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This tweet went up yesterday afternoon. The account has since been suspended and some claim that it’s a fake. Whatever its authenticity, some rioters attempted to move out of urban centers to more suburban, residential areas last night.

In one of the greatest tweets of all time, Jack Posobiec juxtaposed a couple of tweets from former NBA player and current TV analyst Chris Palmer.

It was fine to cheer on the rioters when they were torching a low income housing complex that was under construction in Minneapolis in someone else’s neighborhood. But life comes at you fast and Palmer soon found out that having the people he had celebrated come to where he lives isn’t nearly as much fun.

Scott Barry Kaufman, whose Twitter account says he lives in New York City found out that everyone really is their own first responder.

We’d like to point out that living in a city that makes it as difficult as possible for its citizens to arm and defend themselves is a conscious choice. They choose to rely on law enforcement to keep them safe. But in a time of emergency or civil unrest, there simply aren’t enough cops to respond in a timely way — if at all — when you and your family are threatened.

One of the cities hardest hit by the rioting has been Seattle. In the suburb of Bellevue, not far from where some of the violence was taking place, citizens decided that protecting their own neighborhood was in their collective best interest.

It’s good to know your neighbors. And as at least one Los Angeles woman has just now discovered, knowing people with guns comes in awfully handy when the veneer of society cracks.

America can and will recover from this. But when it does, a lot of people will have had their eyes opened as to the value — the necessity — of being able to provide for their own protection through armed self-defense.

That may be overly optimistic, but if there’s one small silver lining in all of this, it’s that the jobs of people like Shannon Watts, Kris Brown, Peter Ambler and John Feinblatt will be a lot harder going forward.

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      • Any one with firearms should pack them in their car and head for Spokane. THESE are the people the politicians want in Seattle, remember? They can keep their restrictive legislation and burn with it along with their wealthy anti-gun contributors. Remember, they fixed the petition for the proposition last year. Screw them. just my opinion

      • Gun control is and has always been about putting rounds on target. I’d like to keep it that way.

    • Absolutely – Doc Holliday would be thrilled that they said “when”. I don’t want a conflict, but if ANTIFA shows up to attack my family and burn my house down, I will probably dramatically overreact. These riots aren’t outrage over the senseless murder of a man and denying him due process – this is a coordinated insurgency with organizational support and financing. They’re the paid mercenaries of a foreign influence and should be treated with equal disdain.

      • Exactly, why is no one asking where these mystery pallets of bricks that just “happened” to be strategically placed like a fucking video game item box smack in the middle of city streets? This shit is funded and coordinated. Someone is behind it all

    • They came to places I never heard of riots happening before. Neighbor villages had cars burned and stores looted. Local media has been unreliable.

      My village does not have real shopping centers or anything much though so not as worried.

      Always be prepared.

    • Look what happens when an American fires a couple of rounds from a pistol at the military. You think you are going to be braver than these cover huggers?

      • I’m a bit confused. Are you mocking the LEOs and Guardsmen who took cover when they were fired on? I can understand the idiot who posted the video mocking because he didn’t know better. What is your stand on your post?

        • There are rules about engaging for the military, I don’t know their orders. I do know police are supposed to help people not cower and fire randomly.

          My point is even the men with guns and armor are scared of Americans and their guns. It’s not like France or Afghanistan. Americans have nice guns and they can shoot better than some 14 year old from a little tribe in Afghanistan.

          There was another shooting at the police in Davenport. Three cops were shot at while driving in their car. Early reports are one of the officers fired wildly at the shooters, killing a 22 year old female protester.

        • I would surmise that is a status enjoyed by the majority of the posters on this site….

      • You do know some of the rioters and protesters were wearing body armor? I don’t know if they stole it from the police or they had it before.

        • Cop armor won’t defeat green tip “penetrators” and .308, .357. .44 mag will bust level II and III at close range.. Body armor doesn’t cover the face and legs….

        • Body armor is not going to stop 7.62x54R. At in house self defense range, body armor is not going to make much difference against 12 gauge 00 buck or 12 gauge slugs. I alternate 00 buck and slugs in my Mossberg 500. Just saying.

      • Even with plated body armor on, it will effing hurt if you take blasts of 00 buckshot or 5.56 to the chest

      • The few examples of body armor I’ve seen covers the chest to upper abdomen. Aim for the mid to lower abdomen, the genital area, upper thighs(femoral arteries), they’re going down and not getting up.

    • I too normally did not keep any long guns loaded in the house. Not anymore. Even in Cali you can loan a gun to parents or adult children (err… 10 rounds maximum). Grandma took my softest pistol and my old gun safe that only now opens by key…

      I feel smarter than I should having bought a case of 00 buckshot on sale about a year after Trump was elected with a large can of hollow points.

      • I’ve been trying too get 2 3/4″ 00 for a few months now after I put together my Benelli M2. I have a box of 3″ 00 buckshot and it is brutal for both the shooter and the receiver. I’m sure ammo will be out of stock for a while except for milsurp ammo. I’m good on everything else.

        • Not at the point of melting down bird shot to cast slugs yet but not looking to have ammo locally available for a minute.

        • M1Lou,

          Look for shotty food at stores where you would not normally go to purchase shells.

          A food store chain in my area also happens to sell some basic hunting supplies — I checked a couple days ago and they actually had a basic selection on hand for target, ducks/geese, 00 (double-aught), and slugs.

      • Neil…Hollow points? do you really care about over penetration during a riot? I’ve got lots of FMJ and don’t care if I have to get ’em two at a time.

    • If you have a secure place to keep it, why on Earth *wouldn’t* you keep a long gun loaded in the house?

      I’ve had at least one of my rifles loaded and ready to rock since the first day I got my gun safe. Pistols are so puny and inaccurate, it just always seemed like the prudent thing to do.

  1. They can protest in my neighborhood all they want because they have the right to do so but if the looting starts, the shooting starts.

  2. This is why I prefer unincorporated spaces.

    Positional improvement never stops and there is no such thing as too many sandbags when the bullets start flying.

  3. #BlacklivesMaters? Is an illiterate 12-yr-old on a Tracfone their public relations coordinator now?

  4. Forget pistols. Start with long guns and keep them.from throwing firebombs. Fire is their strongest weapon.

    • Always what I put at the top of the threat assessments for civil unrest training. Right above cheap prepaid burner phones that will be disposed of on scene.

  5. These rioting dirtbags are not my countrymen. They are enemy on our sovereign soil.
    There is no point in trying to ‘coexist’.

    No one cares what color or gender they are. They are evil & should be deported.

  6. Meanwhile all the Karens up my way are preparing the lower the draw bridge in the name of tolerance.

  7. Rioters were throwing rocks at passing cars in Manassas, VA two nights ago, about 45 minutes from me. I’m at least 50 miles from any major city and/or suburb. If things touch off in Culpeper…then matters have gone real, real sideways.

  8. What they call suburbs are really still the city with shorter buildings.

    Those in actual suburbs/rural have less to worry about.

    Reason being that most of the suburbs close to a city have similar political control by the same party; Democrats. Thus similar results.

  9. On five acres, here. Probably won’t see these idiots, but it’s nice to have long and wide fields of fire and stone walls for cover.

    Flaming molotov cocktails make great targets. Send a round into the immediate vicinity and you’re bound to hit something.

  10. Hey I haven’t been able to make it to the range for a while so come give me some target practice commie soy boys! 😉

  11. I live in a neighborhood that has a lot of Sikhs in it. Good luck kicking off trouble here. You will get it.

    • Yuba area, perchance? The Sikhs are a rather over-peaceful and polite bunch, so not sure what stripe of pacifism your local Sikhs adhere to.

      • The Sikh tend to be incredibly polite, yes. They also have a religious doctrine that obligates them to use whatever force necessary to protect innocent life. I’ve known Sikh from more radical sects and given the need, the level of indoctrinated motivation to fight is a bit scary.

      • Sikhs are generally polite, but I’ve never known a Sikh pacifist. I don’t think it’s even possible to be a devout Sikh and be a pacifist.

        • Wasn’t there a shooting by a white supremacist at a house of worship and they didn’t fight back? It’s been a long time since I watched that police video.

        • They tried to fight back. But a knife against a rifle is not a good match. Some of my neighbors have asked me about firearms over the years. They see my cases as I’m coming and going from the range and hunting.

          Most of them ignore pistols and go straight for rifles and shotguns. Even got questions about my bows when I’ve been seen with them.

        • The Sikhs that carry a dagger do so for religious reasons but that blade is not just for show.

        • Well, gotta be honest. Been around “orthodox” Sikhs for more than a dozen years, and have never met one who’s ever mentioned or even hinted at anything about being ready for battle. All the one’s I’ve met are relative pacifists. Yuba area, tho, so hence my earlier question about which area you’re talking about.

        • Haz. You’re used to western culture where the men rattle their sabers all the time. The Sikh gets it done without a lot of bluster. I trained a Sikh women for a job one time. She wore the turban and the knife. I asked her about the knife. Why did she carry it.

          Her answer was very simple. ‘So that a man may only touch me when I want him to.’ She wasn’t bragging or threatening. Just stating a simple fact.

      • You should probably study up a bit on the Sikhs’ history and doctrine. They form some of the most elite units in the Indian Army for a reason.

    • I am not particularly worried, since I am a good 3 plus hours north of the Bay Area, and the local African American population of the whole county is not enough to fill the civic auditorium. No protests here, nor do I think I’ve ever seen an Antifa member. The liberals are nonviolent, and I suspect most of them own guns as well as the (slight) majority Republicans.

  12. ya the pig f**kers want to come up north; everyone I know locked and loaded. too peacefully protest is one thing, violence, Looting and destruction is another.

  13. Yesterday earky afternoon had to go out for a reapir part of the kitchen stove. Just got inside a Home Depot when they announced the area was asked to evcuate and close by police. Seems they’d picked up social media planning to attack a nearby mall and another Home Depot had been looted for goods and weapons. I drove a few miles down the highway to another Home Depot, got my stove parts there.

    Next I stopped by a Walmart SuperCenter for groceries. They had one entrance closed. When I got inside and alk thru the store I saw what was going on at the closed entrance. They were building a stout barricade out of stacked pallets, plastic wrap and strapping.

    Al in suburbia and well outside of any central metro area or police/govt offices.

  14. People forget than when you go rural there are many places to bury bodies. Nobody is a twitter when they hear gunshots. Just watch who is carrying shovels in the morning.

    • In my neck of the mountain I live on, there are too many rocks to effectively dig a hole. So, I guess the bears will eat well if these commies show up here…

      • Just keep a couple of hogs around, bastards eat anything, bones and all and no DNA in the pig shit, burn the cloths smash any junk they’re wearing, like they never existed, more efficient than gators….

    • Leave them where they drop. Nothing like rotting blotted bodies to leave a message of: “Don’t Fuck Around Here”.

  15. Gun control wont get softer,

    The left will demand MORE police and MORE restriction to what civilians can have and use the next time.

    Remember, its not the cops that were rioting in the streets, its the common person who they want to control to begin with.

    Stricter lockdowns, more police presence, better arms for police, fewer arms for common folk.

    • I guess you haven’t been listening to their chants of abolishing the police and disarming them.

      • These aren’t the people who vote. Their voices go mute when this stuff settles down. They’ll be too busy smoking their dope and playing with their stolen xBoxes and TVs.

    • The guys around me have said if the government starts opening up on Americans citizens, they will open up on them. So… I don’t know… When former military says they are going to dance, I will not call them liars.

      It all depends on how this goes down if the government does it.

        • You only see what you want to see. I bet you think it’s all the black people’s fault too?

          You are not in touch with the youth. The younger soldiers are not fond of the police. Heck, some of the young soldiers are in gangs.

        • Chief, the guys in the military who have active gang affiliations are kicked out if they are found out. The military tolerates only one gang-theirs.

  16. The city I worked for is a short drive away , they were hit pretty hard with riots Saturday . Last night the intel was they may try the eastern suburbs. With an extra 200 NYSP in the city the town cops could all stay in their respective towns ,to monitor the few routes into my town .

    Four of us neighbors were listening to the police scanner , staying in contact via text messages . ARs, shotguns ,handguns were all at the ready .

  17. Antifa leadership thinks there are enough like minded people to do what? Overthrow the system? It is not even close. Does this look like it is winning votes for the candidates sympathetic to Antifa? To me this looks simply like cosplay taken to a dangerous level. Everyday this goes on the negative repercussions for the dumb Antifa kids and their psychopath leaders gets worse. Hearts and minds works both ways.

      • Where exactly do you aim to hit their mind? Their phone? Crotch? Some older dude with a Guy Fawkes mask and umbrella standing a ways behind them?

    • You must be of the older generations.

      The youth heavily lean towards leftism and so do women. They are more on the side of Democrats than Republicans. The Republicans are pushing them into the open arms of the Democrats. The Republican party are former Democrats who “walked away” and took over the party. Both parties are leftists now, one more than the other, but that doesn’t matter to a Bill of Rights supporter.

      You have to step out of your bubble, even the statistics show the reality on the ground.

  18. You can choose not to arm yourself if ya like. But do not live with the illusion that the cops will save you. Not because they don’t want to or refuse. They can’t save you because they can’t get to you that fast.

    This is NOT protesting. This is criminal activity. The very thing that gets the attention of most cops.

    • The cops have told a local business close by to shut down and leave. The owner sat inside his business all night waiting for something to happen. The police saw the business open, a bunch of cops told him to go home.

      Right, go home and leave your newly built business defenseless while the police are running around trying to stop a rebellion. I’m sure they will answer the phone when he dials 911, then they will come out to investigate.

        • rebellion

          n. Open, armed, and organized resistance to a constituted government.

          Stop being delusional. You live in California and you still are blind. The only way that can be is if you live in a bubble.

  19. Preparing now? Isn’t that like setting the burglar alarm after the burglary?

    H.L. Mencken was right — nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the average American.

  20. The tweet was probably Russian psy ops. I’m sure they are just loving our unrest about now.

    Still, if the violent element within the protests do go after residential neighborhoods, there are going to be a lot of dead rioters in the morning.

    Hell, I’m probably one of the most liberal visitors to this site. Universal health care, UBI, social safety nets? Fine! Property crime? I’ll just call the police.

    However, if you threaten my home and my family even this mild mannered lib will go into full on, no quarter, burn the earth to its core vengeance mode.

    • The rioters know they need the people on their side for a revolution to be successful. They are trying to get the government to harm them and kill them so they can become martyrs, which will turn the people against the government even more. This is how the first revolution occurred.

      • Chief Censor is no ordinary troll. He does not have the vulgar demeanor of vlad. He is not a bitter retired civil servant like vlad. He is a creation of Barack the Muslim and the ultra radical left. He wants a violent civil war in which much of the country, right and left will be destroyed. The scariest thing is that he is deadly serious. When he posts on these forums he is daring the right, that would be the conservative white middle class, to “bring it”. He wants the left to be the martyrs that he knows will bring about a revolution. A socialist revolution in which he will greatly profit from. Better a thousand vlad’s than one who wants to die on the altar of a socialist revolution. Beware.

        • Vlad is not a retired civil servant he might even be Chief Censor.

          But you are right. I think CC is probably one of McCrystal’s aid troll whose job is to seed TTAG with violent comments to use to defame gun owners.

        • Umm… The founders said not to have political parties. Remember?

          William Barr said the same things I did. I guess he is an Obama agent.

      • That might very well be. I personally don’t care about causes. My enemy is whoever decides to threaten me and mine. What end of the political spectrum that threat comes from is irrelevant in the moment

        • That’s a short term view. Let’s not forget the countries future while we worry about our present.

        • My enemy is whoever decides to threaten me and mine. 

          Agreed. But Chief Censor is willing to die for a utopian ideal much like the Muslims concept of death. Every radical you shoot is one more nail in the U.S. as we know. Chief Censor is not trying to win the battle he is trying to win a country. The only way we “win” is if they shoot themselves. Give them the rope they need but don’t give them all of it.

      • I have no problem in helping those feckless fucks achieve their MARTYR status, they’ll be forgotten two minutes after they’re gone… and burning my neighbors businesses is NOT the way to get me on their side, it just pisses me off and makes ME want to see them eradicated.. This ain’t your great-great-great-great-great-great grandfathers revolution this is fucking anarchy and has no place in this country… Someone should get them a copy of “How to Win Friends an Influence People”…

    • Jason says: The tweet was probably Russian psy ops. I’m sure they are just loving our unrest about now.

      What idiot still believes the Russia hoax? Then I read the rest of your leftist manifesto…

      Hey Jason takes some time between “burn(ing) the earth to its core vengeance mode” and enlighten yourself as to the real psy ops is coming from China. They are at another level, and have already infiltrated many U.S. organizations including the universities;

      China, Iran mock US amid ongoing riots: ‘I can’t breathe’ | Fox News

      • Again, I don’t care. I’m honestly sick of causes and factions etc.

        The tweet was probably fake. Doesn’t matter if it was a fake from Russia, China, or some troll fro 4chan.

        But if someone decides to take that tweet to heart and they then threaten my family, my home, and myself, I’ll do my best to end them regardless of their affiliation.

      • The Russian hoax that suggested Trump was in bed with them was one thing, but Russian “interference” is another thing all together, and be assured it is very real. they have a virtual army of trolls that post stuff not just here but all over the world, but most particularly in areas where the Czar wants to influence public opinion. Examples are Ukraine and the Baltic States and the US. There are other groups dedicated to stopping them.

        I am not suggesting that the Chinese are not busy. They most certainly are. A friend of mine who is en ex-pat living in Seoul believes that if Biden wins, armed confli8ct in the Far East will follow because Biden is least likely to do anything about it. He’s been bought and paid for.

  21. Don’t fall for the trolling. White supremacists are trying to scapegoat black people and create a race war / civil war 2.0. The feds are well aware of the psyop.

    • Bull$hit. Censor your self retard. No one. NO ONE believes there are: A) any appreciable numbers of “white supremacists” B) the few there are have anything to do with civil unrest in major cities. You are full of it. These are communists, plain and simple.

      • ANTIFA and the Alt Right are white supremacists, silly rabbit. They don’t care about non whites, they use them for their political agenda. It’s two leftists groups fighting each other for 3-5 years now. Have you not learned anything all this time?

        I literally gave you a video of leftists spray painting BLM and “down with whites.” You think someone that loves minorities is going to frame them for the riots? What is wrong with you!? Are you some kind of proud white male?

        Look what the so called right wingers are putting out.

        • The socialist white supremacist believes they are superior to blacks. The white socialist doesn’t want blacks to have guns. It’s the white socialist who are burning cities.

          From Tim Pool former vice news reporter.
          The Rioting Is Being Staged And Even Minnesota’s Governor Agrees, Says International Forces At Work. 24 minutes long

        • @Chris T in KY

          I already knew that years ago. Day one of the setup of black Americans I was reporting in the comments, but only one person listened. A week later the average person and the government figured it out. Mmmkay…

          People are calling me a leftist for warning them of the psyop and the end game plan. Why would a leftist spill all the beans to the so called right wing? Why would they tell the dummies what to watch out for days before it happens? Do you know what a spy is?

          The only reason a left winger would tell the opposing force their entire plan is when they already won. Clearly, we are still in the middle of a rebellion that could lead to a civil war if the wrong moves are made.

          So pay attention to the commenters trying to discredit me. They are trying to hide the truth by attacking the messenger by defaming their character. It’s a weak tactic because I come with evidence and they make false claims entirely unsupported. They can’t win against the truth, which is why governments assassinate such people.

          By the way, it appears Europe is censoring videos coming out of the U.S. to prevent rebellion in their nations. Europeans and Canadians are starting to protest like America. Last thing places like France want is another yellow vest rebellion surging during their exaggerated pandemic situation.

          Oh, and Tim Pool was a member of ANTIFA crowd until he was bought. Just thought I had to let you know.

        • You are not a supporter of civil rights for blacks. And neither is Tim Pool. I have followed him for years now. He is against the second amendment. And so are you.

        • @Chris T in KY

          Umm… Yet I am the one that promotes Black Guns Matter and Maj Toure. The guy that exposes all gun control as being racist. Okay, bruh!

          The other day I was a non white that hates whites, today I am a white person that hates blacks. Someone is confused and it’s not me.

      • Watched a skinhead directing a crowd Saturday in L.A., got out of a car with ACAB on the door (skinhead/white supremacist for All Cops Are Bastards) pulled out his bullhorn and started yelling at his people to “go home” after they were surrounded by cops… Seen a lot of those silver cars with lettering lurking about in the background of a bunch of videos…

    • Those conniving, evil, non-existent White Supremacist boogiemen. Be careful to look under your bed before you go to sleep.

    • Complete Bullshit.

      Threaten to sue me all you want Chief Liar, I will not stop calling you out on it.

      I’m just happy you got so enraged you threatened to sue me.

      Vlad did that too, multiple times.

  22. I see lots of chestpounding but I think most people will let the mob burn their house down. They have the “it’s just property” mindset. Gun owners will go with the normal criteria for the use of deadly force. However, this not about property. It is about the breakdown in civil order. If a mob shows up with the intention of wreaking destruction that in itself constitutes a threat of death or grievous bodily harm and lethal force should be used to stop them. It should be done by the civil authorities but if they are unwilling or unable to fulfill their duties than it is up to you, Joe and Jane citizen to take over.

    Virtually everyone gets the Second Amendment wrong. It has three purposes:

    (1) Provide a population who are skilled in arms and prepared to serve in the armed forces as regulars, organizef militia units, Volunteers and draftees in the defense against foreign enemies.

    (2) Aid the authorities when there is a breakdown in civil order to the point where those charged keeping order are overwhelmed.

    (3) A citizenry that is prepared for 1 and 2 is a position to resist a tyrannical government. Too many people in the online 2nd Amendment community think it’s only about this and not the other two. It’s really a tertiary purpose.

    The lesson I have learned from the last few days is that both sides have described their opponents with a degree of accuracy. Second Amendment supporters are correct that citizen gun ownership protects civil society but the anti-Second Amendment side is partially correct that a lot gun people are anti-government racists and just the mirror image of ANTIFA.

    Finally, if you are not willing to defend your life and property against an out of control mob there is no point in owning a firearm for self defense purposes. If you are in the way of the mob it’s crunch time. Put up or shut up as the kids say.

    Go ahead and flame away but in deep down you know what said is right.

    • I would shoot my own mother if she tried burning down my house. Some mob of Communists? Yeah, that is a free fire zone. No chest-pounding or racism required. You sound troubled, do some introspection and get some counseling.

      • Ah, the standard, internet “you need help” line. Please try something original next time. Sounds like projection to me. See I can use internet memes too.

      • The standard in my state is “to prevent the comission of a forcible felony”.
        Arson of a potentially occupied structure counds, as does any sort of breaking and entering after dark.

    • If it comes down to it, I just hope I’m a good enough shot to hit the Molotov cocktail being wielded. I’m guessing the ensuing fireball would take out more of the enemy than a gunshot.

      Plus, the sight of cohort burning to death might be more of a deterrent than seeing a comrade shot.

      • Don’t need to hit the bottle just the asshole holding it, well timed shot and boom asshole goes down, bottle breaks and anyone around them goes up with it, great deterrent…

    • Speak for yourself old timer…attack my home and I will shoot to kill. In a pile of brass. “Most people”…duh.

    • If the tweet was real, you wouldn’t be able to win against a mob of thousands with molotovs and the will.

      “Men, you are all marksmen. Don’t one of you fire until you see the white of their eyes.”

      • If you can’t win, you make them pay dearly for their own victory.

        If it looks like someone in the mob is a leader, shoot them first and work your way down.

      • If the tweet was real, you wouldn’t be able to win against a mob of thousands with molotovs and the will.

        Indeed. In this case you either parlay or run. I would run then do a turn and burn.

      • A mob of thousand driving into the suburbs on buses. That’s the ticket!!!. Everytime you post my assessment of your age gets lower. What are you 16 and playing GTA in between posts?

        • Watch the live streams. It doesn’t work that way. It’s not some Soros bused in fake protest.

          You know you cant defeat thousands of youth who run around is small groups making it hard for the military and police to stop them. The military, police and government leaders have said it’s almost impossible to stop them because their tactics are military like and they outnumber their entire force.

          You are not dumb enough to think you alone can deal with a mob that surrounds your house and some of them have guns. They shot at military and police already. One cop was killed, two were arrested in a failed attempt with an AR, another gunman escaped, etc.

          Come on now. You think you can protect your family and your property from AK wielding gang members and thousands of arsonists? There are numerous videos out there of white men trying to do just that, guess what happened to them? It’s not a game.

          I suggest you have a plan to bug out if stuff starts going down in your neighborhood. Do what Chauvin did. You are not going to get the protection Chauvin did, he had hundreds of cops protecting his stuff and him until he was arrested. His wife left him once he was taken into custody.

          Be smart. If you try to do some crazy old man’s one man stand it will be your last. Hence, the quote I posted.

        • You want us to run away, CC? Not a chance!
          No worries, there is no single old man’s last stand in my plans. That is why you make friends in your neighborhood. Friends you can even help to get armed and then train with. No need to chest pump, but our block will be defended by many men with arms. We have worked too hard for what we have to let some looting animals burn it.

        • All I am saying is don’t be foolish. My neighborhood is united. I am not alone. If you are the old grumpy man no one talks to, you are better off minding your business and leaving if you must.

          Sometimes tbe vigilante mentality backfires.

  23. Be hard to throw molotovs through a rain of lead! Glass breaks when shot! Target practice for free, better than at the range! Lead poisoning can be hazardous to Anitfa health!

    • OK, enough with the “molotov cocktail” meme.
      These are simple gas bombs.
      Bursts, quick burn time, then done.
      A true molotov burns like napalm.
      Second, I keep running out of popcorn.

  24. “And we take what’s ours”?

    Won’t find any black ANTIFA uniforms at my house or backpacks/face masks or anything else those chicken shit fucks wear (AND that’s ALL they own outside the confines of their mommy’s basement)… Fuckin’ handlers need to school these dumbass freaks on the perils of lead poisoning and the results of having large holes punched in vital organs by high velocity projectiles… This ain’t a video game boys and girls, you die in the real world you stay dead there are no do overs, hope you are well paid, but ya’ll might want to check on the insurance plan as well……

    • From what I seen, those white boys are suicidal and this is their life’s mission. If they don’t get shot down by others they would probably OD or shoot themselves, but now they have a cause to sacrifice themselves for, they can now be the hero of the oppressed.

      Don’t forget some of them have already got in shootouts with the police to be that “hero.” They even tried to assassinate a bunch of Republicans on a baseball field before they got into s shootout with secret service.

      • One “Bernie Bro” tried to assassinate some unarmed Republicans on a ballfield, failed, lost in a gunfight against two person security detail (Capitol police not Secret Service) armed with 9mm handguns… Real hero, just an individual nutcase, not exactly a revolutionary….

        • Are you willing to get into a gunfight and die for a political party?

          Don’t Republicans consider the Dallas shooter to be an ANTIFA lefty? How many cops did he fuck up before the SWAT team blew him up with some C4 and a bomb robot? The SWAT team didn’t want any of that guy.

    • White men do claim to be the smartest people on Earth. If they built everything in the world, they can destroy everything as well.

  25. All of you are being misled, just like the ones looting. Take another look at the Twitter post at the top of this article. A person in Black Lives Matter would not misspell ” Matter”. Wake up!

  26. What do Libertarians offer as an alternative to not shooting rioters and arsonists? Their VP candidate is a self declared anarchist. Is this the anarchy that they have said on TTAG, Reason Magazine, and elsewhere, they wanted?
    I have never used the word anarchy is a positive way. But Libertarians do.

    I watched the LP presidential debate. You have some sorry a$$ people running.

    • The Libertarian party was taken over by ANTIFA. Ignore them. They wanted to make sure there was no viable third party when they started their uprising. So now you are stuck with Biden or Trump.

        • We are screwed either way. Looks what is going on with Trump in office.

          I can’t predict the future actions of the individual. Things are to manipulated and emotion based. All I know is the plan is working as envisioned, but it can always take a turn.

      • The other day you said they were taken over by Democrats. The Libertarian Party has always been anarchists. The anarcho in anarcho-capitalist should be a dead giveaway.

        • ANTIFA are considered Democrats.

          There is a group out there, I forgot their name, that tries to infiltrate other parties to install their own candidates or setup a weak candidate to knock down. For instance, they go to winnable local elections and register as Republicans to nominate the weaker candidate, then they get some so called Social-Democrat to run as a Democrat.

          They are very smart people. They know the system and they are not unwilling to switch parties to sabotage.

          Republicans refuse to ever switch their party to mess with the primaries. They will vote R all down the line. Republicans are single issue voters with no real power over their own party, very similar to the black voters lack of political strategy.

          Politics is complex and dirty.

      • Is Libertarianism only for when we have the good times??? Legalized drugs. Sex in public. A strap on dildo, well fitted for public attire. But during the bad times, all they are is shit?
        The bad times are here now. Private property is burning, being destroyed.
        What do they offer???

  27. “Marching orders out to the masses
    The agenda set by the extraordinary
    Rules of engagements not for the radical
    No conditions needed for chaos

    The flames of discontent
    Now they will burn
    Instigate, occupy
    Bedlam is here

    Time to punish the few who succeed
    Level the playing field, claim your equity
    Shown by the organizers is proof enough
    Possessing the knowledge that they’re fucked up
    The goal of disorder and the notch of arrest
    Fills your back-story and who you detest
    Will there be a time to pay for this shit?
    Maybe after the earned professorship

    The lames of discontent
    Now they will burn
    Instigate, occupy
    Bedlam is here

    With the moral equivalence of Satan
    Channeling karma back in their face
    Rabble rousing has fired up the morons
    Directed to push until they’re disgraced
    Make it known to disagree is not allowed
    No diversity of thought is tolerated
    Now they are whom is hiding in the closet
    Fear of reprisal from phony hatred

    This banishment is not fitting
    Must be made to suffer
    Swarmed upon, hordes of fools
    It’s the end of an era
    The guiding of hostilities
    Of utopia rising
    It’s the end of the debate
    Witness the silencing

    Prepared gangs of radical combatants
    Armed with the PC banner to surround
    Parading out disgraced goliaths
    Showing the rich knows no bounds
    With the help of the loyal media
    The cost of dissent shown as an example
    Must be nice for the Kool-Aid drinkers
    One-way rules, the unwanted are trampled”

    Dying Fetus, “Ideological Subjugation,” from an album in 2017. And here we are.

  28. Whether the tweet is real or not, who knows and cares.

    The reality is as more cities and towns implement and move to seriously enforce curfews in places where leadership isn’t giving stand down orders to make it worse the mobs will most likely move to adjacent areas or states where there are no curfews.

    Look at the national capital region, one can cross into and out of DC, Maryland and Virginia in minutes. While DC has an early, I believe 6pm curfew, less than three miles away Northern Virginia has nothing. But, there is plenty of key government and military infrastructure and lots of densely populated urban neighborhoods for the mobs to target just minutes away.

  29. They’re going into my neighborhood to take what’s theirs? Ooooo, I’m so scared. Hahahahah! I’m sorry, but this is too funny.

    Okay, I’ll play. They can have all my ammo. It’s theirs. I’ll even deliver it really, really fast.

    Again, I’m sorry. but I can’t stop laughing.

  30. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters that he is “proud” of his daughter for getting arrested for her role in protests Saturday night in Manhattan.

    Leadership at it’s finest… This Commie fuck has disparaged his police dept. since he took office, allowed thugs to assault cops with no repercussions, dishonored cops who were assassinated in his city, bragged about “warning” his son about the dangers of interactions with cops and even encouraged the people of NYC to get out and about in the face of an impending pandemic… The people of NYC should find a way to keep this clown in office permanently, he’s a perfect fit for that shithole, if not maybe they can get AOC to give up her Congressional gig to run for Mayor, she’s passing out how-to books to rioters, she’d be perfect….

  31. There is a lot of tough sounding talk on this thread, but if you are not properly armed and know what you are doing, you are simply going to be overwhelmed if dozens of people decide to do something to your home with you in it. This is why grandpa’s shotgun, or a revolver is not going to cut it.

    It’s called “America’s Rifle” for a reason: the AR-15. Get a dual mag holder for it and have two fully loaded magazines ready to go on the rifle. Have your sidearm, semi-auto with “large capacity” magazines at your side.

    Post up behind a brick portion of your home’s outside wall and then…if it happens…the key is accurate fire, then speed.

    Have your gear ready. Put on your hearing protection and eye protection.

    The odds are in our favor at the sound of gunfire they crowd will run away.

    Better yet, have numbers of neighbors all similarly prepared and ready.

    If you want to talk about things getting “real” … the it is necessary for us to get real and serious about how well prepared and well trained we are.

    • Former military here, I was in the rear with the gear, but my brother served in combat. We are a couple of old guys, but the spread of land we live on has been in our family for 5 generations. If anyone out there thinks everyone is going to roll over and do nothing if attacked, you can think again.

  32. Use to live in an Atlanta suburb. Moved further out, but the area has grown in the last decade or so. Gonna have to move further out eventually, but Kennesaw still has the right idea at least so far.

    • I live less than a mile from marietta/kennesaw line. Have multiple firearms, multiple calibers and gauges , and multiple multi round magazines. If pressed, I’m ready.

  33. saw the video of LE shooting paintballs into homes screaming at people to get into their homes. Sorry. my property is my property. LE has no rights to shoot at people on or in their property with paintballs. Some might shoot back, just remember that.

  34. Every tweet is “fake” according to someone these days and the truth is that it’s very hard to fact check some of it due to two factors. First, information comes out too fast from too many places and second, Twitter is deleting shit at a belt-fed pace. Even legit news accounts are getting videos removed like lightning. Accounts are suspended right and left too.

    The whole thing Geoff brought up yesterday about bricks seems like it could easily be people just finding things they never really paid attention to before. However, poking around last night it turns out the cops are aware of this phenomenon too. In fact numerous PD’s have asked the public to report such loads of bricks because they’ve found pallet loads in places that there really shouldn’t be any.

    Then there’s the constant reports of shootings, many of which turn out to be error.

    And of course the videos. Christ there’s some weird shit. Protestors grabbed a guy yesterday (and turned him over to the fuzz) who was dressed like a ANTIFA hipster. He was using a hammer to break up the sidewalk to make projectiles. Unmasked and it’s a white guy with grey hair, like some professor type guy.

    Those types of incidents have netted alleged pages of ANTIFA instructions, which have been posted online, but are often rapidly removed.

    This whole thing is strange as hell and it’s hard to fact check a lot of it. Combine that with the fact that it seems like most people just want to confirm their previous biases and it’s a mess. The word that keeps popping into my head to describe it is “bananas” because that makes about as much sense as a descriptor as what you’re trying to describe.

    • The one report I got that I was able to quickly check, and it seemed to be true, was that some EMS trunked comms systems seem to have been breached last night.

      Chicago Police Zone 6 Dispatch did, in fact, appear to be playing music. The dispatcher was calling various units to no avail and finally put out a message to all units to switch to phones because Dispatch was receiving no traffic other than music. Could that be faked by hijacking all the scanner websites? Sure, if it was untrue then it was a pretty decent fake.

      One thing’s for sure IMHO, this has brought out all the nutbars.

      • Seen the video where a protester keeps asking a black-bloc if they are a cop?

        Can you imagine what the run-up to the November election is gonna look like?

        • Honestly Geoff here’s what I think;

          I think the agitators are fucked. Trump says that ANTIFA will be designated a domestic terror group.

          By itself that means little.

          However, the coordination these groups have shown using electronic communications probably means that once saif designation is in place the groups get rolled up fairly fast.

          Why? Because they don’t seem to have learned from the GWoT that electronic communications are a bad idea. Our SigInt is fucking good. That’s why Bid Laden used couriers and it took us years to find him.

          Combine the two and I suspect these groups are boned. And I suspect that this is wht Trump has been uncharacteristically quiet about a bunch of this shit.

    • No doubt the white guy with grey hair was a professor. The left have gone insane because Trump took the throne their queen was supposed to get. And now they realize he’s getting the second term. The dnc that the left worked so hard to get was bought out from under them by bloomberg.

      What we’re seeing here is rage and despair from the dedicated leftist that have spent a lifetime of work to bring down America. And they know that they’ve failed.

  35. Saw some videos of white young men with punk attire breaking shit and then getting grabbed by black protestors and thrown to the police. I hope to see more of that except we need to start treating agitators for what they are: terrorists. No bond. Felony charges. And a long prison sentence… unless they give up their organization.

  36. Election year.

    Remember that the ChiComs and Russians are actively inflaming both sides of each situation in an attempt to cause a 2nd American Civil War and dethrone THE superpower.

  37. Right now, a big group is gathering at a mall 1/4 mile from my community. Things could get ugly in a hurry.


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