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5.56 uppers get three "free" Magpul mags (courtesy

Check below the fold for the full statement, but the general outline is that they’re planning on pulling up stakes and producing the first non-Colorado made PMAG within 30 days, possibly with satellite manufacturing plants in multiple states. Considering how massive their production is right now, that can’t be an easy task. But they seem determined to give the middle finger to Colorado Democrats, and I have no doubt that we’ll see a better organized and larger PMAG production capacity in a couple months . . .

We have said all along that based on the legal problems and uncertainties in the bill, as well as general principle, we will have no choice but to leave if the Governor signs this into law. We will start our transition out of the state almost immediately, and we will prioritize moving magazine manufacturing operations first. We expect the first PMAGs to be made outside CO within 30 days of the signing, with the rest to follow in phases. We will likely become a multi-state operation as a result of this move, and not all locations have been selected. We have made some initial contacts and evaluated a list of new potential locations for additional manufacturing and the new company headquarters, and we will begin talks with various state representatives in earnest if the Governor indeed signs this legislation. Although we are agile for a company of our size, it is still a significant footprint, and we will perform this move in a manner that is best for the company and our employees.

It is disappointing to us that money and a social agenda from outside the state have apparently penetrated the American West to control our legislature and Governor, but we feel confident that Colorado residents can still take the state back through recalls, ballot initiatives, and the 2014 election to undo these wrongs against responsible Citizens.

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  1. They need to flood the country. I have plans to buy two sets of 10 in two colors when I can get an order in.(and not to sell) My next AR is going to be using a lot of Magpul parts.

    • Threat? I think I’d call it a promise. And Calirado is going to eventually find out what a mistake they made. I hope.

  2. I hope their quality doesn’t suffer from branching out. Multiple locations may be harder to manage.

    Would be pretty awesome to have an Ohio made pmag though, not that I think we’re on the short list.

    • Congratz to Colorado, you are managing to become another California. Draconian gun laws, socialist Government, and now you are chasing businesses out that Colorado needs for its citizens to earn an income from….Brilliant.

    • It’s injection molding. They can’t really screw it up as long as they follow it in steps. I would have liked them to come to Texas completely just for bragging rights, but oh well, at least they kept their promise.

    • Pffft….Ohio…gimme a break. Ohio won’t be too far behind Colo in some stupid new gun laws.

      • I Think NOT!!. And some random insult, you buckeye basher. Our manufacturing base would a great fit with Magpul.

  3. Brilliant long-term business move if they follow through… I’m a Magpul customer now, but I’m a customer for life if they move. This covers the spectrum of what our country is about.

  4. When they become available again, I will help by purchasing as many as I can 🙂 Thank goodness we still have companies that stand on principle

  5. Good for the fight….bad for the families impacted by job loss. Not to mention that we will likely continue to see crazy ass prices on Pmags for the foreseeable future. I officially hate Colorado.

    • Please don’t think for a second that this crap is favored even by a slight majority of Coloradans. Money and influence and an influx of people from California and other states have usurped the political process; unfortunately, native Coloradans are passive and “live and let live” by nature – in this instance, that backfired, and got the best of them.

      • News flash…it’s not the liberals that are moving out of California. Stop blaming Californians for everything wrong with your state/local politics.

        • Actually, it is. Every single person I know in Colorado – is originally from California, or went to California first (from someplace else) before moving to Colorado. This “California –> Colorado Migration” theory is right on the money.

        • it is ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY relocating LEFTcoasters. i saw it happen to seattle, and now they’re here.

          how else do you explain from going completely red to completely blue in such a short period of time?

        • Mike,
          I don’t doubt for a second that it is Californians and New Yorkers and other failed-state liberals that are causing this. They voted those states into failure, didn’t like the outcome, so they moved on like locusts. They lack self-awareness to such an extreme degree that they are incapable of realizing that it is THEIR fault that those states failed in the first place.

          It is bad enough there that when I visited about seven years ago, there was a bilboard that stated: “Thank you for visiting Colorado. Please don’t stay.”

          Statist, vapid, liberal f*ck holes that hop from state to state destroying everything in their path will be the death of this republic. Mark my words.

  6. Outstanding. Magpul is my first choice in magazines and accessories starting today.

    Blehtastic – Ohio would be a great choice in terms of the manufacturing capability and huge pool of under-employed skilled labor. I’m from the Alliance area and I know how desperately people would like to see some manufacturing return. Unfortunately, Ohio probably is a little too “purple,” and is not an especially strong pro-gun state like others in the South and West. I live in Tennessee now and we’ve got no worries whatsoever about state gun legislation. On most other matters – well, let’s just say I’m still more of a Buckeye.

    • Unfortunately, Ohio probably is a little too “purple,” and is not an especially strong pro-gun state like others in the South and West.

      Uhm, what? The majority of Ohio is very pro-gun and we’ve seen nothing but improvements in gun laws over the last decade.

  7. Given we are soon to get screwed in CT, I would be happy to purchase a 10 pack from Magpul if I could actually find them.

      • Malloy’s group of gun grabbers can propose whatever they want, the bipartisan commision has a grandfather clause and I bet that will pass before the ban or the 7 round recommendation. I also suspect everything will be overturned in the courts.

        Just in case, I have property in TX, PA, NC and FL. They will have to really work to find them if they want them.

  8. this is like watching a train wreck. I foresee no trips to Colorado until sick-and-loopy is recalled. This “readily convertible” language will probably be effectively struck (my prediction) meaning sick-and-loopy will have signed this into law for no apparent reason other than his own personal need to commit hari-kari.

    O’Malley is doing the same dance. I am not sure what universe they are living in that has them sign these gun grab bills and get elected prez. I wish i was that good at fooling myself.

      • i dont think Bloomberg will be real popular outside of NY and Maryland. he a banker after all, with some pretty kooky positions.

      • > i dont think Bloomberg will be real popular
        > outside of NY and Maryland. he a banker

        Only a Communist would diss one of the Job Creatorz™.

        • Only a communist would use Saul Alinsky’s RULE 11: “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.”

    • Yes sir. We will no longer move to Colorado. And we will no longer vacation in Colorado. This is going to cost the state untold millions of dollars.

      I would be livid if I had already moved to Colorado. Now it is a competition between Utah and Texas.

      • We decided that years ago. Ski Utah and Idaho. Skip Aspen (it’s only about money now, overbuilt). For Magpul remaining in CO has been a money-loser relative to other manufacturing and shipping locations. Could Hunter Thompson survive in today’s Aspen? Nope. Vail is so Mexican you have to ask if it’s where they make their deals (the Mexican elite openly agree it’s their gathering place, safety in numbers). Now CO has made it easy for Magpul to say goodbye, ending the ambivalence. Colorado got so pretty it forgot how much makeup was involved.

      • Well, I had recently moved back to Colorado after a number of years elsewhere, and invested in a business start up. Livid doesn’t begin to describe me at this point.

  9. This is a common problem with relocation or expansion, but in a satalite factory system the old department heads run each satalite as they did under one roof, the big difference is the transportion aspect which increases costs, It might be as easy as taking over a single industrial park with rail service

    • Sorry but your inferrence on transportation costs may not have merit unless the manufacturing is in one centralized location. Broken into multiple sites as Magpul noted with molding and assembly of said devices is easily done and can in most cases actually reduce cost where the product and raw materials to produce are shipped shorter distances. Money bets it will end up being a wash. Having worked in the auto industry on plastics products for over 20 years with all the cost save activities we went through, the only real difference in shipping was when we had to change from shipping domestically to shipping across country borders or from oversea’s, and that inflicted its own supply chain horrors, been there done that rodeo a few times.

  10. Governor Chickenpooper sold his soul and Colorado jobs to Bloomberg and the other so-called “Progressives” for his glamorous political career. To him, all those employees at Magpul were a minor political calculation that won’t affect his re-election. I guess other people’s jobs and civil liberties don’t count when you’re a rich progressive. Just sayin.’

    • Hickenlooper strikes me as a spineless hack. He does what his party tells him to do. He’s shown no evidence of being able to make an executive decision on his own. He is flip flopping weasel all the way.

    • ^This
      I’ve heard that he is grooming himself for a possible P or VP nomination run later on. While one can only speculate about the conversation in the recent visit by Biden, he sure fell into the general Dem ignore-the-constituent’s-howling lock-step shortly afterward.

  11. They are going to a multi-state operation to prevent 1 states passing a law from taking them out there entire business. It is a smart business plan. Personal I can’t believe that the Democrats are this dumb as many Democrats in this state are going to loss there seat over this.


    • Hi Robert. Your observation regarding the business plan was brilliant. I didn’t think of it that way. In regards to your disbelief about the actions of the Democrats in Colorado, I assure you that they are a sanctimonious bunch that fully believes in the morality of their cause. As a gun rights supporter, I do hope that the legislators that supported the magazine ban lose their seats.

    • Yep.

      This is a company founded and managed by Marines. The jibbering idiots in political office are the only people stupid enough to think that Marines forget what they learned in the Corps when they start working in the private sector.

      When they’re done, I expect to see a multi-state injection molding company producing all manner of consumer products.

      I’d like to get my hands on one of their iPhone 5 cases, but they’re as scarce as the magazines.

      • i think the time has long passed for somebody to make reliable and rugged US-made AK magazines (for both the 47 and 74) so that us serious shooters wont have to bypass the promag and tapco junk for increasingly scarce combloc surplus.

        • I have looked at them but havent had the intestinal fortitude to try them. If they are good, then maybe ill pick some up after this current BS is over with.

          I have had horrible luck with promags and tapco. In both the AK47 and AK74 variants. I just stick with the surplus steel (and the now ultra rare 7.62 bakelite Russian mags i bought in the early 2000s) and bulgarian bakelites.

          I know AK74 magazines are commanding similar, if not higher, prices than AR15 mags, which are starting to show up cheap if you look hard enough. Makes me glad I picked up scores from Aimsurplus half a decade ago.

  12. If anyone here is unaware, there is a move on to boycott all hunting in Colorado. Across the Country, hunters can fight back by not participating with states that are unfriendly to gun owners. There apparently is an organization up and ready to run. I read that the Colorado hunting industry brings in revenues of around $800,000,000 so they can be hurt. Yes, it will hurt the outfitters and guides but it will cause a tremendous backlash against Colorado politicians from voters within the state and I suspect, there will be such pressure exerted, the law won’t stand. It’s a way we fight back legally in any state that that’s unfriendly to hunters and gun owners. We have to stop it somewhere and we can’t let any state Californicate the law-abiding firearms owners without a severe backlash. If you really have to hunt go to a gun friendly state, like Wyoming, Montana or Texas…the Colorado elk and deer will be bigger next year. Support the gun owners in Colorado not the politicians. Some may already have money on a hunt and won’t want to lose their deposits but if the outfitters and guides start getting calls to see about postponing the hunts, even if they won’t postpone ’em, they’ll probably get a quick understanding that they need to put pressure on their legislators.

    We are ready to stand and fight in Minnesota as well and have been discussing the very same tactic should the legislature turn unfriendly towards sportsman. Half a million deer hunters could make a pretty big impression, not to mention all the small game and bird hunters.

    • You mean there are hunters who are actually finally ready to join the fight? Hopefully they understand now that we are all in the same fight.

      • ^This…I have friends and coworkers who are AVID hunters and passionately on the side of disarmament. Yes, that’s an oxy moron but true.

        • To me that really reflects just how out of touch some of our hunting brothers and sisters have become. If they let the 2A fall, they will be next. All the examples and empirical evidence anybody needs are in history. Books, video, audio…take your pick…

    • It’s an unfortunate fact that a lot of hunters are NOT Second Amenment-aware. As long as they believe they’ll still be able to hunt, they really don’t give a RA.

    • Better let farmers know that if they don’t want deer destroying their crops they better fight the gun grabbers.

  13. I bought 10 a few weeks ago and have an order in for another 5. This is so infuriating. I’m a life long Coloradan, born and raised. These leftists do not represent us. I fear there are too many freedom hating tyrants in Boulder and Denver to change direction of this state. I’m going to do my best to vote these pricks out of office but should they retain power in 2014 after all this and the rest of the decadent things they’re doing, I’ll have no choice but to leave like Magpul.

    • Same sentiment here. Moved to Colorado from the Midwest in ’81 after I visited and fell in love with the mountains and the frontier culture. Watching the state devolve from red to Red has been slow torture. We’ll stay as long as we can to try to reverse the direction, but may end up back in the Midwest…Kentucky is looking good. Ironic…

  14. I’ve traveled from Texas to hunt in Colorado the last six years – laying out the $$ for out of state tags. From now on, I’ll hunt Wyoming, New Mexico, Idaho or Montana and make sure my truck tires don’t touch an inch of Colorado road surface along the way. And, I’ll be carrying a $h*tload of Magpul products with me when I go… just because I can!
    Thanks, Magpul!
    You’ve got a customer for life.

      • Last 5 PMAGs I got were from GTDist, they shipped late and shipping was kinda screwed up but they honored pre-panic pricing @ $13 a pop. This was about 1.5 months ago. I’m generally a fan of GTDist, though they don’t offer their in-store specials online AFAICT, such as their service Glock trade-ins.

    • there’s good deals on AR magazines if you look hard enough. I think the bubble has been compromised with a hole and small amounts of hot air are starting to escape. Hopefully the damn thing pops soon.

      The problem I see is not the availability of firearms, like ARs or AKs, but the ammunition. 5.56 is especially problematic.

  15. I am proud of my newly built AR full of Magpul bits and 1 mag. I will buy only PMags when they become available.

  16. Does anyone from CO think this will galvanize voters to vote these dems out in the next election?

    • I honestly couldn’t tell you. I want to believe it will but there are A LOT of leftists and druggies here now that come from leftists hell holes who brought their voting habits with them. Leftists are like locusts. They destroy their home states then move to red states and vote for the same policies. There might be a few pick ups across the state but Denver and Boulder pretty much pick the Governor for the rest of us.

  17. Arkansas would be perfect; Walther and Umarex operate in Fort Smith, and I think Remington has a plant outside Little Rock. Plus, no gun grabbers.

    • Not true. Open Carry is having a tough time getting passed the Republican leadership there. Even if you would never OC, acceptance of it is a great barometer of respect for the right to bear arms. No license is required to do so in Colorado. Alas, rights unused are rights lost.

  18. If and when Magpul moves out of CO, I’ll be its biggest fan. Until then, it’s just talk. And you Coloradans who think this is the end of gun control in CO, just wait. This is only the beginning. Keep voting Democrat and kiss your guns and freedom goodbye.

    • They probably should, because all the Coloradans that want to buy them will just go to Wyoming anyways, and claim they were grandfathered before the ban. Much like they do with fireworks. At least the campus concealed carry law was struck down, which is one of the reasons I left Wyoming, that and the weather in Laramie sucks, but now that Wyoming is allowing concealed carry on campus I may just transfer back.

    • they probably will lance. no doubt about that since wyoming is the closest to their relative location now.

    • I was about to say that. Especially since AZ was named the number one state for gun rights by Guns and Ammo magazine.

  19. This statement is the best thing I’ve read in a month, Bravo! Provided enough of you are not too stoned on weed, use your vote to send those morons packing in 2014 Colorado!!!!!!

    “It is disappointing to us that money and a social agenda from outside the state have apparently penetrated the American West to control our legislature and Governor, but we feel confident that Colorado residents can still take the state back through recalls, ballot initiatives, and the 2014 election to undo these wrongs against responsible Citizens.”

    • Too bad TTAG doesn’t feel the same way. As I read your comment right now, there are FOUR 5.11 ads on the right side of this article.

    • With the exception of the pants (and those are overrated, Massiff, TAD, Kuhl, Kavu and Crye make better pants) 5.11 is junk anyways.

    • Maybe you have other reasons for boycotting CA, but comparing Magpul and 5.11 Tactical is inapposite. Colorado is passing a bill that directly prohibits Magpul from selling its product to many Coloradoans. California is kooky, for sure, but I don’t think they’ve outlawed tactical range bags yet. How consistent are you in your boycott of products produced in California? Ever watch a movie or TV episode produced out of California? Eat raisins? Are you sure all the canned goods you buy are free of product grown in CA? Now I don’t own anything produced by 5.11 Tactical. But for gear, I prefer Maxpedition. But it is produced in CA also. And I’m okay buying it. Some of the people who produce this stuff are probably as pro RKBA as you are. Until what they produce is outlawed for sale in CA, I just fail to see the moral equivalence with Magpul’s situation.

  20. Better yet, how about an amendment to the Colorado state constitution to prevent legislation of this nature in the future?

  21. As a current Colorado resident, I’m infuriated by these laws. I’m a transplanted east coaster who came to Colorado, in part, to get away from the over-taxing government lunacy of my native New England. It’s sad for me to watch the transition occur in Colorado as more and more transplants bring their politics with them rather than leaving them at the state line. I have no doubt it is mainly transplants that have so radically changed Colorado politics in such a short amount of time. In the last census, Colorado had gained 1 million people going from 4 million to 5 million. Of all the folks I’ve met in Colorado over the past six years, only a handful were actually born here. Most are west/ east coast refugees with a smattering of Iowans and the occasional Buckeye.

    Having said that, I have a question. What are the legalities behind a publicly elected local official in one state self funding a political organization to send money, lobbyists, and hand picked “testimonials” to another jurisdiction to press an agenda? Bloomberg’s influence and PAC are obvious in this case. The out of state professional victims, hello Mark Kelly and random Newtown parents, flown in to the Colorado capitol during open hearings; visits from VP Biden and House Minority Leader Pelosi; and Bloomberg’s hiring of Headwater Strategies were all just speaking puppets for the Democratic gun control agenda. At the Federal level, the Hatch Act prohibits Federal employees from engaging in openly partisan political activities. How is an elected mayor in NYC, who also happens to be a billionaire, allowed to interfere outside of his jurisdiction?

    • simple. he’s a politician, and he’s rich. Who are you going to complain to?
      Police? joke.
      Some federal official? bigger joke.
      some state official? same-sized joke.
      “They” do whatever they want. What are you going to do about it?
      Nothing. Nothing that actually accomplishes anything.
      Voting? won’t help.
      Calling/writing? they don’t listen or read.
      Wave a bag of money around, and the politicians will listen. Until then, they don’t care.

  22. Increased manufacturing capacity of weapons and related components in red states and less in blue states is a really good thing.

    • That would be the smartest possible move, since union states are decidedly more liberal in their political governance.

  23. Right on MagPul, and just think I already love your mag’s!! I want to give you a big round of appause!! Stick that WIN on the wall! Now to get all the other manufactures to do the same, does this not fill like the whole gun and shooting sports has bin awakend from a dorment rest. Now were up and running, whatch out BLOOMBERG, no matter how much money you throw at us, SOME THINGS AREN’T FOR SALE, OUR FREEDOM!!

  24. Does anyone know if Magpul is moving it’s employees, too? Or are they abandoning them along with the state? Because that would be kind of shitty.

  25. Yeah it’s sad but it’s temporary. The Dems outside of Boulder and Denver will be voted out come 2014. The county sheriffs have already said they’re not enforcing the new laws so basically Denver has no power outside Denver. There is also a possibility of the law being struck down in court because of the wording left by the Dems on it basically outlaws any magazine that can be taken apart.

    • The only positive thing I see this causing, besides MagPul’s NO BULLSHIT, STRAIGHT SHOOTER ATTITUDE , is we all see more AWESOME MagPul products hit the market by the millions! God bless Free Interprise!! Wish all the guys and gals at MagPul the very best! Hope we can get our senator Bill Nellson’s head out Bloomberg’s ass long enough to take a breath of fresh air, and listen to the people for once maybe??lol

    • Hey Robbert, most people have families, wifes who work, kids in school. Thats the way it goes sometimes. I am sure if an employee wanted to relocate, as im sure some are, MagPul would bring them along. The SHITTY THING ABOUT THIS IS THEY HAVE TO MOVE IN THE FIRST PLACE!! This is MagPul’s GIANT ACT of civil disabedience. Something we should all look more at doing! I commend MagPul’s decesion! We need more companies and leaders like them. Im sure this decision weighed very heavy on everybody involved.

    • Just one more thought, if gun and the entire firearms industry would tell there government contrctors this, IF ITS NO GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE, ITS NO GOOD FOR POLICE AND FEDERAL AGENCIES! Let them have to abide by these rediculous rules as well! Now I know POLICE and FEDERAL AGENCIES wouls suffer. But whats good for the goose is good for the gander! At NO time should our government have the right to tell us, heres a flintlock, while there carring M4’s and P90’s full auto There’s no checks in ballances in place when that happens.

  26. I will be buying more Pmags even if they raise prices due to fragmented manufacturing…if they are willing to take a stand they earn my business for life…..everyone need to take a stand….there was the Arab spring…this needs to be an American spring to take a stand against Bloomberg, Obama, Feinstein, Emmanuel, Cuomo and the rest of these anti American agenda.

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