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“Islam itself is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.” – Hillary Clinton

“And so to the degree that anyone would equate the terrible actions that took place in Paris with the views of Islam, you know, those kind of stereotypes are counterproductive. They’re wrong.” – Barack Obama

“The attack began early on Friday when gunmen armed with automatic rifles yelling ‘Allahu akbar’ (God is great) stormed the hotel in a western district of the capital, home to diplomats and government ministries.” –

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  1. No, Islam itself is not our adversary. But the ridiculous notion that just because you are Muslim you can’t be bad, evil, a thug or a terrorist is disingenuous and dangerous.

      • The “enemy of our republic” is the unholy Union of politicians and lobbyists that send us into perpetual war, destabilize nations and arm terrorists, while paying for it all with borrowed money and using it to justify a surveillance state here at home.

        The rise of ISIS as the most powerful, well funded, and well organized terrorist group in the world would not have been possible without the US toppling the Iraqi government and supporting Isis affiliated Rebels in Syria. Accepting this fact will allow us to change our foriegn policy. Continuing our jingoistic rhetoric and whining about Muslims will just signal to politicians that we will put up with more war and destabilization, and the terrorism that will inevitably follow.

        • You’re assuming that Iraq wouldn’t have ended up like Libya or Syria, which were toppled from within without the intervention of the US military. Also, ISIS began in 1999 when al-Zarqawi founded the “Organization and Monotheism of Jihad”, which became Al-Qaeda in Iraq in 2006 and then ISIL/ISIS in 2013.

        • Well said Rooster.

          Ben, saying that the US Government wasn’t complicit in Lybia, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, and the arming and strengthening of ISIS is disingenuous or ignorant.

        • Then how do you explain all of that terrorism prior to the invasion and destabilization of Iraq? Hmm? Exactly.

          Islam is an evil death cult comprised of terrorists and terrorist sympathizers. It’s an unholy ideology whose adherents must be killed, or else marginalized to the point that their only angry outlet is fervent, but ultimately impotent, prayer.

      • Not only is Obama emphatically Christian, but the nature of the American separation of powers renders him rather impotent to be a dictator.

        • Emphatically Christian. Obviously, evidenced by his church attendance, fluency with scripture, and the reputation of the church he belonged to previously….LOL!

        • The nature of America’s separation of powers is that big government collaborators of the so-called opposition party are derelict in their duty and have forfeited their power to stop this lawless dictator, all because they agree with his big government agenda and don’t want to be called racist.

    • Of course followers of Islam can be decent people. I know two personally. Responsible, kind, and great believers in individual liberty (including freedom of speech and religion). I’m proud to call them friends. But they are followers of a reformed style of Islam, and they are in the minority world-wide. If you look at the scriptures on which Islam is based, ISIS and similar groups are doing just as their holy books tell them. Yes, that is one face of Islam. Those who tell you differently are lying.

      Islam is indeed the “religion of peace,” but you must understand what they mean by peace. In Islam, peace means submission to Islam and Sharia law. And, though I’m sure most would rather just go about their own business and tend to their lives, a fundamental principle of Islam is a duty to spread Islam to the whole world, by force if need be. So, for Islam to co-exist peacefully with other religions in the modern world, it must be reformed. Until then, yes Islam is at war with the rest of the world.

      Even in the USA, an alarming percentage of Muslims support the idea of supplanting the US constitution with Sharia law, including many born in the USA. And under Sharia law, infidels not only pay tribute and serve, they also are not permitted to bear arms (to make this clearly TTAG relevant).

      Islamaphobia: A word invented by religious totalitarians and used by cowards to manipulate morons.

      Islamaphobe: An infidel who knows more about Islam than Islamists want them to, and just won’t keep their mouth shut.

      • What is a “reformed” Islam? I have never heard of such. If one truly exists, it would be a duty of every Muslim to eradicate it. As much as Muslim apologists often try to muddy the waters, there cannot be any accepted schisms in Islam (beyond the Sunni – Shiate one). Any attempt to modify Islam is considered a mortal sin.

        • I am sure the people I know who practice Islam (including the daily prayers), but who believe in freedom of religion, would be on the death list as apostates to fundamentalists. But they are not alone (e.g., Dr. Zuhdi Jasser). I truly think there are Muslims who are genuine Americans, and would fight for the constitution against Sharia law.

          Unfortunately, I don’t think they are a majority.

        • This is why the fundamentalists spend most of their time killing other Muslims; disagreement within Allah’s flock is heresy punishable by death. It’s only when they get really extra ambitious that they try to kill the rest of us.

        • Yup. Anyone that states that Muhammad’s method of spreading Islam by mass murder; rape, pillage and plunder, chopping ones head off if one refuses to convert to Islsm, and killing any Islamic individual that converts to another religion, as wrong or inappropriate, is heresy, and is commanded by Islamic law to be killed.

      • Look at the Pew research about the Muslim world. Some key points include:

        1. No majority of Muslims in no western country support the replacement of secular law with Sharia law.
        2. Signficant numbers of those same Muslim populations, however, would not oppose a legally powerless, auxilary community system which used Sharia as guidelines for setting interpersonal and familiar disputes within the religious community.
        3. Worldwide, the majority of Muslims does not favor replacement of national codes with Sharia.
        4. Only a distinct minority favor forcing all populations, not just opted-in Muslims, to follow Sharia.
        5. Majorities in support of national Sharia only exist in Muslim-majority countries which already favor Islam by either granting it a favored religion status or make it the state religion.

    • “It would take too long to tell you all the stories about this famous impostor (…) Mohamed’s religion consists of a monstrous mixture of Judaism, Paganism and Christianity. Mohamed propagated his religion, not through miracles or persuasive words, but through the force of arms. [It is] a religion that favors every sort of licentiousness and which, in a short time, allowed Mohamed to become the leader of a troop of brigands. Along with them he raided the countries of the East and conquered the people, not by introducing the Truth, not by miracles or prophecy; but for one reason only: to raise his sword over the heads of the conquered shouting: believe or die.”
      -St John Bosco

    • Once you get past the 1st Amendment Islam runs counter to the constitution and bill of rights. To say Islam is not the enemy of America and its people is completely dishonest. Disingenuous at best.

      It is the duty of every American who has sworn an oath to uphold and defend the ENTIRE constitution to oppose Islam, because Islam will destroy the constitution.

      • On a similar note about liberals the 1941 State of the Union address aka The Four Freedoms the first two alongside the First Amendment after that the freedom from want and the freedom from fear run counter to the Constitution.

  2. Not all muslims are terrorists, but in recent memory, all terrorists (aside from government sanctioned employees, gangs, and drug cartels) have been muslims. Oddly enough, a large percentage of the so called “peaceful” muslims agree with and support the muslim terrorists. Huh.

    I suppose it’s a bit like asking the question “which people in this prison are criminals?” and being accused of profiling when you selected all the inmates and only a few guards.

      • Couple of things:

        (1) Is that really “terrorism?” McVeigh claimed the government as an enemy and attacked a government target.

        He did not strap on a bomb vest or grab an AK and attack a mall or a cafe or nightclub.

        (2) Is that “recent?” It was 20 years ago. Not sure what the OP meant by ‘recent memory,’ so it begs clarification.

        (3) And, here’s the biggie “tin foil hat” one. John Doe #2, never caught and never identified. SOME claim there was a “Middle Eastern” connection there.

        There are some good documentaries on the OKC Bombing that ask some interesting questions. I don’t mean the goofball ones that offer up unsupported conclusions and theories…I mean the ones that simple present the information, the gaps in the information and ask..”What?”

        {I’m not saying I personally believe there was a Mid East connection to OKC…but I am willing to say that I believe that story has a bit more to it than the popular version…}

      • {Also not condoning the bombing the Federal Building or defending McVeigh or his actions…please don’t read more into what I wrote than just what I wrote like I was saying “He bombed a .gov target so that’s ok” or anything like that…just don’t know that I’d necessarily call it true “terrorism”}.

  3. If you like your religion you can keep it. And in American if your a rabid jihadist yelling allah ackbar while killing people…well that’s ok, Hillary understands your oppression and will create a special government program so you can work through your world domination “issues”.

  4. Herd on the news that those who were able to recite verses from the Quran were let go…Nothin to do with religion though.

    • Confirmed–or at least corroborated here:
      Minister of Internal Security Colonel Salif Traoré said the gunmen had burst through a security barrier at 7 a.m. (0700 GMT), spraying the area with gunfire and shouting “Allahu Akbar,” or “God is great” in Arabic.

      Some people were freed by the attackers after showing they could recite verses from the Koran, while others managed to escape or were brought out by security forces.

      • From Wikipedia:

        “The Takbīr (تَكْبِير), also written Tekbir or Takbeer, is the term for the Arabic phrase Allāhu Akbar (الله أكبر), usually translated as “Allah is great”, “Allah is [the] greatest”, “God is great” or “God is [the] greatest”.[1][2] It is a common Islamic Arabic expression, used in various contexts by Muslims; in formal prayer, in the call for prayer (adhān),[3] as an informal expression of faith, in times of distress, or to express resolute determination.
        The form Allāhu is the nominative of Allah, meaning “God”. In the context of Islam, it is the proper name of God.[4][5] The form akbar is the elative of the adjective kabīr, meaning “great”, from the Semitic root k-b-r. As used in the Takbīr it is usually translated as “greatest”, but some authors prefer “greater”.[6][7][8]
        The term Takbīr itself is the stem II verbal noun (tafʿīlun) of the triliteral root k-b-r, meaning “great”, from which Akbar “greater” is derived.
        The literal and correct translation of Allāhu Akbar (الله أكبر) in Arabic is “God is greater” rather than “God is great” Allāhu kabeer (الله كبير) or “God is [the] greatest” Allāhu alakbar (الله الأكبر). This is the true meaning in the usage of this phrase too as to downgrade any entity or concept that seems to be great by recalling that “God is greater [yet]”. It is used to emphasize that God is greater than any real entity or imaginary concept one may appreciate. In the call for prayer, it means God is greater than worldly affairs. In battlefields, God is greater than the enemy or distress. In religious conviction, God is still greater than any theology. The phrase is well known in the West for its common use as a battle cry in Islamist protests, Islamic extremism, and Islamic terrorism.”

  5. Out of all the religion of the world the one that can’t “coexist” with others is Islam. Everywhere Islam is others live in fear. Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Yazidi’s, Zoroastrians, Atheists, it does not matter. They also hate the freedom and liberty that countries like the United States were founded upon. One is not like the others.

    • If the Mohametans love freedom and liberty, why is the heart of Islam, an oppressive theocratic place?

      You see, if you really want to know the true nature of something all you have to do is look at the place where it is founded and where is maintained.

      America can claim to love freedom and liberty because that is its roots, even if there is deviation over time however there does not appear to be much deviation from the land or countries or kingdoms that were founded are rooted in Islam.

      Finally you can tell me all about who you are but you will reveal yourself to me through your actions.

      Guess which one I’m going to believe?

    • For that matter, they even hate some of their “own.” It’s like if the Baptists went to war with the Presbyterians on the basis of “Ya’ll ain’t doing it right.”

      Non-ISIS Muslims represent a pretty darn high body count for the ISIS war machine so far…

    • Funny, I’ve heard there are Christians and synagogues in Iran. How can that be when Iran is as evil as evil could be?

      • Please explain to me then why Iranian leadership denies the holocaust? Their may be a synagogue or church here and there for appearances but the reality is very different. Certainly in ISIS held territories there is absolute domination of Christians and Jews.

  6. Just because many Muslims seem to think it is OK to kill someone who leaves their faith or want to substitute Muslim Sharia Law for local laws based on our Constitution don’t let this alarm you. And just because many Muslims don’t stand up and speak out against the senseless killings and terrorism don’t let that bother you either. Because Muslims are basically peaceful people from a peaceful religion. A religion that is very intolerant of any other religion or anyone who disagrees with it’s views of the world and how people should act. But it is based on Mohamed who was very peaceful when he was not slaughtering his enemies, stealing other men’s wives or bedding very young girls.

  7. I’ve read to understand that to be a true musloid, you have to support a jihad through prayer, donations, or active participation.
    This premise seems to be supported by the groups like C.A.I.R., all the mosques and imams saying nothing about all the terrorist acts by musloids.

    • The Muslims I lived with and fought alongside of called their fight against the Taliban and against the terrorists “jihad” as well.

      • Yes because Shia and Sunni Muslims have been Jihading against each other for over 1500 years or so.

        And Muslims have been Jihading against Christians for the same amount of time.

  8. Okay I’m calling a duck a duck on this one… This is Gas-Lighting plain and simple… Quack… Quack… I’m so tired of these lies…

    If Muslims don’t denounce this evil, they’re also guilty in my opinion… If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.. Carry on…

    • “If Muslims don’t denounce this evil, they’re also guilty in my opinion….”

      Essentially the “Terrorist Manifesto” : If the civilian population doesn’t get rid of their government and it’s war machinery, they are enemy combatants as well….

  9. Its convenient to have many forms of islam to hide under.
    What about taqiya?
    My religion has nothing that equals convert or die in it whatsoever.
    1600 years is too long for this abomination.
    My religion says i cannot bear false witness.
    These gunman have been reported to have asked the hostages to ricite passages from the quran.then released the ones that could.
    If you don’t think we are actually at war then your living blind.
    Good luck.
    Tolerance does not guarantee trust, i will never trust this religion .

    • I guess you aren’t Christian or Jewish, as the OT is replete with quotations of “convert or die” and the Jesus character in the NT reminds you multiple times that all the OT law is in force until the end of time….

      • You keep repeating the same lie. Just because you can’t read doesn’t mean others are so troubled.
        That is one lie, that no matter how often repeated, Is easily refuted by simple analysis of the pertinent texts.

  10. Yeah, and Christianity had nothing to do with the Crusades, either.

    Evil done in the name of a religion – any religion – is still evil. But it makes a difference as to how it plays back home.

        • Would you care to explain it? The Crusades were a response to repeated muslim invasions of the west. Try 450 years of muslims besieging the west in Spain, Italy, France, and the Byzantine empire.
          Don’t believe everything you were told in your government school.

    • True indeed – so when was that last Crusade? And in fact, didn’t the US support the Muslims against Christian aggressors in the Balkans?

      • And in Bosnia, the US created and trained the core of the jihadists who then went on to kill us. Then we repeated that in Afganistan, in Irag, in Lybia. And the US trained and equipped jihadid also repeated what they do best – kill us. My hat’s off to the unsurpassed intelligence of our government!

    • Don’t have the faintest idea what “The Crusades” were about do you? Perhaps there is a comic book on the subject that you can “read”.

      • The Crusades happened almost a thousand years ago. Right around the time when a typical good dinner in Africa included a fried neighbor from the village down the valley. And how does that justify today’s Islam’s war against the world?

      • I could go on at some length about the Crusades, but neither the good points or the bad about them will have any relevance to the current discussion unless you can find me a large body of armed men alive today who are still attempting to spread the Gospel by butchering heretics.

        Though certainly evil has been done in the name of Christ in the past, Christians for the most part have moved on. The same cannot be said for the followers of the Prophet.

    • You do know that the Crusades were primarily a military counter offensive to the general main Muslim Offensive? Which still continued in the Balkans and Austria long afterwards.

    • *sigh* Sarcasm and cynicism. That was the point.

      Politicians will selectively interpret and reinterpret events – good or bad, but empirically, bad generally seems to work better – for their own purposes regardless of the original cause of the event or intentions of those who participated in it.

      For instance, re the Crusades, in the past two decades I can recall various politicians emphatically stating, at different times and circumstances, that no Western forces should set a boot on Muslim soil at the risk of stirring up old memories of the Crusades, Christian invasion of the Muslin world, etc. The actual historical events leading up to and surrounding the Crusades don’t matter; what is being appealed to here is the perception in the Western mind that the Crusades were a Christian invasion of the Middle East, and that it’s something we should all feel bad about a thousand years later. But clearly that sensitivity is intermittent, and is only brought to bear when – this is cynicism, here – the pol in question is looking for an excuse to not do something.

      As to how something plays at home, well, there are two aspects.

      There’s how the people performing the action – say, a terrorist attack – want to be perceived in the place they consider “home.” Then – and to me this is the more interesting one – there’s how a given government chooses to claim it interprets an event such as a terror attack.

      Various high-ranking officials and candidates for office in the US are saying very loudly that we are not at war with Islam. Leave aside the moment whether we are or are not. My question is: Why is the US president pushing this view so hard? Especially given we weren’t the subject of this attack? What does the present administration gain from having this view accepted by the US population?

      It actually is somewhat reminiscent of the continual revision of history in Orwell’s 1984. (The comic book version, of course.)

  11. “gun owners themselves are not our adversary. shooting sports enthusiasts are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with massacres.” – Hillary Clinton

    “And so to the degree that anyone would equate the terrible actions that took place in Sandy Hook with the views of firearms owners, you know, those kind of stereotypes are counterproductive. They’re wrong.” – Barack Obama

    Hmm interesting stuff there

  12. Of course this was not religion related.

    Lucien Black scheduled this live fire class before his credentials were pulled. The shooters were really shouting, “Olley Olley Oxen Free” for the live fire hide-and-seek class. Guess the students didn’t hide too well.


  13. They are not Hillary’s or Obama’s adversaries, we are. Therefore their statements are correct. Sweeter overtures were never broadcast so far across the globe. Hillary and Obama are not speaking to us, the people they are supposed to serve, Hillary and Obama are talking to them, the people they are-serving.

    No one, in the history of mankind, has done for islam what Obama has done for islam. Obama’s actions (and Hillary’s) have been swift, comprehensive, secretive, leveraging, and attempted to be permanent. It’ll take years of intensive rooting to get rid of all the cr_p he has done, and all the ways he has infected the system. I predict you will be required to partake in a civil war to get that done.

    • Well these days, we don’t declare war on peoples…that’s unpopular. So instead we declare war on concepts, inanimate objects and ideas, like guns, drugs, Christmas, Islam, extremism, personal choices, etc… So you can understand how hard it must be to articulate an issue when a person can’t describe reality.

      • I do believe most muslims are in fact peaceful and want to be part of modern society.

        The Koran and hadiths however specify and require violence against non believers and other things that frankly are beyond religion, such as sharia. Those described (incorrectly) by the media as ‘extremists’ and really just those that faithfully observe the Koran.

        Hence observant muslims.

        Observant muslims are incompatible with western society.

        That is the difference.

    • You win the interwebz Ar 10. Most moose-lims are lazy and half-azzed. Like most so-called Christians. The ISIS boys and girls are classic blood and guts 7th century followers of the illiterate “prophet”. And they don’t play nice.SEA of GLASS…

  14. I wonder if someone yelled ‘Hallelujah’ or ‘Shalom’ before opening fire on innocent civilians if it would still ‘not be about religion’?

    • According to one of the savants at NPR, if you shoot people who say they believe in God, then you are killing in the name of Christianity (talking about Columbine here, not Oregon–that one was obviously done in the name of white supremacy, by the “mixed-race” guy living with his black mother). So apparently for liberals, you don’t even have to like Christians to be killing in the name of Christianity.

    • I can’t figure out why they always shout “God is great”,we all know that God is great,but they don’t serve God,they serve allah.

  15. they are JUST AS MANY calls to homicide in THE BIBLE as there are int he Quran. Don’t think so? check out the old testament, its still in the bible. Spanish Inquisition, Salem Witch trails, Crusades, do i really need to go on? all these were SANCTIONED by the church authority. AND OF COURSE, you will say, “yeah but that was along time ago and we know better now”. yes it was and we do, so all you can REALLY say about Islam is it is in the exact same place we were with Christianity: growing pains.
    I will be honest and say the major difference between the two is nowhere in the bible does it say you should kill non-believers or people who leave the faith, Islam not so much. so that is a huge difference.
    But, there are just as many muslims who do not take every single word of the Quran seriously just like you do with the Bible.

    • Spanish Inquisition. Less than 6000 killed. Salem witch trials. 12 killed. Crusades a multi-country response to 450 years of repeated Islamic invasions. Maybe 50,000 killed. Look Christians have done evil things, but to lump them in the same boat as the Islamists is ridiculous. Have you ever studied the history of India>? Do you know how many Hindu’s they killed in the eighth to eighteenth century? Let’s just state that is was a tad larger than WW 1 and call it even. They did and are doing the same thing in Sub-Saharan Africa as we speak. Sorry but their’s is a religion of the sword. Get off it.

      • Well, it’s a religion founded by a soldier, for soldiers. Given that, from what I’ve read, many aspects of it make a good deal of sense from a pragmatic standpoint of someone wanting to motivate his troops, trying to keep them out of debt, and putting a good face on some things you know they’re going to do anyway, whether or not one accepts the faith itself.

        • Muhammad was no soldier. He was a con man. He just was able to con a bunch of desert marauders into following him, after being kicked out of Mecca by his own quraysh tribe.

      • We can take this liberal argument back to the dawn of humanity,we killed off the neanderthals so shouldn’t we be building monuments and holocaust museums in their honor and remembrance? If they can create a neanderthal in a test tube,I’m going to pay him reparations.

        • “we killed off the neanderthals so shouldn’t we be building monuments and holocaust museums in their honor and remembrance?”

          Not supported by observable data. “We” did not kill off the Neanderthals.

          Neanderthals cross bred with other humans at the time; many people have measurable ‘Thal’ DNA…sometimes in what is thought as significant percentages.

          It could be argued that Neanderthals are not present as a distinct species, but neither are those with whom they cross bred. A better model than “displacement” would be the present evolution of coy-wolf (as a new species) from two existing types.

      • Hell, the entire reason the Sikh’s have their distinctive daggers was originally to defend against –you guessed it– wanton Muslim slaughter.

    • So which call to murder in the OT is still in effect? For Jews anyways, for Christians none of them, clearly. Nice try though. Pretty sure it is zero for Jews, too.

  16. Hokay, I’ll be another one of those to bite…

    During WW2, vast majority of Germans weren’t military, never holocausted anyone, never bombed civilians, never… Nevertheless, was it morally OK to wage war against Germany? Conventional wisdom says yes. Islam today is doing a good job of becoming similarly evil.

    Am I happy about finding myself in a position where the sensible and responsible option would likely be to base strategic and political decisions on caution and stereotypes? No. But the problem is, most stereotypes exist because they’re based on truth to a degree that makes them useful.

    Islam is about the only major religion that has proven itself unable to peacefully coexist with other religious systems. Islam-dominated countries tend to be quite harsh towards other religions, Islam minorities are working hard to become majorities and they tend to be vocal about their plans for when that happens.

    The percentage of muslims among today’s terrorists dwarfs all other religions. Many of them do admit that islam is their driving force. And they’re not using terror just against so-called western countries. The numbers of people killed by muslim terrorists in less developed countries are staggering.

    Is the muslim majority actively trying to fight terrorism? Are they condemning it? Or are the incidents like the one in Turkey, where a minute’s silence for the victim of Paris attacks saw a stadium booing and some “fans” even chanting Allahu Akbar, the true face of most muslims? It is easy for a figurehead or a truly tolerant muslim to say something about terrorists not being true muslims. But there comes a point where no words can cover up the day to day reality of islam.

  17. We need to be really careful about lumping all Muslims into one large terrorist category when 99% of Muslims are quite peaceful. It’s like saying all gun owners commit gun crimes, which is factually true but does not separate criminals and illegal owners from the law abiding.

    • that makes absolutely no sense what so ever. how can ALL gun owners commit gun crimes when you called them LAW ABIDING in the same sentence???? what you should have said was something like ” alot of gun owners commit crimes, but law abiding citizens are not separated from criminals in that instance.”

        • Rendered even more “flawed” by the fact that anti’s create a super-set of “gun owners” as law abiding + criminals. They talk about criminal gun owner’s actions and try to apply those to ALL ‘gun owners,’ even non-criminals.

          In this way, they manipulate the narrative of those not paying close attention.

    • You need to do some research and see how wonderful life is in Germany, Sweden, France, etc. Muslim refugees to other nations don’t assimilate into the country. They wait until their numbers grow and then try and change the host nation to what they came from. German women being spit on by Muslim men, non Muslim kids in school being assulated. Google it and read for yourself. Check out Sweden’s rape problem. We really want to bring that problem here? Peaceful Muslims will eventually be approached by true Muslims and they will fall in line. Isis is actually following the Koran. I’ve read it, our weak ass politicians haven’t.

    • To make your analogy to gun owners work, every gun safety course would have to include instructions on how to kill all people that disagree with you upon graduation from the safety course. The Koran, however, does include those instructions and Sharia insists on them.

  18. “Many who where able to recite the Islamic profession of faith were set free”

    And they don’t consider this a religious crime? The hell is going on in their world.

    Of course this won’t get 24 hour coverage on cnn, doesn’t fit their agenda.

    • The part where a bunch of people were shot to death, I would think. If they had been killed with swords, maybe The Truth About Knives would be a more appropriate venue, but this is not the case.

      • Can you tell me with a straight face this article is about guns and shooting?

        In case my first post was too subtle: this is an article about religion, and it touches on a highly political issue. I’d rather not see this blog stray so far from its subject matter.

        • If you want ‘firearms not politics,’ then you may have greater enjoyment reading thefirearmblog. I’m not trying to say you should be kicked out or feel unwelcome here, but RF is very open about what he wants to cover, and politics is very important to gun culture. Not least because so many politicians want guns and their culture to simply not exist.

          When there is a mass shooting that is not linked to radical Islam or any other religion, it affects the politics of gun ownership. Look at the ammo panic after Sandy Hook, still ongoing. This mass shooting should not be off-limits to discussion merely because it was done in the name of Mohammed, rather than under the influence of SSRIs or the voices in someone’s head.

        • Yes, I can. As gun owners and shooters, politics will come to us, whether we like it or not, especially when one of the major political parties has a lust for gun control burning at the very core of its soul. So when attacks such as these happen, how they’re perceived and treated in our society and politics is directly related to guns and shooting.

    • Yep, this was the last straw. Site has been deleted from the bookmarks. It will be a relieve to not have to wade through all the hate and ignorance. At least The Firearm Blog sticks to it’s subject matter.

  19. Does anyone else find it odd that so much ridicule is heaped on those who claim the President is a Muslim, by people who have no issues with telling terrorists they’re not really Muslim and don’t have anything to do with the Koran or the will of the Prophet?

    I mean, who probably knows more about those subjects, the people who take it so seriously they’re willing to strap on bombs and slaughter children for their beliefs, or Clinton/Sanders?

    • I don’t think Muslims think Obama is a Muslim either.

      Either way, I’ll take people at face value when they say what their religion is. Tam recently linked to this article in the Atlantic about what ISIS is and wants, and basically, they’re really, really, really, fundamentalist, apocalyptic Muslims: That puts them waaaaay out of the mainstream, basically the equivalent of a Christian sect popped up blowing people up for not adhering to Christian beliefs as they stood in the 4th Century AD. Those Christians would definitely be Christians, but most everyday Christians would see very little common ground between with them.

      • That is not correct at all. Islam and the beheadings, rapes, etc are all directly in line with the example of Muhammad, the perfect man.
        For a similar Christian fundamentalism, the adherents would eschew personal wealth and wander the world preaching the good news. Maybe even engage in faith healing.

  20. Neither the Obama, Bush administrations or our Western allies have correctly identified our enemies or taken the steps necessary to stop the flow of jihadist recruits and money flowing into Syria and Iraq.

    First the threat – the perpetrators of these terrorist acts, whether Al-Qaeda or ISIS are Radical Sunni Islamists following Wahabbi / Salafist theology which they use to justify the murder and rape of “heretics” that don’t accept their warped view of Islam. Originating in the Arab Pennisula in the 18th century, this hate filled version of Islam is practiced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which to this day still beheads and crucifies their own citizens for the crimes of apostasy (rejecting their version of Islam) and witchcraft. In addition, women who have been raped have been convicted in Saudi courts of having sex outside of marriage, jailed and whipped.

    In terms of the flow of recruits and cash to radical Islamists we have been told for years that Shiite led Iran is the center of state sponsored global terrorism. If this is the case, why were none of the 911 murderers Iranian and why was only one of the 759 detainees processed by Gitmo an Iranian National?

    Until we stop the flow of radical jihadists and cash from the Sunni led Gulf States there will be no end to global terrorism. The best way is to be clear to the offending Sunni nations that we will no longer tolerate attacks by their citizens and if it doesn’t change we will realign our foreign policy and military support to those Shiiite groups that are fighting ISIS on the ground, specifically Iran. Bottom line – if the Saudis and the other Sunni led Gulf States end up on the losing side of a war with Iran, too bad.

  21. Why do godless libertarians who hate Christianity want believing muslims to pass through the unguarded US border?

    You have said the US border should be open to free travel to anyone. Why? What old book do you read that says murders and rapist have a right to come here?
    And why do you support a religion that supports sex with boy and girl children?

    Why would you not stop people who think this way from coming into america?

    Is this the diversity you speak so well of?

  22. The proof is in the pudding. There is no other major religion that produces such a high percentage of followers that believe it is acceptable and even recommended to kill any unbelievers. You can claim that Islam teaches peace, but the evidence shows that it breeds violence. Not every individual of course, but enough that it needs to be recognized as an issue.

    Also, gotta love when people compare the “extremists” of Islam to the “extremists” of Christianity like Westboro Baptist or whatever their name is, claiming that extremism is the problem alone, unrelated to the root religion. You know, cuz that’s the same thing… Thousands of people chopping off heads vs a couple dozen people protesting obnoxiously.


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