louisville police shoot rioter
(Max Gersh/The Courier Journal via AP)
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UPDATE: At the time this post ran this morning, the Louisville Metro Police Department implied that the man shot when they returned fire last night was the shooter. Subsequent reports have identified the man who was killed as David McAtee the owner of a restaurant located near the scene of the shooting.

Complicating the situation, the LMPD officers involved in the shooting failed to activate their body cameras — in the midst of a riot — and as a result, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has fired LMPD Police Chief Steve Conrad. See our updated report here.

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From the AP:

Police officers and National Guard soldiers enforcing a curfew in Louisville killed a man early Monday when they returned fire after someone in a large group fired at them first, the city’s police chief said.

Chief Steve Conrad confirmed the shooting happened around 12:15 a.m. outside a food market on West Broadway, where police and the National Guard had been called to break up a large group of people gathering in defiance of the city’s curfew.

Someone fired a shot at them and both soldiers and officers returned fire, the chief said. It was unclear if the person killed is the one who fired at the law enforcers. Several “persons of interest” were being interviewed, he said.

News outlets showed video taken by someone in a car parked at a gas station. It recorded the sound of bullets being fired as groups of police and national guard soldiers crouched behind cars.

“It has been a very difficult four days for our city. Our officers are working very hard to keep people safe,” Conrad said. “While doing that, we’ve had officers shot at and assaulted. I think it’s very, very clear that many people do not trust the police. That is an issue that we’re going to have to work on and work through for a long time.”

Gov. Andy Beshear said he authorized state police to independently investigate Monday morning’s shooting, which he said happened as police and guardsmen were fired on while dispersing a crowd.

Last week, before the Kentucky National Guard was mobilized, seven people were wounded when gunshots erupted during a protest in downtown Louisville. Police said none of the seven, who are recovering, were shot by police. They have not announced any arrests.

Protesters have been demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, who was killed in her home in Louisville. The 26-year-old EMT was shot eight times by narcotics detectives who knocked down her front door. No drugs were found in the home.

More than two months after her death, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announced last week that police are suspending the use of these no-knock search warrants.

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    • What do you think any of the previous presidents would have done?

      Secret service will take them to a secure place within the white house during any civil disturbance.

      Trump has his issues but you fuktards taking issue with anything and everything he does just drives us marginal Trump voters (not supporters) more to him.

      • Do not point out your enemies mistakes. Guys like cgray, chief censor and miner 49er are making Trumps second term a sure thing. Let them do their thing and then thank them in November.

        • Oh, yeah, Trump’s sitting pretty at 42.5% against a man who’s clearly suffering from late stage dementia. You guys got this one in the bag…

        • cgray: “Trump’s sitting pretty at 42.5% against a man who’s clearly suffering from late stage dementia.”

          That is assuming the polls are accurate. Also, you support the senile old fool….hmmm guess what that makes you? Communists are vermin and should be treated accordingly.

        • cgray says: “Oh, yeah, Trump’s sitting pretty at 42.5% against a man who’s clearly suffering from late stage dementia.”

          That’s rich, considering the man he’s going to be running against.
          Rail against Trump all you want. I’ll even help now and then; he’s certainly far from perfect.
          But when you want to talk about dementia, Biden has it all over Trump. Biden has demonstrated that he can’t remember who he is, who he’s running against, who his wife is.
          He has a well documented problem stringing words together into a coherent sentence.
          Putting things into some sort of rational perspective, do you really want Biden arguing policy with a foreign head of state? Especially when Biden doesn’t even know his own campaign’s stand on gun confiscation? And then tells someone he’s “full of shit” (Biden’s own words, on the campaign trail, no less) when that someone knows Biden’s stand better than Biden does?
          Trump’s not perfect. In fact, I really wish he’d just stay off Twitter. But compared to Biden, he’s very, very good.

        • Trump will be re-elected in a landslide. Historically it’s the Libertarians Liberals and the Left, who have called republicans the “law and order party”. The only thing the three L’s will make sure of is, the looters will get plenty of legalized drugs and alcohol.

        • Oh, yeah, Trump’s sitting pretty at 42.5% against a man who’s clearly suffering from late stage dementia. You guys got this one in the bag…
          Hey CGREY, now do “There is no path to 270 for TRUMP” That’s always a good one!

    • We are being told that this whole thing is because a cop killed someone. Based on that theme…here is a story of a cop killing someone and the only thing you can think about is Trump?

      • Yeah. That’s when you know they’re infected with TDS.
        Try not to feed them, they only hang around. Kinda like a stray mongrel.

        • I wouldn’t compare them to stray dogs, a stray dog will at least be loyal AF if taken in.

      • EVERYTHING is about Trump. Everyday is a new day to blame anything going wrong on Trump, and the brainless zombie horde falls for the exact same trick every single day.

    • cgray…It’s a very, very good thing for you that nothing ever happens to the POTUS because if it does you and your demented ilk are going to need a bunker to hide in. Capice?

      • You’re projecting your hero worship onto me. I don’t need a surrogate daddy in the White House to protect me–that’s my job, because I’m an adult, and I think and act like one.

        You might want to start.

        • @CGRAY “because I’m an adult, and I think and act like one.”

          No one said otherwise, yet you go out of your way to announce that. Based on what you have said so far, I find that hard to believe.

        • cgray…i hate to pee on you and your parade of stupidity but you are what is known as a useful idiot to your very own America hating marxist superiors. They squat and poo in your ear and you come on this forum and regurgitate it thus the label, “useful idiot.”
          If you were an adult you would not be the useful idiot you prove yourself to be every single time you post. Do you actually think what you post here is something new and never heard before? It’s nothing but marxist poop that’s been sold, packaged, repackaged, sugarcoated and resold to useful idiots like you for way over a hundred years. You are free to speak but do not underestimate people who support America and the POTUS. You’ll regret it.

        • Your remarks on say you’re an adult. Then act like one and stop living in your parents basement.

      • LMAO, wow Debbie, you need to sit your ass down with a cup of earl gray and chill the fuck out. Nothing would happen to the ‘lefties’ en masse as you imply if something happened to Trump, unless you and your ‘ilk’ are as demented as sleepy Joe. What if some rogue maniac did something? You attribute the actions of one to the entirety of the political party you disagree with? Are you stupid, deranged, or both?

        Get some D, maybe some of that rage will ease out of you 🙂 <3

    • To “Big E”–So you’re doing the whole “the polls er wrong!!!!!” thing again?

      In three out of fifty states in 2016, the polls were slightly wrong. Trump was on pace for 260 electoral votes, and eked out fraction of a percentage point wins in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania to reach 306. If you’re counting on that type of minor miracle to happen again, you’re going to have a very unpleasant evening on November 3.

      • You’ve just proved that not only were the polls wrong, but that they were irrelevant. Good job. Keep licking the glass.

        • The polls were right in 47 of the states, and only a hair off in three, which put Trump over the top in semi-miraculous fashion. But go ahead and count on another miracle, and watch the results come in five months from now, with a stupid, horrified look on your face, and then comfort yourself by remembering that you can always resort to childish ad hominem insults to “win” an argument with anyone.

        • Yes, it was supposed to be a landslide..however, all one needed to do is look at The President’s rally’s to see what was going to happen.

          I don’t listen to too much future predicting in politics.

      • If Joe has it in the bag, why are the Socialist Democrats trying every methodology possible to steal the election (again)? Stop being so f**king intellectually lazy and discern what’s going on here. Have you heard anything intelligible from them? A plan? Nope. Just the incoherent word salad of a useless do nothing career politician in the early stages of dementia. You know there won’t be debates, right? Love or hate Trump, that’s an epic mismatch. They’re not going to roll Joe out there to argue with Orange Man Bad – Joe will get annihilated and exposed. Local little league vs the ‘27 Yankees is more reasonable. There are a ton of people that are voting for Trump but wont say so. They don’t like him as a person but they LOVE the fact that he drives the Socialist Democratic Party nuts – which barring any typical Socialist Democrat election fraud, is why Trump will win.

        • The Democratic platform right now is
          “Everything Trump Does Or Says Is Wrong”
          That’s it. That’s all that matters. Line up.

      • One of the things everyone needs to realize about polling is that it is utterly irrelevant. There is only one poll that matters, and that’s the election. But people, especially people in the press, love them some horse race action in politics, and for that, there’s polling.

        The people who have J-school backgrounds and work for the major media are completely incompetent when it comes to mathematics. It shows everywhere, in nearly everything they do, but they self-own themselves when they commission polls and do not realize the weakness of their own polling. Polling is about statistical sampling, and the when you want to make projections off polling, the mathematics in statistical sampling become actually a tad complex – much more complex than J-school majors want to admit.

        No, the press just want to report something. So they commission or do a poll, and sometimes, they even tell their pollsters what headline they’d like to put on the story. So some pollsters comply and construct the poll to give a result. It’s easy. Over-sample Democrats. Over-sample by geographical location. Salt the poll with other questions that pre-dispose the respondent into choosing one candidate over the other. There’s a myriad of ways to “conduct a poll” but “get the results you want.”

        The story since Trump came down the escalator was “how humiliating Trump’s defeat will be.” Even early into the night of the election in 2016, we were being told “Of course, Hillary is going to win…” as though it was going to be inevitable.

        Mind you, news stories came out in the following week that Wm. J. Clinton, former POTUS, perhaps the most skilled retail politician of my lifetime, had warned Hillary that she needed to “show the upper midwest some love” – which she pooh-poohed, because, after all, she had polling data.

        People who said that Trump would actually see much stronger than predicted turnout at the polls were regularly humiliated and ridiculed – by mostly idiots with liberal arts/humanities degrees, who don’t know jack squat about math. I’m a retired EE, and EE’s have forgotten more about statistical sampling and statistics in general than any political pollster has ever learned or used. All of “signal processing” or “image processing” is actually just highly advanced statistics. When I look at the methodology of most political polls, I can see large errors of statistical methods in most of them, and their limitation(s) when used for prediction. But most people involved with the media can barely add 2 to 2 and get 4, so they’re easily sold a bill of goods by pollsters.

        Back to 2016: The rest, as they say, is history. Slick Willie had his gut – which hasn’t been wrong very often. He is, as I said, the most skilled retail politician of my lifetime. Hillary could have leveraged her supposed marriage to Bill in her campaign, but instead, she insisted that she had her polling and data mining “experts.” The rest is history, and the left, being over-stocked with people who don’t know squat about math (one need only look at the result of Obamacare for evidence of this), have been insisting that Trump “stole the election” from Hillary ever since.

        No, he didn’t steal anything. Liberals were just too innumerate to see that they were being sold a bill of goods.

    • Joe Biden Insult Bot

      Go on, git, you stink-heinied unfinished rocking chair

      can’t say it better…that joke IS YOUR BOY!

    • They all be scared. The military is now killing civilians/Americans in their own homeland. The police are trying to cover it up like they did the shooting of a black woman during a no-knock.

    • No he’s not a trolling coward like you.

      Bet you smell real nice with a load in your drawers now don’t you, boy.

      • It’s “cgray”, and I don’t take orders from power tripping backwoods hicks. You might want to stick to stalking young black men so you can make “yer cituhsins uhrrest!!!!”

  1. Police created this situation and all sorts of assholes are taking advantage of it. Those include Antifa anarcho-Marxists/anti-Capitalists, criminals looking for an opportunity to steal and some sick fucks that just want to see society burn itself out.

    These scum mix in with crowds of legit protesters who are NOT doing violence and are of comprised all races. The presence of the scum damages the credibility of the protesters and lessens the impact of their protests. Which boils down to making any fix of police brutal behavior even less likely than it was in the first place.

    Looters, aronists and those who are out there to attack cops and push protests into violence deserve to get shot. Problem is, getting it right. There’s already too much police rioting out there, shooting residents on their own property with rubber bullets, paint ball, pepper ball and making threats.

    “Light ’em up” is never an acceptable attitude from police toward residents calmly watching from their front porch.

    • According to this story, the cops were shot at. Firing back is a reasonable response. The cops didn’t create this situation. The person shooting at the did.

      • Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long for gunfire against police to happen. This many rioters across the entire country, and it took several days? I was expecting (but certainly not hoping) to see much more of this.

        • I would be suprised if it was a part of the organized riots as that kind of escalation of force would likely also bring more scrutiny (along with the lead) to how they got there and who they were with. With that said I am also suprised some incidental rioter took this long to be a bigger asshole.

      • All persons are responsible for their immediate actions, this is true.

        The point is that police are responsible for the long term series of transgressions against the citizenry by some percentage of the rank and file, along with the leadership. All this anger, this rage, did not build up suddenly, it takes months to years between eruptions and carries the damage done over generations.

        No, the specific officers in this shooting cse may have no wrong-doing on their own heads. But they are impacted by the legacy of what other police, likely some in their own department, have been doing for many years.

        Violence grows from seeds that require cultivation. However unwittingly it is police that are the farmers.

        • Interesting way you phrase that. While it is not cops being arsonists and looters.

          You can’t force penance on the entire American police force. Certainly not for the actions of a few and definitely not by burning and looting everything.

    • The Police did not create this Shit Show. A actions of one bad cop and the inaction of a few bad cops started the ball rolling. The leadership of Mayors, City Counsels and Governors. Allowed this to get out of hand. Some in hopes allowing the protesters to blow of some steam. Others are getting exactly what they wanted. Chaos in order to impose more useless laws. That criminals never follow.

      • There was not just one bad cop, there was four. If you have 10 bad cops and think you have 1000 goods ones but they do nothing about the 10 then you have 1010 bad cops. There is no longer officer friendly, now just will you keep your mouth shut about a dirty/corrupt cop.

        • Some of us decided to pursue a different career entirely. I haven’t been randomly spit on since I left. It’s great.

      • Its always just one bad cop, one bad apple from the jack boot apologists. Why is there systemic abuse from essentially every single LE office across the USA then? There are no good cops anymore, if there were any, they would collect evidence, then arrest and demand prosecution for the bad ones. No, those people are seen as trouble makers now and if anyone dares to rocks the boat, they are swiftly dealt with.

        This isn’t an isolated incident.

    • enuf already…You and the mealy mouth cgray share the same perverted sentiments about the POTUS. At least cgray is up front about his stupidity and does not try to be some blow smoke gun guy who turns around to slander and libels the POTUS in a manner that would make biden and beto o’rourke proud..

      Obviously looters and arsonists share your disdain for the POTUS and they would be the first to applaud your butt spew..

    • “Police created this situation…”

      You’re way off base on this one. Outrage, Inc. created this situation. The left wing media and politicians created this situation. They want a race war. Maxine Waters said that cop woke up that morning looking to murder a black man. They need for every single non-white person to hate white people. That’s the only way they’ll be able to secure enough votes to stay in power. The playbook has worked great with them so far, but finally, some black people are beginning to open their minds, and not believe every narrative pushed by the Fake News Left.

      Did you fail to notice how they tried to turn this situation on to Trump? Trump was on the side of justice from the beginning! He called for a federal investigation into it. The Left can’t accept the fact that most people aren’t obsessed by skin color like they are. White people and republicans want law and order and justice IRRESPECTIVE of skin color. The Left can’t allow their followers to hear that truth, so they are trying their best to push out the false narrative that Trump and right leaning people want to kill innocent blacks.

      “I can tell you this, and this is the blunt truth, the president of the United States helped to create this atmosphere, and that’s the tragedy here,” de Blasio claimed Saturday. “It doesn’t matter what your party affiliation is, doesn’t matter what you think of President Trump, there’s been an uptick in tension and hatred and division since he came along. It’s just a fact.”

      Then it was revealed that de Blasio’s own daughter — Chiara de Blasio — was arrested during protests in Manhattan.

      Chiara de Blasio, who is 25 years old, was reportedly taken into policy custody around 10:30 p.m. Saturday night.

      • “…there’s been an uptick in tension and hatred and division since he came along.”

        DeBlasio is absolutely right about that.

        And the Democratic party and its media organs have created 99.9% of it. They ferret out every tiny spark of anxiety they can find and fan it into fear. They not only ignore injustice, they *create* it, so they can foment violence and hatred.

        I’m not a Trump fan, and I think the Republican party sucks — but I’m voting for them anyway, even though they’re basically a dumpster fire. Anything is better than voting for the progressive death cult.

        • Never forget. It’s the democrats who want to disarm you. They call the republicans “the law and order party”. And yes the republicans aren’t perfect.
          Trump 2020

        • “I’m not a Trump fan, and I think the Republican party sucks — but I’m voting for them anyway…..”

          I’ve heard this basic statement (worded numerous ways) from over 2 dozen people in FOUR different states during the month of May.
          Seems the Dems have forced away a significant portion of their supporters, and a few months prior to a POTUS election no less.
          I highly doubt the pro-Antifa/BLM segment of American society will be enough to drag Biden’s senile old perverted ass across the finish line, even with the Clinton cabal, Obama, George Soros and the NWO funding the feeble moron. Hey, where’s Hunter!?!?

          MAGA/KAGA 2020 FTW!

        • James. I’ve said the same thing a number of times here on ttag. I do not like Trump. But I voted for him in 16 and will do so again in 20.

          At this point there is no other choice.

    • Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, a Democrat, pinned responsibility for the violence in Minneapolis on right-wing “white supremacists” and drug cartels on Saturday. Walz, along with Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D) and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter (D), also blamed the violence on out-of-state, professional agitators — not local residents.

      According to KMSP-TV, the “overwhelming majority” of those arrested in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area over the last several days were in-state residents.

      The revelation forced Carter to retract his previous declaration that “every” protester that had been arrested in his city were not local residents. The Democratic mayor claimed he was given inaccurate information prior to making remarks at a press conference on Saturday.

      Meanwhile, a security expert — former British Army counterterrorism officer Adam Leggat, who now works as a security consultant — told USA Today that intelligence reports show the agitators are left-wing anarchists.

    • As riots ravage cities across the U.S., celebrities have announced that they would make donations to bail out rioters. There is also a Reuters report that members of Joe Biden’s campaign staff have made donations to a group that assists people who were arrested during the riots stemming from George Floyd protests.

      At least 13 Biden campaign staffers reportedly made donations last week to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which claims is “fighting back against Minnesota’s unjust bail system and paying immigrant bonds,” as well as trying to end cash bail.

    • Round up all members of Antifa and drop them into China, they want to live in a communist country so give them what they want.

    • The attitude to “light ’em up” is a side effect of the militarization of police forces.

      The role of the military is to search and destroy enemies of the state. The role of the police is to serve and protect the people. When the police are militarized, the people become enemies of the state.

      Modern examples would include parts of south and central America, parts of Asia, Middle East, and former Communist countries. And special mention for Mexico where the police, government, military, and cartels are in an open war against the people.

      Combined with inadequate investigations and prosecutions for clear abuses, entrenched racism, and the police unions and the rest of the brotherhood closing ranks to protect the guilty, you have a toxic cocktail that condones and even encourages such events to happen.

  2. When the number gets big enough nation wide. The Shit will end. At this point it going to take full body bags. “We the People” MUST take back control of Their neighborhoods. As well as protect those businesses that support them. If looters and rioters die. So be it.

    • So if the cops do it bad. If the McMichaels do it good? The function of police forces is to maintain civil order. Sometimes that means shooting people.

      • The police are more interested in shooting people on their own private property and in the door ways watching. There is no restoring order, the bastards are out to “Git Sum”, intentionally trying to main people by shooting them in the face / eyes with rubber bullets and bean bags, as well as genitals. Rioters, peaceful protestors, the media, people in their own doorways, irrelevant, all are US citizens and the blue bloods are maiming them at every opportunity.

        Its all fun and games pushing people to the ground with a horse, until the horse kills someone and adds more fuel to the fire because the person riding it wanted to act stupid. Both parties are filled with criminal thugs, both are the enemies of the American people.

        The ‘police’ aren’t just shooting people to maintain order, they are shooting in revenge, they are shooting with malice, they are shooting for the giggles, they are shooting because they can hide behind qualified immunity and any wrongdoing will be brushed away. Any militia that restores the order the blue bloods gang clearly isn’t restoring, shouldn’t differentiate between one class of thug or the other.

        I would have been outright beaten by my unit and removed from Afghanistan if I tried to pull the same BS the cops are pulling right now. Let that sink in.

    • I was surprised that they only got one rioter out of the whole crowd. Let’s do riot control the old fashioned way, it was very effective.

      • that seems to be something that DEMANDS coverage. Have supporters of the 2nd Amendment not seen laughably unconstitutional laws passed and enforced?

    • It carries no REAL enforcement. What needs to be done is go after Twitter(and fakebook et all) for enabling thieves and thugs to coordinate their acts of insurrection. Congress is controlled by demtards so Trump won’t get it done…

      • It got Twitter and other leftwing outlets in a big outraged tizzy, and I think that was the good enough point.

        Btw, saw quite a few tweets calling for violence or destruction, but almost none got “fact checked” or censured by twitter. Funny how that goes.

  3. I have no sympathy for these people! It is not protesting! It is full bore Riots! Shoot them all after curfew. After curfew there is no reason to be out there!

    • I agree, I’m tired of this crap. They are not protesting they are following the marching orders of the communist aka democrat party.

  4. There is a lot going on and some independent police officers have to answer for their actions. At large though it seems to me, at least for the time being, that police should hang back. COVID19 showed us some dark times with police arresting people for being outside, now we see some deaths and unjust ones at that. Its time for police to hang back for a bit. Pepper balling people who are on their porches is not ok. People respect the police and their authority, but only for so long. In reality there about 1.3 million officers nationwide. Even if they all had 2 forearms theye couldn’t fight off the public. They need to show respect at all times, which is difficult. Also they need to repeal the finding that police do not have a duty to put themselves in harms way to protect the public. That is a great start to winning back our trust. The next step would be mandatory minimums for breaking the law while on duty. That is what I think. Also body cameras on all the time with audio, if youbare a LEO and you turn in off then you turn off your career as well. I fully support LEO, but I have kids and I want them to be safe.

  5. I support law enforcement as it is necessary to maintain peace, but law enforcement bears the full burden of responsibility, moving forward, in protecting every American citizen, whether black, white, brown or whomever, to insure that execution of their duties is performed at the highest level in all cases as opposed to falling back on “we suspected he or she had drugs, or “we thought he or she had a gun” or “we felt threatened because we thought he or she had a gun”. Law enforcement always has the upper hand over citizens and their training should emphasize on a regular, perhaps even daily basis, of having great discretion and good judgment by every single officer throughout the country to prevent the death and abuse of innocent citizens. In other words, law enforcement has to get it together for real. They cannot continue to fail in protecting citizens if they want the respect by their communities as effective law enforcement officers and agencies.

  6. Great news. We must remove all the looters and rioters. They either need to be arrested and kept without any bail til all the riots/looting stops, or shot dead if they threaten ANYONE! These are NOT peaceful protesters asking for answers to the death of a person in police custody, they are felons needing long term imprisonment or death (self defense). If we can just take out these left wing radical felons who are preying on the situation, stealing, looting, burning, damaging property, threatening our fine police officers and National Guard, that goes a long way to solving the problems! We have a right to protest by the rules – keeping distance, no threats, no damage, no rioting. Just show up and tell your story peacefully. If you get violent you will be taken out! Antifa will soon be a thing of the past. They are not welcome in America.

  7. I am more than a bit concerned about the rules of engagement here. From a “large group of people” shots were fired, and the police think it is OK to fire randomly into the large group potentially killing innocent unarmed people? Where I come from, it was always emphasized to be sure of your target before engaging and pulling the trigger. I realize the police are under alot of pressure, but these kinds of circumstances make it especially important to have a force well-versed in rules of engagement under most circumstances. Otherwise, police are going to have to answer for yet more killings of unarmed people. To be clear, if or when the armed target is identified, is threatening, AND there is a clear window to fire, that’s the time to take them down.

    • If they were unarmed, the cops would not have fired and this would not even be an article on this site.

    • Crowd or no crowd it is the high risk choice made by individuals who placed themselves in a situation where they know looting, arson, rioting and violence is occurring. If you place yourself in an environment where the chance for violence is 1000 times greater than simply staying home do not.expect classroom rules and referees to be present and if you get injured, shot or killed do not complain about it.

      • Make no mistake about it; when that shot is touched off, it can and will kill. Since when is it acceptable to spray lethal fire into a large group of people when one criminal hiding in that group and using them as a human shield shoots at police? Be cautious of what you advocate. The rise of police states comes from such “wishful” thinking. I, for one, have no wish for police or the government to get any more powerful than they already are. Just the opposite, in fact. The government and police are much more intrusive in our American lives than should be permitted.

    • You do not have to be “armed” to be a threat especially when there is rioting and insurrection. They could have fired until no one was left standing and not hit an innocent person. IT”S A RIOT STUPID!

      • “You don’t have to be armed to be a threat”

        Yeah, try defending yourself in a court of law on that way of thinking when you are armed with a rifle and body armor and the other is not, unless you are a 100 lb woman and your assailant is a large, unarmed man. The situation with the large group before the shots were fired was that they were illegally out after curfew. While it is against the emergency law, it is not a capital crime and should not be treated as such. There are plenty of non-lethal means to disperse crowds than can and have been used. Lethal means should be the LAST resort, not the first.

  8. So in my little town, this event has become a “we must get rid of the Confederate Memorial” downtown. Anyone care to establish a link between Minneapolis and that bullshit? Or perhaps it’s just any excuse.

  9. These terrorists must be confronted with a wall of lead, it’s the only way that they’ll back down.

  10. The guy the cops killed was an elderly back guy named David who was just running his (excellent) BBQ stand…and was known to feed cops and other public workers for free. As of about 30 min ago his body is still laying in the fucking street in front of his stand.

    • They murdered an old black man?

      I have been seeing the white male cops shooting black people in the face with delight yesterday. It’s disgusting and proving the point of the initial protests. It’s as if the cops want bullets fired at their faces. There has been a few shootings already, but it’s only been a few people popping off. If the police keep it up some veterans are going to replicate Dallas and Baton Rouge.

      It’s looks like the cops are either very dumb serial killers or they are being ordered to start a civil war this summer before the elections.

        • I hope it’s not true because it only plays into the “no justice, no peace.”

      • Wouldn’t be at all surprised if it’s some of both.

        Also, don’t forget to give the “protesters” their due ration. Anyone roaming the streets in crowds right now is just begging to reap the consequences of doing stupid things in stupid places with stupid people.

        And re: the man who actually got killed, as usual, it’s the honest man just going about his own peaceful business who takes the brunt of other people’s malice and stupidity.

        • That’s why war sucks. It’s depressing. It’s not like the movies and the recruitment commercials.

  11. Kamala Harris

    May 31
    “Black communities have not received equal justice under law for centuries. Black blood has stained America’s sidewalks. The pain is real. It’s deep. It’s legitimate. We must listen, acknowledge that, and take action to transform our communities.”

    Translation: In order to transform our communities we should continue to let the same people (democrats) run these cities.

  12. The people here calling for Americans to be shot dead if not inside their homes, for Americans to be arrested and held indefinitely without trial, the military to take over policing and occupy the nation, armed checkpoints throughout the country, etc, are asking for the death of America. The only way the government has the power to do those things is to suspend the constitution via the president declaring martial law and using the Patriot Act.

    That’s exactly what the leftists want. I already told you their plan days ago. If you guys believe I am a leftist, then shouldn’t you listen to me telling you the plan to destroy America? You are playing into the hands of the so called “deep state” you guys shout on about. You have forgotten your American history and what the founders said. If Trump does what you are calling for, the left will win because they have been saying Trump is going to take over the nation with the military like Hitler.

    Do you not see what is going on? Are you that scared you want the government to give you security? I thought you guys were boogaloo soldiers whom wanted to defend liberty and justice? Instead your posts are the same as Chinese nationalists calling on the CCP to handle the uppity youth in Hong Kong with the iron fist of the state.

    How about you simply fix the anti constitutional law enforcement that leftism created instead of suspending the constitution? How about you fix the corrupt system instead of calling for a second civil war? Why are you knocking over the dominoes with delight?

    • “…I thought you guys were boogaloo soldiers whom wanted to defend liberty and justice?..”

      Already did my bit for King and country. If you bring trouble to my doorstep then there will be trouble. If the people in the city choose to allow their city to burn, either by inaction or voting idiots into office, it’s not my doorstep.

      • They are reaping the rewards of voting for socialists . What were they thinking by voting for people that hate out country. If they don’t like it they should leave it. Wouldn’t be missed.

  13. And this is what would happen if any of the ANCAP cucks lurking here at TTAG ever engaged in one of their shoot the police fantasies.

    • Don, people are commenting that it was an old black innocent shop owner who the police shot dead. You should repent.

  14. “Bogdan Vechirko has been named as the truck driver accused of driving a tanker truck through a crowd of protesters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the I-35W bridge. No protesters were injured.”

    pwrserge, is that you?

  15. From the Courier Journal:
    “LOUISVILLE, Ky. — David McAtee, the owner of YaYa’s BBQ in western Louisville, was shot and killed by law enforcement officers early Monday morning, an incident that’s now under state and local police investigation.

    McAtee was known as a “community pillar,” said his mother, Odessa Riley.

    “He left a great legend behind. He was a good person. Everybody around him would say that,” she said. “My son didn’t hurt nobody. He didn’t do nothing to nobody.”

    McAtee’s barbecue business is located next to the Dino’s Food Mart parking lot where the shooting took place around 12:15 a.m. Monday morning.”

    This is EXACTLY why I have been saying in this forum, with some non-informed folks telling me he deserved it or shouldn’t have been there in the first place. The police are truly making the case for brutality and heavy-handed tactics when they fire indiscriminately into a crowd with no knowledge of where the real threat is. As I said, there ARE rules of engagement and these officers (and seems like quite a few others) are not following. I work with people in the armed forces and I am familiar with rules of engagement and why there are there. These offending police departments really appear to be over-armed and under-trained; a lethal and dangerous combination. Serious reform needs to take place with regard to humane tactics, humane treatment of suspects, and smashing the internal culture where they are more loyal to each other than to their duty.

    • You got to attend some police academy classes and watch the latest third party trainers police training. It’s a horrible militarized mentality of win at all costs, the people our the enemy, cause pain to make them comply, shoot to kill, go home safe by any means necessary.

      It’s very wrong. These guys are civilians in peace time. They are not supposed to be an occupying force against the people, serving at the politicians’ will.

    • Agreed, although I would say the real danger is not that they are inarguably over-armed and under-trained, but rather that there is effectively zero accountability. If they were held to the same standards of conduct and ROE, with similarly severe penalties for violating them, as our troops are, the status quo would change pretty damn quickly even if training or armaments remained the same. I’ve been saying for years it’s absolutely insane the an 18 year old with a few months of training in an active war zone is held more accountable if he kills the wrong person than a 20 year PD veteran patrolling a peaceful suburb. Maybe that means military ROEs are too strict and maybe it means police standards are too lax (I’d say both are true) but that incongruity simply should not exist, or at the very least it shouldn’t be so severe

  16. Doesn’t surprise me any….LMPD has ALWAYS been a no nonsense PD….
    I’ve lived here my whole life and they’ve always been that way….
    I just wish they would do MORE shooting and allowing less LOOTING!

  17. National Guard getting into the fray now. Would not be surprised if the person shot wasn’t the one shooting. That happens when you join a riot.

    Protest during the day. Go home when it gets dark. Nothing good happens after midnight during civil unrest. At best you are giving cover to those trying to create anarchy.


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