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Magpul Dynamics is the training arm of Magpul, the company that makes the nifty magazines and AR-15 furniture that seems to be on every single AR-15 these days. They’re responsible for coming up with and testing all of the cool designs that have made Magpul famous, and in recent years they’ve suffered as first Travis Haley and then Chris Costa left the company for greener pastures. Today comes word from Drew at Magpul that they’ve hired someone to try and take the reins of Magpul Dynamics: Duane Liptak Jr. Presser after the jump…

Magpul Dynamics is pleased to welcome Duane Liptak Jr., formerly a Major in the USMC, as its new Director. A decorated combat veteran with experience in Tactical Aviation and Special Operations, Duane brings vast knowledge of the shooting industry and the military, as well as experience developing, managing, and executing training programs.

Duane’s military achievements include stints as a Squadron XO, FAC(A) (Forward Air Controller-Airborne) Instructor, Pilot and Flight Lead for a USMC F/A-18D Squadron deployed to Iraq, and Plank Owner in Marine Special Operations Command, where he stood up the first operational Marine Special Operations Company as Air Officer, Operations Officer, Team FAC, and Weapons, Lasers, Night Vision, and Communications subject matter expert.

Duane joins Magpul Dynamics from Brownells Inc., where he held the position of Director of Government Programs and Training. Under Duane’s leadership Magpul Dynamics will continue to grow and evolve to best meet the training demands of modern Military and Law Enforcement mission requirements while continuing to provide the best training possible for civilian shooters.

Whether you’re an expert or a novice, our instructors are uniquely qualified to increase students’ efficiency in mindset, fundamentals, and stress conditioning in our core areas of instruction. With courses ranging from basic weapon manipulation to precision rifle and airborne operations, Magpul Dynamics pushes every student to find their failure point, and develop the skills needed to excel.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Magpul Industries Corp., Magpul Dynamics plays a crucial role in the research, development, and evaluation of Magpul products. By communicating with targeted end users, and testing current and developmental equipment in real world environments, Magpul is able to leverage this expertise, and deliver mission-driven gear that performs up to the standards our customers expect.

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  1. Hiring an officer for his expertise in combat is like hiring a mayor for his expertise in trash collection. They are both vaguely aware that something by that name happens, they once attended a symposium on it, but they’d be no more use telling you how it’s done than they would be instructing you on the finer points of wine-making. Furthermore, this guy’s a pilot. Not knocking the guy’s service, but flyboy does not equal grunt. I have no doubt flying an F-18 takes a great amount of skill, but it has less than nothing to do with small-arms engagements. They’d have been better off with a retired Marine 03 series or Army 11 or 18 series E-8.

    • They would’ve been better off with someone from the private sector who had a lot of shooting experience. The military is NOT a well-run organization.

    • I had the pleasure of training with Duane at a Suarez class hosted at Brownell’s and he isn’t a joke. He was a grunt before he became a flyboy, with actual combat experience both in the air and on the ground.

      He is one helluva good shooter. I watched him bust off the x faster than any donut-eating poser, and he did it while getting awesome hits at 7 yards.

      Plus, he has a sweet goatee.

  2. You need to do your research Tarrou before you pop off at the mouth. He was an enlisted grunt before he went through the 8 year selection process to become a fighter pilot. I think someone that engages in gunfights at literally a thousand miles an hour and handle one that happens at 4. My experience with retired SF guys is that the are retired. My experience with fighter pilots is that they go on to run fortune 500 companies. And his job title says director, not instructor. Even though this guy has been winning IPSC matches since he was 17. Oh, and as for not being a trigger puller, it appears that he received a bronze star for valor for one of his two deployments to afghan as a FAC with MARSOC. I don’t know where you come from TArrou, but it appears that it is full of morons.

    • Roger, you have it right. Just google Liptak’s name. He’s a fighter. More importantly he understands the art of fighting. He’s a top notch instructor minus the bloated ego. He will be a transformative figure in this industry. All, stop reading yesterday’s news. Mag-Pul Dynamics just stepped into the future with this guy. You have to understand what is about to hit us from all sides. Liptak get’s it! At every level he can bring clarity to the student.

    • Roger that Roger!

      Tarrou, you know nothing of what you wrote. I worked with Maj Liptak and it is my humble opinion that he is the epitome of everything one would want in a leader, in the bush or the boardroom. If the SHTF, you would quickly be forced to eat your uninformed words. You obviously don’t absorb much when you read. Keep it to yourself until you can share facts, rather than fiction. Although, I was finally pushed to post something because you belched a bunch of BS.

  3. I can’t wait for the “vetting” process to begin in the firearms industry. Real pipe hitters that will be vetted by thier peers are about to step up. If you have been hiding in the square bay for the last decade teaching 3m shooting drills you better stand aside for a wave of humble heros. Story time is over.

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