Waycross, Georgia Walmart Shooting
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From the Associated Press . . .

News reports say a man who fired shots inside a Walmart store in Georgia early Saturday has died after he turned the gun on himself.

WJAX-TV reported that a 19-year-old man walked into the store in Waycross and started shooting. The station quoted Waycross Police Department as saying there were workers and customers in the store at the time, but none was hurt.

The man was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead at around 3 a.m. The station quoted police as identifying him as John Jaylen Walker Kinnitt of Waycross.

The police department said it would be issuing a press release.

Waycross is about 81 miles (130 kilometers) northwest of Jacksonville, Florida.


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    • It’s like a ridiculous amount of Americans are on psychiatric drugs or something like that. It’s most likely got little to do with it. Some are saying like 40 million.

      Someone who would go on a mass shooting is probably more likely to be on a med because they are more likely have some issues and would be trying to solve them at some point.

      I’m not a fan of the psychiatry business and liberal use of drugging people up but I don’t think correlation equals causation in this case. Plenty of shooters were not on them if I am not mistaken.



      • Agreed. The use of psychiatric medications is an effort to treat an illness it is not the cause of that illness. And many people committing acts of violence, mass violence and mass shootings are not on any such drugs.

        • Thixo is one of those anti-truth trolls who just blindly peddles non factual information. Ignore all medical and pharmaceutical blather he spews

        • WRONG!

          Check the published and confirmed side effects of these SSRI and SNRI meds specifically before you condemn this as causation like GAParmD.

          Ad Hominem attacks like his are the trademark of ignorance and Socialist Stupidity.

      • I was prescribed a medication for cronic nerve pain that was not designed for that condition. Meds are being used for secondary conditions. Gavapenton had a list of hazardous side effects such a suicide among a litney of other things. After a week I stopped taking it. Doctors are so afraid of giving opioids that they give out meds that are much worse. Opioid medication can be given and managed safety. Lock up the pills so teens don’t get them and a lot of these problems would go away.

        • I agree that there is a lot of hysteria against narcotics.
          However Gabapentin and another drug called Lyrica are extremely helpful as adjuncts in treating pain.
          They work by blocking the “short circuits” in the nervous system that reinforce nerve pain.
          Opioids work on a different part of the nervous system.
          Together narcotics and Gabapentin have increased pain relieving properties

      • But dont some of the more rare side effects from some of those drugs essentially consist of putting one in a state of mind necessary for acts like this?

        Another question: how many people out there are murdering a spouse or sibling or other immediate family member but aren’t on the radar because it’s not a “mass shooting?”

        I have no idea, my Google Fu isn’t that good.

    • I *just* had a long conversation yesterday with a relative who has been diagnosed with a lower-tier psychiatric condition and is awaiting a prescription for pharma that will help to calm his nerves. I don’t know how long he’ll be on the drug, since he’s suffered from his condition for several years now and has been formally diagnosed. But he has guns, so we talked about it.

      I think the difference is that he’s mature, married, and has extended family that care about him. Many of these younger people who engage in MSE seem to lack that emotional support.

    • more likely on some illegal drug most people on medication for problems are the calmest people and think about things first because they were sane enough to realize they needed help so you can take that comment and put it where the sun don’t shine

  1. I’m interested in hearing about his family / girlfriend relationships and his plans for the future, but I’m guessing we’ll only hear gunz bad. There are some common denominators in these shootings that no one wants to talk about.

  2. I’m surprised that the press refers to him as a 19 year old MAN. The anti-liberty goblins will list him as a child……

  3. Apparently, Walmarts cause violence. We will need to enact strict Walmart controls. Background checks and permits for shopping there, at a minimum. Perhaps a monthly limit on the number of times you can shop there. What else can we do?

    • It may be necessary to build a wall around Florida with sturdy gates that only open inward.

      To keep the “Florida Effect” in Florida, not allow it to wander about infecting other regions.

      A wall around Florida would have the added benefit of combating Global Climate change, Coastal Erosion and Rising Sea Levels.

      So it’d be a Win-Win plus a Win-Win-Win situation.

      • Florida has been a retirement mecca for northern leftists for decades and it’s really showing. As a native Floridian, born and raised there in the 50-60s, I have seen it go steadily down hill for the last 60 years; I never returned after serving 22 years in the military because of the leftism that has taken over, the illegals everywhere, and the destruction of the once beautiful and pristine beaches by commercial construction. Texas is going the same way, only faster, with all of their major cities under leftist control already.

        • well I live in north Fl. and was born and raised here and besides that, it is a gun-friendly state and anyone living in the US and is lawful and training can get a concealed permit for use here and if you are from here about 30 maybe a couple less recognize our permits so don’t knock what you don’t know BTY I am now 65

        • I grew up in the Tampa/St.Pete area in the 70s-80s and although it was different then than it is now, IT WAS EVEN THEN BEING TAKEN OVER BY CUBANS AND MEXICANS…
          So yeah, that state has been heading towards the gutter for a long time….. all that while TRUE AMERICANS living there ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN…..

  4. Walmart still has not posted no gun signs in their stores. Perhaps a sign would deter the mentally crazed????
    I don’t think so.

    • This incident puts a moral spotlight on Walmart’s failure to act responsibly. They have failed to establish a “NO SUICIDE IN OUR STORE!!!” policy.

      Clearly, Walmart does not care about suicidal people.

      I mean, it ain’t like they are repeat customers ….

    • They have put up signs asking that customers not openly carry firearms. They are very small and in areas where they are likely not seen.

    • I carry in Walmart..

      FK THOSE SIGNS!!!!!!!

  5. In the 1970s the Golden Gate Bridge became a popular place to commit suicide. People were jumping monthly off the bridge.
    Now it seems Walmarts are now the place for killing yourself. And taking others with them.

  6. We would all be better off if Walmart never opened their doors. I look back & think of how many mom & pop stores have gone out of business because: Walmart . I am grateful no one was hurt by this man’s gun , I mean actions .

      • Your handle just reminded me that I had a really weird dream last night in which I was having lunch with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and it looked like she had a good 20 years left in her.

        Bet you a buck (which I wouldn’t mind losing) that she holds out through November 2020.

  7. With all these young shooters, I imagine they will do something on the minimum age limits of legally owning firearms, that’s right around the corner.

    • Yet the left wants to lower the voting age to 16. That’s what we need…a bunch of video game playing, Tide-pod eating adolescents with raging hormones, who have been freshly brain-washed by our government sponsored indoctrination centers, contributing to the election of the POTUS.

  8. So WalMart is the in vogue place to off yourself now? At least schools will be safe. Latest is nobody injured but the shooter, as it should be.

  9. And the mental health and drug issue/problems just sit there in the background because they are harder, nastier and closer to home for leftists to confront, so they go after the weapon not the user of the weapon.

  10. 19 years old. “Jaylen”. Obviously a drama queen.

    Yes, a problem that took care of itself but a bit too publicly.

    I’m sorry, I should feel more compassion toward him and his alleged parental units. I’m trying.

  11. He was 19 meaning he couldn’t buy a handgun legally, which shows that even with laws in place CRIMINALS will not follow them. But the MSM will gloss over this fact.

    • Even with speed limit laws drivers routinely exceed the speed limit. So we should have no speed limit laws?

      Speeders we’re going to speed, no matter what walls we pass. So let’s quit wasting our time and just not have any speed limit laws, right?

      Same with DUI, even with many laws against DUI and stiff penalties, people still drive drunk.

      So we shouldn’t have any laws against DUI?

      • Perhaps I missed something, but I didn’t interpret Aleric’s comment to indicate that we should not have any gun-related laws. The point I took away is that criminals do not obey laws.

        Yet in regard to firearms, after each new instance of some whacko acting out his sick fantasy, new feel-good gun-control legislation is proposed; laws that serve only to punish law-abiding citizens by further restrictions upon our rights and do nothing to prevent criminal activity.

        To use your example of DUIs… Do we restrict the driving privileges of all drivers because some inconsiderate jerks drive under the influence? No. Do we blame the car and make all car buyers go through a background and sobriety check? No. Do we ever hear proposals to ban the automobile? No. Driving laws (as most other laws) tend to be written to spell-out the offense and punish only the offenders. Only with regard to firearms do we legislate infringement upon the innocent and cast blame on an inanimate object.

        And yet driving is merely a privilege, while bearing arms is our God-given right, specifically protected by our Constitution. (Several of the original 13 states refused to sign onto the U.S. Constitution without the addition/inclusion of the Bill of Rights.)

        None of us wants to see a firearm in the hands of a person having intent to harm or murder an innocent person. The fact is though, that a person with such intentions will make an attempt to satisfy the “needs” of his/her sick mind with whatever means are available. Even if firearms never existed, there would still be murders.

        I’m convinced that a mind intent upon harming or killing an innocent human being is a sick mind indeed. Until we can effectively address the cause(s) of these actions of the criminally insane, we will never stop acts violent crime.

        So yes, laws are required in a civilized society, but laws must be formatted to define the specific crime and the punishment for that crime; and they must be enforceable and fully enforced, without infringement upon the rights of law-abiding citizens.

      • The first point is “Laws Prevent Nothing.” Laws are simply a societies attempt to prohibit or modify behaviours and/or stop/limit contraband through the threat of incarceration and/or severe financial penalties. Owning or possesding a handgun if you’re not 21 years of age is a State and Federal offense, but it did not prevent it from happening. Yet the Left wants more Laws, because they mistakenly believe yet another Law will stop it from happening. That’s the second point. Law 1 didn’t stop it, so we need Law 2. That’s an asinine belief system. Quit believing that Laws prevent something, because they don’t. All they really achieve is to make it easier for society to prosecute the transgressor.

    • In Georgia, a 19yo can lawfully purchase a handgun in a private sale, or receive it as a gift. He cannot get a carry license, which restricts when, where, and how he could carry it; basically: not in a Walmart.

  12. I don’t know why he killed himself in Walmart. The prices aren’t that bad. Now, if he shot himself in Neiman Marcus, that I would understand.

    • “Now, if he shot himself in Neiman Marcus, that I would understand.”

      Ah, you mean “Needless Markup”? A gay guy once told me.

      (He was *right*)…

  13. Maybe what we have here is a failed mind control mission. This 19 year could very well be a victim of mind control who was attempting to carry out the mission he had been programmed to do when his sense of right and wrong took over and his inner mind fought back. The several shots he fired off never hit any targets… and then to finally abort the mission he turned the gun on himself. I really would like to see an investigation into the background on all of these characters that have engaged in mass shootings to learn of who they have had contact with in recent years and in the months leading up to the event.

    • Sounds crazy, but the way the government works, it wouldn’t surprise me if it WAS some kind of BS by the CIA/FBI…..
      These government clandestine operations need to be shut down and totally reworked….
      You know, the same sentiment the left has toward ICE…..

  14. The idiot blowing himself away, possibly without so intending, seemingly saved the poor put upon citizenry significant time, effort and money, all of which could obviously be put to better uses.

  15. The psychiatric med of choice in So. Ga. Is meth. It ain’t free but it cheap. At least he didn’t kill anyone else. RIP… ZIP…

  16. let’s see, if under 21 you are not resonsible enough to drink alcohol and you can’t own a gun, but you can get drafted and be handed a machine gun and of course you seem pretty responsible to vote for the democrap ( commie a#* hole) that passed all these laws.

  17. Should find a way to tie in minimum age to vote with minimum age to own firearms. If someone is responsible enough to decide important issues then they should be responsible enough to handle a firearm. Something like that worked regarding being drafted and drinking during the Vietnam War. I am too young to remember exactly.

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  19. Story must be fake news. Walmart told people with guns to stay out of their stores. Therefore, this didn’t happen because their stores are now “safe.”


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