Make Dad a Better Shooter This Father’s Day With the Ballistic App

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No doubt, your father got at least some of his long-range shooting ideas from his father. Ideas like, “Zero three inches high at 100 yards, and you can take on any deer out to 300 yards,” and, “If the leaves flutter, the wind’s at 5MPH. Leaves are flipping over 10MPH!”

Today, Dad knows that precision shooting is more possible than ever. But he swears he’s never going to spend $2,000 on one of those “newfangled” riflescopes.

For Father’s Day this year, show him that he doesn’t need a pricey scope to be a much better long-range shooter. Take him to the range and show him what Ballistic can do.

Now, some back-in-the-day advice had legs. Zeroing your rifle at three inches high at 100 yards, for example, was based on the fact that the vital zone on a deer is about the size of a dinner plate. So, with that zero, a 300-yard shot aimed at the high shoulder should account for the bullet drop, assuming a higher-powered caliber like the 300 Win Mag.

Fluttering leaves? This bit of advice recognized how important wind was in any shooting calculations, with the leaves as a handy reference point in the field.

But, why guess, especially today when Ballistic can put you on target quickly and precisely?

Start Dad off by showing him how to build a Ballistic Bullet Profile. That Profile contains all the basic inputs–including the manufacturer’s ballistic coefficient and bullet weight, sight height, and muzzle velocity, to name just a few plus the all-important atmospheric conditions.

Ballistic employs a huge library of ballistic data, incorporating data on over 5,000 projectiles, factory loads, and military loads, plus performance data points (like ballistic coefficients) from leading manufacturers, military testing, and performance testing.

The result? Precise hold-over points at exact distances.

Wind is the biggest problem long-range shooters face. But forget reading the leaves. First, there are numerous devices to tell you actual wind speed. Let Dad see one of them at work, like a Kestrel. No guessing required!

Once you have that speed, show Dad how to input wind speed and direction into Ballistic. You can use angle inputs (e.g., 90° = crosswind left to right) for the wind direction or the O’clock format (e.g., 3:00 will automatically translate to 90°). Headwinds can be added in, too, and Ballistic will automatically adjust velocity to account for your headwind calculation.

The Ballistic Advanced Wind Kit allows shooters to quickly program in even the most complex wind scenarios, for up to eight wind sources. Simply tap to create a new wind zone and then slide it to the appropriate range.

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder Ballistic is the #1 choice among long-range shooters. Make every one of Dad’s shots count this Father’s Day…with the aid of Ballistic.

For more information, please visit: WWW.BALLISTICAPP.COM

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  1. I’m all for innovation and progress, and this app looks interesting and worthy of a closer look-see.

    But don’t disregard good ‘ol Dad’s (or better yet, Grandpa’s) sage advice. If the gems of wisdom were good enough to drop a deer then, they’re good enough today.

  2. That looks like a pretty good app. It’s free even, which is better.

    Waiting on my scope to be delivered today for my new Ruger Precision 308 I picked up last week. I’ll mount the scope tonight and I think I’ll try out the rifle and the app this Saturday.

    • Hmm…my dad was born in 1906. His dad in 1869. MY dad was on the rifle team at Kankakee,IL HS in the 1920’s. He sorta taught me to shoot but I don’t think he could see well in the 1960’s. This looks pretty nifty but none of my4 son’s will spring for it! And the war hero son is a fudd. Only worried about 2 legged critters🙁

  3. I would not trust the built in MV in this. If the shooter hasn’t chrono’ed his/her rifle with the particular cartridge/bullet, the built in MV is pretty much useless. Get him/her a chrono in addition to this app.

  4. Where does it say the App is free?

    I followed the link and got nearly the same article at Ballistic.

    I’ve done some fairly long-distance shooting for the hell of it but I’ve got to believe that for the average-to-good shooter, once we get beyond a couple hundred yards knowing “everything there is to know” about all of the conditions and variables still won’t guarantee a perfect hit, or even prevent a miss.

    • Go to their page (which is the same article) and at the top click on apps. When you get to that page it says free. I also confirmed on Apple apps. They have addons that you can buy which are other apps.

  5. By the time you get done fiddling with your wind meter, range finder, cell phone ballistic app, and fancy bipod/shooting stick, Bambi will be long gone.

  6. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone use that app at a rifle match in years. They haven’t improved it, and others have eclipsed it. These days people seem to prefer Strelok, Geo Ballistics, or a Kestrel with built in ballistics.

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