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Crime scene, Snow Camp, NC (courtesy

According to, Snow Camp, North Carolina is a small unincorporated community with a large Quaker population. It doesn’t seem the kind of place where violent crime would threaten innocent life. Then again, who knows? Snow Camp is surrounded by larger cities and even the smallest towns in America are home to drug abuse, and attendant crime. Like this [via]:

Kirk Puckett, a spokesperson for the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office, said two sisters, 12 and 13, were inside the home when they heard knocking on the front door.

Puckett said when they looked outside, they saw three unfamiliar men. He said the older sister grabbed her dad’s rifle.

The suspects then broke in through the back door. Puckett said the 13-year-old pointed the rifle at them, causing them to run away without taking anything.

Neighbors praise the teen for her quick thinking.

“I am in awe of that young lady,” Jackie Garrison said. “To have had that kind of thoughtfulness going on in a time of crisis in her head to where that’s what she did, instead of running and hiding. She probably stopped something major from going on.”

At the risk of losing my PC credentials, Ms. Garrison ain’t whistlin’ Dixie. Three men breaking into a home with two teenage girls is a recipe for unthinkable atrocity. Only it is thinkable — by anyone who understands the value of hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Including teaching their children how to react in an emergency.

While supporting the armed self-defender’s actions and satisfied with the outcome, the sheriff’s spokesperson was a bit circumspect about the teen’s methodology.

Puckett believes the girls had been taught how to react in a situation like that one. He said how one handles something like that is a matter of personal preference.

“There’s a school of thought where folks will say, ‘I’m armed, and if someone comes in my house someone is going to get shot or die,’” Puckett said. “There’s the other school of thought to retreat. Where someone would retreat out of another exit. Go into another room and barricade themselves.”

With a gun.

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  1. Too bad she was so slow on the trigger. Better headline would be “3 perps shot with one bullet. Jello salad celebration to follow”

    • As great a benefit to society as that would be, taking a life is not something that should be done lightly and I don’t want any child to have to go through that.

      • Get your point, but kids’ve got to learn to flush the toilet when there’s a turd found in the bowl (or three).

        • I don’t care if I get censored or banned for this. As a man who has killed people. You, know been in a gunfight. Let me just say this.

          You are one stupid motherfucker.

        • I have to agree with Omer and Wade (although maybe less colorfully). The psychological damage of killing another human being, no matter how awful or violent he was, can be a huge burden to bear. I wouldn’t wish it on an adult. Certainly not on a teenage girl, who hasn’t finished her emotional development.

        • The kids were already traumatized plenty by being in fear of losing their lives, which is why they got their father’s gun. The criminals were lucky NOT to get shot.

          Those girls made their decision: they’d rather kill a criminal intent on harming them than be harmed.

          Gunfights can be scary when the lead goes both ways. But being scared enough that you need a gun to save your life is just as scary.

      • So you think there would be less physiological trauma for two very young girls in being raped, tortured, beaten and whatever else this scum was capable of? Having to use lethal force is traumatic and something no one wants to do, but it could be only choice if the scum is attacking you. Also, just because lethal force is implemented, does not mean that the scum will die. Home invaders have a history of extreme, unnecessary violence–whatever happens, so be it.

        • I don’t see where anyone said they would prefer the girls be raped, murdered, or beaten. Quite the contrary. I am just glad they did not have to shoot anyone. Killing someone is not as easy as people think it is. In fact the reality of combat armed or unarmed can be quite traumatic even when someone voluntarilu joins in such things.

          It would seem some people here are dissapointed the girl did not go ahead and shoot. Would she have if the intruders had not left the primesis? I don’t know, I like to think she would have. Would she have been able to employ lethal force? Once again I don’t know, I would like to think she could.

          Lining up the sights and pulling the trigger is not the hard part of killing. It is all you have to deal with once it has happened. For starters you have to be 100% right 100% of the time or you are going to have problems. Next is the reality that you have killed someone. You have forever changed them and yourself. You are forever linked to them and everyone that morns their loss.

          The reality of killing someone is much larger than the actual act. Sure, it gets easier, but it never gets better. That is why when people talk to veterans about combat we tend to not like going in to detail about the lives we have taken. Even for the most battle hardened there is conflict within about this subject. A child in The United States has most likely not lived a life that has conditioned them to be a hardened killer.

          • Liberals think that a woman found raped & strangled with her own panty hose is morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker received a gun shot wound–I am thankful that these girls had the gumption & ability to defend themselves & not be the headline news of another savage attack on innocent people–home invaders nowadays are almost 100% ready to kill any & all witnesses–they have learned this by attending ‘criminal finishing school’, otherwise known as prison

    • In some states the parents of these girls would be arrested and sent to prison for letting the girls have access to their evil firearms.

      In the progressive mindset, it would be much better than they be a tragic story on the 11 o’clock news, their family emotionally destroyed, and those poor disadvantaged home invaders left with their grocery money in hand and their aggressions sated.

  2. This was the a “typical” defensive use of a firearm in this country; deterring crime by it’s mere presence.

    Kirk Puckett said. “There’s the other school of thought to retreat. Where someone would retreat out of another exit. Go into another room and barricade themselves.”

    Mr. Puckett needs to be reminded that every circumstance is different and that residents should not have to “abandon ship” to save themselves.

    • In other words, some think it’s necessary to accept, or require others to accept a criminal use of coercive force, even within ones own home.

      Absolutely disgusting.

      • The Sheriff’s Dept in Rockingham County would have complimented these girls on doing exactly the right thing–I think this spokesperson needs to fired & sent to some shit hole state like NJ

        • Yes, these progressives would rather the article read:

          “Two teens raped and killed in home invasion.”

          Then Sheriff Puckett would say that their response time was slow due to being understaffed and under-budget and state this was why they need more deputies on staff so they could take reports faster.

        • There’s no more righteouser righteousness than victimhood righteousness!

    • Retreat to baracade?
      What could possibly go wrong…how about
      -perps torching the house
      -family member coming home in middle of invasion
      -gives perps more planning time
      -lets perps go only to violate again
      -missed opportunity to turn tide because of retreat mentality
      -teaches offspring to be successful victims

    • Yeah, like…

      1.) Retreat….Into harms way.. another perp guard another exit…get rundown while trying to escape…Or a bit to late to play ” Sconced Defender” in a bedroom, and build a fort…

      2.) Since the PD spokesperson seams to have a “authoritarian kind of view…” Maybe that entire Police department should be “disarmed” along with Mr.Plunkett. Maybe the people of that township can have a fiscal meeting regarding Defunding the local PD.

      3.) Hope it was an AR15 or a variant.

    • NC law is very strong on Castle Law–these girls had absolutely NO DUTY TO RETREAT–you can even fire thru the door if someone is attempting a home invasion–too bad they escaped to victimize others–no doubt will hear on the news about people killed by these perps

    • In an home invasion where a 13 year old boy did hide after retrieving a firearm, the scum bag discovered the boy as he (SB) was ready to leave, getting what he was after. Upon seeing the boy, he announces that he is going to kill the boy instead of just leaving with what he stole–boy shoots scum bag. He had been taught by his grandfather how to handle weapons and shoot. I am sure the liberals would have preferred the boy dead and that they had a chance to ‘rehabilitate’ this piece of shit.

  3. If you’ve made it into my home I really can’t retreat. I’ve got girls and women in my house that need to be protected. Simple truth.

    • Yes, ours is a free state that automatically assumes someone breaking into a house intends to commit a violent act on the occupants. NC sees the act of breaking into an occupied dwelling as being a violent act in and of itself. Good for these girls.

  4. Retreat is utter stupidity at best when you consider they kicked down the exterior door that’s likely to be sturdier than any of the interior doors.

    Some times security is dished out at the muzzle end of a gun. This is one of those cases. Hope the perps get caught and got a lesson in manners they won’t soon forget.

  5. These DGU articles are always interesting, but they are simply made-up stories to fill space in newspapers. Everyone knows the very idea of a defensive gun use, especially a legal defensive gun use, is urban legend.

    Right, “concernedamerican”?

    The number thrown around for DGUs is a projection, not a count. The fact that many people may be inclined not to advertise a non-shooting defensive gun use makes any “statistic” assailable. We simply cannot know the true rate of DGUs, which is hurting our case for guns as self-defense tools. We do, however have reported news articles that can be confirmed. The difficulty is we have no aggregated, searchable database for analysis. Lawyers have Lexis-Nexis, but even that doesn’t collect the kinds of information that would be useful in demonstrating the lives saved through DGUs.

    Some might want to have discussion of gun rights end at RTKBA. If that were sufficient, there would be virtually no discussion of gun rights. Fact is we need to slice and dice (called segmenting the market) data to facilitate “emotional arguments” supporting the continued viability of the second amendment. Being able to show that DGUs prevent deaths and injuries that could otherwise result would put the gun-grabbers in the position of having to defend the notion that some people just have to sacrifice their health and safety; not all lives matter.

  6. “Three men breaking into a home with two teenage girls is a recipe for unthinkable atrocity.”

    Kind of like the two men who broke into the Petit family home in Connecticut … who went on to rape the mother and her 11 year-old daughter, before tying the mother and both daughters to their beds and setting them on fire.

    Sure, go ahead and cooperate … the criminals who just broke into your home obviously have your best interests at heart. Or not.

  7. The data shows that most self defense situations with a firearm happens like this with the intended victim of victims demonstrating themselves to be armed. But there are some criminal accomplices, politicians they are called, who would prefer to deny that CHOICE–“for the children” they say.

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