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Star Tribune front page story on Cecil the Lion killer Dr. Palmer (courtesy

TTAG is a fan of Sporting Classics Daily. While we work on establishing a content sharing agreement, we thought we’d post a link to their most excellent blog post, Newspaper Publishes Map of Walter Palmer’s PropertyYou may remember Dr. Palmer as the dentist who shot the anthropomorphized animal known as Cecil the Lion (with an arrow, but still). SCD’s post highlights the Minnesota Star Tribune’s front page story that identifies the exact location of Dr. Palmer’s hunting ranch, enabling the hunt haters calling for Dr. Palmer’s head. Here’s SCD’s comment on the story . . .

Editors’ note: The editors of Sporting Classics and Sporting Classics Daily would like to express our extreme aversion to and disappointment with the Star Tribune’s choice to publish a map of Walter Palmer’s property. While the investigation is ongoing, Palmer has yet to be charged with any crimes. He has, however, been the victim of vandalism at his Florida property, as well as the recipient of numerous death threats, including a call for his hanging by PETA.

Enabling radicals to track his whereabouts—even passively—is morally reprehensible no matter the political or idealogical viewpoint. Though the access to Palmer’s property information can be legally obtained, it is ethically irresponsible to publish material that may lead to what is, in effect, a lynching.

We urge the Star Tribune to remain professional in its coverage of Cecil the lion’s death and the subsequent investigation of Walter Palmer.

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    • Perhaps we can meet in the middle and start hunting Peta advocates I mean it’s for the lions……

    • Ummm…he was found guilty of willful poaching of a black bear simply to register it for his ego in Pope and Young as one of MN largest, when it was killed in an area he did not have a permit for. I don’t like those who feel laws don’t apply to them. God bless him for being so lucky as to have a wife who was the beneficiary of a fabulous trust fund, but he poached a bear on purpose for trophy. and should feel the shame.

        • You are correct…all should do as they please, when they please, and show no restraint for the benefit and fairness to the many. Let’s hunt at will until nothing left…unless one so lucky as to marry great wealth and be a noble king with exclusive hunting ground, and you peons be damned. Laws only apply to you losers because I got more money than you, just like the King of England.

        • You see the difference is that in America, you should be able to do whatever the hell you want on land that belongs to you. That’s why it’s called a free country. If the land does not belong to anyone, it’s fair games so long as nobody else is harmed.

      • None of which justifies him being pilloried like this. If we’ve substituted persecution for prosecution then we no longer have a civil society.

        Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think all the evidence in this incident has been heard. If you know of someplace I can read everything associated with Cecil where I’m not also told what opinion I’m supposed to form from it, let me know because I want to read it.

        I just can’t get behind this sort of vigilantism. I doubt the people behind posting his information formed their opinion based on a detailed understanding of every scrap of information they could find.
        But now I’m just ranting.

        • While the addresses of his properties are a matter of public record (why they should be is beyond me, actually, if there really is a right to privacy–a right that apparently exists primarily to justify the killing of unborn babies) there are many without the intellectual acumen to be able to get that information, even though they may be motivated to destroy his property or to out right kill him, and so with a wink, wink, say no more, say no more, they provide that information to those that would kill him and or destroy his property.

          Are we really surprised that the left would do such a thing? I am not.

          SamAdams1776 III Oath keeper
          Molon Labe
          No Fort Sumters
          Qui tacet consentit
          Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
          Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges.
          Idque apud imperitos humanitas vocabatur, c u m pars servitutis esset
          Haec Olim Meminisse Iuvabit

  1. The good doctor should state he was not hunting, rather he preformed a post natal abortion on the lion for the purpose of harvesting an intact tissue specimen. It’s research.

  2. “Though the access to Palmer’s property information can be legally obtained”

    Confirm non-story. #PoachersFeelingsMatter

    • So can the legal residences of dozens of people ISIS wants dead. Do you want to publish that information? It’s patently irresponsible as the publication has no journalistic value.

      • People have been protesting at the poacher’s properties long before any publication, by obtaining those locations through legal channels.

        Love the ISIS reference though. Boogeyman! 🙂

        • Given that the eco-nuts are just as much of a terrorist organization, the reference was directly on point.

          As far as I am concerned, the PETA should be getting an all expenses paid trip to GITMO for a much needed bath.

        • No boogieman is Islam, it’s adherents and soldiers (among them ISIS–they are formidable and WILL be here if not already in sleeper cells) With so many like you, I will not feel bad when you literally have the sword at your neck (I am guessing though that you’ll convert to save your sorry-ass neck)

          The question is will there be an economic collapse (true debt is >$222 Trillion See Bloomberg article by BU economist Klein) BEFORE ISIS gets here fully–either you, there will be a badly needed reset to remove the liberals that have undermined the Republic. No threat there–just when you’re all hungry and no food in the grocery stores, you’ll all murder each other–that and the disease that will follow will whittle the population down quite nicely, including the illegals. We can start again with the proper Lockean principles our Republic was founded on 😉

          As Dr. Jackson said to the Goa’uld’s Jaffa troops in the episode “Maternal Instinct” a split second before Oma Desala wipes them out: “Bye.”

          SamAdams1776 III Oath keeper
          Molon Labe
          No Fort Sumters
          Qui tacet consentit
          Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
          Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges.
          Idque apud imperitos humanitas vocabatur, c u m pars servitutis esset
          Haec Olim Meminisse Iuvabit

  3. I saw the dumbest political cartoon a week or so ago. It had Cecil the Lion and a hunter hiding in the bushes with a rifle with the word ‘coward’ over him. First this idiot didn’t even know that he was a bow hunter, and second if there’s one word for someone who bow hunts a full grown male lion I don’t think ‘coward’ is it. But to these liberal twits the truth doesn’t matter as long as they can use the meme to demonize hunters.

      • We do love when people make up the facts as they go along. It is so much easier to be indignant where the only facts are those published in the press. For an interesting exercise, go and read the various articles and editorials about the terrorist/robbery incident on the train in France. I have yet to see two stories in a row that report the same facts.I know, I know, it SO much easier to condemn when the facts re NOT known or misreported. You know, like the Trayvon Martin case., and so many more.

        • The media is untrustworthy, so that is why we must defend this poacher with tidbits gleaned from more friendly media outlets. 🙂

          Feel free to argue against what is being reported instead of griping about bias.

      • HaHa! I’d like to see you walk up to within 30 yards of a 600 pound ‘raised in captivity’ male lion and shoot it with your little bow. Then again, something tells me the smell emanating from your pants would signal something other than a ‘meal time’ for Cecil.

        BTW, the cartoon was a lie. Lies aren’t ‘appropriate’.

        • But that isn’t what happened brah.

          According to the PH, he set up a comfy little hide for the dentist-poacher to sit in and watch the bait, then when the lion approached it was lit up with spotlights and wounded. Naturally when the collar was found, the dentist promptly threw the PH under the bus and fled.

          Now, why do you feel obliged to defend this unethical low-life?

        • Gov,

          “Brah”; It’s a term used by a certain mind think crowd that likes to inject themselves into the comments here as does Mr. Dead Soldiers analyst above. Sexual Tranny Rex is another one of that crowd.

          I take it as a term of superior indignation at having to take the time to point out to us the stupidity of our views and explain to us, through their superior knowledge and analytical skills, the errors of our logic and collective worldly experience.

          I think these clowns are funny, though they do, from time to time, provoke insight into alternative points of view, some flawed, some not. Shoot, maybe it’s all coming from just one clown.

          Livens up the conversation a little as long as they don’t venture too far afield.

        • It’s a term of endearment. 🙂

          Now please, ask yourself why you feel the need to defend this man.

        • I defend this man because I believe that people should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Even if he is ultimately convicted of a crime I still believe that it’s terribly irresponsible to egg on the loonies to attack him. Bear in mind that if he is hunting on his own property and some anti-hunting activist goes to start trouble, at least one of them will be armed and that would be the dentist. Just effing brilliant, use your position as the largest newspaper in the coldest state in the lower 48 to encourage anti-hunting lunatics to confront an armed man! I’m guessing that this land is also a place where you could leave a body out for the bears to eat and nobody’d be wiser. So assuming that he is the devil incarnate you think him to be, brilliant. Just effin’ brilliant.

        • So basically you’re going with the word of a convicted poacher over the PH whom the poacher abandoned to face the consequences of his actions. 🙂

          I do find it amusing that you assume the “anti-hunting fanatics” will initiate violence when it is Palmer who has a history of violence against his neighbors.

      • I’m sorry, am I supposed to feel something for a wild animal that is known to kill humans with little or no provocation? The way I see it, we’re the dominant species on this planet for a reason. A reason that hippie eco-terrorists like you would never understand.

  4. Who owns and publishes Star-Tribune or if it is a corporate entity, who edits? The left thinks they can do got-yas on people they hate by publishing their address. Perhaps the Publisher needs a taste of that bitter medicine to understand how poor an idea this is.

    As I understand something similar happened to that paper in New York that published the names and addresses of gun owners.

    • “The left thinks they can do got-yas on people they hate by publishing their address. Perhaps the Publisher needs a taste of that bitter medicine to understand how poor an idea this is.”

      Well, the name on that article is Jennifer Bjorhus.

      Not a particularity common name.

      Someone with that name has a Twitter account:

      “I write on a range of topics for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis. I dig, eat and listen. 612-673-4683 [email protected]

      There’s a rather un-flattering picture of a woman there…

      Finding an address could be done fairly easily.

  5. Years ago I lived in a town where the local subsidiary of Pravda published a list of all the county’s CC permit holders. It sparked minor outrage from them, but even though there had not been a shooting in the county (outside of pot growers murdering hikers) for 10 years, the community was going ballistic that all these people were walking around with guns under their clothes. Apparently it is legal to do things like this.

  6. Think of the courage that it took to publish the Dentist’s property’s address. Heck, the paper doesn’t even publish its own address.

  7. It should be easy to find the “reporter”s address and publish it. Those millennials and 20 somethings love showing out and posting everything about themselves………

      • No. OUR side is better than that. It’s the left that is hate filled. Self hatred, hatred for the self reliant and responsible, for those they can’t control. The next ice age will sort them out.

        • >hate filled
          >defending an unethical hunter and convicted poacher just to spite people who dislike trophy hunting

          Oh my, the irony.

          By the way, did you read about how this gentle man threatened other hunters at gunpoint for supposedly encroaching on his property, when in fact they did not?

        • “By the way, did you read about how this gentle man threatened other hunters at gunpoint for supposedly encroaching on his property, when in fact they did not?”

          Did you read about the time that the Easter Bunny butt-raped Santa Claus? No? You must be outta the loop…

          #DumbassLivesMatter – I did it for you.

        • Would you prefer that he simply shot the trespassers as he was legally entitled to?

          Here’s a fun fact for you kiddo. What he did was perfectly moral. Animals have no rights.

        • I find it amusing that the defense of this poacher went from “trophy hunting helps conservation” (which is true, when done ethically and correctly) to “animals have no rights”. 🙂

        • Others may argue for conservation. I don’t give a damn. He killed a dangerous predator whose entire species poses an unacceptable risk to human life.

    • From Jennifer A Bjorhus’ profile on LinkedIn, she is ~50. Graduated from Carlton College in 1986 and Berkeley in 1994. From her picture you can see that she has a nose for news. You can send her a message at: [email protected], phone: 612-673-4683.

  8. Let ’em. What happened to the psychopaths that tried to assassinate George Zimmerman?

    Just like I tell the “peace-loving, accepting, tolerant” liberals that send me death threats.

    By all means, go ahead and show up…

  9. So, imagine the situation where a busload of animal-rights activists show up at the doc’s hunting ranch. Imagine the good dentist chilling out in the woods when they arrive. Imagine them trying to harm said dentist. I’m thinking trying to physically threaten and intimidate a hunter, who by definition possesses firearms, on said person’s property would be somewhat hard to pull off. One or two wrong moves from the activist’s and, well, shit happens I guess.

    I’ve always believed that an American in possession of an M1 Garand is a hard person to push around. I do not imagine doing the same to someone who has learned to handle the recoil of calibers in .458 Lott territory is any easier.

  10. It’s ludicrous to be persecuting a man to this degree over the questionable kill of some obscure, aged lion.

  11. I’ve belonged to three modest clubs (not at the same time). The first carefully marked property lines with large yellow signs. The other two had little or no markings. Since the land for the latter two had been cotton farms and subsistence farms before becoming tree forests, the property lines were far from grid-like.

    The first club was design for city hunters who can’t scout or even hike the land before the season. The members of the other two had been hunting that land since they were 10. They didn’t need no stinkin’ signs. I did.

    With the first club I had no trouble avoiding trespassing and saw no trespassers.

    With the others, you never knew for whether you were in or out of bounds.
    During turkey season I went to the edge of our club: It was a creek so that was pretty clear.
    I blew a peacock call. As we walked back we were accosted, clearly on our property, by a guide who would have been rejected for a Deliverance extra because people would think he and his tooth was fake. He accused us of trespassing. “I knowed it was you cause they ain’t no peacocks around here.” (I am NOT making this up.) I was seriously wondering if his fat would stop a 10-gauge turkey load before it reached a vital organ.
    When we reached the gate, the Deliverance extra’s father was there, blocking the road. He accused us of everything and said he was gonna call the game warden, who would take our truck. I apologized, said we’d never go there again. Still he held us. I was hearing Dueling Banjos in the background.
    I attempted to learn where he thought the boundaries were. “I know that blue deer stand is ours,” I said. “I don’t know nuthing about no blue stand,” said Redneck Father. But his body language and eyes said he knew EXACTLY where the blue stand was.
    He threatened to call the game warden again. I wish I’d said, “Okay, I’ll call the Sheriff and say two scary men with guns were holding us against our will. Since Redneck Father was a known poacher and troublemaker, I found out later, the Sheriff would’ve beaten the game warden for sure.
    If Mr. Palmer has carefully marked his land and politely escorts lost hunters and poor map readers off his property, good for him. I have no sympathy for someone who sneaks on Palmer’s property to hunt great-granddad’s land.
    However, if his minions have not well marked the property line and Palmer is threatening and throwing his weight around, I’d call 911 in an instant. (It would be good to know if and how much he’d contributed to the Sheriff’s reelection campaign and if he allowed the game warden to hunt his property on his off days. Maybe get the card of a slip and fall lawyer looking to make a name for himself by suing Cecil’s murderer.)
    Hunters can be your best new friend or can make one say: F’ hunting, it’s too dangerous.
    I hope Mr. Palmer is the former.

  12. Waiting for someone to SWAT this guy now that they know where he lives.

    Guilty or not, putting someone’s address in your article when there is a heated trial in the court of public opinion and/or real court is just being a jerk and begging to incite the mob. It likely crosses the lines of objective reporting into creating the news.

  13. What about publishing pictures, addresses, schools, jobs, hours attended, driving routes etc. of spouses/children/parents/relatives/close friends of the journalists who made this scoop?

  14. Lion hunter zealously guards his Minnesota hunting land – StarTribune. Long before he was accused of poaching an African lion named Cecil, Walter Palmer was stalking suspected poachers on his private hunting land in northwestern Minnesota.

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