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A cop pulls over an old lady. She tells him she’s carrying a pistol, has another one in the glove box and another one on the passenger seat. “What are you afraid of?” the cops asks. “Nothing,” she replies. While you’d be foolish to believe that packing a pistol offers complete protection during a terrorist attack, it’s nice to have. So nice it can reduce paralyzing fear to livable wariness. But what about people who can’t carry, thanks to government infringement on their right to keep and bear arms? People who live in places publicly targeted by terrorists? New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio’s got a message for them [via] . . .

New York City authorities reacted with defiant resolve to a video allegedly released by the Islamic State militant group that threatens to attack the metropolis.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said he has been in touch with federal authorities that said the video is not a “specific and credible threat” to the Unites States’ most populated city.

“Stoking fear is the goal of terrorist organizations, but New York City will not be intimidated,” Mayor de Blasio said during a news conference Wednesday night. “New Yorkers won’t live in fear and people should continue to go to work, live their lives, and enjoy the greatest city in the world.”

And let the “experts” take care of the terrorists – before, during and after an attack. Just like the French authorities, who couldn’t or wouldn’t storm the concert hall occupied by death-dealing jihadis for nearly an hour, giving the ISIS extremists enough time to kill over a hundred unarmed innocents.

And if that doesn’t work, if terrorists somehow slip through NYC’s net, citizens can take solace in the fact that the cops’ failure will lead to a “state of emergency” (i.e. martial law), wherein Constitutional rights will take a powder.

“We cannot be intimidated, and that’s what terrorists seek to do,” said New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton. “They seek to create fear. They seek to intimidate. We will not be intimidated, and we will not live in fear.”

That’s easy for Bill to say; he’s got a security detail. And carries a gun. Everyone else should just … chill? Hope for the best? As above, leave your security to Kaa the snake New York City’s finest.

Truth be told, the Commish almost gets it. Terrorists intimidate to dominate. They want Americans – and everyone else on planet Earth – to submit to authoritarian rule. While New York City’s politicians and police aren’t genocidal religious extremists, the Big Apple’s de facto gun ban and post-Paris “reassurance” puts them on a slippery slope to something equally evil. And that’s what I’m afraid of.

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  1. Maybe the terrorists will attack city hall while he’s there. I suspect that might be a wake-up call for him……naaah.

    • Or what’s left of the DeBlasio administration…

      And why is it the farther left you go on the political scale, the more insistent those monkeys are about thinking the RKBA applies only to themselves (DiFi) and to their security? Can you imagine her on a PPC/CPC?

      • The issue is control pure and simple. They want to control us as in make us slaves to the regime.

        • That’s not how they would think of it, but subconsciously its exactly what they believe – the proof is in the pudding.

          “Guns for me, but not for thee. Why? Because I don’t trust you with a gun, but I don’t give two ____s if you trust me with a gun, *MY* safety is more important than yours.”

        • When we take NY back from the terrorists, we’re not giving it back to these a-holes.

          For the purpose of discussion here, I’ll let you define the term “terrorists”.

  2. I saw the press conference on the news. The Commie mayor had all sorts of armed security in the background. I guess certain people in NYC don’t mind being thought of as a peasant. Funny how these idiots don’t learn, even when it’s happening now.

  3. Smart NYer’s are stockpiling candles and flowers.
    They work on lunatic homicidal maniacs the way garlic and sunlight work on vampires.
    Or so I was told by a Frenchman.

    • Geez! All you gun nuts are so delusional to believe that carrying a gun will be effective to defend against a guy carrying a gun!!

      I’m gonna carry flowers and candles instead! I’ll show you how my response is so much more rational, reasonable and effective as a defense against these mass murderers!

      • If the terrorists weren’t delusional in carrying a gun (as it did manage to keep armed attackers from interdicting them for more than an hour – long enough to get away if they weren’t busy killing people). If you don’t want to be delusional, then be an armed terrorist.

        got it ; P

  4. Politicians with armed guards make all kinds of pronouncements that those deprived of the right of self defense must live up to.

  5. It’s even more hypocritical than all that. According to the fools that run our country we should not “live in fear” but apparently encryption is such a threat we’re going to ban “Assault Math” or something.

  6. While I’m not a conspiracy theorist I think this is part of the plan of the POTUS, let the Syrian “refugees” come in and he hopes some of them are terrorists, once they do their deeds he declares martial law. Once this happens then he will extend martial law indefinitely like France just did and the rest as you know is history.

    • Well, Progressives can’t lose. Here are possible outcomes regarding Syrian refugees entering the United States:
      (1) Terrorists among them cause mass casualties. In response people cry out for … wait for it … MORE government!
      (2) Syrian refugees attack/harm no one and Progressives go on record as the party who welcomed the refugees with open arms … and thus secure the votes of yet another demographic forever.

      Of course in either case, government will demand more intrusive/illegal surveillance capabilities to monitor all these potential terrorists and probably get them with support of the electorate. That is another win as well … for both parties.

  7. This half way reminds me of British infantry tactics 200 years ago. Back then, the redcoats would line up, side by side, in two rows, and wait while the enemy approached. When a soldier in the front row was hit by enemy fire, the one in the back row moved up. The guy in the back row was replaced from reserves. I say half way because, when the enemy got within effective range, each row let go a withering volley of musket fire. In DeBlasio’s version, there is never a withering volley. People, in this case citizens of New York, just continue moving up and getting shot down.

  8. And this is just one of many reasons why I will NEVER visit, much less live in, New York City. Nothing there is so wonderful that it is worth risking my life.

  9. By the way, I don’t think an attack would produce quite as many casualties in New York City simply for the fact that they have a LOT of police who actually carry handguns … and a LOT of additional personnel are sprinkled about with AR-15 (and similar) rifles to engage a pair of terrorists with AK-47 rifles.

    • “…would [not] produce quite as many casualties…” is small comfort if you or your family members are among those casualties. Just syain’.

    • I’m actually fairly certain there will never be a Paris event in any major American city because of that reason. Our police force is well armed and quite used to taking and returning fire.

    • You know what we call 50 dead per day? Another day on the hiways. But I’m not skeert of that, and the assaholas can’t even come close. But we use seatbelts (sometimes) so why not carry?

  10. For most rulers centrist control is more important than the lives of the citizens. This ain’t news. Our founding fathers had it figured out hence amendment number deuce.
    What is news is Obama et al prioritize the rights of immigrants, some who will kill us, over the rights of the citizens. And just to make it more fun the rulers want to disarm the citizens when they know the killers can easily access the firearms needed to continue mass slaughter. So ultimately if the immigration policy remains as is US citizens will be killed on US soil by enemies we knowingly allow to cross our borders. Somebody needs to ask Obama why his he supports this position.

  11. Even if you could carry a gun in NYC the state limits you to 7 rounds in the magazine. Me thinks that might not be enough..unless you are deer hunting :).

    • A stupid and unconstitutional rule, however: 7 in the mag, one in the pipe = 8 plus two spare mags in a belt carrier with 7 rounds each = 14. Total = 22 rounds on hand. I have not read the New York SAFE act – does it restrict the number of spare magazines that you could carry?

      • So how popular are 1911’s,357’s and 44magnums in NewYorkistan? If you can’t shoot 18rounds of 9mm go for a bigger hole? At least I can have more boo-lits in Illinois…

      • The 7 round limit was deemed arbitrary by the 2nd Circuit (the only part of the BS SAFE Act that was thrown out) so we’re currently back to 10 rounds. No limit on number of mags you can carry…yet. However, only the extremely rich and/or connected are bestowed the coveted NYC carry permit.

  12. You can take the Tammany Hall out of the New Yorker, but you can’t take the New Yorker out of Tammany Hall…

  13. Our government would like ISIS to kill more Americans. This is why we need the Syrian military age male refugees. The more ISIS terrorists kill Americans, the more Americans will trade liberties for a strong government and leaders to protect them. A win for the State!

  14. New York State Law Enforcement.

    A collective of domestic terrorist gangs. Nothing more, nothing less.

  15. ISIS threatens DC and NYC?

    Is it wrong of me to say OK, I’ll turn on the TV for that, who’s bringing the popcorn?

    Is it wrong of me to say ‘don’t forget Chitcago’?

    • Oh they didn’t forget Chiraq-tons of home-grown moose-lims all over the area. I walked out of a tire shop just south of Chicago in 2001 just after 9/11. Jihad and anti-Israel crap plastered all over the walls. Yeah-14 years ago too…

  16. Any city that has gun free zones where crimes take place should be actively held liable for endangerment and gross criminal negligence by anyone attacked or injured in city limits. End of story.

    Politicians and cities keep saying you should just rely on the police. Fine. Put your money where your mouth is and provide citizens with a better alternative to personal protection and sense of safety than a weapon on my person.

  17. I hope if the terrorists hit anyplace int he USA its New York or Washington.

    Maybe the terrorism will force them to get their heads out of their ass
    and start wishing they had a gun to protect themselves.

    Or maybe they all just get what they deserve
    for suppressing the peoples right to keep and bear arms.

    Judgement Day is coming.

  18. I don’t live in fear of terrorists,I live out in the country and chances are I won’t ever see a muslim,much less one that wants to kill me,I find it ironic that most of our cities are run by and inhabited by liberals,all I can do is sit back and listen to whatever the body count of the day is and hope that they were all liberals.If this is what they vote for in our major cities,so be it.As far as my guns and my life are concerned,they need to stay out of it,unlike liberals,I know what’s best for me and my family,if they want to make excuses for islamic murderers,more power to them,sooner or later,this shit is going to reach a tipping point and a point of no return,I say the sooner the better.hopefully I’ll be dead of old age in about 20 or so years and none of this will concern me.People ask me “aren’t you concerned about your children and grandchildren?” I am right now but when I’m dead I won’t be,I wish them all the best but it has been my experience that the younger a person is,the more their thinking is fucked up,it will be on them to fix the mistakes that are being made right now and I wish them all the best but voting for someone that doesn’t have you or your country’s best interests at heart is slow suicide,suicide or murder,it doesn’t matter,dead is dead.I’m curious,when muslims start putting up monuments to their religion,will liberals have the guts to have them taken down of will they just excuse them like they excuse the murders they commit.

  19. So what are the rules for being declared one of the militia.
    Not talking about the Idaho anti-gov fanatics but the true constitutional militia, if you wanted to meet that criteria so that those that use that clause in the 2A are neutralized. Since the Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, no national guard being mentioned, where do I join the militia by anyone’s definition of militia, be it one that is 240 years old or a current definition?

  20. Is it just me, or does the terrorist in the video look at lot like reporter in front of the White House, only with a turban, a fake beard and eyebrows and some stage makeup? Hmmm….

  21. What’s the deal with these muslims and their index fingers,they are always wagging them and they look like they’re a foot long,I would like nothing better than to see someone run up and bite their index finger off.

  22. Time square must be safe if the Mayor is there on a Wednesday afternoon grabbing a latte. Wonder where Mr. Mayor will be on Dec 31 around midnight? The center of his city? Prob not. He will be safe and snug at his home with armed guards.

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