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You may remember TTAG outed MAIG’s hunter/salesman. There’s been some controversy over that post—that I won’t go into here. Suffice it to say the Mayors Against Illegal Guns have found a less press-shy poster child: William Branham (2:25). Not William M. Branham the prophetic evangelical Pentecostal Christian minister famous for his “divine healing movement.” William Branham, Arkansas resident, member of the American Rimfire Association (judging from his cap), father of a daughter “killed by a handgun” (i.e. murdered by her estranged husband) and MAIG supporter. Who doesn’t think the government is out to get his guns. Or yours. MAIG may be going down in flames as members bail, and will do so in droves in the run-up to 2014, but their attempts to divide and conquer continue.

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  1. Faith healers and anti-gunner? Ugh, he’s bucking for Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey’s place as one of my least liked people ever.Not like that matters though.

    I have noticed that MAIG tend to block comments on their channel. Really useful way to stop people from pointing out bullshit.

    • The comment blocking is not just a MAIG thing, it’s endemic to the entire Civilian Disarmament Movement.

      • Aye, it’s not exclusive to them.I’ve seen it on a number of channels. Typically when people do not want dissenting views to “taint” their nonsense.

  2. The story that you linked doesn’t have anything on it, and I’m on my phone so my research ability is stunted. Is there any information that this man’s son in law used an “illegal gun?” That is what this organization is purportedly about, after all, but the majority of stories I’ve heard from them have involved legally owned/possessed firearms.

    “… that I won’t go into here.”

    Is that an indication of an intention to go into it elsewhere, or just a dodge while you continue to ignore the issue?

    • I saw that post get memory holed, it was on my blog reader with a headline, but was gone before I could read it. Tons of other links to the dead story were out there by then as well.

      What did he/they threaten you with?

      • The original post was removed because it may have been inaccurate, and then reposted a week or two later, with no additional comment or further supporting evidence. Nobody threatened anyone, to my knowledge.

        Beyond that comment, and my question above, I’m going to respect RF’s request not to talk about it here.

    • Well, the first of being “against illegal guns” is to make all gun ownership illegal. The approach for that is to make it look like guns are the problem even when they are legally owned.

  3. And Of course MAIG disables the comments and thumbs up or down. Weasels.

    Amazing prep MAIG does with these people where they whip up the tears on cue. Columbine was 14 years ago and the woman whips up the tears on cue. Go away, all of them. BTW, Congressman Price barely won last time. He’s toast in 2014.

  4. I wonder how much money PAC’s like Bloomer’s and Gabby’s funnel to these “poster people” they parade around. They remind me of the professional activist groups like The Dream Defenders.

  5. Note to bloggers: Self edit before posting.
    As for the Columbine tears: It’s called Method Acting

    • If you don’t know that there’s a group called “disaster actors” (goes by varying names) who are employed in situations like Sandy Hook, you haven’t bothered to do any research. Some of them were used in the Boston Marathon bombing, as well. One is a double amputee that appeared to have both legs blown off in the bombing, whereas he didn’t have them in the first place. He’s rushed away in a WHEELCHAIR with fake “shredded legs” when he would have long been unconscious from blood loss if it were real.

      NOT SAYING the entire thing was faked, but it’s certainly embellishment, at the very least. There was a bombing drill going on in the same place, at the same time. Do the research.

  6. As long as Bloombag has money, MAIG will continute to wipe it’s collective @sses with the Constitution.

  7. Don’t you just love rigged speeches? How they were all partially rewritten to start out with “so-and-so was killed -with a gun-..”

    I greatly dislike that these politicians prey on grieving families for their own agenda’s.

    It saddens me that so many people are ignorant to the real truth.. a simple truth. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

    • “How they were all partially pre-written to start out with “so-and-so was killed -with a gun-..”

      Fixed that. They’re working from a script, and they strive to leave nothing to chance.

  8. Unfortunately (and I have no actual idea what the real specific numbers are), while MAIG is losing members they are also gaining new members. One news report claimed that overall MAIG is gaining more than they are losing.

      • NY Daily News
        July 22, 2013 11:05 PM
        High Profile Costs Mayors Against Illegal Guns a Few Members, Wins More

        “MAIG now claims more than 1,000 mayors, up from 650 a year ago. It has gained about 300 since Newtown.

        Mayors Abandon Bloomberg’s Gun Control Group
        posted on July 22, 2013 at 9:43am EDT

        “Correction: The membership list BuzzFeed used for this story was from early February; an earlier version of this article misstated the time period. The article has also been updated to reiterate the fact that Mayors Against Illegal Guns is gaining more members than it’s losing.”

        — What was that you were expressing about a sucker being born every minute?

  9. Want to know something… I’d rather have one Sandy Hook every day than give up my guns.

    Rounding up that’s about 9500 deaths a year. That is one order of magnitude less than the average number of deaths on the roads of America each year:

    Want to know something else:

    One Sandy Hook shooting every day is at least one order of magnitude less than the number of UNARMED Kurds killed from 1938-39, in the Dersim Massacre, as well as at least one order of magnitude less than the number of UNARMED Polish Officers killed in two months in 1940, it also anywhere from one to two orders of magnitude less than the number of the number of UNARMED men, women, and children killed in the Herero and Namaqua Genocide from 1904-07, it is also about two to three orders of magnitude less than the 500,000 UNARMED men women and children massacred in the Rwandan Genocide in 1994, and it is about four orders of magnitude less than the number of UNARMED men women and children killed by the Nazi war machine from 1941-45.

    Go ahead and call my heartless, I don’t care. The numbers speak for themselves. The occasional lone nut-job with a gun is nothing compared to the deaths caused by cars every year in the USA, let alone a tyrannical government going against a disarmed populace.

    If they want my guns, they’ll have to kill me first.

    • No, they’re ALL on the list; the Marlins are simply lower-priority, that’s all.

    • If proposed CA state legislation passes (sb374), then the marlin model 60 will be an “assault weapon” in this godforsaken state.

  10. I would suggest that ostracism and club membership revocation be a policy for any gun club who has a member that works with the gun prohibitionists.

    Just like in the UK and Australia, the Fudds are the ones who will sell us out.

  11. Sorry your son in law was a jerk, could of easily done it with his fists or a knife. Still won’t bring her back.

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