Louisville PD: A Firearm Instructor Accidentally Shooting a Recruit Constitutes a ‘Serious Training Failure’

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Shortly before 3pm at the LMPD Training Center, a firearm’s (sic) instructor discharged his weapon, and a bullet struck a recruit during a training exercise. The recruit was struck in his bullet resistant vest and appeared to sustain minor injuries. As a precaution, the recruit was transported to University of Louisville Hospital. 

The officer who discharged his weapon has been put on administrative leave which is LMPD’s standard practice. LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit is investigating. 

Although the discharge appears to be accidental, LMPD recognizes this incident is a serious training failure and it is swiftly being addressed. 

Louisville Metro Police Department statement

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  1. Impossible. These highly trained professionals shoot DOZENS of rounds during HOURS of professional training each year!

    Clearly they need more time in the DEI classroom. Sorry, I meant EI. Everybody is dropping the D because somebody along the way realized you can’t get an artificially D workplace without forced relocation and conscription.

    • “Clearly they need more time in the DEI classroom.”

      Correct, because the root cause was clearly institutionalized structural racism.

      The bullet in the cartridge was tired and just “Wanted to be free”… 🙂

  2. Only trained law enforcement officers can have guns. We the dumb puplic can know unload a gun before we clean and test fire it

  3. That is an interesting exercise that requires the instructor to carry live ammunition.

    Maybe he always has live ammo in his gun in case a recruit goes crazy and start shooting up the place?

  4. At least he survived.
    Customs and Border Protection had an incident in Florida involving firearms training officers.
    Someone forgot to empty live rounds after lunch. Someone else did not check. Everyone trusted that everyone else did what they were supposed to do to assure a safe range. Oops!
    Follow the rules every time and the system works. But when people are involved errors can and do happen.

  5. Its good training!….All recruits need to be shot in their vest…Then it takes the mystery out of it..

      • “I want to be the one that gets to taze recruits. Please?”

        Sure! That just requires being trained by someone who is qualified.

        The trainee only needs to take 20 zaps right to the neck and nads for official certification.

        Ready? Look how snazzy this certificate looks with all that shiny gold lettering… 🙂

    • That answers the question someone asked earlier about how effective vests wear. Apparently for this cop wannabe, the vest was very effective. As for the so-called instructor, maybe a little more training at a real training school, one not law enforcement financed. Is it my imagination or do cops shoot more people unintentionally than us “civilians”? I am not talking about a couple of retarded teenagers testing their bulletproof vests to see if they really are.

      Well, I see .40 cal has answered my question. I don’t know where he got his figures but if correct, we are way more likely to get plugged by Officer Friendly than we are the cranky old man living down the block.

  6. For accidentally shot by police vs. ordinary law abiding armed citizens:

    * Handguns: Less than a 0.0004% probability a person will be shot accidentally by an ordinary law abiding armed citizen, a little more than a 6% probability a person will be shot accidentally by law enforcement.​

    * Rifles: A 0.0005% probability a person will be shot accidentally by an ordinary law abiding armed citizen, a 4.7% probability a person will be shot accidentally by law enforcement.​

    When near misses (‘others’ not actually hit) and personal injury ‘negligent discharge’ types are factored in …​

    * Handgun: law enforcement slightly over 7% probability – ordinary law abiding armed citizen a little over 0.0004% probability.​

    * Rifle : law enforcement – 5.2% probability – ordinary law abiding armed citizen a little over 0.0003% probability.​

    Yet for some strange delusional reason anti-gun claims, overall, police having firearms are ‘safer’ and they fear being ‘accidentally’ shot by the ordinary law abiding armed citizen.

    • Some of that is the situations police (and military) find themselves in where firefights have a different focus and set of objectives. There is however something to be said for police/soldiers who are not really gun guys amongst other things.

    • if the ordinary law abiding gun carrying citizen even without training, the least likely to accidentally shoot another, had accidently shot someone in their vest the gun carrier would be in handcuffs being hauled off to jail and charged with something and anti-gun would be all over it

      but let a ‘trained’ police officer, the most likely to shoot someone accidently, do it and its a training issue, they get an ‘internal investigation’, no charges or court time, and basically paid ‘vacation’ time off and not a peep from anti-gun.

    • Meanwhile, a bill is pending in California to ban the purchase or possession of body armor by us non-Leos.

      • Even more ambitious than the in state purchase ban for NY. Good luck we only just started to challenge that one.

    • It’s a two-part process. Take away guns from everyone but police. Then, defund the police so even they don’t have guns.

      Worked great in the UK. Just don’t get caught carrying any plastic flatware with points…

  7. I want to who is dumb enough to go the next department training class this guy idiot teaches? I would tell my boss to just schedule it as my next blue flu if that guy is teaching.

  8. Thankfully this happened before the canine confrontation training and no dogs were injured.

  9. Perhaps we’re being too hard on the trainer.
    He could have been teaching the recruit why you always wear a vest when you clean your pistol.

  10. Investigators also have now prohibited the “How to re-holster your Glock” training module.

  11. While standard for cops, the headline is garbage. More accurate headline: “Firearms instructor negligently fired his weapon, and he hit a trainee in the chest.”

    • Its the media ‘think’ ignorance, the same media ‘think’ ignorance that reported the gun just went off by its self for Alec Baldwin.

  12. This of course forces Training Officer Fife to request another bullet from Sheriff Griffith.

  13. This of course forces Training Officer Fife to request another bullet from Sheriff Griffith.

  14. I hope they get that Firearm Instructor some remedial training in time for the assault on the rebel base on Hoth.

  15. Police said discharge appeared to be accidental but was a serious training error. Except everyone here knows there are no accidents. Stupid and reckless were at play here.

  16. I’ve been saying this all along. Police (even their “instructors”) do not have the expertise that people think they do.

  17. LE are no not the perfect people the left makes them out to be.
    Good thing the recruit was wearing a vest.
    I can only wonder why any live ammo was even near the classroom!

  18. Hey sarg, what’s it like to get shot with one of these vest on.
    Hey sarg where you going on your paid vacation?

    • Where do Marsupials go on vacation?

      A freshly-loaded restaurant dumpster? 🙂

    • Possum, You must have read a lot of Sgt.Rock and G.I.Combat right??? “Kapow!”

      (ah, the memories…..Thanx)

  19. Is this recruit still in the program? And have other recruits dropped out realizing that they could be shot, by a fellow officer as well as a criminal???

  20. Everyone is assuming that this was a classroom event. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and continue to believe that they were on a hot range and the instructor F’d up…at least until notified otherwise.

    All of the LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies) that I know require their officers to wear their soft body armor during firearms training and qualifications. Making officers practice in what they wear on duty conditions them to the extra bulk and weight and helps mitigate these kinds of training malfunctions.

    I wonder if their body cams were active at the time??

    Does NOT excuse the Instructor…his butt is definitely in a sling.

    • WEll, based on this case, if OGM’s suspicion is correct, in addition to becoming accustomed to wearing the armor while engaging in fire exercises, it also teaches that one can continue in the fight even if hit in the chest with a round. AND it improves safety on the police range from negligent discharges by fellow officers and training officers. A win-win for the taxpayers all around. No huge E.R. bills, now worker’s comp payments, no disability pay for the rest of the recruit’s life. A major win for the taxpayers of Louisville.

  21. If I get shot in the plates, or “vest” and everything is still there without me leaking, I’m going to avoid that $30k+ hospital visit. Unless of course, you are buying. Then I’m going to work on my bullet resistance trait. Currently only able to withstand a .22 but I’m working my way up hoping that within the year I’ll be at level 3. Level 4 is going to take some serious gym time tho…

    • “If I get shot in the plates, or “vest” and everything is still there without me leaking, I’m going to avoid that hospital visit.”

      $30k+ ? Try closer to 150 grand, if a surgeon is required, based on my recent experience… 🙁

      • It’s absolutely insane. $30k is just for the ambulance ride. That’s why when I chose to move to Montana I accepted the fact that if anything happens, solid chance that I’m done for. Would take the ambulance 40+ minutes to get to me. Also why I have such a “ruby ridge” philosophy on “come and take them”.

        • I live less than three miles from the hospital and a recent ambulance ride for my wife cost $1,000. In our city both the fire department and the ambulance company show up on all 911 calls. Some years back the fire department realizing that recent building codes were cutting down on the number of fire calls they were making, decided that they should be paramedics to have a second career path. The problem was the ambulance company already had an airtight contract to transport all 911 calls needing such. What to do? What to do? Well, the settlement was that the FD would respond to all such calls and render such first aid as they were able to do, stop bleeding, insert an IV and start fluids, take BP, respirations and hook up an EKG. The ambulance people then take over and transport the patient if needed. So you have at least 6 people milling around in your house if you call 911. In my case, I had two ambulance vehicles show, the FC and an ambulance supervisor. I won’t go into all the details but that meant I had 10 strangers milling around in my front room which really wasn’t designed for ten oversized human beings.
          And we talk about featherbedding on the railroads.

  22. Neat article in the ‘Philadelphia Inquirer’ :

    “The gun owners that I spoke with said that they were furious at media stereotypes portraying them as thugs and criminals, devastated by the violence plaguing their communities, and disgusted by gun control measures they say can contribute to an even more dangerous society. A recurring theme among the Black gun owners with whom I spoke was this: They want people to understand they are American citizens exercising their constitutionally protected rights. They are not looking for a more violent society, just a freer one.”

    Maj Toure does it again… 🙂


  23. Twenty six years ago at quarterly firearms qualifications I was nearly this recruit. My office’s “highly skilled” firearms instructor while demonstraing the proper handling of a shotgun pointed a loaded Remington 870 at me and attempted to cycle the action which was in battery. After multiple attempts he pushed the safety off and then pushed the action lock and ejected a double 00 buckshot shell to the ground.

    This was a mere moments after giving the “all firearms are always loaded” safe weapons handling speech.

    Mr. “highly skilled” was eventually fired for other firearms related “incidents” which involved agency’s weapons. He now conducts firearms, tactics and martial arts training to the gullible in the Southwest.

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