(Courtesy Nathan Frisque)
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I played a lot of Halo as a kid, with friends both locally and online. Throughout the series, I’ve always been a fan of the M90 shotgun. Over the years, it’s changed slightly, but it’s largely been a unique style of shotgun.

First, it’s an eight gauge, an admittedly a large and powerful option. Second, it feeds from the top, with the loading gate and magazine tube being placed above the barrel. It also features a set of iron sights, a heat shield, some form of a muzzle device, and a pistol grip. 

It’s just a neat gun all around, and a young veteran named Nathan Frisque has made a functional, working variant of the shotgun. It goes beyond assembling or doing the average 80 lower receiver build. It’s not an eight gauge, which would be cool, but too heavy recoiling with expensive and hard-to-find ammo.

Nope, Nathan adapted a left-handed  Remington Wingmaster into a replica of the M90 shotgun. Nathan dropped a video a few weeks ago detailing the build. The video has garnered over 300,000 views, and Youtuber GarandThumb even reached out in the comment section, asking Nathan to contact him. 

The Real M90 Shotgun 

I reached out and spoke briefly with him about the project. He gave me a rundown of the parts, pieces, and future of the M90 Replica. He started with the aforementioned left-handed Wingmaster. In his words, he ‘convinced’ the gun to reliably fire upside down with aluminum and steel. He retimed the action to allow the carrier to load the shell sooner. 

The action arms were rewelded and modded to a steel rod machined to allow the action to operate with the pump over the barrel rather than the magazine tube. This was a challenge because the barrel has a varying contour. 

The ribbed barrel has been used as a surface to mount the modified action rod. A poly choke from the 40s has been installed onto the barrel. The barrel itself was cut from 22 to 18 inches.

Nathan made the M90’s distinctive heat shield by combining a Slade street heat shield and an ATI heat shield with the whole thing mounted to a Mesa mag coupler. The sights were modified to better resemble the sights on the fictional M90. 

The pump action is a combination of two M203 grips and an Adaptive Tactical pump. The trigger has been routed backward, downwards, and then back forward and re-angled into a proper geometry. A custom stock adapter to cover the trigger interface and to mount a Magpul UBR stock and BCM grip. 

The Goal 

This was just a passion project for Nathan. It took him months of work and, according to him, nearly five grand to figure it out and create this prototype and proof of concept.

Creating an M90 was the goal, but he doesn’t plan on stopping there. He now wants to produce a more innovative American shotgun. Something novel, something effective, and unlike other shotguns that are on the market. 

Courtesy of Nathan Frisque

In his words, his next step is a “real shotgun. Something better than a flip job and an appearance package.”

You can’t say he isn’t passionate. He seemingly worked his ass off to produce a working replica of the M90, and if he’s willing to do that without any promise of fame, fortune, or a prayer of breaking even, it’ll be interesting to see how much farther he’ll go. He clearly has the passion, and if you mix that with the dedication and hard work he’s already shown, I can’t wait to see what he does next. 


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    • C’mon man…In this case a good or bad smile is nowhere important unless you wanted to date him. What matters here is the amount of work he did and like it or not his work certainly deserves a round of applause.

  1. There must not be much oxygen left in the colorado air where this hilljack lives. Only in capitalvania would some OFWG be allowed tobild a weopen of mass destruction such as this and allowed himself tobe fotograft with it. In any of the inteligant europe countries hed be looking out ajail cell window – for life.

  2. Next up, make the power armor that allows the canonical 8 gauge to be fired without destroying your upper body.

  3. Would ya rather…
    I’ll take a James Bond Lotus rather than this.

    I gave up and video games in general many years ago. You can certainly have your passions but there is just something about being over 30 and still that into video games that never really sat right with me. I’ll leve this for those that like to paint there guns to mimic Nintendo.

  4. “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things”

    1 Corinthians 13:11

  5. Miner49 has a religion he practices and believes in a god. But his relegion and god is his atheism and his self and given his constant pathological need to assert that in his writings he is pretty much insecure in and unsure of his religion and god.

  6. Ok, I have to say it, If you have time to play video games, well you are not working hard enough and have way too much time on your hands. . I just don’t get it. video games accomplish nothing, you learn nothing, why not have an actual hobby, where you make tangible real world items or accomplish real things, Fishing, hunting, woodworking, car hobbies etc. But to each their own, I just do not understand it.

    • Strych9 explained it pretty good, cant remember his whole explain however he compared it to playing board games or solitaire with cards.
      I’ve found it doesn’t do much to play race car games and then go out and drive.

  7. Couldn’t you get a 4 gauge and put an 8 gauge sleeve in it?
    Loads from the top, thatd be cool unless you were standing in a hail storm with a bucket on your head.

  8. Halo?? What’s that? Probably something my grandkids play. I stunned some millennial friends once when they found out I had never played Mario or any of those video games. Told them I had been too busy with other things. Raising a family and being a Marine.

  9. Im not a gamer…but always been partial to RoboCops gun myself, and how it comes out of his leg is pretty cool too.

  10. So a veteran gets inspired by his childhood to come up with a fresh spin on the pump action shotgun, comes up with a working prototype (unlike most of the presenters at Shot Show), gets coverage and all some of you can do is grumble about “muh vidjya games”. You’re turning into fudds, correct yourselves

  11. Huh, was that picture taken at the Colorado School of Trades? It sure looks like it according to my admittedly fuzzy memories of the place from 04-05.


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