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At about 1 a.m. last Wednesday, Brionna Hicks, of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, stepped outside on the porch of her home to smoke a cigarette. Her mother was upstairs with three children. Her brother, Anthony Farley, lived in the other half of the duplex.

Two men, wearing shirts with DEA printed on them, ran up to the porch yelling, “DEA!” and tried to handcuff Hicks. She fought them and started screaming.

From, 18 July:

Her mother came downstairs and was confronted by a tall man wearing something white on his head, according to the complaint. The man pointed a gun at the mother and told her to lay face down on the stairs.

The two men then tried to drag Ms. Hicks out of the house, she said, at which point her brother, who lives in the adjoining half of the duplex, came to the front door.

The unidentified man shot her brother, Anthony Farley, in the neck.

Mr. Farley returned fire, striking the man, according to the complaint.

While Hicks’s was wounded, he will recover. One of his assailants ended up dead, on the porch. The second attacker escaped.

This incident illustrates a growing problem of criminals impersonating law enforcement officers to gain an advantage over their victims. It was less of a problem when most police officers were uniformed, used official vehicles and fewer “no-knock” raids were made.

One of the primary purposes of a warrant is to inform the person in charge of a search and that officers are doing so under due process. A search warrant protects both the owner of the premises and the police. Proper service of a search warrant also prevents searches of other premises or places not authorized in the warrant.

An owner of premises does not have to allow police onto the premises without a warrant.

The war on drugs has vastly expanded the use of no-knock warrants, which have been issued promiscuously in recent years. The mere ownership of legal firearms is frequently used as a premise to issue a no-knock warrant.

It has become much harder for citizens to know if the people breaking down their door are police or criminals. If the police don’t announce themselves and burst in, how is a person to know if the invasion of their home is occurring under the rule of law?

I was involved in a situation in Australia where a premises was searched. The officers with the warrant were not even present. A resident asked to see the paperwork, but it couldn’t be produced. The resident then refused them entry. The officers waited until the paperwork arrived. They were then allowed entry, and conducted their search. That’s the way most searches should work in the United States.

U.S. courts have ruled that some warrants need not to be present for the person to be served and the search conducted. How is person in that situation to know if the officials have a valid warrant if they can’t see the document? They don’t.

Police officers have been killed when they have attempted to serve warrants without sufficient notice. In some of those situations, homeowners who have shot police officers have been found not guilty by juries.

Criminals who disguise themselves as police or other law enforcement are another reason use of no-knock warrants should be severely limited, and sufficient time given to occupants to respond to an announcement by police.

©2018 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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    • Yep.

      The GOP has been enabling LEO excess for years and years, clear up to the SCOTUS. Scalia never failed to take law enforcement’s side, even in cases that left the reader asking “WTF? Seriously?!”

      • Don’t forget “Patriot”. The single most unpatriotic piece of legislation, (arguably) in the history of the nation. With it, The Constitution and BoR have become mere window dressing.

        Not to mention zee foundation of “Homeland Security”. May vee zee your papers please?

        • I concur. The Patriot Act was the greatest attack on our freedoms in the history of the country, certainly far more so than Lincoln’s suspension of the writ of habeus corpus to keep five Maryland legislators in jail to prevent them from voting for secession.

        • I’m glad I’m not the only one who understands that there is NOTHING patriotic about the patriot act. Worst collection of infringements in our history. Sadly, we have done little to counter it.

    • You can also thank the GOP for our great economy, the defeat of Hillary and her Australian Stye Gun Control and the end of the AWB.
      When the democrats take over in January, they will destroy the economy with anti-business laws and taxes and we will all be turning in our semi-autos to please Senator Feinstein. They will have Trump’s Veto Pen by the balls..

      I’m not a criminal so I don’t give a shit about criminal rights.

      • You should care about “criminal rights,” because they are your Constitutional rights as well.
        You may not be a criminal, but do you want the police to be able to search your house without a warrant and seize your property because they feel like it? Or tap your phones just because? If you are accused of a crime of which you believe you are innocent, do you wish to be forced to testify against yourself? I rather doubt it. The fact is that these “criminal rights” (as you call them) are our only protection against the institution of a police state.

      • The only reason the AWB ended was because it had a sunset provision. Baby Bush stated he would have signed another AWB if it had been presented to him.

        “I’m not a criminal so I don’t give a shit about criminal rights.”

        Then you are an idiot. The Bill of Rights serves to protect all of us from the government. You may not be a “criminal” today, but the winds of law can change on a whim and tomorrow you might be a criminal or the cops might read the address on their 4 am no knock warrant as your front door. But I am sure you won’t mind flashbangs, tear gas, kicked in doors and machine gun wielding thugs because you aren’t a criminal.

      • You may not be a criminal now, but you will be a felon if some Democrats have their way – that way they can take your guns. We have to support everyones’ rights, or else they will come after yours at some point.

      • “Criminal” means you do something the government doesn’t think you should be allowed to do. You don’t sound like a statist, so “criminal rights” are also YOUR rights, genius

      • Yeah because our economy isn’t about to implode when the next 600 billion in tariffs are unilaterally imposed without the consent of the people.

        Both parties are pieces of human garbage.

    • @Little Horn, You may want to brush up on your history. The War on Drugs which accelerated the use of the no-knock raid was embraced by both Republican and Democratic administrations, and more importantly politicians at state and local governments. More recently the Democrats have cynically embraced the national security state because they believe that it can be used to unseat the current presidential administration.

      The only difference between the Dems and the GOP on the law-and-order front is messaging. The former has done and excellent job in pretending that their hands are clean…and ignorant, tribalist masses, who believe themselves to be above human nature, have bought into it.

    • I’m confused by this comment. No knock warrants first originated with LA PD’s Rampart Gang Unit in the 70s. Where does GOP fit in?

    • well that was a first….even for Aliquippa!….[where a lot of bizarre stuff has been going on lately]…..

      • …and what’s with all those night time helicopter flights over Pittsburgh by the DOD?…locals are being very evasive about it…muttering something about it increasing their swat capability…uh huh…

    • If they’re real you’ll either be dead or catch a charge. If they’re fake you’ll either be dead or might catch a charge. Insert emoticon

    • The real ones show up woth 20-30 people, a few tac teams, armored vehicles, shoot unarmed women holding babies from a thousand yards away through a wall, and burn the buildings down when they are done. These days They tend to announce their presence with explosions and random gunfire to start with

      • yeah,..use to watch multi-task force raids being set up…they usually start forming around 2am…hold their briefings…then head out about an hour before dawn and often include a haz-mat unit when they’re after the meth…quite a show…couldn’t help notice all the hookers and streetwalkers jumping on their phones when they see it going down…..

    • It doesn’t matter, both are criminals and your/our enemy. As others have already said, and thanks to police willingness to use such confusing, unethical and unconstitutional tactics, you are screwed either way.

  1. All Federal agents are thugs and goons, ATF, FBI, DEA, BLM……etc.

    Ruby Ridge, Waco, Elian Gonzales, Bundy Ranch….etc.
    FBI terrorist entrapments, where they provide all the means to make an attack, then claim victory when they catch them.
    10,000 law enforcement and national Guard in Boston to catch a single terrororist teenager.
    Never ending special counsel witch hunts…… IT GOES ON AND ON………

    Can anyone say: POLICE STATE?

    • Let’s not forget the police abuses after the Boston Marathon bombing where doors were kicked in without warrants, the occupants forced to march out with their hands above their heads while police ransacked and searched theirs and many other houses without warrants.

  2. I notice that there are no LEO spokesmen whining about “officer safety” when they’re getting iced during no-knock warrants. It’s only when “officer safety” grants them more unconstitutional powers that we hear such things.

    • I certainly have. When I was going through training, my chief made it clear, no warrants delivered at night, and no searches without warrants.
      The only time it is ok to violate those rules are if you can see a crime in progess yourself at that very minute.
      The reason for these rules is that he wants his officers to remain alive. Seems reasonable to me.
      Although there are always shitty cops, most really don’t like no-knocks.

      • It is good to hear from you on these. I do believe you and a few other present and former officers here when you say such things aren’t/weren’t the norm in the organizations you are/were in. It is good information to hear and I do remember it and incorporate it into my ‘database’.

    • You may not see it because it’s inside baseball (and heavily dependent on tactics) but many police departments have severely reduced their dependency on no-knock warrants and imposed a lot of restrictions on when and how they are used.

  3. Most SWAT teams in the US should be disbanded, and a “no knock” warrent should require multiple judges to sign off on it. A “no knock” between 2200 and 0700 should require at least three judges.

    • SWAT teams have a place. Active terrorist attacks, hostage situations and yes even serving high risk warrant AS BACKUP. The issue is not SWAT teams per say, just the way that they are used. Kind of like a sidearm. Even if you are a cop, you just don’t go pulling it out and swinging it around.

      • Even if you are a cop, you just don’t go pulling it out and swinging it around.

        I am certain there is a penis joke in there somewhere …

      • The issue isn’t IF SWAT teams have a place, but HOW MANY SWAT teams do we need. Every podunk agency in the country has a local Operators Club, not to mention every bureaucracy in DC. And let’s face it, law enforcement can be pretty boring work if there’s nothing to do but run speed traps.

        • Hey now, the Social Security Administration needs their tactical teams. 70 year old widows can be cantankerous.

        • If you need one, often you need them quickly and can’t wait around for the county to send one… particularly with jurisdictional communication and deployment issues.

          That said, the focus on tactical\swat teams has reduced a bit now that plate carriers and patrol rifles are cheap and available enough that beat cops can carry them easily in the trunk. It’s not the same but it’s a step up from a revolver and kevlar vest.

        • Yep, Gov.! That was my point. If the EPA needs a SWAT team for something, they should be required to request assistance from FBI or the US Marshals. The other issue is that they have started using SWAT for more and more trivial items, which translates into more incorrect addresses raided, and more innocent people and their dogs shot.

          The Kathryn Johnson SWAT murder here in Atlanta in 2006 was what convinced me that use of these “no knock” warrants was way out of control. The three felon cops are out of prison now, but should have received longer sentences.

        • @ Hannibal, this is why we need well trained cops, not thousands and thousands of SWAT teams. 9 times out of 10 the cops don’t even get there on time, let alone the SWAT team. Make marksmanship a requirement for promotions and pay raises and put a scoped, bolt .308 in every squad car.

          @ Rusty Chains, read Radley Balko’s works. Lots of ridiculous excesses. I remember one (I think in Maryland) where they shot and killed a surgeon when they SWATed a neighborhood poker game. There was one a couple of years ago down in Des Moines where they SWATed a house because someone who didn’t live there but had been staying there was wanted for about $1000 worth of credit card fraud. There was another where they threw a flash-bang grenade into a baby’s crib, severely injuring a toddler. In all honesty, with some of the scenarios people around here throw out about why you need 18 loaded mags at the ready, etc. – you might want to check and make sure it’s not the police with the wrong address before you get too carried away. Statistically it’s a lot more likely than being attacked by a gang of a dozen or two criminals.

      • “SWAT teams have a place.”

        Then fold them into the US Marshalls.

        If a no-knock is warranted, local LE can pick up a phone and let one agency handle them, with universal training standards.

        A big upside to that will be there are no excuses as to why local LE have MRAPs and select-fire toys…

        • agree and no knock should be strictly limited in the ability to be use to the most dangerous situations and for a no knock warrant to be organized say half a dozen judges need to sign off on it as well as a Notary Public. sadly no knocks have a habit of going sideways badly hence why govt officials should be so limited in their use. i would also add that maybe the top brass that set it in motion requesting it and the judges should along with the officers on the scene be held liable to serious charges if conducted on wrong house etc etc

  4. U.S. courts have ruled that some warrants need not to be present for the person to be served and the search conducted. How is person in that situation to know if the officials have a valid warrant if they can’t see the document?

    Even if the police present a piece of paper, how does the average person know if that piece of paper is a valid search warrant from a court?

    • Because it is signed by a judge whose name appears on the warrant and stamped “FILED.” Could it be fake? Of course, anything can be faked. But a fake warrant will be thrown out as well as any evidence seized pursuant to that warrant. Unless it is simply a robbery (e.g. drugs and money), the police have no incentive to fake a warrant, but instead a significant counter-incentive to prevent them from doing so if they have any desire to effectively prosecute.

  5. Part of the problem is that American “peace officers” (yeah, right) are being trained in Israeli military tactics that involve immediate response to “commands” barked out by these “peace officers”. Not reacting immediately to commands being barked out by multiple individuals will result in a “death sentence”. Witness the scenario in the Las Vegas hotel room where the “suspect”, crawling on the floor, was commanded to put his hands behind his back WHILE CRAWLING–an impossibility to achieve…and was murdered by police for not reacting quickly enough. As is usually the case, the cop got away with murder…despite showing intent to murder someone, having the phrase “your f#cked” on the dust cover of his weapon…
    As far as I am concerned, police are not to be trusted–even the “good” cops…are culpable.
    It would appear that “we are all Palestinians, now”…

    • I agree that that was a bad shoot by an inadequately or improperly trained officer. What I see occur too many times is multiple officers shouting commands that are in conflict with each other. They should decide in advance who gets to do the yelling, whether by rank of by who is in direct contact with the suspect.

    • I’m impressed with how you were able to turn this story into an anti-semite discussion… you forgot to mention the protocols of the Elders of Zion, but I still award you 10 points for your racism. Remember, as long as you say you are anti-Israel, nobody will suspect you are actually just anti-Jew.

      If you were a Palestinian, you would get a grant from the world’s governments for money to build houses, schools and hospitals, you would then use that money to foment terrorist attacks against the only democracy in the region, and then when your human shields were killed in retaliatory attacks, you would scream “victim!”… also you would keep pointing out how poorly your people live since you appropriated their funding to build the aforementioned infrastructure… and then ask for more money… since I don’t know you, I’ll have to ask if the description matches? If not, then you probably aren’t Palestinian.

      • Since when did criticism of an insignificant nation on the other side of the world become “anti-Semitic” and “racist”? Could the same not be said when you criticize the Semitic nations of Syria or Jordan? Or even criticism of the Semitic Palestinians? Israel and it’s terrorist tactics are not above judgment just because of something that happened in the 1940’s.

        • Since about 1948… or even before when the Brits were running the region.

          If you want to be racist or anti-Semitic please have the balls to own it. You can come up with any excuse you want: we killed Jesus, we drink blood, we spread the plague, Israel is a “terrorist” state… at the end of the day you are just looking for an excuse as to why your life sucks, and classically that’s because of the Jews.

      • This is the same guy that denied the holocaust and said hitler would be vindicated by history.

        Any time you see rabid anti cop you have to suspect their motives. Are they hitler lovers like this dude or are they stalin lovers.

  6. Our justice system in the United States is supposed to have a bedrock principle: it is better to let 99 guilty men go free than to imprison one innocent man.

    Why doesn’t that same principle apply to search warrants???

    It is better to let 99 suspects flush narcotics down the toilet while a home occupant verifies a legitimate search warrant than to conduct routine no-knock raids and enable criminal imposters to rob, rape, and/or murder one innocent home occupant.

  7. Police officers are notoriously poor shots, exercise poor impulse control, and can get away with murder due to statutory “protections” that (only) they possess. You see, police officers operate under NO “rules of engagement”, unlike the military and ordinary citizens. A shooting that would get a military person or ordinary citizen charged, tried, found guilty, and incarcerated quite often is treated as “operator error” or use of the famous “I feared for my life” excuse, when committed by a police officer.
    After a questionable police officer shoot, the individual officers are not handcuffed and arrested and are given 72 hours in which to “get their story straight”, unlike the treatment that an ordinary citizen receives for an identical shoot.
    Police-friendly prosecutors and “rubber-stamp” grand juries routinely “gloss over” and excuse behavior by police officers, that would land an ordinary citizen in serious trouble.
    This “double standard” needs to be scrapped. “Equal justice under law” is supposed to apply to everyone–even police officers.

    • completely agree. IHMO what you have just mentioned about police being able to get away with stuff that the rest of us could not (including military) is a big part of why there is so much corruption in the police force. not putting down the few honest cops and not sure how many honest as opposed to corrupt cops there are in the US but i do know that corruption is rampant here in australia especially in larger centers where they can live in an area well away from the station that they work at making them harder to find by those that they harass and shake down for no good reason. if they are also forced to live in the community that they work in they tend to keep their noses that much cleaner. it certainly shows with cops in some of the small regional areas where people know where they live. it is not to say that we have not had a few that have tried to run roughshod over these small communities but there have been a few cases where the cop that has been doing these things has “disappeared” never to be found.

      • I think it is time for the vast majority of scum cops in this country to start disappearing. The sooner the better.

        • then again, you don’t really want to deal with what’s on the other side of that thin blue line

  8. Here are “police” practices that deserve to be exposed:

    #1. During a traffic stop, the police officer will touch the back of your car. The reason for this “touch” is that, quite often, the police officer will have a small quantity of narcotics (marijuana or cocaine) on him (in his hand) that he will rub on the car in order to help “justify a search”. When the dog is brought in, it will react to “cues” from its handler as well as the drug residue on the vehicle and help “justify a search”. This tactic is mostly used against young people. Drugs can also be “planted” on a “suspect”.
    The “touch” used to be a way for police officers to “prove” that they had an interaction with a citizen, but no more . . .

    #2. Most (if not all) cops possess a “throwdown” weapon. This “helper” is obtained from a criminal who is then “let go” without his weapon and is always used to justify a questionable police situation and to “sanitize” a “crime scene to absolve police on the scene of criminal police behavior.

    #3. If you are in the back of a police car, LIE DOWN on the seat. Police use the concept of “screening” to abuse their unwilling “passenger”. This involves, driving at high rates of speed, violent turns and other antics to get the passenger to “hit the screen” separating the front from the back with his face. Hence the act of “screening”.

    #4. If you are being handcuffed, quite often the police officer will wrench you arm behind you, forcing you to “turn around”. Another “trick” is a foot to the instep, forcing the individual to involuntarily “pull away”. The officer will then add a charge of “assault” to whatever other charges they concoct against you (just for being forced to turn around). They “pile on” charges, hoping you will plead guilty to at least one.

    Remember–NEVER CONSENT TO SEARCH . . . You must be polite, but firm in your refusal. You can state that “you NEVER consent to searches” as well as using these “magic” words–“am I free to go?” The police officer MUST answer your question . . . If you are being detained and an illegal search takes place, you have legal recourse.

    Remember–police are not your friends . . .

    That being said, not all “law enforcement” personnel are criminal, but the “thin blue line” that they so jealously guard (and “look the other way” when rogue cops abuse their authority) does much to taint ALL “law enforcement” personnel with having ulterior motives.

    • Yeah, I get police are human and make mistakes. It’s that knee jerk cover up response that’s a big problem. And when someone sues the city the tax payers are on the hook for damages.

      • Please enlighten us.

        Do you dispute #1? Please see the story behind the short documentary “Breakfast in Collinsville ” where it came out that salting cars in motel parking lots was a common “training” technique.

        #’s 2, 3, and 4 are common knowledge for anyone who pays attention. 2 and 3 have been caught on video numerous times. I have personally heard cops talking about using #3 to make sure the “perp” doesn’t beat the ride.

      • Mr. Taylor,

        You certainly seem to be an honorable person: perhaps that is why you discount the information above. My grandfather was a police officer in a major U.S. city. It was common knowledge among the police and their family members that most cops (including my grandfather) carried a “throw away piece”. My grandfather acquired that handgun and carried it for the purpose EXACTLY as Anarchyst described above.

        There may be some departments or jurisdictions where police/deputies are fairly honorable. I can assure you that there are a LOT of jurisdictions where police/deputies are fairly dishonorable.

    • “#1. During a traffic stop, the police officer will touch the back of your car. The reason for this “touch” is that, quite often, the police officer will have a small quantity of narcotics (marijuana or cocaine) on him (in his hand) that he will rub on the car in order to help “justify a search”.”

      The practice of tail-light touching is to deposit some of the officers DNA on the automobile…

  9. You best have rock solid credentials if you invade my premises…we’ve had break-in’s,home invasions and rapes in my immediate vicinity. The DEA doesn’t go 2 by 2.

  10. When the Feds show up most often a marked unit will be with them to activate its lights at the beginning of the warrant execution. You see flashing cherries or blues then the real deal has begun.

  11. “It has become much harder for citizens to know if the people breaking down their door are police or criminals. If the police don’t announce themselves and burst in, how is a person to know if the invasion of their home is occurring under the rule of law?”

    Here’s how you can tell: if they knock and present you with a warrant, they are not criminals. If they do not knock, they are in violation of the Constitution and are therefore criminals. Proceed with caution as they are convinced they are the good guys. However, one can not behave as a bad guy and still have a credible claim to good guy status.

  12. “This incident illustrates a growing problem of criminals impersonating law enforcement officers to gain an advantage over their victims.”

    Let me rephrase that for you: “This incident illustrates a growing problem of law enforcement officers impersonating criminals to gain an advantage over their victims.”

  13. When its ok to shoot the police.

    I would think better of the Libertarians if they were more principled. But they are distracted by the quest for marijuana intoxication and urinating in public. Their candidates Johnson and Weld never spoke out in favor of this law in Indiana, That was signed into law by a real Republican law and order. The best way to enforce laws is to make sure the police face serious, instantaneous consequences, if they kill the wrong person.

    And neither Weld or Johnson addressed the state level AWB that Weld signed into law way back in the early 1990’s. Nor has the Libertarian press ever asked Weld about his law and its use by the AG of Massachusetts to expand gun control. Also the libertarians don’t care about rape gangs coming across open borders, which they also support.

    Man Dies in Police Raid on Wrong House

    “Police admitted their mistake, saying faulty information from a drug informant contributed to the death of John Adams Wednesday night. They intended to raid the home next door.”

    This police murder happened 50 miles from my home. It was widely report locally back then and I still angry about it.

    • “Man Dies in Police Raid on Wrong House

      “Police admitted their mistake, saying faulty information from a drug informant contributed to the death of John Adams Wednesday night. They intended to raid the home next door.”

      This police murder happened 50 miles from my home. It was widely report locally back then and I still angry about it.”

      See also the murder of Kathryn Johnston by the Atlanta PD. And that WASN’T a “mistake”. They faked up a perjured warrant affidavit (using an imaginary “confidential informant), then after discovering (after killing Johnston and wounding each other) that there were no drugs in her home, PLANTED drugs to frame her as a “drug dealer” and “attempted cop killer”. Their piece de resistance was kidnapping a real confidential informant and suborning perjury from him. As is usually the case, the murderers got sweetheart deals with short sentences.

  14. It’s coming; us against them, them being Bureaucrats, people like O’bama, Eric Holder, Lois Learner, Harry Reid (orchestrated the Bundy fiasco by getting BLM to take the range ) so son could get the land for a Solar farm and make big bucks from Chinese! These people did more to destroy this nation from within than any others! Seems both parties suck but the Democrats most of all. FDR Jammed us with the NFA (pressured by Chicago Democrats), liar Johnson the Gun Control act of 1968, Clinton the Gun control Act of 1994, granted the Rhinos went along to get along! ball less cocks*****s worried about pension and power!

  15. There is so much disinformation and outright bullshit in this column and comments, I just don’t know where to start. This isn’t Australia and so any comments regarding a country founded on banished criminals has ZERO applicability to this nation.

    Firstly, there are occasions in this country where police are allowed to enter your premises without a warrant. A perfect example is what is called ‘exigent circumstances:’ an emergency situation requiring swift action to prevent imminent danger to life or serious damage to property, or to forestall the imminent escape of a suspect, or destruction of evidence. Or when in hot pursuit of a suspect who happens to run/barge/enter your curtilage or residence in order to try to hide from law enforcement. Omitting specific exemptions to the warrant rule is foolish, incorrect and just fuels the mouth breathers who *think* they are the final word on the law.

    Secondly, the incidence of “throw down weapons” is so rare as to be nearly extinct. This isn’t your grandfather’s era and in car/body worn cameras have virtually eliminated the conditions where such behavior could occur. Not to mention increased public scrutiny and officer education coupled with higher expectations of officer behavior mandated by agency policies.

    This allegation of wiping dope residue on the back of vehicles is absolute bullshit as is 100% of everything the poster had to say. Cops are taught to touch the back of the vehicle to leave their fingerprints on the vehicle, not dope. Jeez, did this guy’s parents have any kids that lived?

    No, not every cop in America is a good person but the vast majority of them are. I’ve served my community in two different agencies and worked with cops from all over the nation. Oh and while we’re at it, female cops don’t need to go the rest room in academies or police stations in twos to stop them being raped but females in the military sure do. I served in the military too so please stop with this all service members are super honorable people while all cops are shit bags. The military has a massive problem with rape, sexual and physical assault that they are trying to get a handle on so generalizations aren’t helpful.

    To return to the topic of this article, if the people trying to gain access to your home are imposters, they won’t have a fake warrant. They just want to throw you off guard long enough to gain entry to your home and dominance over you. There’s much more but I love how some of these internet tough guys are the first to call cops when their car gets stolen or they need them…

  16. Hopefully, all injured civilians will fully recover without bad after effects. To bad one of the dirt bags got away, as for the one killed, he got his just deserts. End of story. By the way, should it turn out that the dead criminal’ family or relatives attempt to bring civil action, they should be criminally prosecuted.


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