Magpul Ronin: A Dangerous Digression?

Magpul is known for its plastic/composite AR-15 platform components and badass ‘tude. An entire division of black gun aficionados swear by Magpul’s MOE and MIAD (MIssion Adaptable Grip) handles. Magpul’s plastic fantastic sights took the iron out of Back Up Iron Sights. So what do you do when you tremednous design experience, one of those cool five-axis milling machines, and a lucrative partnership with Bushmaster? You takes the defunct Buell 1125R and make it look like the Termanator 5’s coffee maker. To paraphrase Tuna Turner, what’s bikes got to do with it? If a firearms company want to build something outside the box, give the box a new brand. (Al Ries: the tighter the brand, the more powerful it is.) To their credit, Magpul shaved fifty pounds from the Buell and named it after one of the best car chase movies ever: Ronin. Which also had plenty of gunplay. In case you forgot.

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