuff about the 2nd Amendment but even if you CAUGHT the person in the act of vandalizing your vehicle, if you even MENTION a gun these days you’ll get arrested and do 15 years for “violating his civil rights to vandalize and destroy your proprety without being threatened by a racist Trump supporter with a deadly gun.” ….Sad but true. I am surprised there hasn’t been riots since Trump locked up the nomination officially… but man, come fall, if he starts winning in the polls, look out. We’ll be under siege in this nation.

    • Afraid to exercise your First Amendment rights because some childish leftist might vandalize your property. The libtards do fist bumps when they hear this. Their strategy is working! They win!

      230 years ago, the founder of this nation new that it could not be preserved without courage. In times like these, we discover who are real friends are.

      No sane person recommends ballistic intervention for petty vandalism. Save your guns for when there is an imminent, credible threat to your life, such as Mr. Jones faced in the story above.

    • if he [Trump] starts winning in the polls, look out.
      He’s already winning in the polls now. I’m not saying it’s going to last, but some polls have Trump up by over 7% and raising daily, and this is during the Democratic Convention.
      Clinton’s ratings are currently in a free fall and Trump’s are raising.

    • I’ve taken to leaving a 7.62×39 round under the windshield wiper of cars with Hillary stickers. It’s not vandalism. It’s MUCH more effective.
      And yes, I make sure there are no fingerprints on the brass. The Sheriff has a print card with my CHP application.

  8. The person who shot Paul Jones Jr. was just channeling the Democrat heritage of the Ku Klux Klan. Seems to be a lot of that happening recently.

    Glad the Mr. Jones was only shot in the leg (unpleasant as that may have been) and will recover to Vote for Trump!

    • This morning NPR was interviewing a Bernie delegate on whether or not she’d vote for Hillary. Her reply (as a black woman) was “blacks been supportin’ Democrats since day one.”

      I guess she isn’t too up on her history. Or maybe she’s picking an arbitrary “day one.”

      • Yep. I just saw Dinesh D’Souza’s film “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party”. It pulls together a lot of bits and pieces I knew about, but had not fully connected. This woman’s “day one” would be about the time Lyndon Johnson got The Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed, so she’s kind of ignoring about a 135+ previous years of Democrat racism between 1828 and 1964.

        • There’s also a book of “Hillary’s America,” but it is true that watching the movie is a lot faster than reading the book.

          The movie has taken in over $5 million so far, after 12 days in the theater (the first week in only 3 theaters), and that makes it the highest-grossing domestic documentary of 2016 — and still playing.

        • Came home from the Theater and bought the book on Amazon. I want to review some things D’Souza says in the film. In all fairness, D’Souza does have an ax to grind because as far as he’s concerned, the Democrats went after him over a campaign donation and stripped him of his rights with a conviction, so he cannot vote (among other things). However, so much of what he says in the film caused pieces of things I already knew to fall into place, I want to be able to review and fact check the narrative before I fully accept it as historical fact. Not that I think D’Souza is reckless. I just want to verify for myself.
          I am happy the film has been so well received. It might just open enough minds to keep HRC out of the White House and change the course of American politics and foreign policy before we end-up like Europe, awash in foreigners hostile to our way of life and fundamental beliefs.

        • Verify for yourself? Check facts? WTF would you do that for?
          Oh, that’s right, you’re not a Dem. Carry on!

  9. That’s the way the leftists understand and practice democracy and respect for others’ opinions.
    All over the world.
    Not much different from a nazi or, more fittingly, a stalinist.

  10. They’ve lost. They know they’ve lost. And now all that projection that they put on the good guys….they’re letting that run loose.

  11. I read the article, but saw no mention of Trump, and neither did I see any Trump paraphernalia in the pictures. Has the story been edited? Does anyone have a screenshot of a Trump mention?

  12. Isn’t it considered terrorism when one commits a violent act on another over political differences and concurrently scare others into remaining quiet/complacent ? Hell it could at least be a hate crime: shooting a member of minority demographic (black guy who supports Trump).

    • The whole point of a riot is for organized crime to terrorize the law abiding with the spectre of looting and burning. When it’s sunni vs shiite it’s called one thing, blood vs crips, something else entirely.

  13. I haven’t heard anything about the shooter being apprehended.

    I believe he’s now AT LEAST a double felon, for bringing the gun into the bar, and for the shooting.

    If I had to bet money, he’s probably also a prohibited person.

    Maybe he’ll want to shoot it out with the cops when he’s caught and therefore cease to be anybody else’s problem.

  14. I was manning a booth for the VCDL at a festival. The booths on both sides seemed to be BLM supporters. The four of us from the VCDL were talking about Trump, “All Lives Matter,” stuff like that. Not to stir anything up, just talking among ourselves. We got some stink-eyes, but all four of us were OC’ing. Nobody said a discouraging word to us!

  15. I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. Only voted once and that was for Ron Paul. Generally I see Democrats and Republicans saying some really dumb stuff but I’ve always noticed die hard Democrats are more emotionally unstable and prone to physical outbursts. Kinda strange how the side that espouses tolerance is also the side that attracts a lot of short fused closet dictators.

  16. Democrats are lunatics. This ain’t your daddy’s JFK vote or grampa loving FDR. Not surprised-I about got shot(seriousdly) telling large black men not to vote for Odumbo 4 and 8 years ago(at the gym). Honestly I don’y get black folks not liking Donnie. I’ve never heard anything bad about black people from him. Less south of the border-more jobs…

  17. I see Trump signs in yards all over my rural Ohio town. Heck, all over the county. I’ve yet to see a single Hillary sign. Yeah, Trump’s got a mouth, but most people around here would much rather have a plain-spoken leader that says what he means no matter whose feelings get hurt than a pathological liar with a decades-long history of corruption.


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