Colorado Legislators Cast a Wide Net for Their New ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Bill

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      • “Nothing exactly new there, Samuel…”

        Hence the “FWIW”.

        Thought it interesting, though, she is a college sophomore. Not sure everyone read her bio when she first started writing on the blog.

        And there are newbies here.

        • “She’s been hunting everything from deer to feral hogs since grade school and started honing her handgun skills at the age of 13. ”

          College sophomore, huh? Ohhhh-kay, so how old does that make her? I’ll say 20 minimum, and she could be a decade older than that without too much of a stretch. Even older, if she pursued a career and/or started a family before starting college.

          Anyway – when I was a sophomore in HIGH SCHOOL (not even college) I knew as much and more about guns as any random bunch of soldiers I might meet in the woods, and I could out shoot almost all of them. I could quote select sections of The Shooter’s Bible, and I had a fair grasp of the law in regards to firearms.

          If you’re just so old and worn out that you don’t like young women anymore, just say so, alright?

  1. The cartoon would have been more effective if a double barrel shotgun opened for loading was depicted and the firearm the loonytune politician was accusing of being an assault weapon.

    • “…carried by the branch dividians no less”

      As long as it’s not the Branch Floridians, were OK… 🙂

      • Now, Possum. Y’all be nice to the Branch Floridians. So what if they have a few more rifles than the average house hold. And, maybe. few thousand rounds more than than others might think is necessary. They ain’t hurting nobody.

  2. Looks suspiciously like a stick that Stacy Abrams was badly beaten with.

    (Yes, the ugly-stick and not the brand of fishing rod.)

  3. The latest Stats show Red Flag Laws should now be a Federal law.

    According to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), 2022 saw the highest number of murder-suicides using firearms on record. Some 670 occurred last year, up from 594 in 2021 and 570 the year before. As of March 9, there have have been 134 murder-suicide incidents involving guns, the GVA reports, meaning 2023 is on course to top last year’s total.

    The vast majority of murder-suicides are perpetrated by men, often using guns, experts told Newsweek. More often than not, they involve an intimate partner. Of these cases, 95 percent of victims were women, the Violence Policy Center said in 2020. Among the incidents where women were killed by an intimate partner, 92 percent involved a gun.

    Family mass killings involving several victims where the perpetrator has died by suicide have also risen in recent years, according to a database compiled by USA Today, the Associated Press and Northeastern University.

    • @daicna

      learn to actually do research and not just repeat and copy-n-paste from others who feed you what you want to know in your confirmation bias.

      “According to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA)”

      whole newsweek article discredited with that. Its already known the GVA numbers are biased and not correct, for example, they include events in which a gun was present somewhere near by, even locked up in a safe in a home, but not actually used.

      But this is not anything new, we already know mental illness is on the rise and has nothing to do with guns.

      “The vast majority of murder-suicides are perpetrated by men, often using guns, experts told Newsweek.” — this line right there should have told you they were leaving things out, like if its guns only “often” then what about the other times that are not guns “often”?. But for example:

      ~1,400 criminal assaults upon defenseless victims daily across the U.S. using knives, resulting (collectively) in serious injury or death. ~43% of these incidents are domestic violence intimate partner situations where 94% of the victims are women, ~23% of these domestic violence attackers commit suicide (using non-firearm methods) after their attacks.

      ~3,800 criminal assaults upon defenseless victims daily across the U.S. using non-firearms blunt objects (e.g. bats, crowbars, objects at hand) resulting (collectively) in serious injury or death. ~40% of these incidents are domestic violence intimate partner situations where 98% of the victims are women, ~32% of these domestic violence attackers commit suicide (using non-firearm methods) after their attacks.

      • and to also mention even your newsweek article substantiates that mass shootings and domestic violence are the result of mental illness conditions.

        Once again, its not guns its mental illness.

        • We should pay attention when things like suicide rates increase. This is part of the excess death increase since Covid measures and fear mongering were introduced to our society. Someone needs to study these cases and find the common threads so we can counter it. Nah, let’s just use it to push our political agenda.

        • we should pay attention to the fact that dacian and his anti-gun ilk are causing more death and injury than gun use alone by keeping and spreading their disengenous narrative focused on the ordinary law abiding gun possessing citizen instead of in the actual issue of mental illness. Seriously, dacian and the anti-gun freak show are literally murderers-by-proxy by keeping the focus on the ordinary law abiding gun possessing citizen trying to remove their rights.

      • Far Right paranoid nut cases like Booger Brain scream “Losses can never be too high” when it comes to screaming for zero gun control laws.

        Booger Brain will scream that 1,300 children did not die , it was only 1, 299 so that is acceptable. And he screams locking up loaded guns with children in the house is a violation of his mentally ill desire to regard children as expendable because he does not want the slightest inconvenience of having to lock guns up even when it prevents them many times from being stolen.

        Booger Brain will scream that last year there were only 669 murder suicides not 670 so that is acceptable.

        Booger brain ignores the fact that Europe and Asia have way lower homicide and mass murder rates despite the fact that they too have mentally ill people. This fact he cannot lie his way out of.

        Booger Brain screams he will never pay higher taxes for a National Health Care plan that would make treatment for mental illness ree and paid for by the state. Republican Congressional Prostitutes have said the same. Booger Brain and the Prostitute Republicans are nothing more than hypocrites and abject liars.

        • ,40 cal never said any of that, you mook. It’s just your projection. You’re mentally ill and you think you can deflect attention away from yourself by pointing fingers at others.

          The fact that you still comment here like you actually had credibility screams for a mental health intervention.

        • @dacian

          I have never said or ‘screamed’ or thought or wrote any of that you claim, period.

      • Which is the Loftier Goal, “Preventing Suicides” or “Preventing Suicides Committed with a Firearm?” I propose it’s the former, not the latter.
        Yes, with ERPO’s (Red Flag Laws) there’s a small reduction in the number of “Suicides by Firearm.” Where your GVA study Lies by Omission, is that there’s also a corresponding rise in “Suicides by Other Means,” in locations where ERPO’s have been enacted. The results are that “Suicides Overall” are increasing, not decreasing. Thus all the ERPO has done, is it’s only removing/reducing one method used by those intent on ending their lives. That’s not a net benefit when Suicides continue and are actually increasing.
        It’s Intellectually Dishonest because ERPO’s are not addressing the cause, which is a Mental Health issue, ERPO’s are only addressing the means, which is one method of ending one’s life.

        What the self proclaimed experts in the Anti 2A crowd ignore,, is the established Fact that if someone is intent on ending their life, they will find a way to succeed. In the long view of a successful Goal of Preventing Suicides, ERPO’s fail test, and the real overall data proves that Failure.

    • Hey idiot. Haven’t you had it beating into your head enough? The Gun Violence Archive has zero credibility. If you actually tallied up credible articles vs incredible articles by GVA, it would be a negative credibility. Grow up.

  4. I agree with Geoff. Really don’t understand the point you are trying to make. I admit, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I don’t grok what her gunmagwarehouse blog has to do with this cartoon.

    • It was just a gee-whiz post that points out other things she has written other than the ‘artwork’ posts here at TTAG.

  5. Looking forward when the two state senators here get slapped upside the head by the Supreme Court. In the meantime they are wasting Coloradans taxes pushing this unconstitutional BS!

  6. Good luck beating this bill. We, in Canada have been fighting the same type of bill (C 21) by our federal government. In Canada all guns laws are federally controlled. Our provinces have no real say in what gun regulations the federal government puts into law. Many provinces are trying to do an end run around to make the new law harder to enforce.

  7. Looking at the Colorado Legislature’s attempts, it mirrors Other States Legislative attempts, that are, IMHO, a Direct and Blatant Challenge to the Bruen Decision by SCOTUS. This Legislation is egregiously Unconstitutional, yet we can’t trust the lower courts to uphold and apply Bruen.

    Ultimately it will be overturned at either the 10th Appellate Court or SCOTUS, but the damage will have been done.
    Taxpayer’s dollars are used to pass the legislation, then used to defend the legislation, and Taxpayer funds are paid in restitution when it’s overturned. Meanwhile, Gun Owners are footing the bill to challenge the legislation. Thus, we’re doubly taxed.
    The Left is bleeding us dry financially.

    Frankly, it would be cheaper to hire Sicarios to remove trouble making Legislators. Just the musings of a practical old fart, not suggesting that’s what we conspire to commit a Felony at all Fed Bois.

  8. Are they infected by California? I would have expected Colorado to have many hunters, shooters, veterans, and people needing bear protection to object to this at the voting booth…


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