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I found the latest Max Max movie a bit of a snoozer. SPOILER ALERT: Weirdly-dressed bad guys chase our post-apocalyptic pal into the desert and then chase him back. An …that’s it. Itsy bitsy go-kart aside, this paintball-based homage isn’t really a parody as much as it is an aspiring director’s c.v. More importantly, the four-minute relatively chaste chase scene shows paintball game entrepreneurs a desert-based avenue for commercial expansion. The insurance waiver would be epic, but then so would the fun!

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  1. “I found the latest Max Max movie a bit of a snoozer.”

    That’s okay. We can’t expect you to be right all of the time, Robert.

    • No kidding. I mean, not to be all “screw you for not liking what I like”, but that was an incredibly entertaining movie when taken at face value.

      It wasn’t The King’s Speech II, but it wasn’t meant to be. It was extremely well crafted entertainment. You know, for funsies. And explosions.

      • I couldn’t agree more. Fury Road was one of the most genuinely entertaining films I’ve seen for a long time. I give it 10 stars.

        It was also really endearing knowing the main villain was the exact same actor who played the main villain in the original movie which gave it a bit of nostalgia too.

        The cart film here gave me all the same giggles and excitement. It’s just exhilarating and fun entertainment.

    • Mel who? Fury road blew away all the orginals…and Tom Hardy will now be the face of max that I see. Mel was okay but Hardy is better, as is the movie.

      • Hardly. The presence of “Mad Max” in this movie was barely noticeable.

        This was totally Charlize Theron’s movie when it comes to screen time and character development.

  2. Sweet! It just needs a few hot women like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Zoë Kravitz, a bunch of bald dudes that look like Casper the Friendly Ghost and a slew of Cirque du Soleil acrobats flying around like dingbats, and it would be as good as Fury Road.

  3. That totally looks like a part of Utah I’ve been in before. But it was a long time ago and there weren’t any crazy mofos in go-karts out there at the time, so it’s hard to say for sure.


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