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Sure, technically, this rifle is handling less pressure than the .380 round that the Liberator handgun launches. And despite the lower pressure, the thing still split right down the middle. But it worked, and that’s the point. This rifle was made and assembled in Canada, which allowed the designer to use a barrel shorter than 16 inches (which would, of course, be an NFA item in the United States). Go Canucks!

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  1. Give it a few more years of development, and gun control will (hopefully) be a footnote in the history books.

    • They’ll just ban 3D printers, or force owners to license and register them with the federal government, forcing operators to upload every file they print into a federal database to be checked to make sure it’s not a firearm or part of a firearm.

      If you do not think they will try, they already have.

        • They can print the plastic parts well enough… and the right ones the metal parts as well, but the electronics is another matter at this time.

    • Will we now need a new acronym for BUIS? Back Up Plastic Sights (BUPP)?

      And, btw, why print a barrel with any aiming function at all if you’re (wisely) not gonna pull the trigger with your finger, but a string?

      As to CAD files: The drive is to control the goop used to print. That is already done for would-be money counterfeiters.

      So the “ink” for your gat? I don’t know how that will be controlled. Near as I can tell, the state of the art requires printers using 3KW lasers to make something useful. So not consumer. Not even “prosumer.”

      But soon. Remember the $14,000 38-inch flat-screen TV? Me neither.

  2. I thought that 3D printed ARs had already been made and tested? Or is this the first fully printed rifle?

  3. Drones are being dispatched to the great white north as we speak. Those Canadians can not be allowed to make these WMDs. What next, a reverse Fast and Furious flooding America with plastic single shot and use .22s?

      • Maybe those sneaky canadians are behind the violence in chicago. Canada is just across the water from Chicago. Those damned frostbacks are spreading guns amongst unsuspecting Americans.

        • Frostbacks. Thank you for that. I think I pissed myself a little bit from laughing so hard.

  4. Don’t be jealous of our barrel length restrictions here. They are restricted to 18.5 inches and 26″ overall length if cut down. Barrel can be shorter if it is manufactured that way but the 26″ overall length still applies. Plus our “restricted” range only handgun barrels must be over 106mm which means no 4″ or less. No exceptions unless you grandfathered them, they cannot be willed.

    I’m not sure how it works if an individual manufactures his own rifle what limit applies. I’ve never looked into it.

    Freedoms are worth fighting for.

    • Not quite correct. Semi-auto long guns must have a barrel length >18.5″ to be non-restricted (that means they can be used places other than ranges and don’t have to be registered) and all long guns must be longer than 26″ for non-restricted classification. Since this rifle is not semi-automatic it is only subject to the 26″ OAL requirement. It is also illegal to cut a shotgun barrel to less than 18.5″, but it is not illegal to manufacture shorter barrels.

      Also, short barreled handguns can be passed down to immediate family members as a 12.7 prohibited. They are however, the only prohibs for which this applies.


        you are correct, except the semi auto long guns, insert centerfire and then your right.

        I would happily trade restricted class which is range only for NFA registered. At least it could be used on private property. Not face worse storage laws and double locked to drive to and from only the range!


  5. So in order to clain credit for the first fully 3d printed rifle they just accept a split barrel and receiver from a .22 as par for the course? Unless you are trying to get this thing past security of some sort, rather than just have a rifle you made all for yourself with no government interference, why not insert a metal bushing in the firing chaner that will protect the plastic barrel from the firing pressures? Seems like a no-brainer to me. You still have a rifle you printed for yourself and finding or machining a short metal chamber does not seem like such a difficult task. Hell, with a little beefing up and a metal firing chamber this thing could probably take a .380 no problem.

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