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A note from the “here’s somebody doing something to make things better” file, A group called the Appleseed Project is busy trying to de-politicize guns, and teach people not only how to shoot, but how to shoot well. From their website:

The Appleseed Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to teaching every American, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, national origin, or ideology our shared heritage and history as well as traditional rifle marksmanship skills.  Our volunteer instructors travel across the country teaching those who attend about the difficult choices, the heroic actions, and the sacrifices that the Founders made on behalf of modern Americans, all of whom are their “progeny.”

How freakin’ cool is that? They were recently featured on Fox News (we’d provide the video, but they’re making it really difficult).

These guys are walkin’ the walk. Their mission statement is to teach everyone, with a particular outreach to those that have “suffered from the racist nature of gun control laws” as well as special-needs individuals.

In addition to their marksmanship program, they also re-enact the battles of Lexington and Concord with an emphasis on what kinds of sacrifices people made to win our freedom.

Last (but certainly not least) they have a get-out-the-vote effort that breathes some fresh air into the heavily politicized debate over the future of our country (i.e.: don’t fear jack-booted thugs or wait for a revolution . . . get politically active and VOTE).

I am majorly-impressed by these guys. And you should be too. Unlike the groups wrapped up in Political Action Committees (NRA) and jingoistic, alarmist emails (Most Everybody Else), the Appleseed Project is quietly working to make a positive difference. And that should be something that everybody can get behind. Johnny Appleseed would be proud.

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